Now I know what you all are thinking. Why are you writing another fanfiction when you just started, the answer is I have more ideas for this story more than I do for my other one. Another reason is because I somewhat enjoy Evolve a little more than I do Gears of War. Yet another reason is because I need something to focus on this summer, plus I wanted to get something pumped out before I begin my finals. With out further adieu let's roll on with the story.

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A bloody figure is seen running through the forest of shear. No sense of direction or care where it was heading, it just had to get away from the danger that was tailing it for the past hour. The figure jumped onto a nearby rock and climbed it and ran into a section that was covered in thick bushes. As the figure crouched and made its body close to the ground it could hear the voices that was tailing it.

"Dammit Hyde! If you hadn't scared it we would have gathered more data on them!" a brunette haired woman with a ponytail screamed.

"Well it ain't my fault the Goliath looked like it was about to attack us, so how was I supposed to know it was giving us a warning?" said a muscular man in a tank top and a mechanical arm.

"It literally kept backing away from us while growling and was hiding something behind its legs. God, the one chance we can study these things without it attacking us and what do you do? You charge in like some maniac." she said clearly fuming at the thought of actually studying a live specimen without getting attacked.

"Look darlin, I know you want to do all your weird science shit but we are literally here to kill them. Plus you have the bodies isn't that enough?" a man with a long beard stated.

"No! It's not. This was our one chance to study a savage skin Goliath that seemed somewhat docile and Hide over here manages to scare it off because he wanted to face to face with it." she said irritated at the fact that a milestone in the study of the monsters was ruined all because someone wanted to see who had the hottest flame.

"Look Caira, I know you're irritated at the big oaf over here. But it's over now and you can't do anything about it, so let's just kill the thing and meet up with the rest of the crew so we can get out of here." An older looking man in a hat with teeth surrounding it said. After a few deep breaths Caira began to calm down and load up her grenade launcher with healing grenades to heal her teammates in case they went down. Little did the hunters know the said figure was peering through the bushes and watching them leave in the fake tracks that it had left behind. The Goliath stepped out of the bushes with discomfort as the branches grazed his cuts and stood to his full height of 67 feet. His skin was a mixture of black with red streaks in it going from his snout down to the tip of his tail. His eyes glowed an deep shade of orange like magma to a volcano. Spikes can be seen running along the upper portion of his back and ending near the middle while the tail had sharp barbs sticking out of it like a medieval mace. The Goliath's thin tongue came out of his mouth to lick his lower mandibles, cleaning them of any residue blood. The Goliath rushed off to a nearby cave that he had found a few months ago hoping that the hunters didn't get there before he did.

As the Goliath entered the cave he felt himself stumble a bit as the force of two individuals crashed into his legs. Looking down he saw what was the cause of that force and caused him to chuckle internally. On his left leg he saw a smaller version of stage one Kraken gazing up at him and was trying to wrestle him down to the ground but couldn't do so as it didn't have the strength to do so. On his right leg he saw a smaller version of a stage one Wraith trying to do the same and wrestle him down to the ground using its 'tails' to try to trip him only to have the same results as the Kraken.

"And what do you two think you're doing?" the Goliath merely said with amusement in his voice staring down at his siblings.

"Ken and I wanted to see who could knock you down first." said the Wraith as she floated around her big brother's leg looking up at him.

"Yeah! So Rei and I made a bet to see who was the strongest out of the two of us." said the Kraken in an excited voice as he tried to levitate up to his brother's head only to give up once he got his waist as his wings weren't that strong yet.

"What would that bet be then?" asked the Goliath wanting to know what the siblings wagered this time, it seems every time they make a bet it always seemed to involve who would get more food or who got to stay up later.

"Well... it involves you getting us something." Ken said while tapping his claws together. Usually when Ken tapped his claws together it meant that he wants something that is damn near impossible to get or will end up getting you hurt.

"Is it hard to get?" The Goliath asked.

"U-um would going to the power plant be considered hard" Rei asked a little nervous knowing that her older brother warned them about that place and to never go there when he's out hunting.

"What's there that you could possibly want that requires me to risk my ass to get?" The two younger siblings flinched at the use of his language, for some odd reason to the Goliath they always wanted him to watch his language.

"W-well there's this thing that we threw over there when we were playing and we really want it back and we didn't want to go over there because you told us not to and the humans were out there." Ken said

"Is it that shiny rock that you found near the dam" The Goliath asked, already knowing what the object that Rei and Ken liked so much for some reason. Personally he found the damn thing useless because all it did was glow.

"Yeah but I mean you don't have to if you don't want to..." Ken said with his head down a little knowing that his brother just got back and probably wanted to sleep a little before going out hunting.

"No it's fine, It'll only take me a few minutes to get. But when I get back I want you two in bed got it?" he stated sternly at his younger siblings who nodded and went to the back of the cave to their bed.

"Alright, I'll see you two in a minute." the Goliath said as he was walking out of the cave.

"Okay. Bye Ares!" the siblings stated in unison as they watched their older brother walk out of the cave to go find their special rock that they cared about.

Ares was walking towards the dam to where the rock was located before quickly spotting it under a dead colonist. He just strode over before picking up the dead human and tossing it behind him and grabbing the rock. As he picked up the rock he felt something impact his back before quickly turning around to see what hit him. Not even 35 feet away was the four hunters that had been pursuing him for the past couple of hours. Not bothering to fight them he just looked at them and tried to walk past them only to feel something sharp pierce his left arm. Looking back he found what was piercing him, the tracker with the harpoon just stared at him in confusion as to why he wasn't trying to attack him. Ares just huffed in annoyance as he ripped the sharp projectile out of his arm grimacing in pain as the metal tore muscle and armor out of him. As he was walking he notice that the hunter were following him, so he picked up a rock and threw it in their direction but not directly at them. As the hunters dodged the rock they began to ponder as to why this Goliath was so docile while the rest were aggressive.

"Does anyone notice something off with this Goliath?" asked Caira confused.

"Yeah, it's like it doesn't want to fight. Maybe it's tired?" asked Griffin pondering as why this one didn't seem to care for their presence.

"Maybe it has something to do with that transporter beacon in its hand." stated Hank as he looked in Ares' hand and found a beacon.

"Who cares what's wrong with it. Just probably means it's weaker than the rest, let's kill it." Hyde grinned as he charged Ares who looked like he wasn't paying attention.

"Hyde no!" Caira screamed as she saw the flame throwing madman charge the docile Goliath. Only to see that the Goliath smack Hide with its tail and pin him to a wall and walking up to him. The rest of the hunters were about to jump into action until they say the Goliath bite Hide's mechanical hand and crush it before letting him hit the ground with a loud thud.

"What the fuck! He broke my favorite arm!" Hyde screamed in fury seeing that his favorite arm was in pieces. He glared at the Goliath and it glared at him back with equal contempt before turning and begin to walk away again. The rest of the hunters just stared in shock as they witnessed someone stare face to face with a stage 3 Goliath and live relatively unharmed.

"I'll kill that fucker's family if he has one." Hyde muttered under his breath which caused Ares to stop dead in his tracks. The hunters just stared confused as to why the Goliath stopped, only to gasp as flames began to pour out of his mouth and slowly turn around to glare at Hyde. As Ares was about to charge at the downed man he stopped when he heard a familiar noise resonate throughout the forest making dash towards the cave. The hunters snapped out of their stupor and began to follow him wondering what prompted him to dash off like that.

As Ares ran through the forest breaking trees along the way he heard something that made him book it even faster.

"AHHHHHHHH! ARES HELP!" screamed Rei

Going faster and faster until he reached the cave he saw something that made his blood boil to a molten core. Four hunters were pinning Ken and Rei to the back corners of the cave and pointed their weapons at them. The one with the trap-jaw seemed to be the one leading the group judging by the way she carried herself. Anger clouded his mind as he charged forward barreling right into the trap-jaw as it was leaping for Ken ready to tear his throat out. While the trap-jaw was on the ground Ares stomped over to it ready to tear it apart with his claws until he felt multiple harpoons pierce into his flesh, roaring in pain he ripped them out of his body before turning his attention to the tracker. He was on her in the blink of an eye and picked her up, raised her above his head and slammed her onto the cave floor. Before he could finish her off a sniper round impacted the back of his head forcing him to look up and glare at the medic as she fire another round. While the medic shot at him the trapper got back up to her feet and started to unload her smg into him forcing him to back up and take cover behind a nearby rock.

While he was back behind the rock he took notice that the assault and support started making their way over to Rei and Ken that were hiding behind their be made out of the fur of various wildlife. Not worrying about his own safety he charged forward and slammed his tail into the stomachs of the assault and support drawing a crack of bones from the latter and knocking to former into a pile of bones. While he was fighting the team of hunters Caira and her team walked into the cave and saw what was going on forcing them to enter the fight against the Goliath. Ares began to tire as rounds of sniper, napalm, and plasma impacted his body forcing him onto a knee and cough up blood. Caira noticed the two younger monsters hiding behind the fur bed and fired a round of napalm at them, only for it to be blocked by a wounded Ares who snarled at her. Upon this action Caira came to a realization. The Goliath wasn't weak or a coward for running from them, he was protecting the younger ones from harm.

"Guys wait!" she shouted getting the attention of the others who looked at her in confusion.

"What? Why did you shout for us to stop?" asked Maggie as she stopped firing at Ares to look at Caira.

"What do you notice about the Goliath we're fighting?" Caira asked.

"That it's a savage skinned?" asked Hyde still pissed that he couldn't melt its face with his flamethrower.

"No shit Hyde but that's besides the point. Look behind it." Caira stated as she looked behind the Goliath at the two younger monsters that were hiding from behind its leg.

"So the buggers can have kids eh?" Griffin said. Ares growled at them as if stating they were his siblings.

"I don't think their its kids Griffin." Caira stated as she tried to get a closer look, only for the two to recede further behind his legs and Ares to snarl at them in warning.

"Kids or not. This thing is still a threat and we need to bring it down." Maggie said reloading her smg while Daisy stretched out her limbs. Seeing that he was wounded and there were eight hunters standing before him and his siblings, Ares did the last thing on any monsters mind... he took his siblings and ran. While he was running he made sure to create as much debris between him and the hunters to slow them down which only proved futile since they used their jet packs to fly over it. He headed the last place any monster would want to be when fleeing... the dam. The reason for that being he could lose them there due to the huge drop that contained some of the more hostile species of wildlife on the planet. Going down there would be considered suicide for any human, hunter or not. With his siblings on his back hanging onto his spikes and the transporter beacon in his hand he headed for the dam ignoring all the smaller wildlife that tried to attack him and his siblings.

Finally reaching the dam and facing the drop he turned around to take a napalm grenade to the chest to avoid it from harming his siblings. The eight hunters stared at the monsters with mixed expressions ranging from disgust and hate to pity and sympathy. Not risking them take his family's life he jumped for a faraway cliff and was about to make it only for him to take a slug from Cabot's rail gun to the arm throwing him off course and making him smack into the side of the cliff. Just before he could climb up Val's sniper round impacted the beacon in his right hand making it spark and sputter before electrocuting him and his siblings forcing him to let go of the side of the cliff and plummet down into the drop.

As everyone looked down the drop that the Goliath and its siblings fell down they couldn't feel anything but satisfaction as the last of the monster species was killed off. The crew began to walk towards the ship except one person who stared down the drop in sadness. Caira stared down the drop with tears threatening to leave her eyes as three perfectly docile monsters were wrongfully put to their deaths. She was snapped out of her thoughts as she heard Cabot's voice.

"Caira? Caira what's wrong?" he asked her as he began walking towards her.

"Why?" She asked through a pain filled voice.

"Why what?" Cabot asked her wondering what upset her.

"Why did we have to kill them? They weren't even acting hostile towards us. The only reason the Goliath attacked is because we attacked the other two." she said as tears were leaking out of her eyes now.

"Caira... I know you're upset about this but they were monsters and needed to be put down. Plus we only attacked them because they attacked us." he said trying to calm her down, this only prompted her to argue further.

"They were scared Cabot! The Wraith and Kraken were terrified of us, like they had never seen a hunter before! And did you not see the way the Goliath was protecting them?! It was prepared to give its life to protect them!" she screamed at her employer while pushing him.

"Caira. This can go down in notes for future study. What's done is done and we can't go back to undo it." he said calmly.

"You know what? fine. I'm done." she said walking towards the drop ship but not before looking back, "They were animals Cabot, scared animals that fought for survival and we took their lives when they tried to run. Actions like these make us the monsters Cabot." she said before walking to the drop ship and leaving Cabot there to think over the last words she said.

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