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******Chapter One******

----Androids 19 and 20 were standing in the mists of Goku, Tien, Piccolo, Krillian and the fallen Yamcha. The reaction was that of shock at seeing their fallen comrade on the ground and soaked in his own blood. Android 20 allowed Yamcha to slide off of his wrist and fall to the ground with a thud.

----"Krillian! Get Yamcha, quick!" Goku yelled frantically to his oldest and dearest friend.

The girl leaned closer to the screen. Her bright blue eyes were wide with a look of inquisitive thought. Light brown hair fell gently around her face; she made sure the hair cut matched that of android eighteen's. She loved this rerun of Dragonball Z.

She lay on her bed, stomach side down. Her elbows were propped on the edge of her bed as she stared almost directly into the television's screen. She then rolled over onto her back as to see them upside down and laughed slightly. The same thought came to her every time she seen that episode.

"Yep! Send in the bald midget! I would!" she said out loud.

It was funnier the first time.

'Krillian gets all the crappy jobs.' She mused to herself.

The earphones almost fell out of her ears as she tried to turn over once again to gaze at the once again in the upright position. She was a tall, slender and almost twenty. She still lived with her grandparents only because she was still going to school. She now lay in the quiet solitude of her room. She wore a large Dragonball Z t-shirt that consisted of only the Saiyans in their Super-Saiyan forms.

The screen then went to that of Gohan before Dr. Gero, disguised as an android, started blowing up South City.

The girl frowned and then looked at her large assortment of Dragonball Z tapes.

'The next one I'm watching is the one where Gohan's closer to my age.' She thought and then smiled at the prospects.

Suddenly another thought occurred to her, she then gave a quick glance behind her to her alarm clock on her bedside table.

The clock read: 11:56 pm.

Shock went through her body like a bolt of lightning.

'Only four minutes!' she thought hurriedly.

She got up as quickly as she could and threw on her bedroom slippers and her robe from the place beside her bedroom door. As she put on her robe and was slowly putting on the bedroom slippers, she listened attentively for any sounds that her grandparents might awaken. She took her watch off her dresser and slipped it onto her wrist. She then slowly opened her door, slipped out and tiptoed quietly down the hall. She could hear her grandfather snoring noisily in the next room. When the snoring ceased, so did she. Cold fear gripped her heart. When hearing the buzz-saw effect start up again she breathed a sigh of relief and continued onward.

She reached the front door, unlocked it quietly, and then stepped onto the front porch. The cold ripped right through her, but her determination never faltered. She held her fuzzy robe closer as she stepped out into the frost covered ground of her front yard.

The night clouds whipped silently past the full, bright moon. She shivered violently as she gazed up to the moon.

'December twenty-fourth. This is the year the moon glows full on a Christmas Eve. Man I've waited a long time for this.' she thought as she gazed at the moon.

'Maybe, this time it'll work.' She thought almost sadly at her other failed attempts.

'I've tried for three years strait. this time it's got to work!' she thought as she glanced down at her watch.


'Almost time.' She thought.

She thought of the old story she heard when she was young, about the night of Christmas Eve. That if you looked into the sky on that Eve when the clock struck midnight, looked into the heavens and gave a wish, that that wish would come true by morning. When she was young she had no wishes, but now. she had a wish, she had the same wish for four years.

She looked down at her watch as the second hand made it's way around. She gave a glance back at the house she shared with her grandparents. The presence was almost ominous. She looked back up at the moon desperately. The seconds counting down in her head till they were no more. Her lungs filled with the cold night air before she put forth her sorrows into words.

"I wish to leave this place! I don't want to be here any more! All this pain and suffering! I want to be in the world were Goku and all the Z Fighters are! I want to be one of them! I want to fly! I want to be strong! I want to be fast! I want to fight! I want to be free! I don't want to be here any more!!" she screamed into the heavens as she had done for four times past.

This year was different to her. This year she felt like she stood a chance. She felt like her dreams just might be realized this time. But as she stared into the sky she felt nothing was different. Tears welled in her eyes and then erupted onto her cheeks, down to her chin and onto her chest. Before more could come the harsh night winds came and swept the previous ones away.

Before she new it, she drug her shivering body back into the warmth of her dwelling place. Shut the door, locked it. She made her way back to her bedroom, closed her door gently. She let the robe fall to the floor and left her slippers behind as she walked reluctantly back to her bed.

Before she got there she took a slight glance back at her video collection. At the murals made from the various sagas. She saw the happy looks on teenage Gohan's face and the wonderful fights that were frozen in those pictures. Some how, even though those same pictures made her happy, they made her depressed.

Her eyes closed for a second and she gave a deep sorrow filled sigh before climbing under the covers and allowing the warmth fill her body where the cold night air had numbed her so. She cried some more before drifting into her silent slumber.

'God I hate this desolate place.' She thought before darkness enclosed her.

Two hours. it felt like two minutes. Someone was nudging her. Her bed was abnormally lumpy, and slightly uncomfortable.

'Damn sheets got tangled underneath me again.' She thought unhappily.

At least she was warm without the covers on top.

'Had someone turned on her light? It's bright in here.' She thought burring her head deeper into her bed.

'Smells kind of funny. got to change the sheets.' she thought.

The nudging continued, only slightly harder this time and a little more violently. She swatted at it absentmindedly.

"Dang it Grandma, I don't have to work today. The store's closed on Christmas Eve, you know that." She said groggily and attempted to turn slightly, her bed shifted slightly under her.

"Turn off the light while you're at it, kay?" she asked waving blindly at the direction of the nudger.

She heard a slight growl.

"Damn it! Get up and tell me who you are and how you got here!" a loud voice called down to her.

Her eyes shot open.

'That voice. it sounds like.' she thought and slowly pushed herself up and turned her head.

She was laying on the ground. Beside her she saw first, a pair of white boots. Her eye twitched slightly as she worked her line of vision up to see royal blue spandex with built legs underneath, her eyes quickly skipped the groin area and steadily found a muscle-bound chest incased in Saiyan armor. Out of pure terror her vision would've stopped there, but her curiosity carried her further. Her eyes meet that of a scowling prince. A gasp of air filled her lungs as she meant to let out a shriek, but all that came out was air.

"V-V-V-Vegeta?" she stammered and then looked down at her bed.

She then suddenly realized she was laying on the second pure blooded Saiyan. He almost looked out cold. Her mind was racing so quickly. She barely realized she was sitting right atop of Goku and in her night gown never-the-less.

Her eyes wavered and her body shook slightly.

"I.I.I-I-I" she stammered more, not knowing what to say or how to react.

"Spit it out girl! I haven't got all day!" he spat angerly towards her.

She looked up at him through watering eyes.

"I DON'T KNOW!!!" she cried pittifully.


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