Author's Note

Please note that "Mother Ocean" is based loosely upon the story of James McCloud as presented in the original SNES comics released in Nintendo Power, 1992-93. For reference, it is suggested that these comics be read prior to reading "Mother Ocean", as the fact that he is still alive may confuse some SFX64 gamers. Thank you, and enjoy the story!

Fara Phoenix418

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Annola Lee:
The Island:
Yaranoi Nebula:
Ion Storm:
Gravity Bomb:
The Black Hole:
Descent to Eridania:
"A Pirate Looks At Fifty" – © Jimmy Buffet
"Remember Me" – © Tim McGraw
"Exile" – © Enya
"No One Like You"- © Sara Brightman
"Honor Him"- © Hans Zimmerman
"Only If..." – © Enya