A horrible scraping noise was heard as the one doing it raked her nails across the table. Her red and black eyes shown with perpetual rage that seemed to affect several Grimm in the area. There was no one in the room but herself and a part of her was glad at the fact. A malevolent mist seemed to exude from her the longer she stared at the jellyfish-like Grimm in front of her. Her breathing started to become ragged and harsh as she stared at the carnage on the dome of the Grimm. She saw what had happened to her children. How soldiers attacked the village and the took the children from the testing grounds including her youngest son and daughter, how her oldest son went to go get them back only to find out they were taken, how when he returned he found out his home was attacked and some Monsters perished. How they took her daughter-in-law and her granddaughter. The one thing she saw though, the absolute hate he had festered within himself towards the direction of Beacon. She knew what he was planning and she would do nothing to stop him from enacting absolute destruction upon civilization.

Even when he imprinted on her, she always struck him as a curious one that was capable of learning quickly. He did, through time and patience she taught him various things that would benefit him in the end. Her memories then drifted to when she met his father, how he had defended her from him no matter how angry the older monster got. Over time he got used to her presence and saw how much his son had adored the woman, more than his birth mother. More time passed by and he came to enjoy her presence, she would always say those three special words and knew that he couldn't reply with them back but it didn't matter, actions often spoke louder than words. Time passed by then Rei and Ken came along, imprinting on her like Ares had.

Their birth mothers didn't appreciate her presence and tried to kill her but she survived in the end, he made sure she did. Rei and Ken were curious, they hurt her numerous times but she didn't care because she knew they were young and didn't realize how easy she was to break. She loved them as much as she loved Ares and his father. It took a while for them to understand that she had to cook her food but they did eventually figure it out that. Shear was a beautiful planet, she didn't know how she got there but it was a beautiful, yet dangerous, planet that had trumped Remnant by miles.

She didn't know how long it had been since she's seen any of them with her own eyes. Time always seemed to slip away when she thought about these things. As time seemed to slip by, she cared less for what Ozpin was doing. He was a fool that did more damage than good thinking he could even stop her. She stopped caring about humanity, as much as she did want to see it burn, she ultimately didn't care about them. If she really wanted to, she could've had them go extinct hundreds of years ago. She still could seeing how they're always at each other's throats, it wouldn't even be that hard to send countless hordes their way and watch them wither away. No, when the Monsters started to appear on Remnant, she started to view them as something special. While she demanded loyalty and respect but with them it was something different. Monsters were loyal to the one who led them and her son was the one who was going to do so.

They were wild, monstrous, brutal survivors that often showed little mercy to their enemies. It mattered little if they were the same species, if monsters considered something an enemy, then there was nothing that could change it.

She wanted the humanity to burn more than anything now. To her, they were mere insects that fought for scraps, but now she wanted to squash them. Her circle had not been producing the satisfactory results lately. It seemed they saw how she seemed to mellow out as time passed by but she didn't care, so long as they obeyed her strictly. They didn't know how she had children in the forest, of the Monsters, but they would know soon enough. She didn't have a doubt in her mind that they would take an interest in them, so long as they left them alone in the end. She wouldn't drag her children into this petty conflict with Ozpin. As much as she wanted to, and knew that they would blindly obey her, she didn't want to have her second set of children perish.

The Monsters wouldn't hesitate to try and invade her castle either. They respected Ares too much and followed him to the end. She wanted to finally meet her children in person when this whole conflict was over. Maybe then, this would give her the reason to end this several thousand year conflict with Ozpin.

"You were always so foolish, Ozpin. Time was your ally, but no longer. Your foolish allies and immature ways will finally be your downfall. Oh, how I wish I could see your face when he is the one to be the last thing you see. This whole war of yours is simply due to your paranoia. I stopped caring years ago... a shame you didn't see this either." She shook her head. It would be said a million times more. She truly had stopped caring what Ozpin did a long time ago. It was only his advancements that kept this fire burning wildly, and it would continue to do so as long as the man breathed. She was too old to care anymore, it was honestly quite tiresome to be honest.

The truth was that she wasn't even controlling the Grimm half the time. They were mere subjects that could be spawned again without trouble and they would continue to do so. Humanity was destroying itself while she just merely assisted it at times.

Seeing her children and their people was one of the things she wanted more in the world.

Ares was in the cave, sitting on the bed silently. He had been staring at the spot that Michelle had slept for a while before his gaze eventually went to the crib that Emma had slept in. Not every Monster was healed and he had decided to push back the attack for another day, gathering Grimm to heal the wounds of the Monsters. Night eventually swept over the village and he remained on the bed, his head in his hands, rubbing it harshly. It was clear that some alone time was needed. The Monsters saw this and decided to grant him it despite them wanting to attack. He promised them their pound of flesh and gallons of blood. Eventually, he eyes swept over the entire cave and he saw phantom images of the Royal Family. Each one playing with one another.

He wanted them back. He wanted everyone back and he would do so.

His first attack would be Beacon, taking out the tower and searching the area. From what Brock had said, the tower acted as a communication device that spread across the whole kingdom. If the children weren't there, then he'd strike the city. The Monsters would tear the place apart, inch by inch until they found their children. He didn't care who the Monsters killed, so long as they found the children and brought them back. There were several locations that he had in mind just in case civilization retaliated. Was it too much to ask to be left alone? It had been years since the escape and they made no move to attack civilization. Yet, from what Brock told him, he was labeled as a menace to society.

That was fine. If that was what he was in their eyes, then he'd be one.

A shuffling noise met his ears and he turned to see Sistine slowly limp inside. She flashed him a sheepish smile while he just stared at her flatly before walking up to her. He scooped her into his arms, setting her gently on the bed and sitting at the edge. His form was slouched over and his head was in his hands again. It was silent for a while before she sat up with a wince and placed her hands on his shoulders. She began to roll her thumbs in his muscles and work out the knots of tension in them. Nobody blamed him for being stressed and wanting alone time.

"Ares?" She called out.

"..." He didn't say anything, all he did was turn his body so that he was lying on her chest. The two of them eventually were lying on the bed, his head in her chest and breathing quietly. She blinked a few times and looked at him while he just kept his eyes averted. Her hands roamed to his cheeks and her thumbs brushed against them softly while he just stayed quiet for the next several minutes.

"...I didn't take the necessary precautions like I should have." He said quietly.

"It's not your fault." She said.

"It is. An attack happened on our home, some of our people are dead, the children have been taken, and several others were put into harm's way. There's also the fact that Arachne was tortured and I couldn't do anything." He said quietly.

"... Look at me." She said. When he didn't, she had to guide his face up to hers. His reddish-orange eyes peered into her soft olive ones for a few seconds before she smiled a bit. He had matured so much since she met him again on Remnant; not only in his appearance, which still looked rather young, but also his attitude. Instead of rushing head first into battle like most Goliaths, he had opted to observe first. He prioritized others over himself first and it earned him respect from others. She loved him for all of that. As opposed to other young Goliaths, he was rather mature for his age, despite not having a father figure recently.

"I'm afraid..." He said after some time, then averted his eyes.

"Of what?" She asked. It wasn't like him to openly admit that he had fears. He was durable but he wasn't invincible, and he had his healthy set of fears. A lot of them were about the Monsters and how they were doing, rather than his enemies.

"Losing you all. I'm afraid that I won't be able to get everyone back or come home to ruins. I don't want to lose you and Arachne like I lost Michelle. To lose our new one like I lost Rei, Ken, and Emma. I'm tired of losing our people." He said. She saw that he didn't want to lose more people. All the Monsters wanted was to be left alone, to live free without the worries of civilization knocking at their door. The one thing she saw the most was anger, at himself and at civilization. Who in their right mind would kidnap children from their home and use them as leverage against another? At first, she sympathized with civilization and their ongoing struggles but now she had lost any sympathy for them. While not all of them were bad, and it was a shame that the innocent ones were caught in the crossfire, they had crossed the line this time.

"You won't." She smiled.

"How can you be so sure?" He asked.

"Call it a hunch. Plus, I'm not made of glass. I may be pregnant but I can still fight for some time." She said.

"..." He didn't say anything, all he did was scoot himself up so that he was engulfing her into his chest. All he wanted to do was keep her safe, to make sure that she was kept out of harm's way, but he knew he had to go. There was no telling how long this would take, it could take weeks or months and the amount of damage would be catastrophic but it was to be expected. None of the Monsters that were heading to Beacon and the city would hold back. They were there to destroy the place and look for their children. If it meant traveling to another continent then so be it, they would destroy it in the meantime.

Several minutes later the two of them fell asleep, the only noises that seemed to be heard was the sounds of the nocturnal wildlife. He woke up when he felt something else on the bed and opened his eyes to see Arachne lie next to them. His tail lazily wrapped itself around her legs and he noticed she calmed down before going falling asleep quietly.

She needed some comfort soon.

The night had passed by quietly and he woke up early, a lot of the monsters had. All morning, they spent sharpening their weapons and getting other things ready. Some of the Behemoths had added several sharp stones to their clubs, so not only were they inflicting trauma, but also to make the victim bleed shortly after. Under Ares' order, the walls of the village were reinforced and the spikes were made sharper than ever. They were laced with several poisonous properties and the Behemoths could now launch them at their targets.

Sistine and Arachne watched as he put on his skull paint, his face was calm but they could tell he was furious. It was to be expected, civilization had taken his family and he valued family over everything else. This was the one time he was finally able to let loose and it wouldn't be forgotten. He stood up and grabbed his gear, placing the countless skulls on his belt and bone armor on his body. The final thing he grabbed was his mask and he stared at it for a minute, brushing his hand over it. He looked at the two and nodded his goodbye before leaving the cave, seeing countless Monsters near the entrance waiting for him. The current Monster population had finally reached five hundred and thirty, it dropped down to five hundred when the attack happened, that's not including the kids. Two hundred Monsters would go and attack while the remaining ones would stay and keep the village safe.

Ares was in the front, glaring at the path ahead while his most loyal were by his side. While a small grin was on the Corpse-Eater's face, he truly felt angry at civilization. He had finally found a mate after messing around with two others. He finally stopped when she revealed the news that they were to be expecting soon. The stakes were as high as the king's, this in turn made him want to fight harder. He actually wanted to be there for his child and finding out that his mate was hurt in the attack made his blood boil.

Buck's face remained calm, even with the deep sense of hatred building into his system. While yes, he hated civilization, he truly felt a minuscule amount of pity for the ones that didn't deserve it. The message needed to be sent though, he wanted them to fear them and leave them alone. It was his duty as one of the top Monsters to protect his home, and if that meant spreading fear among civilization then so be it.

The minutes turned to tens of minutes, which then turned to hours of walking. They only stopped to relieve themselves or to eat, but after that they walked some more. Each one of them saw the sky start to drip away slowly. The light began to dim at an agonizingly slow rate before the afternoon turned to evening, eventually the evening turned to night before they arrived at Emerald Forest. They knew where the camera locations were due to the Krakens sensing their electrical currents. Most were destroyed from a simple rock throw or a stone shard, the more elaborate and durable ones were melted from the Behemoths. In the distance, they could see the tower of Beacon, a large crystal at the top. From what Brock had said, it was their communications so taking that out was their goal.

Saliva dripped from the maws of the monsters and he looked to the sides of him. They backed up as he bent down and his skin started to bubbled rapidly. He clawed the right side of his chest as a bubble formed on it, releasing some sludge. Black sludge seemed to burst out of the bubbles and encase him slowly, growing in size. Thirty seconds later and with a loud burst of steam, his true form blew fire out of his mouth as he clenched his fists. He gave a bark and several of the others did the same, relishing in the heat that encased them and the sludge that covered their bodies. Soon, there were dozens of stage 3 Monsters by his side. Twelve Goliaths, several Krakens, some Wraiths, and Behemoths. He gave a simple gesture and watched as the Monsters rushed forward. Leaping on the shoulders of the ones in their true forms then watching as they ran towards the academy.

Behemoths reared their heads back when they got to a manageable distance before spitting out lava bombs. Each one sailed through the air, landing on different spots before exploding loudly. The clusters had spread and started a fire, illuminating the dim campus with an inferno of saliva. Soon after, the Monsters began to scale the side of the cliff quickly, rushing up towards the top before throwing their bodies over it. Ares scaled the side of the cliff easily and when he reached the top, he saw a group of Behemoths turn into large boulders then start rolling forward. One of them crashed into a building and went through it before coming out of the ball. They reared their fists up and the proceeded to slam them down onto the ground, creating a fissure that collapsed the building shortly after.


Screams were heard shortly after. Countless screams that made the Monsters attack with glee, he watched as they spread out and cause destruction while he just looked at the tower. Several of them stopped attacking when he gave a series of barks and pointed to the tower, indicating that they should start attacking it now. Krakens nodded their heads and their eyes glowed brightly before they glided over to the tower and started to scale it. Four Krakens finally reached the top and spread their wings out. Their bodies started to pulse with a bright glow that got faster before each one released a burst. This continued on as the Goliaths began to start slamming their fists at the foundation of the tower. They punched, ripped, slammed their shoulders against it, and even kicked it to weaken the structure of the building. It rocked violently as the screams echoed louder throughout the night.

Ares would partake in his ounce of killing but he wanted to destroy the tower first. Some of the Goliaths looked to their backs when they felt something slam into them, looking to see a few huntsmen and huntresses aim their weapons at them. He barked at them to continue destroying the tower while he went after them. They widened their when he rushed at them on all fours and they dove out of the way. He skid against the ground and snarled when they begun to fire at him, hitting him in the nape of his neck and even managed to hit him in the snout. One of them jumped onto him and tried to stab him in the eye but he ripped them off and squeezed, feeling them thrash around in agony before he placed them in his mouth. He bit down and listened to the bones snap and flesh tear as he bit them in half. He swatted the second one to the ground when they rushed at him, then proceeded to step on them repeatedly.

He looked at the others and noticed that they started to widen their eyes in fear. They started to run away but he sucked in air and suddenly blew a stream of fire at them. Each of their auras held for a few seconds before they started to flail around in agony. Screams were heard from them before they succumbed to their wounds and fell over dead. The scent of burnt flesh reached his nose and he snorted before going back to the tower. He noticed a stream of gunfire head towards the Monsters at the tower and he jumped up in the air, rearing his fist back and slamming it on the ground. It threw the pair of huntsmen across the courtyard and he saw who it was. The fat professor and the green-haired one. He had forgotten their names, but he didn't care.

They quickly got up and he roared at them before charged at them on all fours. They quickly dove out of the way and he whirled around, only to receive a fireball to his face, making him glare at them. He was fine, it felt like warm water had splashed against his face but he was fine otherwise. It was more annoying than anything. The fat one rushed up to him and fired his gun at him, striking him in the face before flipping his gun to the bladed part. His eyes widened when Ares literally jumped out of the way and analyzed him. His tail swished back and forth before he sucked in air and blew fire. He made an arc like motion with the fire, making them jump over it. They widened their eyes when he picked up a boulder and threw it forward. It crashed into one of them.

"Port!" The green-haired one cried out as he watched the man fly somewhere. His eyes turned to Ares and they widened when he saw the massive beast leap at him. He had managed to vault out of the way of his arms but didn't expect him to roll forward and slam his tail into him. Ares felt the man against his tail and tucked his body into a ball, letting his tail carry the man through the air before slamming him into the ground. A crater was left and he looked down to see the man coughing violently, his aura flickered and sputtered before it finally broke. He watched as the man tried to get up before coughing up blood when Ares speared him with one of his spikes on his tail.

The man grabbed one of the spikes and tried to free himself but gasped in pain when he felt himself being lifted. Blood dribbled out of his mouth as he came face to face with the monster, a painful groan escaped his mouth. Ares narrowed his eyes at the man before he flicked his tail into a direction, slamming the man into a building and making him fall down. Blood started to pool around his body and he saw how big the hole in his chest was; the man was dead, if not from the impact then blood loss soon after. The scent of blood was heavy in the air and he looked to the side to see some Monsters grabbing people, placing them into their mouths and chewing them shortly after.

His head was knocked to the side when an ax embedded itself into it, making him snarl in pain. It was ripped from its spot and slammed down again, making him grow angry at the assault. Whenever he tried to grab the attacker, they would move around and strike him in a different spot. This lasted for thirty seconds before he rolled on the ground for a second, throwing the person off of him. He quickly got up and glared at the fat professor, rushing at him. The man expected the lunge and jumped up, what he hadn't anticipated was Ares to jump up also and open his mouth.

Ares caught the man in between his teeth, squeezing him in between them before spitting him out onto the ground. The man tasted horrible and Ares feared that he might have tasted the worst meat of his life. He slammed his fist onto the Port's legs, breaking them easily. Port screamed in fury and tried to free himself but Ares gripped his arms and started to pull. The screams of fury turned to screams of agony as Ares ripped the professor's arms off, holding him upside down and watching as the blood gushed onto the ground. He gripped Port's torso with both hands then twisted him violently before ripping him in half. Blood and organs splattered against the ground below and he threw both halves of the body away haphazardly.

He looked to see the status of the tower and beamed when he saw the foundation was heavily damaged. The Krakens above were doing their deed in scrambling with the communications. Screams were still heard throughout the sky and fires still raged on wildly. The students tried to fight back and even managed to get lucky in injuring a few monsters, even killing one or two, but they perished in the end. He charged at the foundation of the tower and gave a loud roar, making the others move out of the way as he slammed his entire body into it. It shook violently and a loud crack was heard. His hands clutched the side of it and he started to push, along with some of the others. More cracks were heard and all of them felt it shift a bit before it started to lean. Their muscles bulged out and each one gave a snarl of exertion before they let go when the tower started to fall.

The Krakens at the top sensed this and stopped their action before jumping off the side, landing near the Goliaths. Each Monster stopped their actions and watched as the tower started to plummet down. Pieces fell off and with a thunderous crash, the tower impacted the ground. A large gust of wind and dust blew in all directions as the complex crashed. Although the Monsters didn't know it, they had managed to severely cut the communication between Vale and the other three kingdoms. All went quiet for a few seconds after the crash before Ares let out a loud roar in victory. Soon after, the other Monsters joined in and a chorus of terrible roars and shrieks were heard throughout the sky. Grimm from all areas started to converge on the concentration of negativity.

Buck came up to Ares and held out his hand, showing what was in it. He watched as Ares' eyes widened when he saw the broken state of Brock, bleeding heavily. Several spots of sludge were produced to cover up his wounds but it was clear he was still heavily injured. Despite not partaking in the attack, the Monsters still valued Brock as one of their own. He provided them with intelligence and that made him valuable.

"What happened?" Ares asked, leaning closer to hear the hoarse answer.

"Found out where they took the kids and Michelle. I heard they were in the city. Don't know where though... tried to go after them but Yang's dad and uncle beat me to a pulp a day ago." Brock coughed out. His breathing was labored and it hurt to talk.

"What of these... hunters?" Ares asked.

"Probably in the city... I see you guys took down the tower... good job..." Brock laughed painfully.

"... Get him back to the village. Quickly." Ares ordered. He saw Buck lean down and order a few Behemoths to turn into their monster forms then take him back. Two of them did and Buck's massive hand gently put Brock into theirs and he watched them roll into boulders before leaving. After they left, a few Wraiths walked up to him and he leaned down to listen to them.

"Ships have been seen leaving, survivors must be on board. What is our next move?" She asked.

"Search around for survivors, if you see a middle aged man with silver hair... bring him to me." He ordered. They bowed their heads then left to search the area. Others followed their example and started to do the same, finding anyone left alive to kill while looking for the silver-haired man. Ares just stood to his full height and gazed around at the carnage, this took longer than expected but it was enjoyable. The hunters, while they perished in the end and managed to harm several monsters, had put up a good fight.

More was to be done. More carnage to finally satisfy their violent cravings and put them at peace.

Ozpin was thrown onto his back. He had decided to stay behind and let the transport, with the very few survivors escape while he was the distraction. These... things that attacked his academy were a new level of threat. Those drones that were sent were mere means of keeping an eye on them, just in case they were planning to attack. He hadn't anticipated they would come in their true forms, a part of him didn't expect them to be this durable that their weapons barely did anything. While he did manage to wound several of them, dozens in fact, it seemed the one he forgot about was Ares. Their leader...

By no means was he weak, it was clear the boy had learned to wait until he tired himself out. While the Monsters wore him out, little by little, Ares remained in the back and just watched. He watched as the Monsters had their fun in trying to kill him, but ultimately, he was the one to finish him off. A wet cough was heard from Ozpin's lips as blood dribbled from the corner of his mouth. Those gigantic forms of the Monsters of the ones that weren't in their original forms just crowded around him. He watched as they parted when Ares stepped up to him, a deep sense of dread filled the Headmaster's chest.

Those eyes, which were orange the last time he saw them, were now red and black. So much like Salem's that it was horrifying. He couldn't do anything as Ares just stalked closer and stood in front of him. The Goliath just looked down at the old man and glared at him, stepping on his chest and applying pressure, so much that until he heard several cracks he wasn't satisfied. He rooted Ozpin to the ground with his foot and stared at him hatefully.

"You look so much like her..." Ozpin wheezed out painfully. He noticed Ares' eyes seemed to narrow more and he opened his mouth slightly. Light pooled at the back of his throat and Ozpin couldn't do anything, everything he had built was suddenly destroyed. Salem had another set of children, ones that took after her dark side and would threaten everything now. As much as Ozpin wanted to leave the Monsters alone, they would have had to be dealt with in time. Had Ironwood not sent those soldiers and informed him that a large group of children were taken, he wouldn't be bleeding out on the pavement.

The sounds of Grimm were approaching in the background, making the situation worse than what it already was. His hand gripped Ares' leg but it quickly let go when the Goliath grabbed his arm and tore it from its socket easily. A scream erupted from his lips as blood spurted from the wound. The red liquid sprayed across the ground and Ares just watched as the man below him bellowed out in agony. No sympathy would be held for him, not when this man literally had a hand in the kidnapping of the children. If he were in the snow continent, then he'd kill that bastard of a General that orchestrated the attack on their home. First, he wanted this hunter school to fall though, one less place to teach killers at.

Fire erupted in Ares' mouth and he opened it all the way, watching as the man below him widened his eyes. He ignored Ozpin's pleas before he let a stream of fire shoot out, lighting the Headmaster on fire. A guttural scream of agony made all the Monsters shudder with enjoyment as they watched the man burn. Ares took his foot off the burning Headmaster and watched him flail around. The screams lasted for a minute or two before they eventually fell silent and nothing was left but a charred, smoking corpse. Ares breathed in relief and went up to the head, gripping the neck and pulling it harshly. The charred flesh easily tore apart and he held the head up to his eyes, letting a feral grin adorn his face as he stripped the flesh off of it. This skull would be the Monster's greatest achievement.

Their combined efforts to bring down a hunter school and kill their leader. He could not take it for himself since he had help, but it would be the symbol that the Monsters could work together efficiently. This was the very first step to the destruction of Vale.

He looked around and raised the skull into the sky, giving out a triumphant roar. Soon after, the others joined in and begun to celebrate their attack. Their next target was the city to find their children. Nothing was going to stop them either.

Glynda desperately tried to call Ozpin, but it didn't work. She tried to call everyone, it still didn't work. Nothing was working and she looked to several of her students to see them trying to do the same thing. Halfway through the ride, she came to the horrifying realization that communication was down. A thunderous crash faintly met her ears and she realized that the Monsters had destroyed the tower. The entire CCTS relied on all four towers being up and running and the one in Vale was currently destroyed. She had looked ahead to see several of her students either crying or in a state of shock.

A part of her felt guilt eating at her when she was told to run along with another professor. They grabbed as many students as they could and had to fight for their life to get out, and even then they barely made it would. There were a couple hundred students at Beacon; bright, young minds ready to do what they could against the ongoing battle of Grimm. She couldn't do anything but save only a dozen while the other hundreds of them were slaughtered. This wasn't even an attack, it was a massacre and she knew who was the leader. The only beast that held so much hate towards civilization.

She knew why though. He was angry for the attack on his home and the kidnapping of those children, this was karma she guessed. She just didn't realize how smart he truly was until he took out the CCT tower. The transports were the next target, all grounded ones were destroyed by the Monsters and the only reason they got out was because a Bullhead was arriving. Even then, it was nearly impossible to get away, especially since some of them could literally go airborne. While it wasn't steady flight, they were capable of gliding a certain distance before slowly plummeting, her dread would have skyrocketed if one of them was capable of flying like a bird.

"... Ma'am..." The pilot called out, making her look towards him.

"Yes?" She cleared her throat.

"We're running low on fuel." He said morbidly. Negative emotions flooded the bullhead and even she could feel it, so much that it was suffocating. She turned to see Ren place his hands on the bullhead and it was engulfed in a dull grey color. The vehicle suddenly went low and she looked behind to see a massive Nevermore fly over them. He suddenly took his hands off the surface and breathed harshly while Nora patted his back. This was the second home they had been forced out of and tensions were high. Even Ruby didn't try to cheer everyone up, which was a concern by itself.

"Is there a fuel depot nearby?" She asked.

"No, I can get us to a nearby settlement, but if we're getting to the city then we'll be walking the rest of the way." He said. Everything went quiet for a while and eventually after half an hour, things started to shut off for some reason. The vehicle slowed down and started to descend. The pilot did his best to slow the descent and managed to even the vehicle. He shouted for them to brace for impact and the vehicle slammed against the ground, skidding for a couple dozen meters or so before eventually stopping. All of their ears were ringing and they groaned painfully before coming to their senses. Glynda was the first one up and started to check the status of her students. Several of them gave out hoarse confirmations that they were alright.

"Alright, stay here while I check the status." He said.

"I'll accompany you." She said.

"No. You need to be in there to keep them kids safe. Judging by their panicked looks and the fact that we hauled ass out of there like a bat out of hell, they didn't have time to retrieve their weapons?" He guessed.

"... Yes." She said after a few seconds of silence.

"Stay here, I know we at least have enough fuel to get to the settlement." He said. She didn't say anything as he went outside to check the bullhead. All was silent as he inspected it, seeing a rather large gash on the underside of it that wasn't covered by the dirt. He sighed when he realized that something had created this, probably one of the monsters that tried to go after them. He had never seen such a species before, he chalked it up as a new set of Grimm but the characteristics didn't match. Their armor wasn't that ominous black nor did their eyes glow red or did they have bone armor, they were something else.

A crack was heard and he turned around, only to freeze in his spot. There was a Wraith, just staring at him. He couldn't do anything but just stare at the monstrosity in front of him and he watched the talons flex every so often. The silence was deafening and sweat started to pool around his face, making his stress levels skyrocket. Slowly, but surely, he started to move. He suddenly bolted towards one of the doors, only for the Wraith to warp in front of him, wrapping her body around him and bringing him back into the forest. His screams of terror attracted the others and they peered out to see his figure disappear within the brush.

The sound of flesh being torn was heard vaguely and the Wraith practically inhaled the flesh. Glynda readied her riding crop when the bullhead shifted slightly as the Wraith hovered over it. Claws wrapped around the wing of it and shifted the weight. She flung a chunk of metal at it when a talon pierced the hull easily, making the Monster whip its head around. The talons repeatedly pierced the hull and tore a large chunk out of it, making holes large enough for her to peer through. Before the assault could continue, a loud series of roars echoed throughout the sky and the Wraith's head shot up.

The wraith hissed in irritation before warping away from the bullhead, leaving it in a broken state. Glowing trails from her departure was all that was left while Glynda slid down the side and clutched her head tightly. There were several things she could have done to prevent the man's death or defeat the monster that was toying with them. She just... everything was so terrible right now.

None of this would've happened had Ironwood not initiated the attack; Beacon would've still been standing, her students would be alive, and she wouldn't be here letting her emotions getting the better of her. This whole situation was terrible and it would only continue to get worse for everyone. It felt like the end of days.

That's because it was...

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