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Pretentious Proclamation

Once upon a time, that is-a time after all the happily ever afters, maybe even the ones after that. All the villains of the world; ones like Maleficent, Ursula, Jafar, blah blah blah... were exiled from what is now known as the United States of Auradon. A union of kingdoms under the rule of King Adam( before referred to only as The Beast.) and his princess wife Belle.

See, King Adam declared the villains too dangerous to live among the "good" people of Auradon, sentencing them instead to banishment. For this purpose he created what was called the Isle of the Lost, even going so far as to throw a magical dome over the place. Here things like magic, enchantments, and even wi-fi were a no-go, in a way it was the maximum sort of punishment I guess with the terrible, the treacherous, the truly awful and the severely sinister all had to live without magic.

King Adam declared they would lead magic-less lives forever, repent for all the terrible things each of them had done.

Forever, however, is a very long time. And while most believed all the villains were trapped under the crippling dome of the Isle, there was one in fact too powerful to keep caged...More on that later.

Don't worry you'll meet us soon enough, but first this happened.


Hadie's first thought was that it has to be a dream. This couldn't be real after all. He was sitting by the edge of a beautifully stunning pool of water with a sculpted figure of-was it Apollo?-standing in the middle, arms raised and poised as though ready to unleash a blow to the very sun. Stone pillars and steps led the way to a large, wonderous looking ancient temple of sorts and the stars shone above with unrivaled brilliance;it was all so perfect.

He felt he was going to be sick.

"Just where the heck...am I? He asked aloud, absently letting his fingers swirl in the clear water, causing ripples that blotted out the stars shining above.

"Why, you're in Auradon, you've been here now for a couple of days now. Don't you remember?" The girl standing a few feet away answered.

Hadie hadn't noticed her until she spoke to be quite honest, and once he did he immediately wished he hadn't. She was the worst part in this whole thing really - whatever he chose to call it-tall and lithe with the build of a long distance runner maybe, hair as black as night with streaks of sunshine gold standing out in the cascading waves of it, and eyes a unique shade of honey-brown almost pure gold.

She was the kind of girl villains like him were raised to hate, the ype that people like Maleficent and the Evil Queen would curse and secretly envy for reasons beyond eitherof their controls. This girl, look-wise, was everything any normal boy would covet and swoon after, but Hadie was by far not a normal boy.

With eyes as cold and haunting as his father's,as well as his blue hair and slightly blue-tinted skin were enough to make him stand out in the crowd. The somewhat gothic ensemble he donned furthering his already menacing visage of death and doom to all manner of living things.

Living things like this girl which brought up the question...

"Who are you?"He demanded. He didn't bother with politeness, for he did not belong in Auradon, or with some prissy princess girl-

"You know who I am." The girl answered simply, her head tilted to the side and a hint of concern showing on her face. "I'm your friend."

Hadie only scoffed. "Now I know this is a dream." Dark humour brimming in his dark eyes looking almost smug. "I have no friends."

Her face fell, looking about ready to fire off some comeback when another voice beat her to it, causing the skies overhead to darken and the winds to blow harshly around them. In an instant the welcoming, peaceful environment was replaced by a much darker, booming one.

Hadie knew it well, though: The Underworld.

"IDIOTS!" An explosion rocked the surrounding area.

Hadie awoke with a start, nearly gasping in surrpise from the rude awakening.

His father was yelling at his minions again. Being god of the underworld and an immortal being, Hades' punishment was crueler than others. Since as a god, his powers couldn't exactly be stripped away so easily. Not to mention there was the issue of who would manage the souls in the underworld if Hades was not there.

It was an infuriating and tiring task. And no other god wanted it.

Hades ran the underworld the same way he kept his minions in line, through power and cruelty, not to mention a healthy dosage of despair. He kept spirits weak, reminding them of past sins and blasting fireballs to get his point across more often than not. His failed attempt at tearing apart Olympus leaving a sore spot that left him agitated by the smallest acts of insolence.

Hadie, however, had grown used to the shouting. To the scorching aftermath of a fiery rage no normal human could ever hope to stand. Not to mention the idiocy that was the duo, Pain and Panic, whose names held more terror than the two actual beings ever did. Even their offspring were a disgrace!

Despite being used to things though, it was still a rude awakening in Hadie's eyes as he kicked off the blue satin covers with a huff, his blue hair sparking a bit with the spike in temper.

'What a ridiculous dream!'He thought.

Why on earth would he be dreaming of Auradon of all places anyway?

What sort of ridiculous curse was put on him to send him a princess in his dreams?

Hadie shook his head at the memory of the girl and shuddered a bit in revulsion. The melodious voice fading away and replaced by the sounds of shrieking souls and pained cries of despair. He scoffed at the souls just outside his room, begging for mercy from his father, for their crimes to be forgiven by the one god too cruel for words.

Hadie laughed when he heard their screams, envisioning their shriveled remains turning to dust under the intense heat of his fathers might. The impact, however, made his room shake with his dresser drawers popping open, a mix of blue and black flying out.

Souls drifted in through the uneven, rocky walls that made up his room, but he ignored them, standing and crossing the expanse of his room. Different hues of black, gray and dark blue were strewn across the floor each of them baring some kind of resemblance yet none at all at the same time, skulls being an especially prominent sight; be it clothes, accessories or even some of the things Hadie would occasionally pluck off the streets from unsuspecting shopkeepers when he felt like it.

Hadie had a fondness for skulls, they were menacing and usually meant death or something eerily similar were near. His father's toga had a skull on it, so maybe that's why.

"Hadie, get up already will you!?" His father's voice resounded through their so-called home. It was powerful, commanding and brimming with white-hot rage. "Useless boy...can't even be bothered to wake up on his own." He heard Hades mutter.

"I'm up!" He hollered back.

Changing out of his pajamas, he donned his usual attire consisting of a dark leather jacket patched together mostly of black with a dash of dark blue on one arm and gray on the other and a couple of skulls to finish it off, a pair of torn jeans the same color as that of a raven's feathers. He carefully pulled on his black fingerless gloves, fastening the straps around his wrist with the little skulls on them. The silver cartilage piercing he had glinted while he ran his fingers through his blue-tinted hair.

He avoided side-glancing in the mirror while tightening his combat boots, thinking it unnecessary and wasteful. If he had though, he would have seen a young handsome looking boy with an unmistakably cold, bitter glint in his dark, cruel eyes. His skin was a rather normalish, if not pale complexion tinged with the slightest hint of his fathers naturally blue dead skin. He'd often heard other villains on the Isle begrudge and whisper of his good looks and talents, even though Hades' wasn't a favored god, a god he still was and all gods tended to have an unearthly beauty about them. Even if Hades' had become distorted overtime... Though Hadie himself had inherited what some could only speculate what was once Hades' good looks.

Stuffing a few paint-cans into his bag(this town wasn't going to graffiti itself now, was it?) he made a beeline for the door.

Meanwhile across the Sea of Serenity, which separated the Isle of the Lost from the rest of the world, lay the USA-the United States of Auradon, a land of peace and enchantment, prosperity and delight, which encompassed all the good kingdoms: In the East resided the colorful domes of the Sultan's seat, where Aladdin and Jasmine were. Not at all far from where Mulan and Shang guarded the imperial palace. In the North was Charming castle, owned by Cinderella Charming and her husband. Right next door to the "Honeymoon Cottage" was the fort-bedroom palace Aurora and Phillip called their home. And down in the south, one could spot the lanterns of Rapunzel and Eugene divine domicile, right near the spot on the coast where Ariel and Eric had made their under-and-over-the-sea royal residence.

And right in the center of it all was the grandest castle in all Auradon. Lavish turrets and balconies, its highest towers showing the emblazoned proud sigil of the USA on a banner. Inside was a great many rooms, ranging from ballrooms to guest room to staterooms, even a formal dining room that could seat hundreds if need be, and not a single one would feel like anything but a pampered guest mind you. Not to mention a wondrous library which held all the books ever written inside its shelves.

This was the ever majestic building known as Castle Beast.

"Well then, how can we possibly help you today..."Cami wasn't talking to anyone but a piece of paper-or rather a thousand pieces of paper. She stared down at the documents in front of her, tapping on them with her pen like it was a magic wand and could make them disapear. Her parents had asked her and her brother Ben to lead the council meeting that morning, part of their training for when they become king and queen of Auradon in just a few months, so he said.

Normally tradition called for only the eldest, which would be Ben, to be crowned king. King Adam and Queen Belle seemed adamant, however, over both children ruling even though in Camilla's mind Ben was by far the more logical choice. He even looked the part, unlike her, what with his strong brow and chisel-cut cheekbones so much like their fathers, he had moms eyes though along with her keen intellect making for a brilliant combo.

Camilla had gotten none of those things. Her hair was long, accentuated in light cascading waves of raven-black, long, thin streaks of pure sunshine golden hair sparkling through. Her eyes were highly unnatural as well, looking almost an odd shade of molten gold, she preferred them as a honey-like shade of brown, and her skin had a soft tan to it. Many tend to avoid her if only since she just seems to stick out so much, giving off a very un-Auradon atmosphere about her.

She was like an outcast, a noticeable blot on everyone's perfect little visage; except her family.

Brushing that aside however, the complaint wasn't the only thing on princess Camilla's mind. She had just woken up not that long ago from a terrible nightmare, at least it felt that way a bit. It certainly did look like one as well-shabbily dressed, miserable looking people eating nothing but rotten fruit and horrid looking black coffee, surrounded by some shabbily built village. She had walked around, seemingly invisible to everyone else before she fell down one of many ditches lining the road.

Thankfully someone was kind enough to help pull her out!

"You're really stupid, you know that?"A harsh voice spoke up from behind her. She whirled around to face the owner.

There was a boy; He seemed vaguely familiar but for the life of her Camilla couldn't peg why. She didn't think she ever knew anyone who wore such dark, punk-style clothes out in the open, with chains and fingerless gloves no less! Certainly no one in Auradon, and yet... she was somehow captivated by the underlying Grecian features he possessed, looking strangely beautiful for a boy.

He was so much more different from the day-to-day princes she met.


His brow rose. There was just a hint of annoyance in his eyes, which was when Camilla had noticed his skin overall pale with a barely noticeable blue hue to it. Was he a fairy perhaps? His eyes were unnaturally cold, similar to how she imagined Maleficents to be-maybe even Hades-such a thought brought a shudder to her spine.

Without waiting for her to regain herself, the mysterious boy had simply turned on his heel and left.

"W-wait, I-..."She tried reaching out, managing to get a few steps forward.

Then like clockwork, she woke up.

It was frustrating really, she felt like the boy was someone she should know. Yet even as the hours passed, not a single memory or clue about his identity was given to her.

Giving a disgruntled noise, she instead focused her attention back on the papers in hand deciding to try to forget the silly dream and the mysterious boy in it.

Ben was in the middle of getting fitted for his coronation suit, then once he finished they would switch for a while. She just had to make it until then.

Cami once more looked over the complaint form, signed by the Sidekicks United association-interesting name-and her heartbeat just a little faster at the thought of actually having to meet with all these people face-to-face, and try to convince them there was no need for such a level of discontent.

Heaving a sigh, she was almost relieved when a familiar voice interrupted her reverie.

"Be careful about those sidekicks, little lady. Sooner or later they'll try to steal the spotlight."

Camilla's head snapped up, surprised when she saw her father standing in the doorway. King Adam looked as regal as ever, just as his posters depicted of him, he was smiling and looking quite happy and fulfilled.

Motioning towards the stack of papers King Adam commented. "I see you're working hard."


King Adam came closer and clapped his large paw of a hand tightly on his daughter's shoulder. "That's my girl. So, what is it they want exactly?" He asked.

Camilla took a moment, composing herself. "Well, it seems they're a bit upset by how much they do around here, and how little they seem to get compensated for it." She looked back at her father. "If you look at things from their perspective, I think maybe they do have a point."

The King nodded making a noise of acknowledgement. "Everyone gets a voice here in Auradon. Although the key is to not let too many voices drown out your sense of reasons. That is part of what makes a ruler great after all!" He said, perhaps with a little more force than necessary Cami thought wincing.

"Dear, if you keep raising your voice like that, you're going to break all the fine china, and then Mrs. Potts will never allow you another glass of warm milk or hot bath ever again." came the voice of none other than the good queen Belle, Camilla and Ben's mother. She walked into the room with breathtaking grace, slipping her much smaller hand underneath the kings beastly muscled arm. She was looking quite lovely in the simply yellow dress she wore, their colors reflecting of their moods and beliefs on things.

Yellow being a color representing of hope, happiness; much like how Belle had shown the Beast hope when she came upon his castle so many long years ago, and happiness such as when the curse on him was broken and they had their 'happily ever-after'. Blue the more strong and steadfast color, it suited the abnormally strong man who was once nothing more than a hideous Beast, who was steadfast in his beliefs of things when running Auradon as well as his loyalty and protection of his wife Belle.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, a small little voice couldn't help but chime in with how blue was also the same color as his hair-the boy from her dream. She immediately shook away such a thought.

"Ben should be about done with his fitting, dear. Why we all go see?" Belle said, smiling warmly.

Naturally the King agreed, Camilla however, swallowed quite audibly fiddling with her pen a moment.

'Ben will probably want to tell them about the proclamation there and then too.' She thought.

Without waiting to be told twice Camilla rose up off the chair, bracing herself for what she was certain would be a 'difficult' conversation with her parents. 'Well, at least I'm done taking complaints for the day...'

The trio left the room.


The future king of Auradon, Prince Benjamin, or Ben for short was standing on a slightly raised platform, his head turned with his gentle green eyes locked in an intense gaze, looking outside the rooms vast window where he could just make out the outline of the Isle of the lost. The home of the villains.

"Sleeve." The white-haired tailor continued to mutter under his breath, running his yellow measuring tape along the length of Ben's arm. "Head." He suddenly said jerking Ben's head forward tearing his eyes from the window and holding the measuring tape around his head, making the prince look up a bit.

The moment the tailor removed the measuring tape was the moment Ben's parents decided to make their entrance. Camilla hurrying forward so she was standing more beside Ben, looking as nervous as he felt.

"How is it possible that you're both going to be crowned King and Queen in a month? You're still just babies!"King Adam yelled jovially, walking forward with Belle beside him.

"Ben's turning sixteen dear. And Camilla's not that far behind."Belle interjected lightly, gently giving her husband a tap on his shoulder. A proud look shown in both their eyes.

"Hey pops." Ben greeted immediately.

"Sixteen? That's far too young!"King Adam exclaimed. "Why I didn't make a good decision until I was at least...forty-two!"He added, feigning ignorance when his wife huffed, looking indignant for a moment.

"Uh, you decided to marry me when you were only twenty-eight."Belle clarified.

"Well, it was either you or the teapot." His son and daughter both gave a small bout of laughter at their dad's joke, only stopping when Belle gave her husband an almost stern look. "Kidding." The king amended, still smiling.

'Now's as good a chance as any.'The siblings thought.

"Mom."Ben began.

"Dad."Cami continued.

The two looked at one another for silent reassurance, then back at their parents.

"We've decided on our first official proclamation together." Ben announced.

The King and Queen glanced at each other, seeming equally impressed by their children's bold statement.

"We've decided that the children of the Lost be allowed to live here." Camilla said, mustering all of her willpower so as not to look away from her parents sudden shell-shocked expressions, her mother even dropped the clothes she had been in the middle of folding suddenly. "In Auradon."Ben said, if it wasn't clear, which judging by their reactions it was.

"Everytime Cami and I look out towards the Island, we feel as though they have all been abandoned."Ben added resolutely. In doing so he stepped off the platform he was on, the tailor seeming to give a huff of irritation before deciding the issue wasn't worth pursuing at the time.

The reaction was slow, but not unexpected.

"The children of our sworn enemies," Adam started, his temper already rising"living among us?"

Ben nodded seeing a glimmer of hope reflected in his mother's eyes when she nodded slowly, seeming to at least give it some thought.

"We start out with a few, of course."Camilla hurried to say.

"Yes, only the ones who really need our help," Ben said soon after. "In fact we've already chosen them." At this both Ben and Cami were looking more towards their mother seeming to have better luck winning her over than their father. Only just their mom wouldn't be enough.

"Have you?"King Adam said, his tone challenging.

Just as he took a step forward-looking ready to outright reject the proposed idea altogether, Belle stopped him by placing a small, gentle hand on his arm. "I gave you a second chance." Was all she said, and it seemed to do the trick. King Adam's eyes turned distant for just a split second, as though recalling something extremely important. Belle turned back to her children, her face all business. "Who are their parents?" She inquired.

Camilla felt her stomach churn just a little.

"Cruella De Vil." Ben said, awaiting his parents approval before continuing. "Jafar."Belle nodded along. "Evil Queen." The Kings tense posture was slowly starting to subside. "...Maleficent."

Then all the progress was gone. Their father exploded with rage.

"Maleficent!? She is one of the worst villains in the land!"

"And Hades." Ben finished, forcing the words out as though his father said nothing.

Though it seemed impossible the King only became more furious. The tailor had long since scurried from the room, fear etched in his features at the bombshell news, no doubt wanting as far away as possible at the moment.

"Hades too!? He's the god of death!" King Adam roared in displeasure. "You want to allow the spawn of the two worst villains in the land to just walk around free as a couple of birds!?"

"Dad, just here us out-"Cami started to say, but her father was having none of it.

"I won't hear of it! They are guilty of unspeakable crimes." King Adam said, fury lacing every word.

"Dad, their children are innocent!" Ben defended, Camilla stepping up beside him. "Don't you think they deserve a chance at a normal life, Dad?" Cami added, trying her best puppy-dog eyes for good measure.

Reinforcements came in the form of their mother thankfully, once again fixing her husband with a look of sorts, firm yet gentle. A quiet strength shown in her eyes when King Adam paused in his rant, glancing at her. His shoulders slumped a little, bowing his head just enough as a sign of submission.

"I suppose... the children are innocent." He finally relented.

Ben was a bit shocked as he knew his father hated defeat.

'I wonder if I'll ever find someone like that, someone precious enough where I'd do anything for them.' As Cami pondered this Belle came up to them, straightening Ben's collar and offering a small smile of encouragement. "Well done." She congratulated before turning around back to the King. "Well, shall we?"

The royal couple left, their arms interlinked, leaving their two children alone with each other.

As soon as his parents were out of sight, Ben turned his attention back out the window. "Well, that wasn't too bad..."Cami commented with a roll of her eyes making Ben laugh. He absently touched his family ring on his finger. The two looked ahead at the outline of the Isle, each with different thoughts running rampant through their heads.

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