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Familiar Pains

"You know I want you. It's not a secret I try to hide."

Hadie sat with his back against the wall, one leg dangling out the 'window'-which was really just a hole in the foundation of his bedroom. His usual leather jacket had been left forgotten on his bed for the moment, along with any unpleasant thoughts of what tomorrow would bring. His attention was instead focused on the faint glowing ball hovering just above an open palm. A Soul Sphere, and it allowed him to view a soul's most precious memories from when they were once alive.

"I know you want me, so don't keep saying our hands are tied."

The prince of the underworld watched, eyes normally devoid of life or the faintest speck of emotion were now alight with the glimmer of intrigue. Why anyone would value such a memory? A man and a woman, one trying to push the other away. Only for them to keep coming back, stuck on the notion that somehow despite being from such different worlds were meant to be. He had to wonder why that is?

"You think it's easy? You think I don't want to run to you?"

Hadie blinked, uncomprehending of the look they shared. The intense way they were regarding one another, as if stuck in their own little world. Only the two of them.

"But there are mountains, and there are doors that we can't walk through."

He saw how the male of the duo kept shaking his head while the words left his lips, the look in his eyes seeming to convey the exact opposite. He seemed desperate for the woman to leave him be, taking a step back for every step forward she took.

"What a lovely melody..." Hadie flinched back so suddenly he almost lost his balance. The glimmer of light that had entered his eyes vanishing as quickly as it came, black-onyx eyes narrowing into a cold, ruthless glare. The hovering stray soul recoiling slightly at the other's cold disposition, the only distinguishable features setting it apart was its long wispy hair and face allowing Hadie to identify it as a female one.

"Hey, get back in the pit." He ordered. The spirit however, only hovered closer and Hadie was almost tempted to set off his own brand of fireworks just to get her away, not caring if it woke up his dad.

"Please. I only wish to listen to the song a few moments longer," the soul pleaded, trying to keep their voice from wavering too much. Especially knowing that the prince of death was not known for his patience, "Music soothes us, as I'm sure you're aware.

"So? Why do you think it's forbidden?" Hadie spat, becoming increasingly annoyed. He didn't do charity cases, and he didn't appreciate being spied on.

Finally, the flickering soul seemed to get the message, their form phasing in and out of existence a few moments longer before nodding. Slowly floating back down towards the pit where all the souls were crammed together, all of them being reminded of their most painful, sorrowful memories until Hades awoke to continue their torture personally. Hadie watched her drift away scowling a bit, getting an uncomfortable sized lump in his chest.

Wordlessly he gave a dismissive wave of his hand followed by a flick of the wrist causing the Soul Sphere to disperse. All the time he spent memory-watching was making him lose his touch, so he figured. 'Can't believe I'm about to do this…' he thought, ready to hurl.

"Wait," He called just before the soul was about to plunge herself back into the pit. She turned, eyes flickering into existence where her eyes once were, conveying a slight look of hope that made his stomach churn even further.

"Just this once...and don't you dare tell my father, understand?" His tone of voice promised unholy retribution should she even give it so much as a thought. She nodded hastily, even gaining the barest traces of a smile on her pale, bony visage.

Hadie heaved a sigh, not taking his eyes off her while he drew in a deep breath. A soft melody falling from those beautifully pale lips of his, like a lullaby meant to lull one into a deep sleep;

"You think it's easy?

You think I don't want to run to you?"

Drifting souls nearby came seeping in and out of the walls, hovering towards the melodious voice.

"But there are mountains.

And there are doors that we can't walk through."

Hadie's thoughts drifted back to the mysterious girl from his dreams, recalling the way she smiled at him. How warm and inviting it felt just to be near her. How familiar it had all felt at the time, like a blissful fantasy.

"I know you're wondering why

Because we're able to be

Just you and me

Within these walls"

He could recall the look of hurt that entered her eyes when he laughed, dismissing them being together as nothing but an illusion. Calling it for what it was, a dream. There was no chance of such a thing being real.

"But when we go outside

You're going to wake up and see that it was hopeless after all."

Hadie let the melody die there, his face closing off like always looking through half-lidded eyes towards the ceiling. One by one the souls drifted away, more than a little depressed to know their brief reprieve was over. Just before the female spirit that first spoke returned to her prison however, she casts her prince a curious look of sorts opting to speak out just once more tonight.

"Thank you, your majesty. And, if I may," Hadie glanced downwards absently fiddling with the chains around his neck, "there may be hope for you yet." Hadie's brows scrunched together suddenly uncomprehending once more, watching the spirit dive back into the pit. He was just barely able to catch the faint smile she threw in his direction before being swirled and sucked deep into the abyss.

"Foolishness." He decided just before he winced, the wounds inflicted on him earlier had re-opened showing rivulets of golden ichor covering his arms and neck, "Fucking perfect, just what I needed."

The spirit's words were forgotten almost immediately. Hadie was too focused on surviving the wonderful hell that was his life at the moment to care all that much over the ramblings of the dead.

Only later would the realization dawn on him. Bringing with it new meaning to the word pain.


Ben was not the first to notice it by any means, even so a part of him thought it best to be the first to confront his dear little sister on what seemed to be an especially chipper mood swing going on today. Normally he probably would have just dismissed the way she went around skipping and twirling in the halls. He chalked it up to happiness that it was Friday, and the end of the week, when his parents brought it up. Only for the topic to be brought up again when at dinner she ate everything Miss Potts was kind enough to serve, even the vegetables!

"Maybe her appetites maturing?" Their mother suggested while dessert was being brought out. Ben and his father only shrugged, neither able to focus when there was an entire slice of triple chocolate cake waiting to be devoured in front of them.

Then he found the pictures. Images drawn and tied together with pages upon pages of...something. It was much too vivid to be a story in Ben's opinion, and yet far too uncanny to be a work of pure fiction. He could feel the emotions as the words left the page and floating around in his mind; the tale of a girl who met her dashing prince, a prince cloaked in darkness.

He arrived just outside of his sister's bedroom, fist in the air poised to knock when instead of possible soft snoring or silly muffled giggles he heard singing. It was soft, almost wistful even. An underlying tone of emotion like the ones he felt when reading through the pages of her story from earlier, enough so to make him pause completely. He leaned forward ever so slightly, just enough to crack the door open an inch or so wider, peering inside.

"You know I want you

It's not a secret I try to hide

I know you want me

So, don't keep saying our hands are tied."

Cami sat on the windowsill in her bedroom gazing out towards the glittering sea with a forlorn look in her eyes. Her journal sitting open on her lap, and Ben could see she had already filled over half a page with words. She was in her pajamas with her hair woven into a long, intricate styled braid to keep it from getting in her eyes.

"You claim it's not in the cards

And fate is pulling you miles away

And out of reach from me

But you're here in my heart

So, who can stop me if I decide

that you're my destiny?"

Her smile reminded Ben of their father's whenever the topic of his and Belle's wedding day came up in conversation, impossibly stupid and wide. It was the kind of far-off look few seemed lucky enough to have on their faces nowadays, the look of someone lost in love. It dawned on Ben suddenly, letting the door slip shut once more -his sister was in love!

The question was… with whom?


The daughter of Maleficent, Mal, wasn't so easily intimidated – if ever. Still, if there was one other person on the isle who could give her dear old mom a run for her money, she knew it was the God of the Underworld, Hades. The guy lived by his rules and no one else's, and had a temper that could make even the dead shake with fear, on more than one occasion she'd pass by just narrowly dodging a heavy chunk of stone being blown right out of his-could she call such a rundown shack a house?- place of living.

Even so, in Mal's opinion Hades himself was almost a blessing in disguise when compared to-

"What the hell are you doing here, fairy?"


Mal spat the name as if it were the foulest poison, grinding her teeth together at his smug disposition. Acting like she was no threat, and addressing her in such a casual manner, the son of a bitch was just begging to be clocked. Hard, if Mal had anything to say over it.

"That's the name baby girl, don't wear it out," he said, a smug smirk plastered across that stupid face of his, "Now hurry up and answer the question before I slam the door in your face."

"My mother sent me." Mal said through bared teeth, still glaring.

"And? Is that supposed to mean something to me?" Hadie inquired in a bored drawl, cocking his head to the side while folding his arms and leaning a shoulder against the front door. "Sorry, I don't really do charity cases."

Mal almost lunged at him. Her inner Dragon stirring at the remark.

"Hadie! Just who the hell are you talking to!?" Mal heard heavy footsteps accompanied by the cries of the dead while Hadie barely glanced over his shoulder before rolling his eyes. The sweltering heat that encompassed the area where Mal was standing made her regret wearing so many layers. "Oh well look-y here, if it isn't the little gecko Jr, come to play."

Mal always knew it was a case of hate-at-first sight between her family and Hadie's, even more so than between her and Uma.

Her biggest pet peeve lying in the fact that neither son nor father showed any sign of fear towards her mother or her, putting her more at odds than usual with them, she liked being fear; she liked getting her way. With Hadie around? Well, things tended to go the opposite of what Mal wanted. She despised it quite honestly, despised him more than anything.

"Apparently mommy dearest sent her out on some errands, one of which lead her here..." Hadie supplied in an uninterested drawl.

"We got a letter," She supplied, folding her arms and refusing to show any weakness. God or not, Hades was still stuck on the Isle like everyone else, "from Auradon." She watched Hadie's eyes darken a bit, assessing everything from her tone to the shift in posture while his dear old dad began spewing a few Grecian curses her way.

"Well don't keep us in suspense then, little fairy," Mal almost flinched from the sudden coldness lurking in Hadie's tone. Memories of their first encounter-or as he always referred to it, a reminder of where she stood on the food chain-springing to the forefront of her mind like one of the lovely little dreams Auradonians wish for that left a bad taste in her mouth.

"Look," Mal began in a borderline exasperated tone of voice already done with their conversation before it even had a chance to start. "My mom's the one with all the details, which is why she sent me to tell you two to hoof it on over to our house-"



Mal did a double-take, brow quirked into a look of utter disbelief. Hadie's expression however remained unchanged from its deadpan stare.

Hadie then let out a long-winded sigh of his own going so far as to pinch the bridge of his nose causing Mal's irritation with him to spike a couple more notches looking like he was preparing to explain something to a mere child. "You offered for us to go over to your place-"

"It wasn't an offer-"

"-and I said no. I would rather gouge my eyes out than spend so much as a second of my otherwise valuable time stuck in a room with you and your mother." Hadie said, tacking on an oh so charming grin of his own at the last two words, it was the same kind he wore the day he'd snuck in and tied Mal's hair to her bedposts.

The one Carlos and Jay had dubbed as his 'don't mind me I'll just watch you while you bleed and burn' smile, and Mal absolutely hated how it sent a shiver skating down her spine. And not just because there actually was a time when he was content to just watch her burn after trying to light her on fire.

The door was slammed shut right after the words fell out of his mouth, leaving a gawking Mal on the other side.

"Idiot." Hadie huffed, rolling his eyes at her stupidity. They were enemies for god's sake!

"You're going."

He froze mid-step, eyeballs nearly bulging out of their sockets while whirling around to face the one responsible. Mildly surprised to find his father still standing there, eyes lingering on the door Hadie had just slammed shut. He honest to gods thought the old man was joking, waiting for the punchline, only it never came.

"You're not serious...you can't be. Why the hell would I-"

"Because I said so!"

Fire flared around them, going from a calming neon blue to a dangerously bright shade of orange-red in an instant. The father and son duo holding one another's stare.

Something inside Hadie wilted when he realized his father wasn't going to back down.

"I fucking hate you." Hadie spat with as much venom and disgust as he could manage, barely able to hide the faint glimmer of fresh tears that stung at his eyes, tearing his gaze away. He didn't spare his dad a second glance, opening the door with such force that it banged loudly on the cave-like wall.

Hades watched his son leave, saw the undeniable look of pure hatred reflected in those eyes of his. Watching him catch up with ease to a familiar head of purple hair, the two walking side by side. Hades watched them get farther and farther away from him feeling an uncomfortable stirring in his chest.

"Uh...pardon our intrusion into your private moment, your malicious-ness, uh sir..."

Whatever expression Hades had been holding immediately dropped into a frown of annoyance at the familiar, grating voice of his attendant slowly turning to greet the small tub of lard. "What is it now, Pain? This had better be good, I was reflecting!" Hades roared, preparing to roast the small demon.

"Uh, well uh, y-you see...m-me and Panic, we uh..."

"I-it's about that uh, thing you told us to look after..." The other minion, Panic, said looking anywhere but his already enraged master.

It took every last iota of already dwindling self-restraint not to fry his two minions alive...again. The utter incompetence was seemingly without end, making him feel a thousand years older by the second, brushing past them to try to see if maybe blasting some of the dead souls would alleviate his festering outrage.

Meanwhile over at Maleficent's 'castle'- which was just a dump in Hadie's opinion- he was busy trying to quell his own rising level of annoyance, now stuck standing face to face with the one and only evil self-proclaimed fairy queen herself. He wasn't the only one either, bumping shoulders with Mal as he stepped into the room watching with delight as her green eyes simmered with rage folding her arms with a noticeable look of disdain crossing his features seeing Jay, Carlos and even Evie-Mal's motley crew-already front and center near Maleficent's makeshift throne.

"Oh wonderful, the fellowship of the losers is already gathered," he ignored the venomous glare from Jay, taking a moment to meet Carlos' own frightened gaze while smiling widely, letting out a loud bark and laughing when the white-haired boy leapt up into Jay's arms out of fear as a result. His amusement was cut short however when a familiar head of bluish-black hair came sidling up beside him.

"Hi Hadie," Evie said batting her lashes. The prince of the underworld let out an exasperated sigh, once upon a time he might have indulged Evie, back when she was forced into isolation by Maleficent's ruling. Now however, they were on opposite sides of most turf wars, and he didn't care much for how easily she caved under Mal's influence.

"Evie." He greeted in a clipped tone; the one word filled with so much ice it seemed to physically burn her. The wannabe-princess backing off slightly, looking crestfallen.

Maleficent cleared her throat looking directly at Hadie for a moment then immediately shifted her gaze onto Mal who coincidentally came to stand beside him, returning his shoulder bump from earlier with one of her own making him chuckle under his breath. Maleficent always seemed especially fidgety whenever Hadie or his dad were around, at most giving some snide remark before making a dramatic exit before ever even coming into physical contact with them. Most chalked it up as her just being paranoid that Hades was one of very few capable of supplanting her as ruler of the isle, even more so than Ursula at times.

"As I was saying, the five of you will go. You will find fairy godmother. You will bring back the magic wand." Hadie arched a blue brow, the pieces coming together. "Easy peasy." Maleficent said in a much more cheerful tone looking up from where she was busy filing her nails. Hadie let out a scoff.

"What's in it for us?" Mal said, and Hadie was almost tempted to give her a pat on the back for not being so easily manipulated. Almost.

"How about matching thrones? Hers-and-hers crowns?"

"She means us, or rather-them." Hadie interrupted not willing to spend another second listening to Maleficent's drivel and Mal's poor negotiating skills. "Because I sure as hell am not going." It was as though someone sucked out all the air in the one room, Maleficent slowly turning to look directly at Hadie once more.

"Oh what, you gonna stare at me now?" He quipped, scoffing.

Sure enough, Maleficent's colder (at least more so than Mal's), more venomous looking green eyes bore into him. Slowly side-stepping over her small little personal balcony and her daughter who was looking a tad affronted at being neglected in favor of him- huffing at how easily he was able to steal her mother's attention away. He arched a neat blue brow when she came to stop directly in front of him, resisting the urge to shudder when her ice cold fingers came up to cup alongside his cheek, some dangerous emotion igniting in those pool of glowing green feeling the sharp nails digging into his skin hard enough to draw blood.

"Hadie," she began in a hushed, more amicable tone than he thought possible "the invitation was for five of you. It wouldn't do to send four of you, they will only accept if all of the mentioned chosen go."

Hadie didn't react other than unfold his arms, feeling something bitter settle in his chest. The dark fairy's underlying message becoming clear as day: 'This is my chance, so you're going.' However, Hadie was nothing if not defiant.

On a spur of the moment whim, he spat in Maleficent's face drawing several gasps from the other occupants of the room including Mal.

"Oh, now he's done it..." The Evil Queen muttered, pointedly looking away and forcing Evie to do the same. The other villains following her example, none wanting to witness the 'ugly' turn of events about to unfold.

"You...Worthless little-" Never had he heard Maleficent's tone go so dark before. Her expression becoming downright murderous, only barely able to glimpse the near terrified look on Mal's face before his own exploded with pain. Barely letting out a yelp when something sharp sliced into his cheek accompanied by a decent enough amount of force to send him stumbling.

"Mom, uh, maybe you should-" Mal tried to say seeing her mother grab one of the sharper kitchen knives before approaching Hadie again.

The boy was busy trying to clear the black dots swimming around in his eyes to notice her approach, shaking his head to ward off the wave of dizziness. He made a small sounding noise of annoyance, popping his jaw back into place while feeling the long, bleeding claw marks left behind by the others' nails. Looking up right as her wrist was grabbed by another hand, letting out a quiet groan at the head of familiar neon blue hair- like his own.

"I'd prefer you not to maim my son, I'll handle that." Hades explained with an almost cheeky grin, standing close enough to the evil fairy where they might have felt the breath of the other ghost along their lips before breaking apart just as quickly. Disgust and revulsion filling each of their eyes as they gazed at one another in silent judgement. "You," he pointed to Hadie, "come with me."

With a roll of the eyes Hadie did as told, the sting of the gashes on his cheek making him a tad more willing.

He heard Maleficent return to her speech, directing her words to her daughter's all-too-willing ears. Promises of vengeance, evil deeds and suffering to the good people of Auradon. And if Hadie felt his heart skip a beat at the last one, well, no one had to know about it.

"You couldn't just keep your mouth shut, could you?" Hades said, drawing his son's attention forward only just noticing they had stopped walking-at least Hades did-and barely managed to avoid bumping into him. "You know, one of these days I might just have to follow through on my threat of having that troublesome mouth of yours sewn shut. Then I might actually get some peace and quiet for once."

Hadie snorted.

Silence settled around them, with Hadie's fingers absently brushing along his newly wounded cheek with a grimace. "I'm still not going to Auradon." He muttered a few seconds later, eyes focused on the spot of wall directly behind his father seeing something dark settle in those amber eyes of his.

"You will go with them to Auradon, and that's final." Hades said, his tone leaving no room for argument.

"But I-!"

"Otherwise I might just get tempted to find a certain little cousin of yours to vent my frustrations upon." Hadie's mouth clamped shut, his blood turning to ice in his veins seeing the serious look in his father's eyes. "We wouldn't want a repeat of what happened last time you disobeyed me, now would we?"

Hadie was silent. His hands slowly closed into fists that shook at his sides, feeling his nails digging into the skin hard enough to draw blood. He gave a slow, silent shake of the head refusing to meet the older male's steady gaze.

"Good boy. See how easy things become when you're more cooperative?" Hadie swallowed the small amount of bile that came up in his throat, hiding a slight hitch of breath with a small exhale instead. "Now, as I said you will go with the other four to Auradon and you will follow along with their little 'plan' of trying to steal Fairy godmother's wand however..."

Hadie felt his stomach churn when his father lifted his chin, so they were looking at each other in the eyes. He internally shuddered at the sheer amount of cruelty shining in his father's blackened orbs, looking more off-putting than even Maleficent's. "Once you have the wand and right after the barrier is lowered," Hades started to say, talking slowly to make sure his son was following along.

"…you're going to kill Mal and her little friends."

"What? No! I-" Hadie's heart-if he truly possessed one, that is-froze, dropping down into his stomach like a ball of ice. He didn't really like Mal or any of her stupid flunkies, sure he might've had a thing with Evie one summer, but to kill them, out of the blue like that? And right after their plan succeeds?

It was too cruel, even by his standards.

"Oh, but you will, and then...you're going to destroy the wand."

He stared, horrified and shocked by his father's plan. "B-but why destroy the wand if-"

"I used to be a god!" Hades interrupted; a familiar look of fury settled over his features. "Free to go wherever and do whatever I pleased. Now I'm a laughingstock. Now I have nothing!" The hand used to lift his face settled on Hadie's throat, burning hotter and hotter against his flesh. "Oh, sure I still have to ferry the dead, tell them of their crimes and whatnot, but the power and all the perks? Gone!"

Hadie couldn't help but flinch at the accusing tone of voice being used on him, biting down on his bottom lip to hold in the small whimper of pain when the smell of burnt flesh hit his nose. Between his cheek and his throat, he would need to find a first aid kit before anything else.

"If Maleficent thinks she's going to take anything more away from me-"

"What...did she take?" The words were more hushed than intended, teeming with the pain of having his throat practically scorched. The anger on his father's face melting almost instantaneously, fixing his son with the coldest glare he could muster.

"That's none of your concern." Was all Hades said, refusing to look at his own flesh and blood any longer. "Just do as you're told."

Hadie briefly wondered if his father's words might explain why he seems to act less...tenacious...whenever Mal's around. Shaking his head to rid it of such thoughts, he steels his nerves for the mission ahead, suddenly feeling tired and more alone than yesterday. The light in his eyes dimming. Hades own eyes were still blazing with fury but seemed to simmer down some at the lack of an immediate snarky response.

Hadie turned, about to walk away. Oblivious to the momentary look of regret that graced his father's features as he did so, re-donning his stoic mask while he cleared his throat. Hadie paused in his steps, once more giving his father his attention. Hiding his surprise with a small quirk of his brow when the older male placed something hard and... warm... into the palm of his hand, closing his fingers around it. His dad got a faraway look in his eyes as he spoke. "Once you're off the isle you'll have full access to your powers, and since the barrier dilutes all magical and otherwise non-human beings, it means you've never had to handle such intense levels of power before-you could lose control and level anyone and anything without a proper means to channel it all."

Hadie blinked, not fully understanding what his father was getting at. Was he really that powerful?

"This belonged to your mother." Hadie's eyes widened at that, his father rarely ever mentioning his mom. Not even when he was at his angriest did he dare to bring her up- recalling the one time Panic had slipped and almost mentioned her, internally wincing at the reminder of what his father had done to the idiotic demon.

"It will bring your power levels down by force, though the process is not without pain and certain difficulties." Hades finished with a shark-like grin that sent a shiver skating down his son's spine before he was finally allowed to turn away. "Now go get packed, the sooner you're ready to leave the better."

And for once, Hadie agreed whole-heartedly. Even though he really didn't want to go to Auradon.