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*Fate and Destiny…they're so similar, yet so very different.  Both have endings, both have beginnings…and both have consequences.  There isn't much left to say, except that nobody can control fate.  There are those who believe they can control it, but in the end, they are nothing but victims of fate…and champions of destiny.  In the end, no one can control fate.  The master will always be nothing more than a puppet, because life is ironic.  So, is fate real?  Is destiny real?  I don't know, and neither does anyone else.  It's meant to be that way.  You have to be a free mind.  Think for yourself.  Believe in fate if you want to, but don't allow it to lead you.  Make your own decisions.  Just remember, you can't control everything.  Life will take its own course.  Remember.  No one can control fate…fate will control you.  The will to live is strong.  Remember that.  So believe in what you want…and fulfill your own dreams.*

(Uh…Again tonight there's the fleeting starry sky

Uh…The shining stars are hanging with wishes…)

They were falling.  The darkness swirled around them as they fell slowly.  It was more like floating than falling.  It was very calming.  All of them appeared to be asleep, or unconscious.  The six members of the Inuyasha-tachi were prepared.  They were ready to end this.  They wanted out of this world and wanted to go about their lives again as they used to.  Searching for Naraku, finding the Shikon no Tama…but they couldn't.  They couldn't return to that life until this quest was finished.  This would be the final battle.  It would be the ultimate test.  Nothing was going to get in their way.  Nothing…


"Yume?" questioned Cycil, who was facing the dream weaver.  "What's happening?"

"They beat the illusions," she answered simply.

"So they're coming here?" asked Siria.

"Hai.  However…I'm going to give them one more.  Maybe there's still a way to stop them."  Yume closed her eyes and focused on the falling people who were slowly approaching her thrown room.  'This has to work…I don't want to die yet…I will defy fate…just you watch.'


A pair of golden eyes slowly opened and looked around.

"Where are we?" questioned the hanyou, Inuyasha.  He looked around as he continued to fall.  He saw his friends were also beginning to wake up.  They all moved around as they fell so that they were soon falling feet first.  However, they were falling slowly.  Inuyasha thought it felt more like floating, and Kagome was relating it to being on the moon.  It was as if gravity didn't exist, yet a small amount was slowly bringing them down.  Suddenly, they landed on solid ground and the darkness quickly disappeared, spreading out a field in front of them.  They looked around, but all their eyes soon rested on the opposite side of the field.  Standing there was a gigantic herd of youkai, all waiting to charge at the six members of the Inuyasha-tachi.  But the person standing in front of them was the one they were all focused on.  His crimson eyes gleamed and his long black hair swayed behind him.

"Naraku…" growled Inuyasha.

"Hello, Inuyasha," said Naraku in his normal, calm voice.  He raised his hand slightly, but stopped halfway.  "It's time to end this.  Sayonara."  And with a smirk on his face, he signaled for all the youkai to charge at the group.

(Although worries will always endure,

The door is opening

Walking, falling, you're the one that picks me up and gives me strength

So you'll become the proud star I'll sing of

Now I won't do less than my best, I'll become stronger like…)

The youkai began to run across the field, heading right for the Inuyasha-tachi.  Inuyasha placed his hand on the hilt of Tetsusaiga, preparing to draw it out.  Kagome knocked an arrow and aimed at a youkai, ready to launch it if need be.  Shippo stayed near her, standing behind her legs.  Sango and Miroku were standing next to each other.  Sango readied the Hiraikotsu and Miroku gripped his prayer beads.  They would win.  They'd beat this, and they'd to it together.  As soon as the youkai were within striking distance, Kirara transformed and lunged at the youkai.  Sango released the Hiraikotsu, sending it right through a few of the demons.  Kagome let her arrow fly, piercing through quite a few with just one arrow.  She quickly knocked another and continued doing it.  There were probably one thousand youkai there, if not more.  Miroku gripped his prayer beads harder and was about to rip them off, when a hand was placed on his shoulder.

"Houshi-sama, you can't," said Sango.  "Look."  Both of them looked into the sky and saw a swarm of Saimyoushou approaching.  Miroku scowled and removed his hand from the beads.  Inuyasha and Kagome had noticed the swarm of insects as well.  Inuyasha smirked.

"I'll handle it," he said.  Tetsusaiga began to swirl with the power of the Kaze no Kizu.  Inuyasha prepared to swing his mighty sword.  He watched for a while and then swung it, sending the blazing power of the Kaze no Kizu right towards the insects.  "Kaze no Kizu!" he shouted.  The light instantly destroyed the insects and Inuyasha turned to Miroku, who nodded, understanding exactly what the hanyou meant.  Kirara watched them while attacking the youkai and then backed off, going to stand near her master.  Miroku then ripped off the rosary.

"Kazaana!" he shouted, releasing the black void.  They all watched as it devoured the demons.

"I'm going for Naraku!" shouted Inuaysha as he ran towards the evil hanyou himself.  Kagome shot an arrow in Naraku's direction, but it simply bounced off and landed on the ground.

"Inuyasha!" shouted Kagome, catching the inu hanyou's attention.  "Naraku has a barrier!"

"I got it!" shouted back Inuyasha.  As he approached Naraku, the Tetsusaiga began to glow red.  He stopped running and then prepared to use another Kaze no Kizu.  He swung it, sending the light in Naraku's direction.  Naraku just smirked.

"You'll never break my barrier," he said.

"Just watch me."  The light reached Naraku and the hanyou watched as his barrier was lifted by the light.  His face changed to an expression of shock and slight fear.

Meanwhile, Miroku continued to suck in the youkai.  Some would escape the path every once in a while, but Sango would quickly take care of it with her Hiraikotsu.  Kagome would shoot an arrow if one got passed Sango.  Miroku was getting tired, however, and wasn't going to last much longer.  Kagome and Sango both knew this.  Inuyasha could tell as well.  He turned around.

"Kagome!  Shoot an arrow this way!  Aim for Naraku!" shouted Inuyasha.  Kagome knocked another arrow and aimed for Naraku, who was still in shock of losing his barrier.

"Okay!" shouted Kagome.  She released the arrow, sending it right at Naraku.  Inuyasha swung his sword, sending the powerful golden light towards Naraku.

"Kaze no Kizu!" he shouted.  The golden light from the Kaze no Kizu mixed with the purifying light from Kagome's arrow.  It headed right towards Naraku.  The hanyou didn't have a chance.  The attack collided with him, ripping him apart.

(Unswaying love, this important love

No one else is so precious

This night is surely uneasy but

We're the ones that won't lose, but go on living…)

The Inuyasha-tachi watched as Naraku disappeared, the scenery going with him.  They were suddenly placed in a black room, swirled with dark purple colors.  A few blue torches were lit near a thrown.  Their eyes fell on the three people in front of them.  One was the crimson haired ningen, Siria.  Another was the youkai, Cycil, and the last one was someone that only Sango had seen.  It was the dream weaver, the hateshi, known as Yume.

"Yume…" whispered Sango.  Kagome looked at her friend with concern.  This would be hard on Sango, but it had to be done.  Yume just watched them from her thrown.  Her eyes were sad, but her expression was indifferent.  Instead of her moving, Siria and Cycil both stepped forward.

"Don't worry, Yume," said Siria.

"We'll handle this," finished Cycil.  Cycil cracked her claws and smirked.  She spread her wings and launched herself right at Sango, who blocked with the Hiraikotsu.  Cycil pushed off of it and headed for Miroku.  She used her claws to swipe at him, but he managed to dodge.  Sango threw Hiraikotsu at the youkai, but she easily dodged it and continued with trying to hit them.  Kagome knocked an arrow and fired it at her.  She dodged that as well.  Shippo stayed with Kirara, who had now transformed and was helping her human friends fight off Cycil.

Meanwhile, Inuyasha kept his eyes on Siria, who was walking slowly towards him.  She placed her hand on the hilt of her sword and drew it, extending it outwards.  The blade pulsed and began to glow red.  Inuyasha held the Tetsusaiga in front of him, awaiting her attack.  Siria then ran at him, but as she neared him, she jumped up and over him, quickly turning to strike him from behind.  However, Inuyasha was fast on his feet and whirled around to block her.  Their swords met, the sound resonating off of the dark walls and echoing in the emptiness.  They continued to fight, blocking each other's swings.  Siria smirked.

"I'll win this time, Inuyasha," she said.  Inuyasha smirked as well.

"We'll see about that," he responded.

Meanwhile, Cycil had backed away and had risen above them.  She raised her hands above her head, palms facing up.  Above her, a ball of youki began to form.  It was a golden ball of demonic energy.  She smirked as she looked down at the helpless humans.

"Prepare to die," she said in a cocky tone.  In her mind, she had already won.  She was ready to launch the ball of youki.

"Kagome-chan!" shouted Sango, turning to the miko who was trying to knock an arrow before the ball was launched.

"I know, Sango-chan, I'm trying," she said as she nearly dropped the arrow.  Her hands were shaking from the nervous pressure and she was having a hard time keeping her arrow steady.  Cycil smiled as she was about to throw it towards them.  Miroku looked as if he was ready to push the others out of the way if he needed to.  Cycil moved her hands back, ready to let it go, but something stopped her.  In her mind, she saw Yuki, smiling at her, admiring her, and Yuki's family, waiting for her.  Cycil was hesitating, and this didn't go unnoticed.

"Kagome-sama!" shouted Miroku.  "Do it now!"

"Right."  Kagome finally got her arrow ready and then aimed for the ball of youki.  She let the arrow fly.  It hit the ball, which then proceeded to explode.  Cycil noticed this, but didn't do anything to stop it.  She closed her eyes, understanding what was about to happen.

"I got careless…all because of a human child."  The light from the explosion devoured her.  It sent massive gusts of wind in all directions.  Cycil fell from it and landed on her knees.  She was burned in many places and her wings were ripped.  The left wing was broken and twisted.  She managed to push herself to her feet.  Her breathing was strained, but she still took a step forward.

(music without words)

"I can't lose…I won't lose…"  She readied her claws and used all of her strength to run towards them.  She was aiming for Sango, who happened to be the closest.  However, Miroku stepped in the way and used his staff to strike her in the stomach.  He then hit her again, sending her sliding on the ground.  She stopped a few feet away from them and tried to push herself up.  She got back to her feet.

"I refuse to stay down…I have…to protect…Yume…"  Her eyes closed and she collapsed to the ground, losing consciousness.

Meanwhile, Inuyasha was still dealing with Siria.  She blocked another strike from him.  'I need to end this quickly.  This battle has gone on long enough,' thought Inuyasha.  He came up with a plan.  He used his free hand to grab the sheath for Tetsusaiga, and when Siria charged him, he used it to block with instead of his sword.  Siria was shocked at this move.

"You're using the sword sheath?" she asked in confusion.  In her momentary shock, Inuyasha swung the Tetsusaiga and knocked the Toukengai out of her hands.  It landed on the ground a great distance away.  Siria watched it and then turned her eyes to Inuyasha.  His fist soon connected with her stomach, knocking her far away.  She ended up near Cycil.  However, she was already out cold.  She didn't move at all.  Kagome smiled at the hanyou.  He had the chance to kill Siria, but had chosen not to.  She would have to remember to thank him for it.  They all ran over to Inuyasha and then turned to face Yume, whose eyes were slightly wide.  However, her calm demeanor soon returned.

"I'm afraid I have no choice," she said softly.  She raised her hand slowly.  "Forgive me…"

(Destiny is such a brutal thing

Can't we follow our expectations?

It's scattering, falling, but this hand is here

I'm carrying painful secrets for you while I sing

Think of, believe, and don't forget this wish)

A white light soon enshrouded the members of the Inuyasha-tachi, forcing them to the ground.  The white aura held them down.  They were on their knees.  It felt like a weight had been placed on their backs.  It seemed, however, that it was more of a mental strain than a physical one.  Their minds were being weighed down heavily.  Inuyasha had managed to open his eyes.  He glared at the dream weaver.  He recalled what Myoga had said to them.  Dream weavers were mentally strong, not physically.  Her powers came from her ability to manipulate the mind, which was what she was doing.  She gave them each an image.  For Inuyasha, he watched as both Kikyo and Kagome were murdered.  Kagome watched the death of her family.  Miroku saw his father die.  Sango watched her father and brother die.  Shippo watched his father and mother both die.

"No…" whispered Inuyasha.  "It's not real…none of it is…because…"  He turned his head and saw Kagome struggling out of the corner of his eye.  "Because Kagome…all of them…they're right here.  They're all right here with me…"  The only one who heard him was Yume, who was slightly impressed.  As she pushed the power she had over them harder, white spheres began to rise up from the dark floor.  They floated near her.  'Please don't get up,' thought Yume.  'Destroying your minds will be less painful.  Don't get up.'  However, Inuyasha could hear her voice in his mind, and he didn't care.

"I refuse," he said.  "I won't give up.  It's not real…none of it is…my friends are right here with me…all of them are…and I won't give in…I won't give in!"  Inuyasha stood up and broke out of the white aura.  He looked to his friends.  They had heard him this time, but he needed to encourage them a little more.

"Get up!" he yelled.  "It's not real, none of it is.  What's real is us and what we're doing here.  Now get up so we can end this and go home."  Kagome opened her eyes and looked up at the hanyou.  She nodded and forced herself to her feet, breaking free of the aura as well.  Yume was shocked.  She stared, wide eyed at them.  Shippo and Kirara both stood up at the same time, and Sango stood up not long after.  Miroku forced himself to his feet.  His soul and mind were weakening from all the probing he had gone through, but he wasn't about to give in.  He stood up and broke free from the aura as well.  Yume lowered her hand.  More white globes were appearing.  They were the size of beach balls.  They continued to rise out of the ground around Yume.  The dream weaver lowered her head and placed her hands on the thrown chair.  She then rose and gracefully jumped out, landing soundlessly on the ground.  The thrown disappeared after she left it. 

"I didn't want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice," she said.  Her voice sounded sad, but determined.  Her aura flashed quickly and a pair of beautiful white wings spread from her back.  They were the wings of an angel.  She rose off the ground and floated about two feet above it.  She raised her head and met their gazes with her piercing pink eyes.  There was a fire blazing in them, hiding her pain.  She then closed them and focused.

(Because you will surely hide your weakness

Aren't you definitely scared?

I'm sure I'll come to understand

We're the ones that won't lose, but go on living…)

Her aura flared and with one huge burst of wind, all the spheres were sent flying towards the Inuyasha-tachi.  They all readied their weapons.  The spheres soon reached them.  Inuyasha was hacking them apart with his Tetsusaiga.  They were actually quite easy to destroy.  However, one got through to him and hit him in the chest, exploding and sending him flying backwards.  He spun in mid air and landed on his feet.

"Kuso," he cursed to himself.  "Oi!  Don't let them touch you!" he yelled to his friends.  He ran back to where he had been and began attacking the spheres again, making sure none of them got through.  Kagome, who only had two arrows left, was using her bow to attack them.  They were easy to break, just as Inuyasha had noted.  Even Shippo was holding his own with his Kitsune-bi.  Sango was using her katana instead of Hiraikotsu, since it was better in close range combat.  Miroku was easily evading them and using his staff to destroy them.  All the while, Yume just watched.  No matter how many they destroyed, the spheres would never quit coming.  More would just rise from the ground and she would send them towards them.  Even now, she was building up more of them.  They were from her own energy; her own aura created them.  Her spiritual and mind powers were far stronger than they could ever imagine.  While they continued to attack the spheres, Yume allowed her eyes to wander.  They landed on Cycil and Siria.  Both women were unconscious and injured.  'Siria…Cycil…arigatou…thank you for trying to protect me…'  She closed her eyes and focused her mind again.  Both girls began to fade and soon disappeared from the dark room.  'Stay safe…it's my turn to protect you.  I've never been able to stand by myself before.  I need this.  I need to do this on my own, without help.  Please understand.'

(Music without words again)

Yume watched as the Inuyasha-tachi fought against the spheres.  They were trying their hardest to destroy them, but there were just too many to get rid of.  Even though she was wining, her face was vacant of the victory smile.  She knew it was fate, but not many made it this far.  She didn't know what was going to happen to her.  Fate and destiny were always messing each other up.  She lowered her head slightly, staring at the ground.  Behind her, five faint lights were shining, which soon turned into transparent figures.  They were people…no…they were hateshi.  Each one wore a frown on their face.  One had dark green hair, another had blue, then red, white, and gold.  Yume's lavender hair was flowing out behind her.  Each one looked like her slightly.  Their clothing was the same style, but their eyes were harsh and vacant of the emotions that Yume held.  'Failure…' they all said in her mind.  'You're a failure…'  None of them were real…they were just illusions.  Even with all of her powers, her mind was still able to play tricks on her.

"Iya," whispered Yume.  She lifted her head towards the ceiling, which was black like the room.  Her eyes were closed as she stood like that.  Her aura flared as more white spheres rose from the ground around her.

(It was fleeting and no more…

There is no need for sadness now)

Yume opened her eyes, but only in her mind.  She remembered.  She was sitting on the ground in a totally white room.  Her long, lavender hair cascaded down her back and over her shoulders.  She was staring at her hands.  Everything about her was intriguing.  Her kimono was beautiful, her hands were shaped perfectly, and her skin was smooth.  It was like just being born.  She felt everything and her eyes mixed with emotions.

"Yume," someone called to her.  She lifted her head and looked upwards, trying to find the voice that had called her.  "Because of you actions, you aren't worthy of being one of us."

"Nani?" questioned Yume.

"You aren't worthy.  Your power is weak compared to ours.  You aren't worthy…you aren't worthy…sayonara…Yume."



Yume remembered it all so vividly.  She had been left there, alone.  When she had gotten out, she had discovered that all the hateshi were dead, except for her.  Maybe her rejection had been a blessing in disguise.  She hadn't died like them.  She had survived.  She had vowed never to do to anyone what they had done to her.  She wouldn't let anyone be left alone like that.  She had discovered emotions, like hope, happiness, but also pain.  Yes…she was different from the cold-hearted hateshi.  She was Yume.  'Sango-sama…Inuyasha-tachi…onegai…forgive me.  I must defy my fate.  I have to be the one.  I have to be the first to defy fate.  I'm not mistaken.  This is fate…not destiny, and I will defy it.'

'You can't defy fate…' whispered a voice in the back of her mind.

'I can and I will.'

'This is their destiny and your fate.'

'Fate can't affect me.  I'm a dream weaver…I have control over fate.  I can do with it as I please.'

'Can you?  Is that what you think?'  The Inuyasha-tachi had already finished off her spheres.  Yume was still facing the ceiling.  Tears were welling up in her eyes.

"Minna-sama…forgive me."  A single tear fell from her closed eyes and landed on the ground, shattering into small crystalline drops.

(It was fleeting, but no more

There is no need for sadness, but…

Though there are surely many obstacles

We're the ones that won't lose, but go on living…)

Yume's aura exploded once more, sending the spheres flying towards them again.  However, they weren't going to take it this time.  Miroku reached for his prayer beads as everyone got behind him.  He ripped them off and unleashed his Kazaana once again, pulling all the spheres towards him.  They were being sucked in easily.  A few would escape the line, but Kirara and Shippo easily took care of them.  Kagome pulled her second to last arrow out of the quiver and knocked it.  She sent it flying towards Yume, but it bounced off and landed to the ground.

"Arigatou, Kagome," said Inuyasha.  "Now I know there's a barrier.  We'll finish this now."

"Hai," agreed Kagome.  "Miroku-sama, hold on a little longer, alright?"

"Hai," he responded.  The spheres were made of energy and it was beginning to get hard for him to hold his ground.  Sango watched him and then looked at her katana.  She gripped it tightly and ran over to Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha, onegai…let me do it," she said.  Both Kagome and Inuyasha looked to Sango with confusion.  Kagome was instantly concerned for her friend.

"Sango-chan…are you sure?  Can you…really destroy Yume?"

"I can and…I will," said Sango, though her voice didn't display any confidence.  It was replaced with pain and sorrow, but determination.  She would do it.  She wouldn't let them down this time.  "Trust me.  I can do this."  Inuyasha nodded.

"Alright then, let's do this."  The three of them nodded.  Miroku watched them as he continued to draw the orbs away from the rest of the group.  Inuyasha and Sango broke into a run, Inuyasha being ahead of her by a few feet.  Once they got close enough, the Tetsusaiga began to glow red.  Inuyasha glanced back at Kagome, who was knocking her very last arrow.

"Now, Kagome!" he shouted.  Kagome nodded and released the bowstring, sending the arrow flying towards Yume's barrier.  Inuyasha then swung the Tetsusaiga while lunging forwards and into the air.  The power of the Kaze no Kizu from his red Tetsusaiga and the miko powers from Kagome's arrow merged into one amazing force, hitting Yume's barrier and instantly destroying it.  Inuyasha landed and watched as Sango ran forwards.  Yume was in shock at the sight of her barrier being destroyed.  She then watched Sango.  The taijiya flipped her katana so that she was holding it more like a spear than a sword.  She ran towards Yume, and when she got close enough, she jumped forwards, lunging at the dream weaver.  Yume watched in shock.  Sango's eyes were welling up with tears as she poised her katana.

(Words end)

"Gomen nasai, Yume," she said.  And with that, she drove the sword forward and into Yume's stomach.  The dream weaver's eyes widened in unspeakable pain as the sword went all the way through her.  She began to fall back.  Everything stopped in that moment.  The spheres disappeared and Miroku closed the Kazaana.  Suddenly, they all disappeared, vanishing from the darkness.


Outside, the sun was shining and the sky was blue with only a few white clouds floating aimlessly.  The grass swayed slightly from the wind that was blowing.  The leaves on the trees rustled, sending off a beautiful and calming melody.  In the clearing was a grassy meadow, much like the one the Inuyasha-tachi had stayed at when Myoga had told them about the hateshi.  Suddenly, seven figures materialized in the air.  They gently fell to the ground.  The Inuyasha-tachi landed on the slope of the hill, while the dream weaver, Yume, landed on top of it, being shaded slightly by the lone tree that stood at the top of the hill.  She just laid there, a whole in her stomach where Sango's sword had pierced through her.  She just stared forwards, dazed.  Her pink eyes were clouded with confusion as she stared at the sky and watched the clouds.  Soon enough, six faces appeared above her.  They all had questioning eyes, except for Sango, whose eyes were filled with hurt and sorrow.  Yume just closed her eyes and sighed to herself.

(Music ends)

"Gomen nasai," said Yume, her eyes closed.  Even though she couldn't see their faces, she knew they were slightly shocked at the apology.  She opened her eyes and focused on the sky.  It was beautiful and full of life.  It seemed to be watching over the world they lived in.  It was their world.  Yume allowed a smile to grace her slim lips.  "I've always wanted to see the sky, and now that I have…"  She shook her head, allowing her voice to fall and allowing the sentence to remain incomplete.  "I've caused all of you so much trouble."

"It's not your fault," said Inuyasha.  Everyone turned towards the hanyou.  That was the last thing they expected him to say.  "Myoga-jiji told us about you.  You're one of the hateshi.  You're supposed to deal with the fate of groups of people who could change the world."

"Exactly," said Yume.

"Then it wasn't really your fault.  It was your duty."

"My…duty…but I didn't want it to be.  I didn't understand anything until now.  I now know why the other hateshi never got involved with humans.  It's so complicated.  We bring about death and pain…yet we are only carrying out our duty, which is to carry out fate…however…this wasn't fate…it was destiny.  If only I had realized it sooner, we could have forgotten this whole mess.  None of this would have happened.  I couldn't see the fine line between the two, and I chose the wrong path."  She sighed again and closed her eyes.  "I guess…I deserve this.  I was a fool, and now I'm going to die because of my incompetence…because of my ignorance.  All these years, I've been thinking that I was the ultimate hateshi…that I would thrive where the others had failed, but…in the end, I ended up the same as they did.  No hateshi ever lives when destiny is mistaken for fate, and I realized the truth behind this too late."  She opened her eyes again and smiled at the people staring at her.  "I guess you must think I'm insane.  It's not far from the truth."

"Yume!!" shouted two people.  The Inuyasha-tachi turned to see Cycil and Siria run up the hill towards their master.  The Inuyasha-tachi members backed away as the two women fell to their knees next to the dream weaver.  Yume smiled at them.

"I'm glad you two are alright," said Yume.  "I wanted the two of you to survive."

"Yume, we have to treat your wounds," said Siria in a panicked voice.

"We'll use the kiseki again and save you," added Cycil.  Yume just shook her head slowly.

"Iya.  I don't want you to.  I don't want to live again."

"Nani?" they both questioned.  The Inuyasha-tachi stared at her as well, wondering what had gotten into the hateshi.

"Being placed in that dimension…having no real physical form…not being able to touch or truly feel anything…and being bound by my duty.  You tell me…what kind of life is that?"  None of them responded.

"It's better than nothing, though, isn't it?" asked Kagome.  "If you can live, you can be who you want to be, right?"  Yume shook her head.

"I'm afraid it doesn't work that way…this is my fate."  Her body became transparent, and Cycil and Siria became increasingly worried.  Yume noticed this.  She reached up her hand and set it on the grass.  It was soft and tickled her hand slightly.  She closed her eyes for a moment, feeling the warmth from the sun.  She then opened them and smiled a weak smile.  "You have no idea how long I've awaited this day.  I'm finally alive…I can feel everything.  I can feel the sun."  She turned her head and saw that Kirara was standing next to Sango, who was close to where Yume was.  The dream weaver lifted her other hand and brought it towards Kirara.  The small neko allowed Yume to pet her.  Yume smiled.  "I can touch and feel everything at last.  It feels good to be able to experience this."  She turned her attention back to Cycil and Siria.  "Siria…Cycil…I have a request."

"What is it?" asked Cycil.

"I want both of you to live your lives to the fullest.  You're free now.  You're no longer bound to me.  Please…live."  They both nodded, tears welling up into their eyes.

"Sango-sama?" questioned Yume.

"Nani?" asked Sango.

"Onegai…don't be sad or disappointed.  This isn't your fault at all.  Sango-sama…I want to give you something."


"Onegai…take the stone on my forehead.  It's a kiseki.  Use it someday…when you need a miracle."

"I can't take it…it's yours."

"Sango…it's my gift to you.  I really want you to have it."  Sango nodded once and reached down to Yume.  She removed the small, diamond shaped stone.  Yume closed her eyes and then reopened them.  "This has always been what I wanted.  You have set me free.  All of you, I thank you.  I understand now.  It's probably better if there aren't any dream weavers left.  Life wasn't meant to be carried out this way.  Living is interesting and life shouldn't be messed around with.  Fate can take its own course and destiny can come when it's supposed to."  Yume began to fade more and she closed her eyes as small bits of light began to break off of her.  "I used to think that I could control fate, but now…I've realized the truth.  In the end, the master… was nothing more than the puppet.  Ironic, isn't it?  Instead of controlling fate…it was fate…that controlled me."  And with that, her body completely disappeared, disintegrating into small points of light.  "…Sayonara…"  They all watched as the lights disappeared, floating away into the never-ending blue sky.

"Yume!" shouted both Siria and Cycil.  They were on their hands and knees, crying.  They gasped when they noticed the Inuyasha-tachi standing in front of them. They lifted their heads and glared at the six members, who had unreadable expressions on their faces.

"Go ahead," said Cycil.

"Kill us already," finished Siria.  Inuyasha reached to his side, towards his sword, but there was something else there as well.  He reached passed his sword and to a second one that was strapped there.  Siria and Cycil closed their eyes and awaited death, but it never came.  They heard the clattering of a sword near them and they opened their eyes.  In front of Siria was the Toukengai.  She eyed it in shock and the looked up at Inuyasha, who had thrown it down to her.

"Take it and leave," he said forcefully.

"Na..ni?" questioned Siria.  Both her and Cycil were in shock.

"Do I have to spell it out for you?  What part of leave don't you understand?" he shouted.

"You're going to let us go?  After everything we've done?" asked Cycil.  He nodded.

"Doushite?" asked Siria.

"Because Yume wanted both of you to live," responded Kagome.  "She wants you to be free."

"So how could we possibly kill you," said Sango.  Siria and Cycil both looked around the group.  After everything, they were going to let them leave.

"Besides," started Miroku.  "Both of you…have helped us more than once.  Don't think I didn't notice."

"Miroku…" whispered Siria.  "Even you…are going to allow me to leave…after what I did to you?"


"Gomen nasai…Miroku…" said Siria as she stood up.  Cycil also stood up.

"Arigatou," responded Cycil.  "We appreciate this."

"Yeah, yeah," said Inuyasha, getting sick of all of this touching and emotional stuff.

"So, what will the two of you do?" asked Sango, running her fingers over the kiseki in her hand.

"I got an invitation to stay in a small village for a while.  I think I'll take them up on their offer.  After that…I think I'll go after Naraku."

"We'll reach him first," said Inuyasha, as if this was a competition.

"So is that what all of you are going to do?" questioned Siria.

"Hai," responded Kagome.  "We're going after Naraku again and the Shikon no Tama.  There are still a few pieces left to find."

"I understand."

"What about you, Siria-san?"  The crimson haired ningen bent down and picked up her sword.  She sheathed it and then met their questioning eyes.

"There's something I'm searching for.  I'm going to continue on my own journey and hopefully find it."

"Well, good luck to both of you," said Kagome with a smile.  "Hopefully, we'll see each other again."

"Yeah," said Cycil with a smile.

"You bet," said Siria.

"Until then, I'll see ya.  Sayonara," said Cycil.  She spread her already healed wings and took to the skies, soaring far off into the blue.

"Sayonara…Cycil," said Siria.  She then turned her eyes to the group in front of her.  "I guess this is farewell."

"No it's not," said Shippo, who was now in Kagome's arms.  Siria eyed the kitsune suspiciously.  "We'll see you again someday, remember?  It's not 'Sayonara'…it's just 'ja ne'."  Siria smiled at this and turned her eyes to all the members of the Inuyasha-tachi.

"Well then, ja ne, minna-san."

"Ja ne!" they all said.  Siria smiled and turned around.  She then sprinted off, heading into the forest.  The Inuyasha-tachi stood there for a while, smiling.

"Now what?" asked Shippo, looking up at Kagome.  Kagome laughed lightly and then hugged the kitsune.

"Let's continue our journey," she said.  They all nodded and smiled.  They turned around and began to walk off.  Inuyasha took the lead as he always did, followed by Kagome, who was very close behind him.  This whole journey had brought them closer than ever.  In the back, Sango and Miroku were walking side by side, simply enjoying the other's company.  In many ways, this whole ordeal was a blessing.  It had brought them all closer, and had opened a few closed hearts.  Sango turned her gaze to the sky and smiled.

'Yume…it's not sayonara…just ja ne.'  The kiseki she still had in her hand pulsed lightly, sending a warm and comforting feeling through the taijiya.

'Arigatou…Sango…for showing me…the clear and beautiful…blue sky.'


THE END…OR IS IT? (See authors note at bottom.)


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