A/N: These are not my characters. I'm just borrowing them. You know the drill. Also, please be gentle. This is my very first fanfic. Reviews would be great.

**************************************************************************** *********

Head bopping to the punk rock blaring on the stereo behind him, Greg walked out of the lab, nearly running into Grissom. With the impetuous grin and a quizzical eye he says, "I've got the results. Bet you can't guess what I found."

Grissom sighs dramatically and replies, "Just give me the results," as Sara walks up to join the conversation.

"What've you got for us Greg?" Sara asked, curious to the results and if they fit the suspect's DNA.

"Well, it looks like."

Greg's face suddenly pales and panic fills his eyes. Before anyone can react, he shoved the paperwork into Grissom's chest, and steps through and past him. Leaving Grissom to clutch at paper. Greg walked robotically past Grissom and Sara to a man at the far end of the hallway. And as he walked, the man started towards him.

With fear edging his voice, Greg demanded, "Is it granddad? Is everything alright with granddad?"

The man gripped Greg's arms to pin him in position and with a gentle voice replied, "Your grandfather's alright. He's fine."

But Greg's knees begin to buckle when the man continues with, "We caught him, Greg. We caught him."