Feeling his body materialize, the First Hero opened his eyes, and beheld his surroundings.

Books. Books, as far the eye can see. And before him, a young woman dressed in... some sort of European garb? The Throne of Heroes was never very generous with its information database, so he would have to make do with comparisons to other heroes. Faintly, Gilgamesh can detect prana flowing from her, replenishing his stores.

Ignoring his likely summoner, he mused to himself as to how such a pitiful and weak looking individual managed to summon one such as himself, the mighty King of Heroes. Staring at the girl's impassive face, he vowed to ensure that this mongrel would know of his displeasure.

"So, I assume you are the sorry mongrel magus who summoned me." noticing a chair nearby, he sat, lounging back and adopting the 'Throne Pose' Enkidu used to find humorous. The chair itself is fairly comfortable, but nowhere near fit for the King. He'll have to change that.

"No matter, you must have some worth if you managed to summon me without a catalyst. No, let us discuss the terms of my Ru-"

"My chair." the girl announces suddenly, a bored look on her face, cutting Gilgamesh off.




Killing intent saturates the room, to such an extent that even the usually unflappable Patchouli shrinks away, albeit only slightly. "I did not say you could speak, mongrel."

At his summoner's guarded silence, the King of Heroes continued. "As I was saying, we will now discuss the terms of my Rule in this land. But first, your name."

The girl hesitates slightly, before sighing, an act that irritates him. "Pachouli Knowledge, keeper of the library of the Scarlet Devil Mansion."

He scoffed. "What a terrible name for an estate. Change it to something more fitting at once."

Patchouli starts a bit in surprise. "You'd have to discuss that with the Mistress of the Mansion, Remilia Scarlet, and I doubt she'd take too kindly to such an affront."

Gilgamsh send another glare Patchouli's way, but this time she refuses to back down, staring defiantly up at him.

The seconds tick by as the two glared at eachother. As seconds begin to turn into minutes, the king smirked.

He begin to chuckle. Quietly at first, but progressing into tremendous guffaws. A bead of sweat drips down Patchouli's forehead.

"Your bravery is commendable, mongrel. Even in my day and age, not even most men held such courage. Or is it foolishness." He glanced down at Patchouli inquisitively, and she shrugs in response, finally ceasing her uncouth gaping. With a wave of his hand, he continued. "It matters not. Come, Master, show me to this... Remilia Scarlet."

Patchouli hovers slightly above the floor, leading Gilgamesh through the estate. All around him, he could see what appear to be FAIRY maids flutter about, performing household chores as if they were an everyday occurrence for them.

He may have to reevaluate the threat level of this 'Mistress.' Not just anyone can command terminals of Gaia, and much less disrespect them by making them MAIDS of all things.

Sensing a presence appear suddenly next to his Master, Gilgamesh narrowed his eyes, mentally cocking Gate of Babylon.

A maid, human this time, is standing next to his Master, bowing slightly. "Good evening, Miss Knowledge. Was your experiment a success."

Patchouli shrugs. "That remains to be seen, Sakuya. This human doesn't appear to be an otherworldly being."

Clicking his tongue, Gilgamesh glared down at his Master. "Watch yourself. You are speaking ill about the King of Heroes, and as if he was not there. In my younger years, such an affront would have been enough to order an execution."

Patchouli cringes slightly, but the maid, Sakuya, appears unfazed. "I've dealt with worse."

And with that, she disappears.

The king clenched his teeth, sneering at the spot where the maid once was. "Mongrel."

Continuing his journey through the labyrinthine mansion (although not nearly as large and labyrinthine as his palace back in Sumer) he recalled the words of his Master.

'This... human', he recalled her saying. To affirm her statement, Gilgamesh attempted to dematerialize.

Nothing. His body is still very much physical.

For a moment, he considered the possibility that this magus has somehow summoned him straight from the Throne of Heroes, but such an idea is absurd. After all, a magus could never hope to achieve such a thing. Much more likely is the possibility that her ritual had given his spiritual body flesh.

Patchouli suddenly stops outside a massive double door. "Remilia is inside eating dinner right now. It would be improper to interrupt her, so I recc-"

Ignoring his Master's protests, Gilgamesh pushed the double doors open with no effort at all.

"Which one of you mongrels is Remilia Scarlet!"

Silence. Total silence. All the patrons of the table, most of which likely dinner guests, freeze. A girl with green hair drops her spoon, formerly hovering inches in front of her mouth, letting it fall unimpeded to the floor.

Killing intent suddenly fills the room. But... its a different to the type the king himself usually projected. More bloodlust. MUCH more bloodlust.

"I am she." a young, twelve year old girl with bat wings announces, glaring daggers at him behind the veneer of a porcelain smile.

Gilgamesh cocked an eyebrow at the child. A Dead Apostle? No, the aura is a bit different. Chuckling, he glanced back at Patchouli. "I have no time for this child's games. Please point me to your mistress."

Suddenly, a chandeliar breaks loose from the ceiling, falling straight for him. Such a thing would normally not be a problem, but his legs have locked up, refusing to move. Gazing up in abject horror, he watched as it-

Infuriated, Gilgamsh open a single portal, impaling a dagger on the table inches from the young vampire's hand. The young girl gaped in shock.

"Whatever you just attempted to do, mongrel, I recommend you never do it again. Even the King, with my generous patience, has limits."

Idly, he noticed that Sakuya has appeared by the vampire girl's side, knives between her fingers and poised to attack on a moment's notice.

Patchouli glanced at him, face impassive again. "She is Remilia Scarlet."

The king sighed. A child dutchess. Well, he had stored stranger things in his vault.

He extend an arm towards Remilia theatrically, causing Sakuya to flinch. "Rejoice, Remilia Scarlet, for you have the pleasure of playing host to I, Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes."

Seating himself at the table, he pulled the bowl of fruit over to himself, biting into an apple absentmindedly as he thought of questions to ask during his ... interrogation of Remilia Scarlet.

Smirking at the vampire girl, Gilgamesh glanced away, taking in the other guests.

The green-haired girl who dropped her spoon is still staring at him, open-mouthed, in that ridiculous blue get-up of hers. Next to her, a young raven-haired woman in an odd hat has an odd machine pointed at him, making frantic clicking sounds. The final guest is a peculiar white-haired woman with... wolf ears poking out from her head. Said woman is currently standing protectively between the clicking sound woman and himself, so he assumed her to be a bodyguard of some sort.

Turning back to Remilia, the king asked "So, what manner of land is this? I'm interested in what has become of my kingdom while I was away."

The green-haired girl speaks up for the first time, confused. "But, you're Gilgamesh right? Isn't your kingdom in Mesop-"

"Fool!" he roared, causing the girl to cringe away. "All the world is my kingdom. And all of you my subjects."

"This land is Gensokyo, and I'd appreciate if you'd not yell at my guests." Remilia replies, having regained her composure.

"So, what false titles are you privilege to here, vampire?"

Remilia frowned at his statement. "None, I am merely the mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Although I am known to be a powerf-"

"I care not for your boasts of power, mongrel. Green girl!" the girl jumps slightly as he called upon her."What is your name?"

"K-K-Kochiya Sanae."

Gilgamesh nodded, appreciating the girl's fear. It was only natural in the presence of the King. "I have only seen females thus far in this mansion. Is it a hobby of this Scarlet woman's."

Sanae turns bright red, and Remilia stands in outrage. "Now see here, you little whelp-"

The vampire's outage ends with a squeak of surprise as several more daggers shoot towards her, only to be deflected by her maid.

Narrowing his eyes at the maid, the king growled. "You dare interrupt the King's punishment!"

Willing several more golden portals into existence, the girls in the room shrink away, save for the raven-haired girl, still taking frantic pictures.

"Gilgamesh, please, show them mercy. They know not who they stand before." Patchouli pleaded, although her face is as impassive as before.

After a moment of consideration, he huffed, the portals vanishing. "Be grateful to your librarian, mongrel. She cares more for your life than you seem to."

"Kochiya Sanae." the king commanded, drawing the girl's attention. "Tell me about the treasures of this land. I wish to reclaim my lost things."

The girl lists off a great many treasures, much more than he expecteded, but one such treasure drew his attention more than the others.

"This Hourai Elixir... is an Elixir of immortality?"

Sanae nods frantically. "Y-yes, it was made by Dr. Yagakoro Eirin, with the help of Houraisan Kaguya."

Chuckling to himself, Gilgamesh examined the silverware of the vampire noble. Deeming it unfit for himself, he tossed it aside and summon proper utensils from within the Gate, an act that causes Remilia to narrow her eyes.

"I'll have to pay those thieves a visit later. Honestly, making up such a story just to hide the fact that they stole from the King. Like that'd fool me."

Biting into the steak, his face contorts, and he spat out the wad of meat. "This is terrible. Fire your cook immediately."

This time, the maid, Sakuya, narrows her eyes.

Her teeth parting in a sneer, Sakuya raises a dagger. "Listen here, you interloping Sumerian. If you think you can just waltz into my Mistress's dinner party, insult her food and silverware, and demand she hand over the entire Mansion to you, you are sorely mistaken. Leave. Now."

Silence reigns across the table as all eyes are on the king. Sanae is practically shaking in terror, the wolf-girl has finally forced the raven-haired girl to stop taking pictures, and Patchouli moves to put herself between Gilgamesh and Sakuya.

And then Gilgamesh began to laugh.

Well, it's more of a tremendous guffaw.

"You! I like you! Loyalty to your Mistress, despite her incompetency, is commendably foolish. But it speaks wonders about your character. If I weren't so touched by your devotion to Scarlet, I'd shove you straight into my vault."

Sakuya's face slowly warps from her sneer, turning into an expression of pure confusion. "T-thanks?"

Not picking up on the uncertainty in her tone, Gilgamesh smirked. "But of course. I give praise where praise is do. For I am a just King."

Turning his smirk on Remilia Scarlet, he continued. "Rejoice, mongrel, for Sakuya has redeemed you. I recommend you make yourself worthy of her loyalty, or I will be back to punish you."

Turning around, he slowly waltzed out of the dining hall. "Come Patchouli, Sanae!" Patchouli cocked an eyebrow in his direction, and Sanae jumped at her name.

"We are going to retrieve what is rightfully mine."

With a satisfied smirk on his face, Gilgamesh led a near-panic Sanae and an exasperated Patchouli out of the mansion, savoring the smug satisfaction of besting the pretender 'Mistress' of this manor.

Approaching the gate, he noticed a young redhead blocking his path, her body radiating prana.

"Halt!" the redhead calls out.

Frowning, he glared down his nose at the girl. "Whatever it is, make it quick, girl. I have better things to do than humor you."

Growling, the girl glares back, unaffected. "If you think you can just threaten Remilia like that, you have another think coming. I consider myself an amicable and forgiving woman, so if you give me your word that you'll never do it again, we won't have any problems. But if you don't..." the girl raises her fists.

With that smug grin on his face, Gilgamesh chuckled. "Oh? And who are you to tell the King where he can and can't go?"

"Hong Meiling, Guardian of the Scarlet Devil Mansion."

Slowly, he approached Meiling, his snakelike gaze boring into her. Meiling, for her credit, showed no fear, merely readying herself in a combat stance.

Stopping a mere two feet or so away from Meiling, he chuckled again. "This Gensokyo land is certainly amusing. Your offer is very tempting, for you seem confident in your abilities."

Meiling pulls back her right fist, a blue aura bursting into existence around it.

"However, I am the King, and as such, very busy. I will consider your offer, and give you my answer upon my return."

Meiling considers this for a moment, before relaxing her stance, blue aura fading. Stepping aside, she glares as the king walk past, never once letting him out of her sight.

"Be careful, Patchy. I don't trust this one." he heard the girl whisper to his Master.

'Not trusting her King? What a foolish girl.'