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Story Start!

"... ah..." A young boy almost said with a delicate appearance spoke lowly as he looked at the bleeding figure of a dying woman. The boy was only about the age of 14, and stood at a height of 4'11". He wasn't tall, and his body was more leaned. He had a rather feminine face, matching the face of the dying woman on the ground. His skin was a fair peach color, and he had bright blond hair. His eyes were a feminine shape to them, also perfectly matching the eyes of the dying woman. Yet, his eyes were a sky-blue color... and were flooded with tears.

He wore a small black jacket over his torso, and it was tight enough to show his figure. He also wore orange pants.

The woman was about 5'5" in height, average height for a woman, and her hair was crimson red. As crimson red as the blood pooling out of her body. She had gray eyes, the same shape as the boy, and she had the same general figure as him. She had pale skin though, and not just because she was dying. Her clothes had been ripped to shreds, and she had severe wounds all over her body.

Her entire left arm and leg had been pulled off of her body.

Spears of light itself were on the ground all around her, several of which were coated in her blood. She had a red scythe in her hand, it wasn't very big. The shaft of the scythe went from blood red, to black as it got further away from the blade. The shaft was only about 4 feet long, but the blade of it was curved and nearly as long as the shaft.

"Naruto..." The woman said as she let go of the scythe and reached up to touch his face, and she used her fingernails to put three scratches on his cheeks. Then she placed three scratches on the other side of his face. She smiled at him, but it was a weak smile. "Don't..."

Then she died.

Naruto's eyes widened, and his hair started to become drain of color.

Above him was an army of over a thousand men and women with black wings, and his eyes were drained of even their emotion as he looked up at the army. He grabbed the scythe from the ground, before he stood up and looked at them all. The army was huge, something to not be underestimated even by some of the more powerful people.

"No! His power is awakening! Strike him down!" The leader of the group shouted out, and they all formed white spears of light in thier hands.

"Destroy him before he can speak!" A powerful being with 6 black wings next to the leader, with 8 black wings, shouted out as he summoned as big a spear as he possibly could. He flung it down, and the rain of spears seemed to go in slow motion for Naruto.

He opened his mouth.


The entire army fell out of the sky, dead long before their bodies hit the ground. The strongest of them, even those who could have been filled with potential, perished in seconds as his words filled the area. Their amazing hearing working against them, as reality itself was warped.

Naruto walked over to the body of his mother, and his brain was being assaulted by the pain of thousands of deaths at the same time.

He kneeled down next to her.


Naruto opened his eyes, and he looked up at the sky. He could remember that day clearly, it had been a long time since then. Since that day, he hadn't aged even a little bit. Instead, the only thing about him that had changed were his clothes. Even then he didn't change them too much, and instead added to them. Naruto sat up, since he was sitting in front of a mini-mart he was in a rarely visited place.

He had only added armor to his clothes.

He now wore old-fashioned plate of silver armor with several eye slots going up to down on it, with several magatama designs. That went over his forehead, like a crown that he wore cloth to his head. Over his chest and the front of his neck, he had a breast-plate that covered only the smallest amount of his troso. It had a moon symbol on it, cresent moon, with a swirled circle inside of the moon. It had straps going around his back, and cut off before it could cover his stomach or ribs. Likewise, he now had on hip protectors in the same dark gray metal color. He had armored leggings going from knees to feet, same metal design. Finally, he wore plated armor forearm guards.

'I'm.. hungry.' Naruto thought as he looked up at the sky, unsure of what he should do about to abate his hunger.

He got up, and he started to walk... just walk.

He didn't know where was going to go, he just wanted to walk. If he walked, he would find somebody that would feed him something. He had no money, and he didn't want to steal food. He wasn't above it, but that would be something he would do as a last resort. Naruto raised an eyebrow and stopped walking when he felt a familiar sensation, somebody who had a familiar power. It was a power that he hadn't sensed for a good while, not for a couple of decades to be more exact.

Naruto looked, and he could see there was a boy and girl walking together... as if on a date.

His head tilted.

The boy was the source of the feeling. He had black hair, and his eyes were a hazel color. He lacked any real muscle tone, and stood at about 5'7" maybe 5'8" in height. He wasn't handsome, and he didn't have the looks of somebody that was a... well grounded person. He kept stealing looks at the girls bossom, and he was wearing a black shirt with a white button up over it. The source of the feeling was coming from his left arm, and now that he was closer he could sense the exact source of the power.

'Ddraig?' Naruto thought to himself as he looked at the boy, and he looked at the girl. 'I see, so she is going to kill him.' Naruto thought as he watched the girl lead the boy towards a isolated park.

The girl was a little shorter than the boy. Long, black hair that was rather nice to look at. She was attractive, out of the boy's league. She had violet eyes, and she had a slim body. Her breasts were large, seductive and perky. She had wide hips meant for child birthing, and she wore a white blouse with a short black skirt. She had long legs that she liked to show off. Naruto knew her aura though, reading it he felt that she was not human.

He watched with curious eyes.

"Issei-kun, could you die for me?" The girl said, and she summoned a spear of light in her hand and grew two large black wings. Issei didn't even know what hit him, until he was impaled by a spear of light through a good number of vital organs in the gut. Naruto nodded for a moment, because apparently the answer to that question.

Yes, yes he could die for her. Sadly, he wasn't given the option of saying no.

"Wha... what?" Issei asked as he touched the wound in his stomach, and he lifted his hand up to his face. He wasn't in any pain, he had gone into shock the second it happened. He was going to quickly, and pathetically die on the ground.

"Well, sorry about this, but you are a threat. If you are going to blame anyone, blame God for giving you a Sacred Gear." The woman said as she pulled her wings back into her body. She froze when she felt somebody enter the area, and her frozen state turned into fear when she saw Naruto walk onto the scene. She started to back away, obviously knowing when somebody stronger than she was had appeared. "Listen, I am sorry if you were friends with this guy, I didn't know I had annoyed you Lord Necromancer!" The girl apologized as she raised her hands up in surrender.

Naruto scribbled words down on his notepad.

Leave Fallen

"Ye-yessir!" She said quickly as he wings came out, and she started to fly away as fast as she could. Naruto looked at Issei on the ground, and he nodded at how she rightfully ran away when she realized that she was outmatched.

Naruto leaned down to Issei's level, and he looked up at Naruto with weak, blurry eyes.

"... Beautiful... blue eyes..." Issei spoke as he looked up, and saw without a doubt the most pure, and innocent eyes he had ever seen. They were large and filled with such vibrant color, that color being blue. He reached up, and his fingers lightly touched Naruto's cheek. Naruto looked at Issei without any emotion in his eyes.

Yet, he grabbed Issei's hand and held onto it.

At least, if the boy was going to die, then Naruto wouldn't allow him to die alone. He would hold his hand while he died, and listen to any final words that he might have. Of course, he also was happy that he was complimented so genuinely. This dying person honestly believed he had nice eyes, of course he might not have said that if he could tell gender at the moment.

Well, Naruto did have his mothers beautiful face.

'The boy is going to die alone, betrayed by his... love?' Naruto thought to himself, though he had a hard time understanding what had happened.

"Damn... I would prefer... If I died in... her arms... no... her boobs." Issei said as he started to slip away. Naruto tilted his head for a moment, it would seem that the boy had somebody in his final thoughts.

Dark energy.

Naruto looked a little to his right, and he could see a Devil Summoning circle appearing on the ground. The boy was unknowingly summoning a Devil, which would no doubt end with his soul being sent to Hell for this one. The boy bore no cross, and he held no bonds to any religion that would save his soul from eternally being damned. The Underworld, and Hell, were different things.

Naruto could see the person start to form from the feet up.

Naruto looked at Issei, before he leaned down and opened his mouth.

"Don't die."

With that, his soul was safe.

"Hello, and who might you be?" A girl asked, a Devil girl, as she appeared out of the portal. The portal vanished, and Naruto tilted his head. Well, this girl was beautiful as well. That was a pleasant surprise.

Tall girl for starters, she stood at about 5'8", and she had long crimson hair. It nearly went down to her knee. She also had bright blue eyes, with a similar shape to his own. She had a long hair that stood up on the top, and she had fair skin. The girl was without a doubt attractive, with a thinner waist and wider hips than the Fallen one. She had a much higher class butt, and her breast size was out of this world large. She wore a high school girl's uniform, with a white top with downward stripes. She had a black shoulder cape, and wore a red mini-skirt. She had long creamy legs, and wore black socks with brown shoes.

Lucky for Issei that he was unconscious, otherwise the boy might have lost his mind instead of just his soul to this girl.

'Hmmm? I guess Ddraig-kun still attracts power to him, and his hosts.' Naruto thought with bored eyes as he looked at the boy. Naruto was sitting down, and the still bleeding Issei had his head placed on his lap.

"Well, you look familiar for some reason. Anyway, this boy here summoned me in his dying moments. I would appreciate it if you allowed me to fufill his wish." The Devil-Girl said as she held a hand out for Naruto to take so that he could stand up. Naruto looked away from her without saying anything.

Naruto had brought Issei back to life, that made Issei his servant.

I do not wish to give him up.

"Well, please reconsider it. I assure you, he will be safe with me. I will even fix him up. My name is Rias Gremory, what is your name?" Rias introduced herself as kindly as she could. She kind of needed to get Issei away from Naruto. She did need to fufill his wish, and she did need to use him for her own reasons as well. The boy was worth enough that he had been able to summon her like this.

You plan on making him into a Devil?

"So, you are knowledgable on Devil ways then. You must be from the Underworld as well. Yes, I do plan on adding him to my peerage. Is this boy your Onii-chan?" Rias asked as she grabbed Issei's hand, and tried to remove the boy from Naruto. Naruto stayed firm though and kept a grip on Issei.

My. Servant.

"Oh... I see. Well, this boy is worth a lot to me. Is there anything I can offer for him?" Rias asked with a nice tone to her voice. She wanted this boy for her peerage... needed him for her peerage at this moment. She couldn't just allow such potential to go wasted, not when it was so close to her.


Rias sweatdropped when Naruto wrote down a price. There was no way that she could get that money, even though that her family had the money, it would make them go bankrupt very quickly. She couldn't wipe out her families savings for this reason either, it would only hurt her in the long run.

"Anything else?" Rias asked Naruto, and Naruto pointed to an earlier note.

My. Servant.

"Is there anyway you can... share him?" Rias asked, and Naruto looked at Issei for a second. The boy had Ddraig in him, that alone made him worth a lot. Of course, the rest of him was worth nothing. It was like putting gold sprinkles on shit, the shit was worthless, but the gold was actually worth something.

Issei was the shit, and Ddraig was the golden sprinkles.

I will share, but with a condition.

"Oh thank go... you for that." Rias started to say, before she paused. As a devil, she wasn't allowed to thank god, get praised by god, or get prayed for. It would cause her pain to do any of that. She couldn't read the bible, touch crosses, or get wet with holy water. All of that stuff was strictly forbidden to her. "So, what is this condition?" Rias asked, and Naruto looked at her for a second.

She really didn't recognize him, that, or she simply was never shown a picture of what he looked like.

Naruto pointed at her boobs.

For as long as we share Issei, those also belong to me. I also want a place to live.

"So... my boobs for Issei? That seems... fair I guess. Yeah, I guess I can do that. I will agree to it. For as long as Issei is apart of my peerage, you can do with my breasts what you want." Rias spoke with a nod of understanding. She didn't know why he wanted her breasts, he seemed to be on the young side. Maybe he was just at that age where he was curious about breasts, or maybe he had some other reason for it.

There were some magical creatures who gained power from breasts, certain breeds of insects and demons that used the power gained from sucking on breasts to grow stronger and maintain their lifeforce.

I am serious.

"Oh, I don't doubt that. I am also serious, this boy has a powerful Sacred Gear. If my breasts will allow me to bring him to my side, then the price is worth the product I am paying for. You will share Issei, and I will share my breasts. Why do you want them though?" Rias asked with a raised eyebrow. Just out of curiousity, nothing really more than that. She wouldn't change her answer based on his answer.

I want them.

"Ah, you are an adorable little guy, aren't you? I guess I can find a place for you to live." Rias said with small smile on her face.

Issei is still my servant, I am just sharing him.

"I didn't forget, so... how is he alive anyway?" Rias asked as she looked at the gaping hole in his stomach. He should by all means be dead by this point, but he wasn't.

I turned him into... a zombie.

Rias blinked, before she realized that she was about to have the first Zombie/Devil in her peerage. Her eyes widened for a moment, before she had a small smile come over her face.

Yes, this was more than worth the price she was paying.

Chapter End!
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