The Jedi heroes of the Mandalorian Wars – Revan and Malak, and all their forces arrayed under them – have returned to the galaxy, as Sith. Their reason for going into the Unknown Regions - to hunt down cells of remaining Mandalorians - an obvious con, the two new Sith Lords have begun forming a new Sith Empire in the Outer Rim. After building up their strength and biding their time, the two former Jedi have invaded the Republic at long last.

Whilst the Republic and Sith battle it out for domination of the galaxy, their former Mandalorian foes, on the verge of extinction, struggle to survive on worlds they had once conquered. As the Jedi Civil War heats up, and the old bounty on Mandalorians grows cold, many Mandalore Warriours have become mercenaries throughout the galaxy's criminal underworld. Others try and relive the glory days and have become bandits, murderers, outlaws and the like. One Mandalorian, no longer on the run from bounty hunters, and eager to put his martial prowess to use, has joined the profession of his pursuers….

This is that story.

Dramatis Personae

Douglas Fett – Male Human Mandalorian

Zu'mar Duras'sie – Male Assembler

Rajja – Male Hutt

Irkchik Nas Torr – Male Saurin

Suuvarsh – Female Ubese

Terran Haas – Male Human

Palscho Alto – Male Ithorian

Munshaan – Male Stereb

And a surprise cameo…

Author's Note: This is a new RP, no rewrites or retcons, except for some MAJOR details. Friends of mine who are aware of my older pieces will notice the main detail immediately. Otherwise, enjoy the show.



Mid Rim – Hutt Space

Come on, give me something… I thought to myself, irritated as I scanned the frequencies aboard my Basilisk. Weeks ago I had paid off the bounty on my head, the great weight that dogged me for a good couple years. I had decided after all this time of running to become a bounty hunter, like those that preyed on me - and failed. Now here I was in Hutt space, looking for jobs. I was using my Basilisk's comm scramblers to sift through dozens of frequencies, looking for anything. I had found minor jobs here and there – gambler's debts, personal but small time vendettas, etc. Nothing big, nothing worth my time. I wanted a real mark.

Annoyed, I tuned out the frequency chatter and looked around the ship. My equipment was in the back, while my rifle and pistol were on the passenger seat next to me. I had my armor on, as always, in case things got hot or if I finally found something. It hadn't seen action in a while, not since Concord Dawn. I thought of my old comrades on Concord Dawn, old man Tavish and his two sons. Their deaths were still ever present in my mind. I had met a good many people during the last few years. Mawbo, Soody Wumba, Captain Blackfoot, Bogart…and the women. Lust or love, there were women that I had met. Boudica, from my childhood, Camille on Coruscant, Tejah on Arbra, and Josephine on Concord Dawn. I missed all of them. While the galaxy at large and the aruetiise thought of us Mandalorians as all un-feeling killers, what they didn't understand was how true to our hearts we really were. Sure we're warriors, but what they could never understand was that we made bonds too. Simple as that.

There was one odd one out of the bunch I had almost forgotten – the arachnid assembler, Zu'mar Duras'sie. An information dealer. Maybe he could help I thought. I returned to the comms and immediately punched in his data. I waited for a few moments before I got a reply.

"Ah, good evening Fett. It has been quite some time. How are you?" Zu'mar asked in his usual formal tone.

"I'm well. I need information Zu'mar. Maybe you can help me."

"Perhaps. What are you looking for?"

"Bounties. Big ones. Top marks."

"Ah. So you've become a hunter then. Most excellent. And now you seek a target worthy of your time."

Zu'mar was insightful and intelligent. His current occupation suited him. "Yes."

"Hmm…of course. Just one moment then." Zu'mar replied. Less than one minute had gone by when he spoke again. "I found something. But you might not like it."

"Just don't hire me off to a jealous wife Zu'mar. I'm no PI."

"Nothing like that. If you feel so inclined, you might want to head to Club Diverso on Nar Shaddaa. The club owner is hiring operators for a job."

"Go on." I said without hesitation.

"Club owner is Rajja the Hutt. It seems it's a closed assignment, except to those with a special invite…"

"Tell me." I replied. Zu'mar relayed to me simple instructions and a code word.

"Anything else?"


"Very well. I trust this shall be a most rewarding first time mark, Fett. Let me know how it goes."

"Will do, Zu'mar. Will do." Zu'mar and I cut the line. I could barely contain my excitement. I looked to the passenger seat, as if expecting a partner or anyone to share the moment with. I shook my head at the sentiment, and set course for Nar Shaddaa.