Three months later:

"Iris, I'm sorry," Caitlin began before pausing, trying to find the words she wished to use that would convey how she was feeling.

"I know you were supposed to be his wife, were supposed to get the happily ever after you guys deserved; that didn't happen and for that I am truly sorry," she murmured as she stared at the tombstone. Barry squeezed her fingers gently and she continued.

"But I also wanted to say thank you," she added in a stronger voice.

"Thank you for teaching me that heroes don't have to wear hoods or capes; that they can be the average person just fighting for the greater good. People like you," she finished quietly and looked at Barry with a soft smile.

He placed his lips against her forehead briefly before turning back to the grave.

"I miss you every day, Iris," he whispered and Caitlin felt her heart break for him.

"But I'm happy, and I think that's ultimately what you wanted for me," he continued, gifting Caitlin with a small smile, which she mirrored.

"I know it's been a long time since I've come and visited you, something that shouldn't have happened but I promise to be better about. We're coming once a week from now on to pay our respects to you together," Barry said softly and it was Caitlin's turn to squeeze his fingers in encouragement. He looked at her for a moment before wrapping his arm around her shoulders and hers' his waist.

"Love you, Iris," he murmured.

"Miss you every day," Caitlin added softly. She kissed her fingers and laid them against the grave as Barry leaned down and placed their flowers they brought against the concrete. Sighing, he stood back up and kissed the side of her head.

"Let's go, Caitlin," he murmured and she nodded her head.

"Let's go home, Barry," she added and that's exactly where the pair headed to. No flashing them there, no use of powers to get them there any faster; just a simple walk, allowing the two to enjoy their time together at a leisurely pace. Caitlin knew they still had a lot to overcome together, a lot of barriers to push passed, but she knew they would do it together, like they always had. She wouldn't change anything that had happened over the course of the past year, not when it meant she got to be in this moment with Barry. Smiling contentedly, she nuzzled into him as they made their way onward.


Author's note: Thank you so much for all of those who followed this story. I absolutely loved writing it. If you're looking for other things to read, I have oneshots going and I accept prompts in the comments. I'm going to be working on my sequel for "The Art of Falling in Love" soon, so be on the lookout for that. Thanks guys, truly. XOXO