"A-Adrien, I…" Marinette started, her words seemingly died on her tongue. She steeled herself to say those three words she's been longing to say these past years, although, she wavered when she looked at his beautiful emerald green eyes. She inwardly whimpered when she saw her best friend made a 'you better do it or else' look on her face, so she continued. "I lo-love…"

Adrien's breath hitched, staring at his princess. Is she going to say she loved him? His heart fluttered at the thought. He had to restrain himself from squealing like a girl. Is this what his fan girls feels? Like you could die from happiness?

"I lo-love… y-," But the bluenette chickened out that moment when she added. "K-KITTY!"

The world seemed to stop as he stared at her blankly. The only sound that registered in his mind was the hammering of his heart against his chest. An inner turmoil was taking place in his mind. Kitty? As in Chat Noir? Did she know? Since when? Wait…. She love−

The model snapped out of his thoughts when he heard his daughter's squeaky voice.

"I wuv mowwy too," Emma beamed at Mari, reaching out her hands as if trying to reach her. The green eyed blond scrunched up his face. He looked at his daughter then back at his princess. What just happened?

Marinette's eye glittered in happiness as she looked at the little girl, ignoring her best friend who was currently gawking at her.

"Why on earth did you say kitty?" The blogger shrieked, staring at her incredulously. Mari backed from her, raising both of her hands to put a wall between them. Alya was about to pounce on her, but Nino was fast enough to keep her from tackling his princess.

Adrien wasn't sure if he should ask, but curiosity got the better of him. "Um, you named our daughter kitty?" He raised a brow when his best friend and Alya looked at him as if he told them he was Hawkmoth. "What?"

"Bro, are you serious? Who would name their daughter, kitty?" Nino tried his best to make a straight face as he had to restrain himself from laughing. He stopped, an impassive look formed on his face. "Oh wait, Mari did…"

Alya looked at him dead in the eye. "You didn't know your daughter's name"

"In my defense, no one told me." The green-eyed blond held up his free hand in defense and backed away from the blogger. He glanced at his princess who grinned sheepishly while rubbing the back of her head.

"E-Emma, I named her Emma…" Marinette's face flushed bright pink, turning her gaze at the floor. She peeked through her jet-black locks. "I hope you don't mind…"

"It's okay. Mari, I don't mind." Adrien gave her a soft smile. Can't his princess stop being adorable? He resisted the urge to scoop her up and spun her around for being the princess that she is. Putting his musings to a stop, he tilted his head to the side. "Why call her kitty though?"

"Because she was secretly a Chat Noir fan and she didn't even told us." Alya deadpanned, shooting an annoyed glare at his princess.

"Like I told you that's not it." Marinette grumbled, although a faint blush was on her cheek. She looked at Emma then at him then back at their daughter as if to make her point.

The green eyed blond followed her gaze, and then he realized what she meant. His daughter was wearing a Chat Noir onesie. How did he not notice that? Joy filled him, causing him to smile even more. He was a genius, well… his future self. Still, he had to commend his future self for making his daughter wear it.

Meanwhile, Alya dragged her best friend away from the model to talk. She let out an exasperated sigh. "Girl, I swear if you don't tell him−"

"I'll tell him." The bluenette interrupted. She ducked her head, fiddling her fingers. "Just… Not now."

The blogger watched her for a while then massaged her temples. "Fine, I'll let you off for now…" Her best friend's eyes lit up, but Alya held up her hand, stopping her before she could say anything. "But, if you don't say it to your hubby, I'll announce it to the whole school."

"Wha− But," Mari's face heat up at the 'hubby' word. "A-And he's not−"

"I'll give you three days." Alya interjected, leaving no room for arguments. She crossed her arms, maintaining her gaze at her. "Your confession has been prolonged enough."

Marinette grimaced. She knew she wouldn't be able to get away with this. Not anymore. The blogger grinned at her. "It would be fine, Mari. It'll go well. You would be thanking me after you confessed your undying love for Mr. Sunshine."

The dark haired girl rolled her eyes at her. Her nicknames for Adrien were starting to get ridiculous. "Really… Mr. Sunshine?" She deadpanned.

Nino looked at the two girls who were a meter away from them. He shook his head, pitying Mari. No sane person could ever go against his girlfriend. If Alya set her mind on something, she would definitely get it. He turned his attention to his best bud. "Dude, aren't you going to save the love of your life from the hands of my ever amazing girlfriend?"

"Huh? What are you talking about, Nino?" Adrien quirked his brow at him, he glance at the two girls, still not understanding what his best friend meant.

"What I meant is that you go save Mari from her current predicament and go confess to her."

The model choked on nothing in particular, heat creeping up his face. "W-What are you−"

"I know you still haven't told her how you feel, you know." The DJ rolled his eyes, wishing that his bro would man up. "Seriously dude, if you don't tell her, I would."

"Tell her what?" His princess chimed in, walking towards them with Alya following right behind her.

"N-Nothing!" The model laughed nervously, shooting a glare at his best friend. Nino shrugged his shoulder at him, causing him to huff.

"Kitty?" Marinette gasped. She went to Emma, who was strangely silent for a while, and cupped her face. His princess knitted her brows in a frown. Adrien looked down at his daughter whose face was scrunched up as if she's sulking.

"Kitty, what's wrong?" The designer asked, caressing their daughter's cheek. Emma turned her face away from her mother, folding her arms across her chest. She puffed her cheeks with air.

The dark haired girl racked her brain on what could possibly make her daughter upset. Realization dawned on her when she noticed how the little blonde was avoiding her gaze at Adrien. "Don't tell me… Kitty, are you upset 'coz your daddy didn't know your name?"

"What?" The three of her friends chorused, their mouth hanging open, while the little girl pouted even more.

"Wha− I uh," Adrien looked back and forth between his friends and his daughter. Nino and Alya, on the other hand, burst out laughing, causing him to scowl at them. "Seriously,"

"Emma?" Marinette said, when the little blonde didn't answer she let go of her face. "I'm right, aren't I?" She sighed and turned to him, mouthing a 'sorry'.

The model gave her a reassuring smile. He shifted the little girl in his arms, making her face him. His daughter was mad enough to squeeze her eyes shut just so she wouldn't look at him. It reminds him of his princess. He would've gushed how adorable his daughter was, if it weren't for the fact she's upset with him.

"I… Emma," Adrien liked the way her name rolled off from his mouth. Sudden warmth filled his heart as he watched the little blonde. His daughter opened an eye, glancing at him from the corner of her eye. Her arms are still crossed and still pouting at him. He gave her a soft smile. "Would you forgive daddy?"

Emma peeked through her messy blonde locks as if she's considering it. She turned her head away from him, causing him to unintentionally let out a chuckle. His daughter narrowed her eyes at him when he did so. He couldn't help but compare her with his princess.

The model made a Cheshire grin. "I promise I'll buy you ice cream."

Emma's eyes lit up when 'ice cream' was mentioned. She tried not to look eager, but was failing big time. Adrien mentally applauded his daughter for even trying.

"Oh look, he's bribing her." Alya chimed in, snickering at him, while Nino made an amused face. The green-eyed blond muttered.

"Shut up."

"You can't buy her Ice cream now. She already ate lots of sweet when we're at the bakery." Marinette put a hand on her hips. One heavy brow slanted in a strong disapproval. "She'll get a stomach ache."

Leave it to Marinette to act like a mother. Not that he's against it. It was endearing how she always worries for others. Adrien made a lopsided grin, fixing his gaze on his daughter. "I'll buy you ice cream when mommy's not around."

"Hey!" Mari pouted at him. And he glanced at his princess, giving her a playful smirk.

Emma scrunched up her face as if she's trying to restrain herself, but in the end she gave in to his bribery. Her eyes were sparkling as if the forbidden sweet was right before her eyes, but she composed herself when she held up her pinky finger.


Adrien's grin grew wider as he held up his pinky to seal the promise. "Promise," He chuckled when his daughter beamed at him.

"It worked?" Nino stifled a laugh while Alya stroked her chin, the corner of her lips quirked. "Like father like daughter. Bribe them with sweets and you're forgiven."

"I'm not that petty, you know." The blond deadpanned. He was startled by a loud gasp beside him. He turned his head to his princess, who looked like someone ran over her cat. "Mari?"

Marinette had a hand over her mouth, staring at him. "How do we explain Emma to your dad?"

Adrien blinked at his princess. He forgot that he would have to tell this to his father. Actually, he didn't want to deal with him today. He had better things to do like spending time with Mari and Emma. The model ruffled his hair, letting out a sigh. Why does nothing ever go his way?

A student with a red orange hair, along with two kids, one was holding his left hand and the other was being carried by his right arm, went to the second floor of the school. When he got there, the sunset stained halls a bright red, making the ambiance of the place warm and inviting.

Despite the picturesque setting, hysterical cries of a girl where heard from a supposedly empty classroom. Drawn by the sound, he entered. When he did, the cries ceased. And then he saw it.

A girl with an unkempt ponytailed blonde haired was sitting on the floor at the corner of the room. Her eyes were bloodshot and her tears ruined her make up. She was drenched, but she has a towel over her shoulders.

"Chloe," The student, Nathaniel, said as he walked to her front, maintaining his gaze on her as he did.

"Wha− what are you doing here? Go away." Chloe shrieked. She put her hands in front of her in attempts to hide her face.

The artist chose not to hear that. His daughter peeked through her strawberry blonde locks to look at the blonde in front of them. His son let go of his hand and settled in clutching his shirt.

"Are you okay?"

"Huh? W-why are you asking me that?" The ponytailed blonde bumped her brows together in a scowl, lowering her hands. She made a subtle glance at the two kids and then gave the artist a dirty look. "Whatever. If you're here just to tell me 'Serves you right.' Just go. I don't want to hear it."

Nathaniel made a blank look on his face. "That's rude. I'm not like you, you know."

"What? Y-you're the one being rude here." Chloe narrowed her eyes to slits, folding her arms.

The red orange haired boy ignored her statement. He took something out of his pocket and held it out to her. "Here,"

"What?" The mayor's daughter eyed the thing in his hand warily. It was a white handkerchief. She glanced back at him, not understanding why he's helping her. "I'm not going to use such a cheap−"

"Just take it." The artist gestured her to take it, leaving no room for arguments.

The ponytailed blonde reluctantly took it, contemplating whether to use said thing. The artist watched her, waiting for her to wipe her face. Chloe begrudgingly used his hanky to wipe off the mess on her face. The room was filled with an awkward silence. The mayor's daughter studied him with piercing scrutiny.

"You… you're not going to tell me off?"


"You're not going to tell me off for what I've done to Marinette? Or to what I've done to you?"


"I left you to handle these two." Chloe pointed her index at the twins. Exasperation was laced on her voice. She clenched her fists. Her voice kept rising as she continued. "Aren't you angry? Aren't you going to tell me how selfish I am for abandoning my supposedly future children?!"

"No," His voice was firm yet soft. The red orange haired boy maintained his gaze on her. The turquoise orbs if his, showed no signs of lies. The ponytailed blonde looked at him as if he was insane.

"Then why are you here?!" The mayor's daughter yelled, making the two kids flinch. She lowered her voice when she saw the two kids scared. The blonde turned away from them. Her voice was quiet, almost frangible. "At least say something instead of saying 'No' all the time."

"I'm not mad at you." Nathaniel started, letting those words sink to her. He continued as she stared at him incredulously. "Although, I won't say I'm pleased with you either. What you did was wrong, but I'm not here to blame you. Since, I know how it feels…"

Chloe scrunched up her face, but still listened. She can't understand why he's acting like this. What she can't understand the most was the odd comfort that suddenly came over her.

"I know how it feels not to be love by the person you like. I know you had a hard time accepting this…" The artist cocked his head to the twins to make his point. He smiled bitterly. "It's hard to accept what the future holds when you obviously like someone else."

The artist let out a humorless chuckle. His eyes dimmed and a wistful smile was painted across his face. "It's the same for me…"

The ponytailed blonde clenched her fists in hopes to prevent from turning the waterworks. She wouldn't show how weak and vulnerable she is, especially to someone she barely even talked to.

"That's why I'm here to help you." The red orange haired boy added. A compassionate smile graced his face. "At the very least, you're not alone."

The mayor's daughter steeled herself not to cry, but as the first tear broke free, the rest followed and went out of control. Nathaniel sat, crossed legs, in front of her as his twins sat beside him, letting the blonde cry her eyes out. The twins sat awkwardly, if not a bit worried, not knowing what to do for their mother.

"A-Adrien g-got mad," Chloe quavered. She vigorously wiped the hanky on her face. Torrents of tears soaked through white material in her hands. She didn't know why she was opening up at him, but she did nothing to stop herself. "He said he's d-disappointed."

The artist listened to her as she continued to say her frustrations. The blonde cried to the point where she can no longer control her breath, and choked on the air she inhale, like a child trying to hold back tears. The twins couldn't watch their mother like this any longer, so they scurried towards her and hugged her despite being wet and dirty.

"Mommy, don't cry." The little boy begged while his sister nodded in agreement. The little girl was close to tears as she hugged her mommy tighter. "No cry,"

Chloe was stupefied. Her tears halted at that moment. How was she supposed to react when she was hugged by kids? Also, can they not understand that she's wet and filthy? But the ponytailed blonde did nothing to stop the twins. Instead she extended her arms, returning their embrace. Once again, tears ran down on her face as words she didn't think she would say escaped her lips.

"I'm so sorry…"

Nathaniel smiled at the three of them. He believed Chloe would change for the better. Perhaps, today was that day. He didn't know how long they had been there, but he's determined to stay with Chloe until she felt better. When she had calm down, he saw the dusking firmament. The darkness slowly enveloped the sky as twinkling spots made its appearance.

"I think we should go." The artist stood up and picked up his now asleep daughter. He adjusted the little girl in his arms more for her comfort than his. The mayor's daughter nodded in agreement, she held up her hands at him. He raised a brow at her as he stared at her hand. "What?"

The ponytailed blonde knitted her brows in a frown, pouting at him. "Aren't you going to help me up?"

"In case you haven't notice, my hands are full. Literally," The red orange haired boy made an indifferent face, although his eyes gleamed in amusement. Well, someone's feeling better. He had to restrain the corner of his lips from twitching upward. "Stand up on your own."

Chloe pouted even more, giving the artist a stink eye. She stood up along with her son, who was now holding her hand looking at both his parents as if what's happening was normal. "Wait till my Daddy hears about this."

"Good luck about that. And I'll leave it to you to explain these two then." Nathaniel cocked his head at the twins and then headed towards the door.

The mayor's daughter followed after him with her son in tow. They exited the classroom. She walked beside him and fixed her gaze forward. "What are you talking about? You're coming with me."

Nathaniel noticed an unfamiliar hue of red on her face. He shrugged his shoulders as soon it was gone, thinking it was just his imagination. Although, he was aware of how unusually close she was to him, but not close enough to intrude his personal space. However, he thought nothing of it as a subtle genuine smile on her face caught his attention.


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