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Chapter 13"Home"

It was stepping to the very edge, the wind whipping around her.

It was her looking out into the vast skies with no fear, only awe and excitement.

'How could I have ever been afraid of this? It seems so childish of me now.' She thought as she looked out and then looked back.

Her hand was nestled snuggly in his. She felt a little blush as she smiled at him. It was obvious she was glad to be out of the chamber, and even happier to be spending it with him.

'Trunks.' She thought happily and squeezed his hand a little.

"Well? We just going to stand here? You know mother's going to be waiting for us to catch up." He said with a slightly nervous smile.

"Well, I think they're far enough away." She said looking out at the speck that was now Bulma's ship.

She looked back to see a slightly puzzled look on Trunks' face.

"I thought I'd be good to give them a head start before we passed them!" Cassie said with a little laugh.

Trunks only shook his head.

"Common." He said with a little tug on her arm.

'Here it goes! The moment I was waiting for and didn't even know it.' She thought as she took that first step off of the tower.

They gave a little wave goodbye to Dende and Mr. Po-Po before flying on.

Clouds were just below them and through the breaks Cassie could see the world below. It seemed so small and the air seemed so light. An excitement that Cassie never imagined swelled in her as she wanted to press on even more, wanting more than anything to do so much more. To dip and dive and run her hand across the water.

She gave a laugh as a tickling feeling went through her stomach. She pointed at various things and told Trunks what she could see. She went on variously about her first experiences in flying and how silly she felt now for feeling that way.

Trunks only smiled, every once and a while shaking his head at her.

They both waved as they passed Bulma's ship. Bulma stuck her head out of a window and yelled something, but it was carried off by the wind.

It took her a little while to realize that Trunks had let go of her hand and was speeding up some. She felt her stomach drop some as she lagged some behind him. She watched as he seemed to be looking for something. She barely noticed when she dropped below the clouds. Suddenly she could see the outskirts of a city.

'That looks familiar, but why?' Cassie thought, forgetting about Trunks altogether.

Cassie concentrated, causing a swirl of energy to surround her as she rocketed toward the city in a flash. That's when she saw it. A strange building with the logo of Capsule Corp on it.

'Trunks' home, but how do I know this?' she thought as she gently landed in the front yard.

"Cassie! Geeze! I thought I lost you!" Trunks said from high above her.

She turned slightly to see him land behind her.

"Why'd you take off like that?" he asked and then seemed to realize something else.

"Have you ever been here before?" he asked.

"I'm not sure, I don't think so." She said slightly confused.

Before Trunks could say any more the sound of Bulma's plane was heard as she pulled into the back of the building. Trunks looked at Cassie for a moment and then walked on around the house.

'What's going on! Why can't I remember anything?' Cassie thought as she felt something tighten in her chest.

She then quickened her pace to keep up with Trunks. The both walked around the building which was surrounded by a large wooden fence, to a small landing pad that led into a small garage. It seemed more like a workshop, as various tools and scraps of metal and old machine parts cluttered wooden work tables. In the very center was Bulma's small yellow ship. The door opened and Bulma stepped out.

"I can't believe you guys passed me! Geeze!" Bulma said as she walked around to the back of the plane and opened something that looked like the lid to the gas tank.

But instead of a knob to turn to open and put in gasoline, instead, it was a large red button. She pushed the button, after a click was heard, then came a burst of smoke and a loud popping noise. The ship had disappeared and in its place was a small off-white capsule with a yellow stripe. Bulma reached down and picked up the capsule. She then turned to Trunks and Cassie with an odd smile on her face.

"Well, I guess we can go in now, no sense just standing out here." Bulma said to Cassie and then paused a moment.

"Well? Common!" Bulma said grabbing Cassie's hand and pulling her along behind her.

"I want to hear all about it! What did you guys do for a whole year? I didn't get to thinking about it till later on yesterday, but by then I kinda figured it was too late!" Bulma rambled as she pulled Cassie up a small flight of stairs that lead into a small kitchen.

Trunks quietly followed, keeping an odd amount of distance. Bulma then looked back, past Cassie to Trunks as he slowly came in the door last.

"And you! You need a hair cut, I can't believe how fast your hair grows!" she said then looked back at Cassie.

"Your hair's grown too, I didn't notice cause you have it braided! OH! And you need a change of clothes, I'm sure you don't want to be wearing those all evening! Here, you sit here on the couch and I'll look for you something." Bulma said after she pulled Cassie into the living room.

The living room was a couple of steps down in what looked like a large den. There were three couches that surrounded a large television, and enough room to place a large table right in the middle. Cassie then sat down on one of the couches. There was an uncomfortable silence hanging in the air. She knew Trunks was behind her, but he didn't move an inch, there was something foreboding about his presence.

"Hey, Trunks, you haven't said a single word since we got here, is everything, okay?" Cassie gave a desperate attempt to sound chipper and friendly, but there was an unmistakable waver in her voice, a nervous sort of pleading to make the silence come to an end.

"Cassie, I have to tell you something, something important." Trunks said in a voice that was low, it was the kind of tone someone would have just before giving them very bad news.

"What is it?" Cassie was afraid to turn, to see what he looked like.

'That's not the Trunks I know, he doesn't sound like this.' Cassie thought as she tried to turn to face him.

When she was finally facing him, he had his back to her.

"Cassie, when this is over, I'm going back." He said slowly, deliberately.

"Yeah, I know, it's important that you stop Cell in your time, but what," Cassie said encouragingly, but still the fear remained and before she could finish,

"I'm going back alone though." He said.

Cassie thought she might've heard a little choke in his voice at the last part, but it was drifted away by the silence that followed. She suddenly felt lightheaded.

"But Trunks, I don't understand, why," she felt her voice breaking along with her heart.

"I'm sorry Cassie, but you have no place in my future." He said turning his face some towards her, his eyes covered in shadow.

"To be more accurate, my future has no place for you, I see that now." There was a definite waver to his voice before he turned and walked to a pair of glass doors, he opened them to a porch and looked as though he were going to fly off.

"NO! No you will not leave!" Cassie was suddenly full of rage and sorrow, but all she could think of was doing what she felt to be right.

Cassie leapt off of the couch, jumped over the table and other couch and stood directly behind him. He then made a motion to leave and she ran out in front of him, arms held out wide. A look of complete surprise was on his face, and a little sorrow that kind of looked like pity.

"I can't stay here." He said flatly.

"You can't stay here because I'm here right!" Cassie asked.

He was taken even more aback by her sudden outburst. She hadn't even noticed that Bulma had walked into the room.

"This is your home! If anyone doesn't belong here it's ME! So you dumped me! Big deal! That doesn't mean you have to leave! Stay here! I'm going!" tears swelled and fell from her cheeks at that point.

Sobs wanted to come out so badly that her body practically shook. She then spun on her heal.

"If anything has taught me in the year we spent together, that's to trust you. And if you say there's no place for me in your future, then there truly isn't." Cassie said and slowly drifted up.

After about twelve feet into the air she turned back to give one last look. Trunks was standing on the balcony, a sad, almost hurt look on his face, but he made no motion to move. She forced a smile and a wave and then she sped off with all her might. The wind forced her tears to dry faster then they could fall.

'Dummy! You went and hurt him before you left! DUMMY!' she thought as she flew even faster.

It began to rain as she flew over a fur tree forest. Darkness was setting in as the last of the sun's rays died into night, she suddenly found herself wanting to walk. The rain came down in a constant drizzle, soaking the spandex fabric of the suit and seeping in where there were tears in the cloth. With the boots wearing thin in some places it still managed to keep out much of the moisture, but water was seeping in through the top of the boots and the gloves. She didn't seem to mind as she walked through the woods.

'If it's the right thing, then, why does it hurt so much?' she thought as she continued walking.

'I can't, I can't even remember where it is that I'm from. My name is Cassie, Cassie what? I have a last name, but what is it? Who are my parents? Who was I before I came here? Was my mother Goku's childhood friend? No, that doesn't sound right. How do I know them? All about them? How do I feel what's going to happen next?' Cassie thought as she continued walking aimlessly.

Before she knew it she was standing at the edge of a cliff, only vaguely aware of someone standing not to far behind her. She stared off into the dark void that seemed to suck in the swirling drops of rain.

'My heart.' She thought.

"I felt a strange energy in the air and decided to follow it. Imagine my surprise when I found out it was you." The mildly gruff voice said from behind her.

She turned slightly towards the voice. Rain poring down her sorrowfully slackened face like the multitude of tears that would find their way out. There, standing not to far from her he stood, arms crossed and cape tugged violently to the side by the wind, was Piccolo. Only a faint look of recognition managed to creep in. Piccolo frowned slightly.

"What happened?" he asked.

Cassie was surprised by his frankness and cast her eyes to the ground.

"I, just wasn't, good enough, I think, or else he wouldn't have," Cassie said in a faint voice, a voice that seemed to still be in a state of shock.

"Who wouldn't have done what?" Piccolo pressed.

"Trunks, he said I wasn't, that his future had no place for me." She said turning a bit as if she wanted to head towards the edge of the cliff.

"What? You mean you and Trunks," Piccolo sounded surprised by a moment, but then he seemed to consider it a moment.

"I see, it's clear why he chose this, it was a very sound decision he made." Piccolo said finally, in a calm clear tone.

Cassie turned to him abruptly, her face eager and full of pain.

"Why? Why is it a sound decision?" she asked, finding herself moving closer to him.

"His time is set in a post-apocalyptic world, there's only death and devastation to be found. There isn't a very bright future for anyone who lives in that time, that's why he said his future had no place for you. How do you think you'd get by in a place like that? Think about it. You're much better off letting him leave. It'd be much better, for the both of you." He said, his voice ending on an almost thoughtful tone.

As his words sunk in, she too sunk to her knees. She then hid her face in her hands and began to cry. Her shoulders shook violently with each sob. Slowly everything slowly faded into black.

When she finally awoke she was lying underneath covers on a bed.

"Poor girl, I can't even imagine what she's going through right now." A familiar female voice said.

Cassie's eyes burned and her whole body ached.

"I definitely didn't see this coming Chi-Chi, man. To think they'd get together why they were in the chamber and then, even more unbelievable, is for Trunks just to abandon her like that, I wonder what the heck he could be thinking." Another female voice said.

Cassie turned her head and let her cheek rest on the cool fabric of the pillow.

'Bulma, why is she here? And Chi-Chi, how did I?' Cassie thought and then allowed her eyes to adjust to the dim lighting of the room. The desk, the posters of the character from Dr. Slump, the text books neatly stacked in various parts of the room, all these were a dead give-away that she was in Gohan's room.

"You mean he won't talk to you about it, at all!" Chi-Chi said her voice rising.

"Not a thing! He doesn't even say anything when we're working on that android Goku gave me to fix. He's all quiet and doesn't really say much of anything! It's really starting to worry me Chi-Chi. I just want to know what's going on in that thick skull of his. I swear, he's acting just like his father!" Bulma huffed.

"Well, it seems sons have the tendency to be a lot like their fathers, I should know that for a fact." Chi-Chi said with a heavy sigh.

The sound of a door swinging open and banging on the wall could be heard.

"I'm home Mom! Look what we caught!" Gohan cried happily.

"Ahhh! Take that fish outside right this instant! You know that's far too big to bring in the house!" Chi-Chi cried.

"Aw common Mom! It's not all that big! Just look at the one Dad caught!" Gohan said laughing.

"Lookie! Lookie Chi-Chi! I've caught a big one! We don't have to worry about what to eat tonight that's for sure!" Goku said laughing.



"I'm goin', I'm goin', there's no reason to get violent! Ahh!"


Then there came the shuffling of feet, flopping noises, the sounds of something metal being tossed around or dropped and then running. There was even the small sound of Bulma chuckling to herself when the door finally closed. There was the sound of the chair scrapping across the floor and footsteps coming to the door. Then came a soft rapping.

"Cassie? You wake?" she whispered.

"Huh? Uh-huh." Was all Cassie managed to reply.

"Is it okay if I come in?" she asked after a short pause.

"Yeah, sure." Cassie said pulling herself up into a sitting position.

The door then opened and Bulma walked in. All Cassie could do was stare at the covers bundled in her lap. Bulma then walked over and sat on the edge of the bed next to her.

"Do you want to talk about it? What happened I mean. It's okay if you don't." Bulma said looking at her.

"I can't remember." Cassie said in still, soft voice that cracked slightly with dull emotion.

Bulma looked taken slightly aback.

"Can't remember what?" Bulma asked.

"I can't remember," Cassie said, tears began to well up and stream from her dull, unfocused eyes.

"who I am, where I'm from, why I'm here. I can't remember any of it." Cassie said her voice still as dull and as lifeless as her eyes.

"What? What do you mean? You can't remember ANYTHING!" Bulma asked, unable to hide the surprise in her voice.

"No, I can remember some things, I just can't remember anything about myself. Before I came here." Cassie said looking to Bulma, the tears still streaming, eyes unfocused the look of someone afraid they've done something unforgivable.

"Oh Cassie! You poor thing!" Bulma suddenly pulled Cassie into an embrace.

"It's gone, it's all gone. I don't even know why I'm here." Cassie said.

Bulma then pulled away.

"That's not true at all! Aren't you here because you want to be here? Isn't this were you belong? Right here with all of us?" Bulma said, putting her hands on either side of Cassie's face.

Some light and luster began to come back to Cassie's eyes.

"But, Trunks," Cassie began to say.

"Never mind him, right now, you need to concentrate on you and what you need." Bulma said.

"What I need?" Cassie asked, slightly bewildered.

"Yup! And what you need is a vacation!" Bulma said with such happiness it was a step away from being aggressive.

"A vacation?" Cassie asked.

"Yeah! And this is just the place to do it! Right here at the Sons! I'm sure they'd be more than glad to take you in!" Bulma said happily.

"She's right you know, we'd more than gladly keep you here with us as long as you like." Chi-chi said from the door way.

They both looked at the door in surprise. Bulma looked back at Cassie with a large smile on her face.

"See? I was right, wasn't I?" Bulma said.

New tears began to form and run down her cheeks as Cassie smiled brightly and nodded.

"Thank you! Thank you so very much!" Cassie said whipping away her tears.

There then came a crash from outside and random frantic yelling.

"If you'll excuse me, I have a husband to kill." Chi-Chi said with a twitching smile and turned to leave.

At that Bulma and Cassie couldn't help but to laugh.

That night Cassie and Bulma helped prepare dinner and they all sat around, eating, laughing and carrying on as if there wasn't a care in the world. As the night drew on, Bulma eventually left for home, bidding everyone a good night. Cassie watched on for only a moment as she left, a dull ache in her chest.

'I remember falling.' She thought.

'I fell from somewhere and landed on Goku's unconscious body, but from where? From where did I fall? Am I some kind of angel, or transitional being from another world or plain?' Cassie thought, her mind swimming with possibilities.

"Hey, Cassie? You alright?" a voice said.

She looked across the table to see Goku staring at her, a look of concern on his face. She then gave him a smile and a brisk nod.

"Guess I just kind of spaced out there for a moment." She said with a slight laugh.

Goku gave a puzzled look and then seemed to space out for a moment too. Cassie's eyes narrowed and her mouth was slightly open, a comical look of uncertain disbelief. Suddenly Goku snapped out of it with a slight giggle-ish laugh.

"Yeah, I can see that happening." He said laughing.

Cassie's mouth dropped open.

'Did he just make fun of me!' Cassie thought.

"It's not nice to make fun of people Goku, you should know better." Chi-Chi grunted as she began picking up dishes.

"Aw, common Chi-Chi, I was only kidding." Goku said while laughing and scratching the back of his head with slight nervousness.

"Hmm…" was the only reply she gave to that.

"Well, we'd better head to bed, busy day tomorrow and all." Goku said getting up from the table and stretching, a satisfied smile on his face from a meal well eaten.

Gohan then gave a yawn.

"Yeah, I'd better head to bed to. I'm so full I could sleep for a week." Gohan said getting up and walking out of the room.

Cassie felt the blood rushing throughout her body, something restless gnawing at the back of her mind. She then stood and pushed her chair back under the table.

'I can't sleep, not just yet, I'm not tired.' Cassie thought.

"I think I'll go for a little walk." Cassie said.

"Oh no you don't young lady! Not at this time of night! No telling what's crawling and prowling around out there now! You'll stay in doors till tomorrow!" Chi-Chi yelled from the kitchen.

Cassie's face fell in disbelief.

'I'm pretty sure I'm more than capable of taking care of myself, the only thing that would worry me is if Cell himself decided to pay me a visit, and I doubt that he'd bother with waiting for me to just leave the house.' Cassie thought with a frown.

"Hey, don't worry about it Chi-Chi, I think I'll take a small walk to help digest my food before bed. You know how I get if I eat too close to bed time, right?" Goku called to Chi-Chi.

A slight growl from Chi-Chi could be heard in the kitchen.

"Oh, alright! As long as you're with her, I guess so, but don't stay out too long. Just a quick walk! You understand!" Chi-Chi said peeking around the corner, a glare in her eyes and a dirty ladle in her hand held tight as if she were going to use it as a weapon.

Both Goku and Cassie gave a nervous smile and nodded vigerously.

"Good." She said and then went back to her cleaning.

Both Goku and Cassie gave a small sigh and headed to the door. The night air was brisk and cool and the moonlight made everything seem bathed in blue. Even the two that strolled from the woods to the clearing leading to the lake.

"What's on your mind Cassie? Something seems to be eating at you." Goku said as soon as they stopped at the shore of the lake.

"Goku, I told you everything that happened to me before I came here, right?" Cassie asked uncertainly.

'Then why is that the only hazy memory I have of this place?' Cassie thought to herself as she tried recalling the conversation she had with Goku and only getting back mumbling.

"Huh? Yeah, why?" Goku said puzzled.

"I can't, I can't remember it, that's why." Cassie said as she picked up a rock and lobbed it across the lake.

"Huh! What do you mean you don't remember!" Goku asked in disbelief.

"Where I come from, why I'm here, how I got here, I can't remember any of it. Even when I try to remember the conversation that we had about it. I remember telling you the whole story, but I can't remember what was said." Cassie said looking out at the lake, her eyes wavering slightly as if she wanted to cry.

Goku only looked on at her with pity and disbelief as to what he was hearing.

"You mean, you can't remember anything? Your home? Family? Nothing?" Goku asked.

"Yeah, I can't remember anything." Cassie said turning her head slightly to look at him, the light of the moon reflecting in her eyes.

"I see, well, why don't I tell you some of what I remember and see if that unplugs anything, how bout that?" Goku said with a smile.

Cassie smiled faintly back.

"Yeah, thanks." Cassie said.

Goku spent almost an hour trying to recall what she had said. The whole time he fumbled, reversed, revised and re-edited everything he could recall from the story. The whole time Cassie only looked more and more confused and distraught. Every once and a while she'd try to nod or encourage him to continue, but it only seemed to be hurting her head and confusing her further. By the time he was done she was crouching on the ground, her hands over her ears and blue lines streaking her face and outline of her body. Little wispy clouds danced around her in despair and a gong could be heard in the distance.

"Well, did that help?" Goku asked with an uncertain smile.

Cassie looked up, her hands slowly edging away from her ears, a tired look her eyes, blue lines on her face and a look of utter and horrible disbelief. After a moments pause she shook her head slowly.

"What! Not at all! That was everything you told me! Or, at least, what I remember of it," Goku crossed him arms and looked off for a moment before snatching his attention back at her.

"NOTHING!" he asked in wonder.

She shook her head again, only this time she just seemed a little disappointed.

"Nope, nothing." She said slowly standing and wiping the dirt off her pants.

"Hum, that's odd. Oh well, I'm sure it'll come back to you eventually, for now we know one thing's for certain!" Goku said happily.

"Eh? And what's that?" she asked.

"You're family! And while you're here you can stay as long as you want!" Goku said happily.

Cassie smiled, for once she felt all her doubts and anxieties just fade away. This deep admiration filled her as she looked at Goku's smiling face and a calm washed over her.

'Yeah. This is my home, why else would I feel this way? Why else would that story just make no sense, unless,' Cassie thought as she looked deeper into Goku's face.

Her eye gave a slight twitch.

'I sure hope that's not the case,' she thought again.

The days wore on into the final day when they all had to meet in the ring. Flying there was enough stress in itself, the tension was so high. She flew right next to Goku the whole time.

"Relax Cassie! Everything's going to be fine! You'll see!" Goku said to her.

'He's been like this the whole time, it's like he has some secret strategy or something.' Cassie thought, only blinking at Goku and giving an uneasy smile.

'What does he know that the rest of us don't? I've been trying to get it out of him for the past week!' Cassie thought and then realized that the same thought must be going through Gohan's head as well, because he had the same look of wonder on his face.

Landing next to the arena, everything seemed to take forever. A loud man with an afro walked up to Cell, ranting about something and a helicopter showed up, but the whole time Cassie's mind seemed to not focus on everything at all, like a dark cloud had entered her mind and made everything around her hazy. Even through the fight with the loud man's underlings and then the loud man himself, all being defeated by Cell, one by one.

It cleared only a little as Goku took his turn to fight.

'I've got to focus! This is important! Damn it! Focus!' she screamed at herself, but it didn't lessen the dull throb in her head.

She hadn't realized how bad it was till Gohan tried talking to her, it was as if he was trying to speak to her under water and she couldn't understand what he was saying. Then Piccolo turned her to him and she couldn't hear him at all. She squinted at him because he was starting to fade, and with a tilt, the whole world turned black.

She found herself in a strange room, something that felt as though it should feel familiar. She sat on the carpeted floor, in the dark, in front of a television screen. On the screen was something showing, she leaned in closer. It was Goku, as a Super Siayan, his fingers to his forehead and his hand on what looked like a bloated ball of Cell, bloated so much it seemed as if he were going to blow.

'Yes, he is going to blow, but Goku, he's,' Cassie suddenly thought.

She watched as Goku's mouth moved, saying something but she couldn't hear because the volume was turned down to low,

'or it's the head-phones,' Cassie thought, but that didn't matter, what mattered was,

"GOKU! NO!" Cassie yelled and suddenly all the volume came back to her and her sight as well as she found herself laying on the ground, the dirty, dirty ground, the sun high in the sky and the fight behind her.

She turned quickly, her line of sight sweeping past Piccolo, past Gohan in second level Super Siayan and on to Goku, who had his hand on the bloated Cell, smiling and then disappeared. Tears welled and poured down her face.

'No, no, NO!' Cassie thought as she struggled to stand.

She suddenly felt weak, dizzy and sick. It was as if her mind was trying to work something out.

'Goku, oh, Goku, why? Why can't I, help?' Cassie thought as she felt total disgust for herself.

She couldn't even bare looking at Piccolo. But even over Gohan's sobs and screams, something else caught her, something like a flash of lightening through her head, illuminating only one thing.

'Trunks!' she thought, and as she thought, she acted, using all her energy to fly to Trunks.

As she did, in the corner of her eye as small cloud of smoke began to form, she flew as fast as she could and just as she closed the gap between her and Trunks a flash of light came, bearing into her side, pushing her into Trunks and they both fell. Everything wavered for a moment, her vision a bit blurred as she focused on the man underneath her. She smiled slightly and went to say his name when something forced its way up and out of her mouth. The sudden rush of the taste of copper and the warm liquid flowing from her mouth caused her to cough, and when she did this searing heat found its way deep into her side.

'Am I going to die?' she thought looking down at him as she struggled to keep from laying on him completely.

"Cassie?" Trunks said in a rough, weak voice.

"Trunks," Cassie struggled to say, but her voice was choked and painful.

His hand slowly reached up from his side. Looking as far back as she could Cassie could see they were laying in a pool of blood. His blood soaked hand finally made its way to her face as he cupped it gently.

"I'm, so sorry, I didn't want," he said, but then his eyes dimmed and slowly closed as the face turned and the hand suddenly dropped.

Cassie had to swallow the warm liquid, her vision blurred with tears as she shook her head over and over again.

'No, no, NO!' she thought.

'Common, what did I do wrong?' Cassie thought as she slowly slipped down, allowing her head to rest on his chest.

'What did I do wrong! What was so wrong about wanting to save him! What was so wrong with wanting to save the one I loved most in this world! WHY! Why did it have to end up like this! WHY!' Cassie thought as she drifted off into darkness.



'Why,' Cassie said as things started to become clear again.

'Why,' she thought as she began to regain feeling.

There was the sensation of something cool on her cheek as she turned her head. Her eyes still closed.

'Why,' she thought as she turned her body and something moved with her.

She moved from her side to her back. Her head swam slightly as she rested one arm over her forehead.

'Why,' she thought breathing in the cool air and letting it out slowly.

She slowly opened her eyes, a thin ray of sunshine played across her vision as she removed the arm from her head and found herself looking at a ceiling.

'Why, why do I keep having these odd dreams?' she thought to herself as she pulled back the covers and sat up slowly in the bed.

'Geeze, that one was just like the last one.' She thought as she raised her arms above her head and stretched.

"Cassie! Hurry up, or you're going to be late for school!" a voice carried into the room.

She sat up and turned, putting her bare feet to the cool carpeted floor. She rubbed her eyes and yawned again.

"Yeah Grandma! I'm up! Stop shouting!" Cassie half yelled- half yawned back.

Hurriedly she dressed, pausing at the mirror on her dresser to flatten down her long blonde hair.

"Cassie, if you don't hurry you'll have to go strait to the bus! No breakfast!" her grandmother yelled at her.

That seemed to add a little motivation.

"I said I was coming! Grandpa better not have eaten it all!" Cassie yelled as she took up her back-pack at ran to the kitchen.

After taking her toast and making a sandwich out of her eggs and bacon she waved to her grandmother and ran out the door down the long stretch of her dirt drive-way where the bus had just shut it's doors and drove away. Cassie then sighed.

'I don't want to ask my grandparents for a ride, this sucks.' Cassie thought.

Suddenly a shiny red convertible swerved in off the street and stopped in front of Cassie.

"Somebody miss the bus again?" a girl sat in the passenger seat, her hair was semi-short and turquoise blue.

She wore an almost skimpy outfit of a black tank-top and red-ish pink mini skirt. Sitting beside her was a middle aged man in a black leather jacket, black spiked hair, black mustache, and black shades.

"Thanks, you've saved me again." Cassie said.

"What are friends for?" the girl said with a short laugh.

There was a dull silence after Cassie had gotten into the car.

"Up all night watching that show again I see. What was it? Dragon balls or something?" her turquoise haired friend said off-handedly.

"It's called Dragon Pearls, and yes, I did." Cassie said with a huff and continued to look out at the trees as they went by.

"Yeah, well you should just tape it, like I do for my father. That way, you can get at least a decent night's sleep." She said.

"You watch it too, Mr. Brief?" Cassie asked.

The man only gave a small grunt slash growl.

"Don't mind him, he's just a little cranky. He's got to take me shopping this afternoon after all." The girl said happily.

'That's gotta be nice, having all that money just to throw around like that.' Cassie thought as she stared out at the scenery as it passed.

Once they got to school they headed down the hall to their lockers.

'Same old thing, day in and day out, the only action I ever see is in my dreams.' Cassie thought as she was putting her stuff into her locker and pulling stuff out.

"Common Cassie! Hurry it up! We've got to get going before the bell!" her friends said in aggravation as she bounced slightly with her arms crossed.

"Alright, I just have to," before Cassie could finish someone bumped into her from behind.

She turned to see a tall boy with spiked black hair and school uniform smiling nervously and scratching the back of his head.

"Sorry bout that." He said awkwardly.

"What do you want!" Cassie's friend yelled at the boy.

"Well, you see, I was looking for your brother and, oh, hey!" the boy moved past Cassie and ran to where her friend was.

As Cassie turned her eyes moved in what seemed like slow motion to the boy next to her friend. The boy with short, light violet hair. Something inside seemed to stop, and she didn't seem to remember how to breathe.

"Hey sis! Can I borrow a couple of dollars, it seems I left my wallet back at home." He asked her, his hands held together as if praying.

The girl snickered and then noticed that Cassie was staring. She blinked several times and then clapped her hands together.

"Oh yeah, you two haven't met, Cassie, this is my dork-a-sourus brother Trunks." She said.

For the first time Trunks even realized that Cassie was there, but when he did, he suddenly looked as if he was trying to remember something too. Some look of utter stillness over came his face.

"Trunks, this is my friend Cassie." She said pointing his way to Cassie.

"Trunks, is it?" she asked uncertainly.

"Yeah, and you must be Cassie. Have we met?" he asked.

"Um, I don't think so, but then again," she said.

"It does feel like dejavu." He finished for her.

"Yeah." Cassie said with a smile.

The girl rolled her eyes and the dark-haired boy only smiled.

"You want to go out for a coke sometime?" Trunks asked.

Cassie looked over his face for several seconds.

"Sure." She said with a smile.

He smiled back.

"You're in Class D of the third years, right? Why you hanging out with a first year like my sister?" he asked.

"What was that!" his sister growled.

"And you're a senior, right?" Cassie asked.

"Yeah, me and Goten are in the same grade." Trunks said referring back to his friend, who only waved and smiled some.

"Goten, you can be such a dweeb." The girl said.

"Common Bra, don't be so mean." Goten said.

'Something feels right about this, like I've found something I've lost. I wonder if that girl in my dream ever went to the future to be with that guy, or did she just die? Maybe I'll find out in my next dream, something tells me it's going to be a good one.' Cassie thought.

YAAAAAAAAAAY! Finished! Whatcha think? Too dramatic? Too over the top? I told you Dragonball Z would die in the end, but it was a good dead, cause in the end everything ended happily. Now the question was, was it real the whole time? Yeah, she was just dreaming of the world she was living in, a split entity of the real world, and in it she had Dragonball Z, and she found herself there, but in the real world there is no Dragonball Z, it's reality. Though I did through in that odd live action show parity type thing that went by the title Dragon Pearls, it was pure genius! Well, I hope you liked it as much as I enjoyed writing it, and until the next story, I bid you adu! Ja Ne and love always! Usarea.