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This beginning part in the star things is just something to explain…well, actually, I'm not quite sure.  It does deal with the story line and stuff, I guess.  You don't gotta read it if you don't want to, but please do.  It'll help with the story.


*Do you believe in fate?  That everything is somehow planned out?  Or do you believe we all walk our own paths?  You know, many people mistake fate for destiny, but they aren't the same.  They aren't the same at all.  Fate has to happen.  There's no way around it, but destiny…well, that's something different.  Have you ever heard the line, 'you can choose your own destiny'?  Do you believe it?  We are all destined for something, but not many realize when their destiny finally surfaces to meet them.  When that time comes, you have to choose whether to accept it or not.  Both choices have outcomes, whether good or bad, but not many realize this either.  They mistake destiny for fate and just ignore everything that could be sending them down the right path.  Everyone can make choices in their lives, and it's these choices that lead us to our destiny, and even though we're fated to encounter it, what we do once we get there is completely up to us.  But what happens if we completely pass up the chance?  What happens when we mistake destiny for fate?  And what if someone's destiny destroyed another's?  Or if they were intertwined?  So many questions, but not enough answers.  No one can answer them for you.  You have to find out the answers on your own.  This, in its own, is destiny.*

Sango stood in a luscious, green field.  The bright grass spread for miles on end in rolling hills.  The sky was a beautiful light blue and the white fluffy clouds floated silently.  The sun was high in the sky, casting its rays over everything, making it appear even more beautiful.  There were also flowers spread out across the green field.  They were blue and purple and they swayed gently in the wind.  The only sound on this quiet day was the rustling of grass as the wind tossed it.  Sango smiled at the beauty of the field.  It was so peaceful.  She bent down and gathered some flowers in her hands.  They were so beautiful.  She stood up after getting what she thought of as enough and began to walk across the field.  It was a perfect day.  Sango then stopped upon approaching the downward slope of the hill she was walking on.  It wasn't a big hill at all.  She saw something lying on the slope, or someone.  She walked a little farther and saw that the person was wearing black.  His hair was of the same color and a golden staff was lying next to him.

"Houshi-sama," said Sango, her voice just above a whisper.  When he made no movement, she simply walked over to him and looked down at his face.  His eyes were closed.  He looked so peaceful and innocent as he lied there.  Sango smiled and sat down next to him.  She watched him for a while and then sighed.  She didn't want to, but she knew she needed to wake him up, otherwise Inuyasha would probably decide to leave without them.  She placed her hand on his shoulder and shook him gently.

"Houshi-sama, wake up," she said.  He didn't stir from his sleep, so she shook him harder.  "Wake up, Houshi-sama!" she said louder than the first time.  He still didn't stir or even acknowledge that he heard her.  Sango pulled her hand away, slightly annoyed at the fact that he was still sleeping.  Her expression then dropped, her emotion unreadable, but slightly nervous.  Miroku wasn't moving.  The only things that moved were his robes as the wind blew over him.  His hair also swayed in the breeze.  He was asleep, but he wasn't moving.  His chest didn't rise or fall.  He remained deathly still.

"Houshi-sama?" questioned Sango, her voice shaking slightly.  She was unsure of what to do, but she had to see.  She had to know if he was all right.  She slowly extended her hand towards him, and then placed it over his lips, just above them.  She felt nothing.  Not a breath escaped them.  She pulled her hand back again, worry lines creasing her face, along with a tinge of fear.  She reached out again and began to shake him forcefully.

"Houshi-sama!  Wake up!  Please!"  He still didn't stir.  Sango pulled her hands away.  She didn't want to believe it, and she wouldn't.  There was one more way to check to see if he was still with her.  She bent over and placed her head on his chest.  She listened carefully.  Nothing.  There was no heartbeat.  Sango lifted her head and sat up again, staring at Miroku.  Tears began to pool from her eyes.  "How…?  How could this have happened?  Houshi-sama."  The sky suddenly became dark and the wind picked up.  Sango looked around at the sudden change in her surroundings.  And there, sitting a few feet away behind her, was who she was looking for.  Her eyes became fierce.

"Naraku," she said, her voice dripping with venom as the name slid off her tongue.  She stood up, her eyes filled with hate.  "You killed him!"

"I hate to say it, but you are wrong, Sango.  It was not I," he responded.  Sango was confused, but her rage quickly took over.

"Liar!  You killed Houshi-sama!  I know you did!"

"I did not, though I hate to admit it.  I would actually rather see him meet the same fate as his ancestors.  This was done by another demon."

"Why should I believe you?"

"Because of how he died."


"His soul…was shattered."


"The fool.  Letting his soul shatter so easily."  A smirk spread across Naraku's lips.  He then disappeared, his form faded from the scene.  Sango fell back to her knees, her eyes once again focusing on Miroku.

"Houshi-sama…why?  How could you?!  HOUSHI-SAMA!"


Sango shot up, her blankets falling around her.  Her eyes were wide and she was breathing hard.  Once she calmed herself, she focused on her surroundings.  The sky was dark and full of stars.  Everything was quiet, as it should be.  Sango looked around the campsite where they had stopped for the night.  It was a small clearing in the woods.  The only thing lighting it was the dying flames of the fire Kagome had started in order to cook dinner.  Sango looked around.  The young miko was sleeping in her sleeping bag, Shippo right next to her.  Just above, sitting on the highest branch of an old tree, was Inuyasha.  His eyes were closed from sleep as well.  They all seemed so peaceful as they slept.  Sango continued to look around, until her eyes fell on a certain houshi.  He was leaning against a tree, his staff lying next to him.  He seemed to be asleep.  Sango watched him.  Her mind was restless.  She smiled, though, as she saw him shift ever so slightly.  She lied back down and closed her eyes, letting sleep take her.

'It was just a dream.'


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