Gohan & Videl

~Chapter 11~

After breakfast was over, Chichi started washing all the dishes from the huge feast that just occurred a while ago.

Goten, Trunks and Goku all went outside to go train and play around and stuff.

Videl and Gohan went to their shared bedroom to plan out what they are gonna do the whole day.

~* In Gohan's room *~

"So, I was thinking that maybe we can go to the movies, and then get some lunch and then we could spend the rest of the day at the park. What do you think, Videl?"

Videl smiled at him. "You already have everything all planned out? Wow, I'm impressed, Gohan."

"So are we leaving or not?" Gohan said as he gathered up his wallet, and other things that him and Videl might need. He put everything into a backpack and put his house key and capsules into his pocket. "You ready?"

"I'm ready, Gohan, let's go!" Videl replied.

Gohan and Videl grabbed what they're taking with them on their day out and went into the living room and sat down on the couch.

Chichi came into the living room and noticed the backpack on the floor by the teens' feet. "Hello you two, what do you have planned on a beautiful day like today?"

Videl told Chichi what her and Gohan have planned for the day.

"Well you better get moving don't you think?"

"You're right Chichi-san, c'mon Gohan let's go."

Gohan and Videl stood up off the couch and Gohan placed the backpack on his back.

"Bai kaasan, we're gonna be gone all day so don't worry about us ok?

"OK, you have fun on your date ok?"

"We will mom. See ya later." Gohan said as he and Videl walked out the door and flew off to the Movie Theater, still holding hands.