Chapter One

Misty Dreams

Card Captor Sakura


Genre: Romance/Fantasy

Rated: Pg 13

Summary: A sacrifice to save her brothers and a promise to keep silent until the sacrifice is complete , Sakura falls in love with a cold prince but can never speak a word. Based on ' The Six Swans'

A Capture

Sakura walked over the hills , her feet sore and her hands swollen twice its size. Tears ran down her cheeks as she struggled up the hills, carrying only one pack on her back and only one water bottle.

Keep going....Soon , you'll be free , Sakura thought in her head as she continued the treacherous walk.

Sakura felt her breathing grow and her heart clench as she forced herself to keep going. She wasn't going to give up , not just yet!

The sun was high up in the sky , it's heat rays burning into her back. She felt sweat roll off her face in large drops and she knew that there was little time left until she would collapse.

As she climbed the last rolling hill , she saw a clear , beautiful lake before her. It was sparkling with light and it made her shoulder's sag in relief.

Water! she thought in her head and raced down the hill towards the water. Her auburn hair flew out behind her and it was the first time , she felt free. Free as a bird...

She reached the water , nearly tripping. She put her hands into the icy cold waters and lifted it to her mouth. The delicious trickle of water floated down her throat and she smiled.

" Hey! Who's that?"

Sakura looked up. A boat....There was a boat riding to her....and there was Li Kingdom Soldiers on it! Sakura held in a scream and she turned around , ready to bolt. Instead , her foot slipped and she fell backwards into the lake. The water pushed her out forcefully into deeper waters and suddenly she heard a splash behind her.

A man with chestnut hair was swimming after her. Sakura wanted to scream but she held it in and started to swim frantically in the opposite way. Yet the powerful man had caught up to her and grabbed her around the waist.

Sakura hit her fists on his chest but his hands were tight around her waist. Sakura finally punched him on the cheek and with a surprised yelp he let go of her. Sakura wriggled away and swam as hard as she could , away from the enemy. Yet he had grabbed her on the wrist and Sakura pulled against him , but she was too weak. He grabbed her around the waist again and pulled her to the boat. He picked her up and dumped her in the boat. Tears fell from her eyes.

I'm being captured by Li Soldiers, she thought miserably as she stared at the three men who stood around her.

" Why'd you do that?" asked a man with navy hair to the man with the chestnut hair. " What are we going to do with her?"

The chestnut man glared at him. " She was clearly in need of help. Look at her! Half starving , with rags instead of decent clothes and nearly dehydrated!"

The man with the short brown hair growled , " Yah , but she's from the Kinomoto Land, Syaoran!"

" Shut up , Yamazaki! She's just a child! She's not old enough to do any damage!"

The three looked at her and she glared rebelliously back at them. One of them leaned down next to her.

" What's your name , girl?"

She stared into his amber eyes and spat at his feet. He jumped back , surprised.

" Wow , she's got fire!" said the one with the navy hair.

" We didn't need your opinion , Eriol!" Syaoran snapped.

Sakura wrapped her arms around her knees , curling herself as small as she could go. Li Soldiers were evil , and did cruel things to prisoners. Hadn't she seen the remains of a Kinomoto village , after they were done with it??

" What is your name?" Syaoran asked again , relentlessly.

Sakura just stared at him, looking like she didn't understand a word they said. Suddenly , Eriol grabbed her arm and squeezed it as tight as he could. Sakura winced , but said not one word.

" What the hell are you doing?" Syaoran yelled.

Eriol smirked. " I don't even know if this girly talks!"

Syaoran stared at Sakura and Sakura lowered her head. It was quite true. They were clever enough , finding out so easily that she was a muted girl....Sakura stared at her hands for a long time. It hadn't always been like this before. There was a time when she spoke freely , said tales that cheered up the grimmest person. She had screamed her pain and laughed her joy.....

It was a peaceful family , in a Kingdom far away from civilization. A small Kingdom , with a small castle , nestled deep in the forest. The children grew up with the forest in their veins , and they knew the forest inside out.

The King and Queen lived happily for many years. They had seven children , six boys and one girl.

The oldest was Touya , a man with leadership skills in his veins. He was highly respected and was training to be a warrior.

The next was Kosumo , a soft quiet man , with poetry in his blood. He never was harsh to a single being and was the most looked up to in the whole family.

The next were twins , Hiro and Eiden. They were reckless boys , full of mischief and cunning. They were often the ones that made the family laugh on a sorrowful day and the most determined to fight in the wars to protect their land. Hiro also had a very soft spot for animals.

The next was Yukito, a boy with intelligence. He was buried in his books , reading day after day , with a knowledge so vast , it surprised the whole family.

And the last brother was Yamazaki , a secretive boy and the closest to Sakura. He had a sixth sense almost , that helped him see into the future. He always remained aloof from the six of them, always away in the forest.

The last child was Sakura. She was a sweet , forgiving girl who's trust and faith in her family was astounding. She understood all her brothers , especially Yamazaki , who shared a special bond between the two.

On one fateful day , their dear mother fell sick to a horrendous disease. She died in less than two days and the whole Kingdom was broken. Nearly ten years after , the King remarried once more.

And that is where our story begins...

a/n: Hello , ya'll. I hope you don't get bored with my new story! It's based on the story of The Six Swans and I also took some twists from the book , Daughter of the Forest. I hope you guys like this story , is going to be real romance! Lol!

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