This is my first fanfic so i apologize in advance for how bad it is :^)

They've been lying on the handball court for a good solid 10 minutes after their game.

"So" Benny was the first to speak. He looked over at Lincoln who was looking off away from Benny's gaze, "i won".

"Yeah" Lincoln sighed out quietly "i know" he finally turned his head to face Benny.

"You gonna tell me who the girl is?"

"It's not a girl"


"I like another guy, Benny, is….is that fine?" There was a hint of fear in Lincoln's voice.

Benny sighed, of course he was fine with it, he's never had a problem with gay people and plus, Lincoln was his friend, he wouldn't let himself be such an ass to his friend, "yeah, it's fine." He saw a small smile form on the other male's face .

"So, who's the guy you're into?"

In that second the smile was gone," You don't gotta tell me if you don't want." Benny quickly added not wanting to push his friend into telling him something he wasn't ready to let out.

"It's Usnavi…" Lincoln turned his head so he no longer looked at Benny.

"You know he's not-"

"Yes i know!" He sat up and looked at the other," i know, Benny, and it hurts! I can't be with the person i find special because.. they're not ..into other dudes…" tears fell from his face.

"I'm sorry Lin", he had, at this point, sat up as well.

After a bit of time just sitting on the concrete ground they stood and went their separate ways home.