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Sakura and Itachi sat with their backs propped against a tree trunk, idly watching civialians as they walked through the markets. It had been about a week since Sasuke's poor attempt in getting revenge on them for setting up his loving embrace with the Nine Tailed Demon's host. Since that day neither of them had seen either Sasuke or Shisui. Kami only knows what had happened to them after Mikoto had gotten ahold of them. Both thought back to the looks of absolute horror that had adorned the aforementioned Uchiha's when the Uchiha matriarch had found out about their little plan to get Itachi in trouble with his mother. Both should have known that such a stunt wouldn't even be possible. Especially since both males knew that Mikoto would believe her eldest over the other two. And if there had been any doubt, she would have asked her eldest sons girlfriend for confirmation, knowing full well that the pink haired woman was a shitty liar and wouldn't have a choice but to tell her the truth.

"So, Itachi, how shall we get back at your brother and cousin for their shitty attempt at a prank?", Sakura asked from her perch in the tree. She had been going through all sorts of ideas in her head but wanted her lovers opinion before she set any plan into motion. She knew from the moment that her lover had tricked Sasuke into revealing his long concealed feelings for their team mate that the pranks and tricks were only just beginning. Not that she had any problem with such a thing. Life around the village had been boring and dull as of late and she was more than willing to play a petty trick or two to entertain herself until things began to pick up again.

"I had a few ideas in mind, but I'm sure you've got your own ideas swimming around in that terrifying mind of yours.", Itachi replied with a small smirk. He knew that his brother and cousin were expecting them to get them back at some point, but they had no idea when. Hell, nobody even knew where the two Uchiha's were currently hiding out at the moment.

After finding about her son's pathetic attempt at pranking her eldest son, Mikoto had chased the two males into the forests that surrounded the village. Itachi and Sakura knew that the woman had not been able to catch them, but they knew that she had scared them out of their wits just by chasing them. His mother was a kind and gentle hearted woman, it was rare for her to even raise her voice. So when they had heard her yell from the second floor of the Uchiha family home, they knew that they were well and truly screwed.

"I was thinking of covering all of their boxers in itching powder, I know that there is a clan meeting tomorrow that they wouldn't dare miss. It would make for quite the interesting meeting.", Sakura snickered, and evil glint flashing in her jade colored eyes. She reached into the pouch strapped to her thigh and pulled out a bag of itching powder, holding it up for Itachi to see.

"It would be rather enjoyable to watch them squirm. Shall we make our way back to the compound and get this done? I have a feeling that those two will not return until right before they are supposed to be at the meeting. They will most likely run back to the compound, change clothes, and head to the meeting.", Itachi explained with a slight nod before hopping down from his perch in the tree.

"Sounds good to me, let's show Sasuke and Shisui that we aren't to be challenged.", Sakura agreed with a small chuckle. She hopped down from the tree, landing gracefully next to her lover before grabbing his arm and pulling him in the direction of the Uchiha compound.

The walk back to the compound was spent in silence, the only sound around them was from Sakura and her random giggling. She knew that making Sasuke and Shisui's manhood's itch during an important clan meeting was a low blow, but they had started a war and she wasn't about to hold back. It just wouldn't be in her nature to do so.

Once they reached the compound, they decided to take care of Sasuke's room first, seeing as it was closer to them than Shisui's home. They slid into the younger Uchiha's bedroom window silently and got to work spreading itching powder all over his shirts, pants, boxers, even his socks. No article of clothing was left untouched. Sakura and Itachi couldn't help but giggle like lunatics while they doused the poor males clothing in the powder. Hopefully he would learn not to challenge them in the future. And if he didn't learn his lesson, well, then they would just have to step their game up and hit him even harder.

Once they finished with the younger Uchiha's belongings, they left threw his window once again and swiftly made their way towards Shisui's home. Luckily for them, it wasn't too far from the Uchiha's main house, the only tricky part would be not getting spotted by the random Uchiha's that were walking around the compound. They quickly decided that their best bet would be to take to the trees that lined the compound and make their way to Shisui's home that way.

After the short trek through the trees, both Sakura and Itachi sent out a small pulse of chakra, scanning Shisui's home to make sure he hadn't returned. When they both found that the small house was empty they shot each other small, amused smiles that were laced with mischief. The quickly located their targets bedroom. The both sent out another small pulse of chakra to check the room for traps before entering through the window. The moment their feet touched the ground they got to work.

After handing Itachi a small package filled with itching powder, she got started on the clothes the elder Uchiha stashed away in his dresser while her lover took care of the clothes hanging up in the small closet on the other side of the room. Itachi turned his head towards his lover when he heard her snort with amusement, he raised an eyebrow in question, only to snort as well when Sakura held up her find.

Silk boxers with chibi panda eating dango.

Itachi quickly made a mental note to torture his cousin about his possession of such horrendous boxers at a later date.

Once their mission in revenge was complete, the duo decided as an after thought to douse poor Shisui's sheets in the remaining amount of itching powder. They would show him who the true masters of pranks really were.

After today, neither Sasuke or Shusui would question their authority ever again.

With their job completed, the lovers joined hands and exited the house and made their way back to the main house to wait for the show to begin. The clan meeting was early the next morning and they had a few things to take care of before they both retired for the night. Luckily for Sakura, the Uchiha elders recognized her relationship with the clan heir and she was allowed to attend the meetings.

She was going to be able to witness her plan motion.

And she could hardly contain her excitement.

'Let the games begin, bitches'

Just as the lovers were about to enter the main house, Itachi stopped and regarded the woman he loved.


"For fucks sake, you're going to give yourself diabetes. I'm an amazing medic but even I can't cure diabetes!"


"Fine, come on you silly man."

So I have decided that this is particular prank is going to come in two separate parts. As I stated above, I will continue to write random oneshots to go along with the set up I've got here. If anyone has a prank that they would like to see featured, you are more than welcome to contribute. I have found myself with more time on my hands than I know what to do with so I decided to put that time towards writing. It's a pretty good pass time if I do say so myself.

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