"Holy crap, I'm coming," Carol muttered as the knocks continued to slam on her door. It was 1 am and she had just fallen asleep when the pounding started. She considered ignoring it until her dog jumped up on the bed and stared at her, obviously wondering why she wasn't moving. When he barked Carol finally groaned and got up.

The pup was right beside her when she pulled the door open, just as Daryl was about to start knocking again. Her little guard dog immediately started to growl. "Hey, shhh," Carol shushed him. "Go," she shooed him, thankful he actually listened for once.

"Daryl, it's 1am, why are you here?" Carol sighed, rubbing her tired, blurry eyes.

"Oh, I'm sorry," he apologized. Carol hadn't put on her glasses and her contacts were obviously out for bedtime, so she couldn't see well, but when she took a look at his face she was shocked. Daryl looked terrible. "I haven't slept in 2 days, kinda lost track of time," he added.

"Yeah, well I haven't slept well myself," she said icily. "And I had just fallen asleep… so what do you want? I really want to go back to bed."

"I just watched it," Daryl said, meeting her eye for the first time.

Carol sighed, she knew exactly what he was referring to. "I know, I watched it too. Didn't bother me as much as I thought it might," she added with a shrug. Carol wasn't being completely honest. It had bothered her, but for different reasons than she would ever admit to him right then.

"It bothered me, a lot," Daryl admitted. "And I've spent the last… what time is it again? 1am? So the last… 3 hours thinking about the past few months." He took a step forward and hesitated, hoping she would let him in. Carol held her ground at first, but curiosity got the better of her and she moved to let him by. "Living room?" he asked.

"Yeah, I suppose…" Carol replied. "I'll make coffee," she said, heading to the kitchen, knowing she was going to need something strong to get through it. Alcohol might have been preferred, but the last time they were both drunk hadn't ended well. And it was a big part of why Daryl was at her house at one in the morning.

By the time she had made coffee and got back to the living room with two mugs Carol found Daryl fast asleep on the couch. "You have got to be kidding me," she mumbled.

Carol set the mugs down and studied the handsome man lying there. She could hear him snoring softly and she couldn't help but smile. Even with everything that had happened she still loved to listen to the sounds he made when he slept. They made her feel comfortable and at one time they had even made her feel completely safe and secure. But all that gone out the window one rage filled night not all that long ago.

Carol grabbed a blanket and covered him up. As hurt and angry as she was she just didn't have the heart to wake him. Without thinking she leaned in and placed a kiss on his forehead. It was instinctive and she shivered as her lips touched his warm skin. Daryl stirred slightly, but he was so exhausted she could have blared Nine Inch Nails on max and he was likely to sleep through it.

Maddy, one of her diva cats, wandered in and hopped up on the couch, curling up in the bend of Daryl's legs. He was a cat person and they had developed a bond, yet Carol still glared at the cat, feeling betrayed. "Whose side are you on anyway, Brat?" she whispered to the fur ball who was already purring loudly.

There was no way in hell she was letting a good cup of coffee go to waste so Carol found a book and read while she drank the first cup. Then opened the Facebook app on her phone to get lost in other's drama for a bit while she drank the second cup she had made for Daryl. Just after 2am she went to the bathroom and finally climbed back into bed.

Carol tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep. She couldn't blame the coffee. Her body was so used to the caffeine she could drink it day or night and it never affected her sleeping pattern anymore. Her inability to sleep was a perfect 1.0 correlation with the man snoring on her couch.

Daryl was such a complication. Unfortunately he had been a very delightful complication. But Carol didn't do complicated well at all, she'd already been there and done that with her ex husband who was currently residing in the Georgia State Penn. Since then she had avoided messy like the plague. She hated that she let him get to her. But if she was being honest, even knowing how it was going to end, the good was so good she would have done it all over again anyway. The last few months had included the best times she had ever had in all of her 49 years. But they also included one of the most painful memories she had ever experienced. And also a very scary accident that could have turned out much worse than it did.

Closing her eyes Carol rewound her mind to less than two weeks ago. Screaming, yelling, crying, pain, betrayal… It hurt too much to think about so she rewound further. Laughter, smiles, mind blowing sex, romance and fun. She went back a bit farther. Friendship, flirting, and the hint of something more. One last time jump backwards and Carol was right where it had truly begun. That day on set. A terrifying day she would never forget…

TV Reporter: "In tonight's news, a local woman, working as an extra, was injured in an accident on set filming a commercial for Dexter's Hunting Inc. She was rushed to Fayette Hospital by ambulance, but there has been no word released so far regarding her condition. Reports say local born Dexter's model and rising star Daryl Dixon rode with her and is still at the hospital refusing to leave her side.