"You have the queen in your company, don't complain. Besides, if you get to the Elite you get to see them too," she winked before getting up and he did the same. "We should go now."

He kissed her cheek, "Thank you for the 'date', Your Majesty."

To his surprise, Nevaeh let out a laugh, "Bye, Keir."

Nevaeh and Keir both left, the young queen making her way outside to get some fresh air. She brushed of imaginary dirt of her black dress and ran a hand through her brown hair before heading outside.

One date down, Nevaeh thought, and Keir was really sweet, so it wasn't bad.

A chilly breeze hit Nevaeh's shoulders as started to get used to the weather. Even though Angeles was hot, it got a little colder at night. Her heels hit the soft grass, and she walked across the grass to get to the bench. Everywhere she looked, she was overwhelmed by the green and dark blues. Though she wouldn't complain, it was a nice contrast to the golds and whites inside the mansion. The outside seemed to calm her.

Isaiah frowned. His eyes flickered around the hallway, his brown orbs drifting from decoration to decoration. Why did he let those twins convince to ask Aurora on a date? What if he messes up?

He stood in a vacant hall, his dark suit the opposite to the gold and white scheme around the mansion. He missed wandering around the palace walls before the selection. Things would have been much easier if those damn Rebels didn't exist. How many lives would be made easier? Now wasn't a time to complain though, the prince had to make he did things right. He was the only prince of Illéa, and he act responsible. And his duties right now consisted of asking a fierce redhead on a date.

Sucking up all the courage he had, Isaiah knocked on the door a little too forcefully. The sound seemed to echo around his eardrums and he pulled back his hand as if he was electrocuted.

Opening the door, Aurora groaned, "Who wakes someone up at 3 AM?"

As if Aurora had shot him, Isaiah flinched. Though in his defence her death glare was scary. Her amber eyes shone with fury and her red hair was pulled into a ponytail, the locks tangled together. She wore a white top and some shorts and you could clearly tell she had been sleeping before Isaiah interrupted her.

"Sorry, Lady Aurora," Isaiah mumbled, "I actually forgot what time it was. The twins convinced me to, uh..." his voice trailed off uncertainly, she probably hated him for waking her up.

"It's Rory," she corrected, her glare intensifying. "Is there something you need from me or what?"

"Wouldyoumaybesortofliketogoonadatewithme?" Isaiah rushed out, wiping his sweaty hands on his jeans.

"Yes, Your Highness, I caught all of that," Rory spoke, sarcasm dripping out of her tone.

Mustering up any last courage, he asked, "Would you like to go on a date with me? I know it's late, you don't have to change or anything, just throw on a coat or something." Catching her look, he continued, "I promise next time we go on a date, it won't be at incredulous hours of the night. I got convinced to ask you in a date and I'm really sorry that I disturbed you."

"So where are we going them?" Rory asked and Isaiah sighed in relief. Her confidence intimidated him a little, but he could grow used to it.

"Just a little walk in the gardens, if you don't mind." Isaiah mumbled uncertainly, but when Rory went in and grabbed a coast before returning, his smile brightened. He was finally making progress in the selection.

With a coat wrapped around her and some shoes slipped on, Rory said, "Let's go then."

The two of them walked out to the garden, the fresh air hitting them, though it was slightly cold. Looking out past the intense green and blues of the garden, Isaiah spotted Nevaeh. It seemed as if Shai had gotten her to stop working for a moment and enjoy some time, which was good. That girl never stopped and took a breather.

Walking along the cobbled path, Isaiah tried to recall some of the 'advice' the twins had given them. While it was just to mess with him, Isaiah was pretty naive and fell for their tricks often.

'Yeah, and don't forget to compliment her mermaid hair.'

'Oh, and ask whether she feels she should ever dye her hair, wrong Disney princess and all.'

'Make sure you tell her you loved her in Sleeping Beauty!'

Isaiah debated whether or not to say them, he wasn't sure that Rory would appreciate it, but nevertheless, Isaiah decided to join them all together and try and make her talk. It wasn't that Rory was shy, but rather Isaiah was and made no move to strike up a conversation.

"I like your mermaid hair," Isaiah commented, moving his face to look at the fountain instead of Rory. If he was making the wrong decision by listening to the twins, he didn't want to know Rory's reaction, so he continued rambling instead. "I loved you in Sleeping Beauty! And do you, err... ever think that you have the wrong name? Red hair and all..." Isaiah's voice trailed off, coming to the conclusion that Rory wasn't going to appreciate it.

"What the hell are you going on about? I don't even like Disney that much. And-"

Sensing Rory was getting offended with his stupid comments, he cut her off and apologised, "I'm sorry! The twins said it would be good and while I was skeptical, I decided to say it anyway. Sorry!"

Rory seemed to accept Isaiah's answer, "It's okay, I'm sorry, too. Let's just finish our date then."

"Why don't we get something from the kitchen and then come back?" Isaiah suggested. While it wasn't exactly midnight, he still wanted some snacks, and he doubted that someone would turn down food. "Who doesn't love food?" Isaiah joked and he beamed when he got a small smile from Rory.

"Someone crazy," she responded. While at first she didn't seem to like Isaiah that much, he was growing on her.

On the way to the kitchens and whilst they were there, Isaiah and Rory talked some more. While Rory wasn't a big fan of Disney and being compared to one of the princesses, Isaiah learnt that she was a big music fan and she was actually really good with History. She knew about the civil war, deaths of major people that helped build the foundation of what was once known as Illéa, and, of course, other stuff such as the Great Depression, and the British Empire.

They had a lot of differences, but Isaiah found her interesting. She liked some stuff he didn't and didn't like some stuff that he did, but it balanced out. There were things they had in common though, such as hating dishonesty.

"Thank you, Rory," Isaiah thanked as he led her back to her room.

"No problem, Your Highness," she responded, going into the room."Yeah, and don't forget to compliment her mermaid hair."

"Oh, and ask whether she feels she should ever dye her hair, wrong Disney princess and all."

"Make sure you tell her you loved her in Sleeping Beauty!"

Phew, Isaiah thought, one date down. I should go see if Nevaeh's still up. If she is, then she should go to bed, too.

Heading down to the gardens again, Isaiah pondered his date with Rory. Once you got to know her, she was actually pretty cool and he could see her staying for a while.

"Nevaeh!" Isaiah shouted once he reached her.

"Isaiah!" she shouted back, a mocking tone to her voice. "I'm here, 'Saiah, no need to shout."

"We should go now," he told her. "It's late, really late."

"You're right," she sighed, standing up. While it was niceness to just sit in the quiet, she should get to bed. Spotting something coming towards them, she nudged Isaiah.

"Imani!" A voice shouted, "You're freaking dogs are going to get us eliminated!"

Looking suspiciously, Nevaeh walked towards the the noise, bringing Isaiah along with her.

"I'm sorry!" Another voice shouted, and Nevaeh assumed this was 'Imani'. "Woah!" she yelled and her voice was followed by two splats.

Coming closer, Nevaeh recognise the first voice as Vegas, the male Selected who didn't bother paying much attention to her. Nevaeh rolled her eyes at the the thought, who could you find better than the queen?

Vegas growled a little at the dogs sitting a little further a way. "I'm going to– P-Prince Isaiah!" Vegas' eyes averted from the dogs to the approaching royals.

Imani stood up, her grey dress now stained with mud, "I am so sorry, Prince Isaiah and Princess Neveah! Please, Vegas was only trying to help me! If anyone needs to go-"

Isaiah interrupted her, "Relax, we all know how dogs can get. Especially when they get outside in a new and open space."

Neveah wasn't fazed by the situation anymore, realising that it wasn't two idiots getting caught doing treason, but rather simply two idiots chasing some dogs. "It's queen, not princess," she corrected nevertheless, taking a few steps back after realising all the mud on the grass.

One of the dogs let out a bark, and rushed forward knocking Vegas into an unexpected royal. Realising that he was basically hugging Isaiah like an idiot—further proving Nevaeh's theory—Vegas let go hurriedly as he let out a weak chuckle and the prince fell into the mud as a result.

" I'm sorry!" Vegas exclaims, looking away blushing and ignoring the mud drilling of his shirt, he ran off. " I have to w-wash my hair," he called back, stumbling a little.

Imani snickered a little, "Hair, sure."

The annoyed queen rolled her eyes at the mess Isaiah was in. "Come on, 'Saiah." She gave Isaiah a hand, pulling him up from the ground as he thanked her. "Go clean up, Isaiah." Muttering, she turned to Imani, "You, too."

Nevaeh and Isaiah cast a quick glance to Imani before heading off to their own rooms, Imani doing the same before leaving.

The Selection was definitely going to be something.

They were finally there. All their hard work has paid off and while they still had a long way to go, they were finally getting somewhere. And it was about time, too. Lyra could recount every single encounter they had to getting caught, and Greyson could tell you how many times they decided to give up. But they didn't.

As Lyra stood next to the marble staircase, she let out a relieved sigh. Who knew after all this time all it would take was a simple call with Isaiah? And they were let in so easily. Of course, his twin would be a lot harder to convince with her stubborn self never giving in, but they could do it. They were getting somewhere.

"Lyra!" Isaiah exclaimed, coming towards Lyra and Greyson. He was dressed simple with a white shirt rolled up along with some pants. "...And person I don't know."

"This is Grey," Lyra introduced before Isaiah pulled her into a hug. "It's a been long time. I'm really sorry about your parents."

Isaiah smiled at her, "Don't worry, it wasn't your fault. So where have you been?"

"You know, around..." Lyra mumbled, "Grey was with me. We've just been around Illéa, doing some travelling."

"This is Aria, she's helping us with the selection along with Soraya—you remember her right?—and she'll help you get settled in."

At the mention of Aria, Lyra noticed that there was a female standing a little further behind Isaiah. She looked like the complete opposite of Lyra. Aria wore a summery, off the shoulder dress despite fall quickly descending, which Lyra couldn't help but think was stupid. Though she was a little bitter with her only arriving in a simple blouse and jeans, which seemed to be pretty outdated. Another visible difference was their hair, while Aria's hair was mixed in with highlights, Lyra's dark hair sat as a mop on her head.

Quickly removing her gaze from Aria, she spotted Greyson lingering around the back near the orchids, clearly trying to avoid interaction with the royals which he dubbed 'stupid, stuck up and annoying' on the way to the palace. While she sent an annoyed glance to Greyson, she noticed that even he looked better than her, was she the only one looking terrible? There was some dirt smeared on her once white outfit as she tripped outside. Her cheeks flushed as she remembered the guard trying to hold back laughter at her looking ridiculous.

"Lyra?" Isaiah questioned, suddenly a lot closer to her than she remembered. She blushed realising she just zoned out, she had been doing that way too much lately. Grey and Aria were no longer in the foyer and it was just her standing awkwardly.

"Come on," Isaiah called leaving the foyer, too. Casting a quick glance to his watch, "We're going to be late."

"For what?" she asked as she did a small jog to catch up to him.

"The Canadian royal family are coming soon. We need to set some last minute things up while Nevaeh and one of the Selected go and greet them," Isaiah informed her as he led her down the halls.

Lyra nodded absentmindedly as she let her gaze drift around the mansion. Wow, she thought, this place is amazing. "So, The Selection?" Lyra mumbled.

"It was actually Soraya's idea to do one, told us it would help."

"I see," she muttered before brightening up a little. "Who's your favourite?"

"I don't have one," he shrugged, opening the door for Lyra and he entered the room after her.

"Come on! You must have one." When Isaiah made no move to comment, she added, "Who have you been with last? Like date-wise and talking?"

"I went on a date with Rory yesterday—technically it was today though—and I talked to Phae last, why?"

Not satisfied with his answer, she huffed, "I wanted to see who you end up with. But I guess seeing the blush on your face by mentioning the girls will do for now."

A darker blush erupted on Isaiah's cheeks as he stuttered, gaining a laugh from Lyra.

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