This is just a short poem, but I'm really quite proud of it. It was one of those that came to me while I was in bed, and I had to get up and write it down. A big thank you to everyone who has ever read and reviewed anything of mine in the past.


Quite simply, a little poem about Samwise.

Samwise the stout-hearted and Samwise the brave

To his mister Frodo a promise he gave

When Frodo said "No Sam, I'm going alone"

He set off for Mordor to go on his own

But fate took an interest that very same day

And gave Mr. Baggins a friend for the way

Of strength he had little, brave moments were few

But using his friendship, he hoped to get through

Trusting to loyalty and to his love

He might find his wisdom from stars up above

So when things get bad Frodo, do not despair

For I know a Sam that will always be there

(and a special Thanks to shirebound for pointing out my mistake, I tend to think quicker then I can type, so please forgive me! And any more you spot, please point out to me)


"The praise from the praiseworthy is above all rewards." (Think about it)