Gohan & Videl

The result of me reading too many romance fics. ( Just thought I'd write one of my own. (

~Chapter 1~

Videl Satan was in her room getting ready to go back to school. Videl was trying to look at least half way decent instead of wearing her usual tomboyish ensemble. She was actually considering wearing a skirt, but decided against it. She thought it would be too much, even for her.

"What should I wear today?" Videl asked herself while pulling stuff out of her closet and tossing her stuff this way and that trying to decide on the perfect outfit to wear. She wanted to look nice for her boyfriend, Gohan.

Finally, she decided on a pair of khaki Capri pants, a baby blue blouse and some plain white tennis shoes. She got this outfit from Erasa on her birthday last year.

Videl looked herself over in her full-length mirror that is on the opposite side of her room from her big, full sized bed.

"I guess this is an OK look for me. Now, what am I gonna do with my hair?" Videl asked herself. "Well, there really isn't anything to do with my hair who really gives a damn about what my hair looks like? I like it just the way it is."

After spending about half an hour trying to find something to wear, Videl walked briskly down the stairs and to the kitchen to get a quick bite to eat before heading off to school.

Meanwhile in a small, familiar house located in the 439 Mountain Region, Son Gohan was sitting at the table with his mother and little brother, Goten, eating a nice peaceful breakfast. (A/N Yeah right! I don't think 'peaceful' is the right word to describe this situation.)

"Hey kathan, ca Twunkth come ovew today? Pweath?" Goten said with his mouth full. (Translation: Hey kaasan, can Trunks come over today? Please?)

"GOTEN! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU, DON'T TALK WITH YOUR MOUTH FULL! SWALLOW YOUR FOOD BEFORE YOU TALK! Now, what was it you wanted, sweetie?" Chichi said to her youngest son.

Goten was so surprised, he couldn't talk right without stuttering. "Um.well.I was just wondering if, uh.Trunks could like uh.come over today.please?" Goten said with a smile after he finished his sentence.

"Of course sweetie. Trunks can come over today. Let me just call up Bulma and ask her if it's OK." Chichi walked over to the phone and dialed Bulma's number.

While Chichi was talking on the phone with Bulma, Gohan got up from the table, being very careful not to break anything like he and Goten tend to do all the time, and walked out the door.

"Bai kaasan, see ya when I get home. I love you." Gohan said.

"Alright, bai Gohan. Have fun at school." Chichi called to him as he walked out the door.

Gohan and Videl took off flying from their houses at the same time. They met half way and flew the rest of the way to school together.

"Ohayo, Gohan-kun. Ogenki desu ka?" Videl asked.

"Ohayo, Videl-chan. I'm good. How 'bout you?" Gohan asked Videl.

"I'm fine. Wow, Gohan. It sure is a beautiful day today. It's just a shame we have to spend it inside the boring, stuffy, old school."

Gohan replied, "Yeah, it is a nice day. I agree with you. We should spend a nice day like this outside."

The couple eventually landed in front of the building, where they see their friends Erasa and Sharpener talking about something or another. They run to catch up with them.