Nov 2020

Hey everyone,

Whether you follow me, my story, or are just lurking: first, thanks! I really appreciate the support. Second, I've made the decision to move the WIPs I still want to work on to AO3. There's a number of reasons I'm doing this, but the most important one is the difference in user interface. AO3 is a more pleasant website to navigate as a reader and to upload to as a writer, and I really prefer their tagging/searching system. I started out on here so many years ago, but I think it's finally time for me to officially move on.

If you're seeing this, don't worry! I'm leaving everything as it is on my profile here. I won't take anything down, and I won't delete my account. Not all my works are coming to AO3, and I'm still gonna be reading on here for ~variety~ anyway. There just won't be any more updates or new works from me on this site. If you're interested in reading more, my username is the same on AO3 as it is on here, and it's not like I'm gonna change the titles of my fics or anything, so you can search me up if you'd like. Hopefully, I'll have more for you to read in the future!

Thank you!