Queen Valencia was a tragic soul, she just never learnt. Her husband, King Consort, was a different story. Ever since his youth, his thirst for power never relented. With his oblivious wife, he took control. It was only natural that the country fought back. From then on, the Southern Rebels were reborn.

They were ruthless in their attacks, killing anyone who got in their way. A curfew was enforced to keep the civilians safe, but that didn't stop them. Every now and again, a stampede of Southern Rebels appeared, murdering anyone in their sight. The palace security tightened, and the King and Queen made fewer visits to provinces.

On the 17th June, they were killed. It was a tragic event; Queen Valencia and King Consort Victor were dead. The palace was destroyed, the staff severely injured. The Southern Rebels rejoiced, they were finally gone. In their place: Princess Nevaeh and Prince Isaiah. From there, a selection starts in hope to rebuild their nation.

"Nevaeh! You can't keep putting this off; the country doesn't feel safe. You need to do something, anything," Shailene chastised. Her brown hair was straightened, the locks ending at her shoulders. Her black dress had a half sleeve, along with a pleated design. She paired her dress with stockings and simple heals. Her brown eyes giving a pointed glare to Neveah, best friend or not, she was infuriating.

"It's only been a year, Shai," Nevaeh responded, rolling her brown eyes. Her dark brown hair was pulled up into a ponytail. Her dress the complete opposite of Shai's. The red material clung to her body, the skirt flaring out around her feet. In a darker shade, flowers travelled up the dress in jewels.

"Exactly, it's been a year since it happened. A year since your people felt protected! It's your coronation tomorrow, you can't exactly pretend it didn't happen," Shai continued. If she didn't scold Nevaeh, Soraya would.

"I doubt they felt protected before then anyway," she muttered with a bitter taste. No one ever felt safe; Illéa was a walking danger zone. The Southern Rebels appeared from time to time, damaging anything and everything.

"She's right, you know. We need to do something; you're going to be queen soon. Tomorrow, to be more precise," Isaiah interfered; walking into what was once the ballroom. It didn't look as bad as when it was attacked, but it could definitely do with some improvements. "Soraya wants to see us both in her office."

"Why?" Nevaeh questioned, her facial expressions showing her annoyance. Godmother or not, Soraya was just another nuisance. One that no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get rid off.

"Just come. Shai's coming, too," Isaiah said, leaving the ballroom. "This room is horrible, anyway. Soraya's office is much cleaner."

"It's not my fault people don't like to work here. Besides, a few people are getting drafted, and most of them are stationed here," Nevaeh complained, following her twin. Shai following closely behind the two of them.

No one spoke, unsure of how to respond. Everyone knew the palace didn't get much volunteers due to the Southern Rebels continuous threats. "Fine," Nevaeh muttered, "leave me in my own deafening silence."

Arriving at Soraya's office, Isaiah opened to door for Shai and Nevaeh. Inside Soraya sat at her desk with her usual pantsuit and with her blonde hair pulled up into a tight bun, but what gathered their attention was the lady sitting opposite her. Her hair ended a couple of inches below her shoulders, and her brown locks were mixed in with blonde highlights. Her eyes were trained on the twins, and she smiled at the duo.

Ignoring the beaming lady, Nevaeh turned to Soraya, "Who's that?"

"Isaiah, Nevaeh, meet Aria. She's going to be the mentor for the selected," Soraya told the twins, smiling at the two of them. "Oh, for your selection. We figured we'd throw them together, you two being twins and all."

"Selection?" She questioned, Nevaeh's voice filled with shock. No one said anything about a selection. Both Isaiah and Shai were taken back by the news, and remained quiet.

"That's what I said," Soraya told her.

"But-" Nevaeh started. The selection was a terrible idea, didn't everyone just tell her to focus on being queen?

"It's what the country needs. It gives them something to talk about, something they can look forward, too. Another prince," Soraya cut off Nevaeh, predicting where she was going to take things, "not that you aren't great Isaiah."

Isaiah stood there, not speaking. What was he supposed to say? A selection could end in countless ways. Many marriages were one-sided with the selection, him and Nevaeh could end up with someone they didn't even like.

"Do you want me to leave?" Shai asked, moving towards the exit. She was beginning to feel awkward in this situation. It clearly was meant for just the twins, Aria would be better off in another room, too. The latter sat unmoving though, eyes focused on Nevaeh and Soraya.

"No!" Nevaeh exclaimed. "We shouldn't even be having a selection. We have my coronation tomorrow. We don't need to add something else to my plate."

"Your going to be queen, get used to it. Also, you're going to announce that both you and Isaiah are going be holding a selection," Soraya spoke bluntly, leaving no room for Neveah's comments.

"It'll help, Nevaeh." Isaiah told her. He wasn't looking forward for the whole ordeal himself, but he was helping his country. It needed at the help it could get, and what would be Illéa's fate if it's own queen didn't do her bit?

"Okay, fine," Nevaeh gave up. She glanced at Aria before grabbing Shai, "Come on, let's go. They're not to give up unless I hold one of these things."

Isaiah turned to follow the two as they left, but Soraya's voice stopped him, "Where are you going? We need to help with some details."

"Me?" He inquired, to be honest, Isaiah was planning a haste exit after Shai and Neveah left. Soraya scared him a little.

"It's not like your sister is going to help," she stated before going through her papers and pulling a few out.

"Shouldn't you prepare for tomorrow?" Isaiah asked, trying to get out of it. He just wanted to sleep.

"We'll be fine," she shrugged him off. They had gone over what was supposed to happen hundreds of times. "We planned it over eight months ago."

"I guess I'll help then." It's not like Soraya was going to give him a choice.

Turning to Aria, he shook her hand, "Nice to meet you, I'm Isaiah. Sorry about my sister, she wasn't expecting it."

"Aria, Your Highness," she introduced. "Don't worry about it, imagine what she's going through."

"Let's get to work then!" Soraya exclaimed. "First off, we'll be accepting a boy and a girl from each province. All of them aged between sixteen and twenty-one. I know you guys are nineteen, so I don't think the ages would be much of a problem.

It's going to be a long night.

Nevaeh stood in front of a mirror. Multiple maids doing adjustments to her dress. The blue gown poofed out around her, a small train at the back. There were pink flowers decorating both the bodice and the skirt, however, instead of the light blue material at the back, there were a few rows of pearls connecting the two sides together.

"All done!" One maid shouted as she finished up the last stitch.

"Finally," Nevaeh muttered, exiting the room. Isaiah stood waiting outside for her, dressed in one of his shirts and black trousers, his blazer long abandoned.

"Nervous?" He asked as the two of them started walking down the hallway. Everything looked the same, but Nevaeh couldn't help but feel a sinking feeling in her stomach.

"Where were you after Soraya announced we were going to have this stupid selection?" Nevaeh interrogated. She could have done with some sibling support last night.

Isaiah glanced at her, Nevaeh looked like a nervous wreck. "Soraya asked me to help her, and I was kind of scared to say no," he admitted. "I'm sorry, did you need me?"

"No," she lied. "It's fine. I'm sorry." As they neared the steps, Nevaeh gripped the railing. "Why did they put me in these heals? I'm going to end up tripping."

"You need to stop complaining," Isaiah remarked. "Also, is the dress your wearing suitable for the coronation? It's blue and has flowers on, that's not what most people wear to something as important as this."

She shrugged, not really bothered. "Your wearing a normal suit instead of those fancy ones with hundreds of medals. We're doing all of this wrong. Besides, I don't think they'd appreciate me walking in with a sequin dress, now would they?"

Isaiah gave her a sympathetic smile, being queen wasn't going to be easy. He didn't want to selection either, but it was something they both needed to do. This day was going to change everything.

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