This story is going to be one shots written from the prompts posted at Bonesology in their weekly summer fic challenge. The first prompt is, Never let the words 'I Love You' remain unsaid. Takes place end of season 5….

Booth was in the Army again, but this time as an instructor. When he left the Rangers almost a decade ago he swore he'd never go back, but then he got the opportunity to train soldiers to track and apprehend insurgents and possibly save lives. He meant what he told Brennan he wasn't going, he had Parker, his job and their partnership plus a million other things to think about. Someone else could do it, the government had plenty of capable soldiers. Then Brennan had to go and remind him that no one, no matter how capable was as good as he was…. Before he knew it he had orders to report to Ft. Belvoir to go through training for his new role training soldiers in 14 hours and 10 minutes. His next stop was Afghanistan. He'd spent the day with Parker doing whatever the ten year old wanted now after having dinner with him and Rebecca at her insistence and making sure Parker was asleep, he was knocking on Brennan's apartment door.

"Booth! What are you doing here? You should be packing or spending time with Parker…"

"Parker's asleep and I packed last night. Now I'm spending my last night as a civilian with my partner eating ice cream…" Booth held up a bag from his favorite ice cream shop. Brennan smiled a little and stepped back so he could come inside. Booth walked to the couch and sat the bag on the coffee table.

Brennan sat down next to him, "Booth, it's ten at night, it's too late for ice cream… "

"Bones it's never too later for ice cream, especially if it's the last you'll have for a year…" Booth opened the bag and took out two large paper containers. "I got you mint chocolate chip. That's your favorite, right?" Booth handed Brennan her ice cream.

"Yeah, one of them, my other favorite is coconut." Brennan took the lid off, picked up the spoon and took a bite. "How was your day with Parker?"

"Good. Rebecca let him spend the night last night. I picked him up after school we got pizza and came home, I let him stay up late playing video games. We had peanut butter banana pancakes for breakfast then we went to the park and played catch until my shoulder gave out. Then we went to the movies we did a double feature, that cost an arm and a leg, but it was worth it. We talked a lot, he's scared I won't come home… my job is dangerous, but it won't be as dangerous as some of the jobs over there. When I dropped him off Rebecca insisted that the three of us have dinner together. She made spaghetti and garlic bread, it was good. It was strange to have dinner with her, we haven't done that since I got out of the Army when Parker was a baby. We played games, Parker beat my ass at Monopoly. He was fine until Rebecca told him it was bedtime, that's when he started crying and asking me not to go. I got him calmed down and ready for bed, I laid next to him until he fell asleep. I didn't question going over there until he started begging me not to go. Am I doing the right thing, Bones? I can't get out of it now, but am I doing the right thing?"

"Yes. This mission will help balance that cosmic balance sheet you have in your head…" Brennan smiled at Booth. They ate in silence for a few minutes. "Booth, remember a few months ago when you told me you wanted someone to spend the next 30, 40, or 50 years with and I said I couldn't be that person?"

"Yeah, as hard as I try I can't forget you turning me down, Bones."

Brennan pulled her spoon through her ice cream. "We're both going off to places we might not make it back from. I need to tell you something."

Booth sat his ice cream on the table. "Okay, what?"

"I-I love you, Booth…"

"I love you too, Bones. I always have."

Brennan smiled a little, "I'm not good at relationships, I can't relate to people very well. They start out well but then the guy wants more and I don't catch on fast enough and he leaves me or he gets to know me and doesn't like the real me. Or he goes too fast and I panic and end it. Our work schedule makes it impossible to go on a date…" they both laughed.

"What are you saying, Bones?"

"I'm saying I want to try to have a relationship with you… I realize I have really bad timing considering you leave in the morning and I leave in two days, but-"

Booth grinned and pulled Brennan to him, "yeah, the timing sucks. but we can make it work. I can email you some that is if you have access."

"I will, it will be limited, but I should be able to check my email weekly."

"That'll work. When we both get stateside again we'll start our relationship the right way. We'll go as slow as you need to. Just promise me if you start to panic about us you'll talk to me or Angela even before you do anything rash."

"I promise, Booth."

"Good. I'm going to kiss you now…"

"I'd like that very much." Brennan held her cup of ice cream out so it wouldn't get crushed between their bodies. Once the lack of oxygen caused them to break the kiss Booth reached for his melting cup of rocky road and wrapped his arm around Brennan's shoulders.

"You're a very good kisser, Booth. I found our kiss very satisfying."

Booth laughed, "Good to know, Bones. You're not so bad yourself."

"Thank you."

They finished their ice cream. "This is really good ice cream, Booth."

"I know, I started taking Parker there when Rebecca started letting me have him for the weekend." Booth looked at his watch, "Bones, I have to go…"

"No stay here tonight…"

"I want to, but I can't, Bones. I have to get up really early in the morning…"

"You could do that here…"

Booth laughed, "I could, but my bag is at my apartment. Besides I would keep you up all night, I'm not going to sleep much if at all tonight."

"I don't care!"


"Booth, I find I don't want you to go…"

"Bones, I don't want to go either, but it's my duty. Just like you have a duty to go to Maluku and discover ancient civilizations or whatever you're looking for."

"I could get out of it, Daisy could do it…."

"Nope… nope… Daisy still has training wheels. She's not ready for this on her own… besides working will keep you from worrying too much about me and we both know you will so, don't deny it…"

"Still I don't want either of us to go anywhere."

"I don't want us to go either, but we have to. It will go by fast, before you know it we'll be back here starting our relationship the right way."

"Yeah, I guess…"

"We will be fine, Bones. We have something else to look forward to now." Booth started kissing Brennan again this time with more passion. Sooner than either one of them liked Booth broke the kiss. "Bones, I really need to go, staying longer isn't going to make my leaving any easier on either of us."

"I know… Goodbye, Booth. I love you. Be careful."

"Goodbye, Bones. I love you too. I'm always careful, Bones. You be careful in the jungle."

"I'll be careful, Booth."

"Good. I'll try and call you before you leave or something…"

"Okay." Booth gave Brennan one last kiss and a hug before he stood up to leave. "I love you, Bones."

"I love you too, Booth."