When you think of "relationships ", the word "love" comes to mind. And when you think of "love", the word "unrequited" comes to mind. Still, not all would agree with me on this subject matter. There are people who are living their rose-colored life, and without doubt, I'm not one of them.

Two years have passed, now in our final year. Friendships blossomed, bonds formed, trusts thrived, and such care for one another, a stranger wouldn't understand. If a confession would ruin all these, I'd rather not do so.

Furthermore, two boys tend to occupy my mind. One is the boy whom I've fallen in love with and who became one of my best friends. The other is my partner, who claims to love me, and whom I've grown to love. Both were different yet the same. If I were to choose one, it would leave me heartbroken all the same.

However, there's this feeling in the pit of my stomach, that things were about to change soon. Whether it's a good thing, I'm not ready for it−

"Ouch!" I jolted at feeling a sudden pain on my finger, interrupting my train of thoughts.

"Sorry!" A high-pitched voice shouted in a whisper. Glancing down at my purse, Tikki looked at me almost apologetically. "I've been trying to call you for five minutes now."

Eyeing my hand, bite marks present on my now red finger. "It's fine, Tikki." A sigh escaped my lips while attempting to continue walking towards school. Stopping dead on my tracks as panic screams coming from the direction of the school got my attention.

An akuma! "How did I not notice that?"

"That's what I've been trying to say." Tikki pouted and crossed her arms over her chest.

"S-sorry Tikki, I'm a bit distracted." I apologized, wincing a bit.

"Never mind that, we need ladybug." the red kwami chirped, her antennas twitching happily, a bit too happy considering the current situation.

Running to a nearby alley right away and making sure no one saw me heading there.

"Tikki, Spots on!"

"ADRIKINS!" A voice singsong, the thumps of my footsteps echoed in my ears and sweat rolled down my forehead. I was desperately running away… desperately running away from Chloe.

Despite the akuma attack, the blue-eyed blonde has the audacity to take advantage of the situation to flirt with me. Just to flirt! My goodness!

Forced my legs to push harder, hoping for somewhere safe to hide, and rounded the corner of the hallway and came to an abrupt halt.

It was a dead end.

Not exactly, there was a classroom on my right. Reaching the door knob with my hands and hearing Chloe's penetrating voice calling out to me. I frantically grabbed the door knob. It's locked! Scanning for an escape route; the only thing left was the window.

"Adrikins," A creepy voice said. I gulped audibly while turning in slow motion to see her shadow looming around the corner. Sweating, my heart raced and my hands began to feel clammy.

I looked to the window then at Chloe's then back to the window. The window!

Dashing towards the window and forcing it open. Observing the height from the third floor, there's a tree a nearby, its branches' a bit too far to reach, but not impossible for Chat Noir.

Upon hearing footsteps draw closer, putting both my feet on the window sill and leaping out of the window, ignoring Chloe's sounds of horror. Deftly placing each hand, grabbing branches and swinging down effortlessly, to land on the grass. Hands held up high at that time as if a performance took place.

'See, my lady? Cats DO land on their feet' Musing over my lady's words and catching breath.

"Adrien, where do you think you're going?" An agitated shrill, rudely got my attention. Bringing my hand down and the other to waving back to rude girl, and hurriedly excused myself. The akuma is on the other side of the school, and I sprinted towards that direction to help my lady.

"Geez, that girl clings to you like a leech." A gruff voice complained. Plagg emerge from my shirt the moment we were out of the pony-tailed blonde's view.

"No need to be rude, Plagg." Not bothering to take a glimpse at the kwami of destruction, now appreciating the absence of the blond that was chasing after me seconds ago.

"Says the kid who looked as if he was being chased by someone from a horror movie," The cat kwami snickered.

Feeling my cheeks getting warm but, composed myself soon afterward, replying with a hopefully monotonous voice to hide my embarrassment. "Ha-ha very funny." At this Plagg laughed harder.

"Do you see now? Cheeses are way better than girls." A smug grin formed on Plagg's face. His comment was duly ignored. I ducked behind a bush to transform.

"Plagg, Claws out!"

"WAIT! WAI−" The cat kwami pleaded, getting sucked into my silver ring.

Chat Noir, using his baton to vault himself to the roof, sped to the scene of battle. There, on a distance, was a girl clad in red with black spots. His tail was high in the air, twitching, soon after he saw his lady. Landing on the ground right beside the said girl, taking her right hand, dipping his upper body to kiss her knuckles while his eyes maintaining his gaze on her.

"Greetings, my lady," A smirk graced his features, stood upright, hands rested on his hips, and his tail curved.

"Missed me?"

"Where were you, Chat?" Ladybug rolled her eyes and crossed her arms, the corner of her lips turning slightly upward.

Scratching the back of his neck, his tail tucked away, he let out a shaky laugh. "Pawdon me my lady, I cat clawth up with something" The spotted heroine groaned and put her hand on her forehead.

"Cat aside, what's her purroblem?" Chat Noir said, pointing towards the akuma with a nanny outfit. The akuma in question turned her attention towards them and charged straight away. The two heroes got out of the way, avoiding the attack with ease.

"It seems that she got sick of people making her take care of their kids. Now she's forcing everybody to take care of their own kids." Ladybug explained as she maneuvered through the air with her yoyo.

His movement screeched halt, brows furrowed and mouth agape.

"Wait what?"

The akuma took this as an opportunity to attack. The weapon almost came in contact, but Ladybug wrapped her yoyo around his leg, pulled him towards her on the school roof. "Chat, be careful!" She scolded him, hands on her hips and eyes glared at him.

"Oops?" Chat smiled sheepishly, scratching a clawed hand against his nape. His lady sighed and massaged her temple.

All a sudden piercing screams split the air. Their heads snapping towards that direction, the akuma started going after students during their absence. Throwing balls of light at the two of the students nearby, the glowing ball enveloped the students who appeared to be a couple. The couple reappeared after the light vanished, one of them holding a child.

Oh…. His tail slowly swished, gazing on the scene in front of him.

A large grin spread across his face, showing off his pointy teeth. He turned towards ladybug and wrapped his tail around his lady unconsciously. Chat Noir stated, while pointing towards the couple. "That looks fun,"

The heroine's brow twitched and her mouth agape, the tone of her voice flat. "Really, really Chat?"

The Cat-like hero shrugged his shoulders and played with his tail with one of his hand. "What? Don't you want to see our future catbugs?" Chat Noir joked and wriggled his eyebrows at her, flashing his toothy grin.

Ladybug had gone quiet. Her eyes dimmed, lips formed a thin line, and a blank look at her face staring at a distance.

His forehead puckered, cat ears flat against his head, and clenched his jaw at the sight of his lady.

"La-Ladybug?" No response.


At this Ladybug flinched and turned her head towards him. "Huh? Sorry did you say something?" She asked in a small voice.

"S-Sorry, did I−"

"No Chat, I was thinking." The heroine interrupted. "Come on kitty, we need to go after the akuma." She swung after the akuma with her yoyo. After a moment, Chat moved to follow his lady in silence.

Chat Noir and Ladybug were out of sync. Cataclysm missed and Lucky Charm got thrown off somewhere. Their miraculous beeped, signaling about their transformation wearing off soon. They decided to replenish their kwami for round two.

Ladybug still has a few minutes left and stayed behind to hold off the akuma. Chat Noir's ring beeped in warning, green light took over his body, and turned back to Adrien. Plagg materialized, springing out of his ring. The green-eyed boy sighed, grabbed a fistful of hair with one hand and groaned.

"What was that?" An annoying voice complained. The black kwami hovered near him, tail swishing back and forth.

"Shut up, Plagg." Adrien grumbled while shoving his hands in his pocket to grab some cheese, his hands had gone stiff. No cheese….

The grumpy kwami noticed the green-eyed blond's silence and asked. "What?" Blinking his eyes and flew over near the blond's face. "Don't tell me you don't have camembert!" The glutton demanded, his tail puffing up.

"I don't have camembert."

"How could you do this to me? After all I've done for you." Plagg exaggerated. Stretched his tiny arms out, his tail low, and let a dramatic sigh out. "Oh my good cheese!" The cat kwami bawled.

Adrien's eye twitched at that. "The only things you've done are sleep, eat, and demand cheese." He muttered at the same time headed towards the door.

"Come now, if you want your precious cheese." Holding his shirt pocket open prompting the cheese-obsessed kwami to go inside, Plagg zipped through the boy's pocket without complaints. Sprinting outside and planning to buy camembert on the nearest store.

Out of the school grounds, someone grabbed Adrien's wrist which caused him to stop. He groaned while turning to the culprit, putting his other hand on his face. "Look I'm kind of in a hurry, so would you mind letting go Chlo−"

The model didn't expect to find a long haired brunette whose eyes similar to a vixen. Lila.

"Adrien I've been searching for you" Lila said. The model took his hand away from her as she stepped closer, batted her eye lashes, and invaded the blond's personal space despite his discomfort.

The green-eyed blond heard Plagg cackle. "Oh look another pain in the−" Adrien coughed loudly and hit the part of his chest where the rude kwami was.

"Hey Lila, What's up? Why haven't you evacuated with the others? The akuma was still running amuck." The blond asked. Rubbed his neck and laughed slightly. Inwardly grimacing at his attempt to not look suspicious and the situation altogether.

"Well you weren't with the others and I was worried about you therefore decided to look for you." Lila took a step closer and this time Adrien started backing away. "I… um…"

A sound of squealing split the air and drew them away from his current predicament. "It's Ladybug!" Alya came running with a phone on her hands and Nino tagging along. "Did you see that viewers, Ladybug in action!" The blogger announced. She bounced with excitement, pointing her hands in front of her and started talking animatedly to her phone.

True to her words, there in a distance was Ladybug, running after the akuma that was heading towards their direction. In the corner of the blond's eye, Lila's eyes narrowed and gritted her teeth at the sight of the spotted heroine. After all these years, Lila still held a grudge since the Volpina incident. Adrien shook his head a bit at the memory.

A tight voice suggested. "Um… Alya, I think we should get going before we got dragged into this." Nino's brows knitted into a frown, adjusted his hat, and gestured his hands towards the chase.

Ladybug's eyes widened as soon as she saw the four students and commanded. "Move, now!"

The akuma discharged two balls of light, closing on them. One heading to Alya and Nino, the other….. The green-eyed boy inhaled a sharp breath and sweated uncontrollably.

No! No! No! Adrien struggled to scramble out of the way. A hand, which belonged to the person beside him, yanked his shirt thus prevented him from not getting hit.

A blinding light wrapped around them. At that moment, the single thought in his mind was: "I'm done for."

Adrien never felt this helpless in his life till now. His mind and heart swirled with sickening sensations, ones he never wished to experience. His blood ran cold, heartbeat beat loudly, and body trembled.

Light around them started to disperse. The surroundings started to clear up. Turning around slowly, hoping for all these to be nothing but a nightmare, dreading to see a child resembling Lila and him.

Blinking his eyes and did retake, in her arms lay nothing. Um, What?

It all happened quickly. Minutes ago I, Nino Lahiffe, was walking towards the school, enjoying music in my headphones. Next, Alya dragged me to who knows where. After that, a glowing ball came at us. Finally, after the light around us disappeared, I found a little dude staring at me with his golden brown orbs, same color as mine. The tiny dude has a short, dark reddish-brown hair, and his face, reminds me of the Ladybug-obsessed blogger beside me.

My mouth agape and eyes bugged out. Keeping my eyes glued at the little dude in my arms and feeling Alya doing the same. This little dude is….. A sense of warmth filled me and spilled upward, causing me to chuckle.

Remembering that my bro, Adrien, was hit too with… The mirth on my face was gone in an instant. Casting a glance at him straight away, hoping that my bro was faring well, coz I knew my bro's holding his feelings towards a bluebell-eyed friend of ours that was like a sister to me.

Adrien was there looking relieved? And Lila's mouth hangs agape and frustration crinkled her eyes. Scanning my eyes over them, there was no little dude in semblance of theirs on sight. Why?

Alya seemed to have recovered from her shock when she let out a deafening squeal. I covered the ears of my little dude with one of my arms and the other arm supporting him careful not to let him fall. Shaking my head slightly to stop my ears from ringing, Alya started gushing to her phone.

"Sup viewers, Alya Cesaire here. We were hit by one of the akuma's attack and look what we found here. A babe whose features suspiciously similar to mine." She reported. Grinning and pointing her hands at my little dude. "Who could this little guy be?"

'Oh golly who could it be?' I thought. Rolled my eyes at her and uncovered the ears of my son.

Normally, if you found out one day that you have a son, you would normally talk with the father first, not your phone. Shaking my head at my girlfriend's/future wife's antics and sighed.

A shrill got our attention "Argh what a waste of energy!" The akuma cried out. She gritted her teeth and glared at Adrien and Lila. "You have no future together!"

"Wait, does that means only those who have a future together will get hold of those little ones?" My ever amazing girlfriend interjected. Her eyes were sparkling. Seriously, you're interviewing an akuma who looked ready to kill.

"Hey, guy with a red cap." A voice called out. Turning my head to see Ladybug moved to distract the akuma. "Can you please get her out of here?" She beseeched, gesturing to Alya

"But what about," Alya argued and wave her hands to our reddish-brown haired son.

"That kid is still yours, although it's because of an akuma, it's best for you guys to take care of him. And please do inform the others to do likewise." The heroine said as her earrings beeped.

Without waiting any further, I dragged Alya out of the battle zone, and saw Adrien and Lila do the same.

I'm down to the last spot of my earring when Alya and the others manage to run away. Letting out a sigh and focusing on how to lose the stupid akuma that was currently chasing me. Using my yoyo to throw the akuma off several yards away, I ducked down in an alley a second before my transformation wore off.

"Marinette," Tikki hovered in front of me, looking a bit worried.

"I know Tikki. That was very unprofessional of me." Sighed, leaned against the wall, and sat down. Burying my face on my knees and groaned. "I'm so stupid."

"Marinette," The red kwami said in a serious tone. Tilting my head to face her, and was taken aback when the kwami made an unfamiliar expression, that's so unlike Tikki.

"I think it's about time to reveal your identities to each other." Tikki proposed.

My eyes widened and inhaled a sharp breath. Standing up abruptly, and turned away from the ladybug kwami. "B-but you said before we weren't supposed to tell anyone, w-why now?"

"By that, I meant anyone but your partner. I admit that time you and Chat started, concealing any information about yourselves helped to build a 'one of a kind trust' to one another. But, with things as it is, you will only end up hurting yourselves." The red kwami said like a mother scolding her child, putting her little hand on my cheek.

"I-I can't, I d-don't want to." My brows knitted into a frown and lips set in a grim line. "C-Chat will be so d-disappointed." I stuttered, wanting to get rid of the lump in my throat.

"You don't know that." Tikki countered, backing away to face me.

"Yes, I do. I mean who wouldn't be disappointed on this." I gestured my hands to myself to emphasize. "Plain, silly, and utterly clumsy, Marinette."

"Chat won't, and I won't too. You're more amazing than what you think you are, Marinette." The ladybug kwami assured. "But, you seriously have self-depreciating issues."

Tikki's stomach suddenly growled. The little ladybug turned redder than she already was, and smiled sheepishly. "Well, as much as I like to help you with your 'issues', I'm hungry."

Blinking my eyes, I sighed and opened my purse to grab her cookie. "Huh?" Opening my purse wider to check its contents and grumbled. "I forgot to put cookies."

"That's okay, you'll just have to get some." Tikki reassured. Nodding my head, I exited the alley and went to the nearest store.

After getting Tikki some cookies, I searched for a place to hide when a familiar voice called out to me. "Marinette!" Turning my head in that direction, there was a blond with emerald green eyes. "Marinette run!"

"A-Adrien w-what are you− Waaah!"

Adrien grabbed my wrist and made a run for it, dragging me along. I turned my head to see that the akuma from earlier, havocking near us. The said akuma noticed us and seemed to have decided to make us her next victim.

We sprinted, farther and farther away from school. The akuma, still hot on our tails, kept throwing her magical balls, only for it to hit others (people from our school). With Adrien here with me, not having any choice but to run since I can't transform.

It seemed that our luck has run out when we found ourselves on a dead end. The akuma proceeded to throw her glowing balls to us. I was tackled to the ground by none other than Adrien Agreste. The ball of light missed us but, the akuma was fast enough to release another one, this time not missing.

I felt a pair of arms holding me, one was around my waist and the other on the top of my head, and drawing me closer till my back was firmly pressed against his chest, as if to protect me. Light enveloped our forms, the same light that had been used at Alya and Nino.

That moment, I didn't know what to feel. This would change everything. The 'everything' that I want to protect so badly, the one that I have been trying hard not to ruin.

Light around us dispersed. Both Adrien's arms were on my waist as we sat up, but didn't think too much about it, because a movement in my arm caught my attention.

In my arms, a child, staring at me with her bluebell orbs that seemed to be filled with curiosity, her messy blonde hair reached her shoulders. The little girl, around 12 months or so, was wearing a black onesie with its hood down. I could only gape at the sight.

"Oh my goodness, it's alive!"

This wasn't supposed to happen, but it seems that fate has other plans. Change is inevitable.