Harry Potter Dropout

Chapter 1

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Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and wizardry. This school has stood for a thousand years, it has seen the progress of all witches and wizards, their histories unfold throughout the ages and it has seen wars. And recently, was a battlefield; the battle against the Death Eaters, minions of the Dark Lord Voldemort...Or as the world will know him again: Tom Marvolo Riddle.

The students have protected their wizarding home and were resting from the trauma and trials that had transpired

But right now? The government was holding an important meeting

Kingsley Shacklebolt, the current Minister of Magic banged his gavel to draw attention to the matter at hand. "Ladies. Gentlemen. Witches and wizards...Thank you for coming. As we know, the Dark Lord has been finally vanquished, the wizarding world is finally safe from his tyranny...But we must look forward from this incursion."

The Wizengamot was silent, listening carefully "The war against the Dark Lord sharply reduced the population, no matter how short it was, while we still had not fully recovered from the much longer war that ended 16 years ago. Hogwarts test scores and teaching quality has been steadily dropping the last 10 plus years. And more and more graduates from Hogwarts are refusing to join the work force. I am afraid we have no choice. Witches and Wizards of the Wizengamot, it is time for the final vote for the 'Dropout law'." The room was silent, everyone holding their wands tightly "All against?" He asked and about half the hall raised their wands, the tops glowing a soft white "Counted." Kingsley nodded, the against lowering their wands "All for?" Once again wands where raised, glowing a gentle red "Counted." He nodded, the wands lowering "... After tallying votes..." Kingsley said sadly as he looked at the paper before looking at the hall "... Try Dropout Law is now in effect. Motion carried." With that he banged his gavel, changing the lives of so many...


A fairly muscular and scared black haired 19 year old was asleep in his bed, sleeping peacefully... When banging came from the door

"Oh...Hmm...Coming..." The nineteen-year-old yawned as he was rudely awoken and slumped his way down to the stairs to his front door, covered in his dressing gown. This is Harry Potter, the boy...The MAN who survived the Dark Lord not once, but twice.

He opened his green eyes, heavy with sleep, as he carefully placed his glasses on his face. Opening the door he saw an upset looking brown haired girl standing there, behind her was a red haired man who looked as tired as Harry felt

"Hermione? Ron? What's wrong?" Harry asked with worry and exhaustion.

"Harry, it's terrible. We've just heard." Hermione spoke in a shaky voice

"It's a bloody nightmare, mate." Ron added

"What? What're you talking about...C-Come on in." He sighed, too tired for this at the front door.

"Look at this!" Hermione said, pushing a paper against his chest

This paper was the "Daily Prophet", the wizarding world's most popular, and only, newsprint. It kept up to date with every and ALL news in this world. And front page Harry saw it, which made his eyes widen in confusion.

New "Dropout Law" Passed. Wizenmagot authorised.

""Dropout Law"? I've never heard of that; what is it?" Harry asked in innocent ignorance.

"Students who do not meet expectations such as gaining too low test scores in important tests, such as failing three of your OWL courses, from fifth years or older, if you drop out of school without getting a degree or you do not enter the workplace within a year after graduation will be placed into the Dropout programme." Hermione read off "Male students who enter the programme will be required to do 10 or more hours of unpaid manual or menial labour a day for no pay. Forever. Female students, however, loose the rights to their own bodies. They WILL become living public sex toys for the population." As she said that last part, Hermione was glaring at the paper in such a way you would think it would explode

That sent a shiver down Harry's spine...True his feats in the field were incredible: defying the corruption of Delores Umbridge, destroying Voldemort, saving the wizarding world.

But his school work...doing exams...That petrified him, more than the glance of a basilisk. And the varying degrees of punishment for both sides...It was too much for him to comprehend first thing in the morning.

The only hope he had was the fact he KNEW these tests where half practical and half theory, meaning he might be able to pass. But they had no idea what a Dropout grade was, especially for people their age.

"So ya see...We're buggered...'Cept Hermione, of course." Ron answered

"But then again, we saved the world. They'd never put us in that programme ." Ron shrugged with a smirk, confident in his claim and hard from imagining being able to sleep with every woman he had ever fantasised about

"You don't understand, Ronald!" Hermione turned to face him, sounding serious at this subject. "It's EVERYONE! ALL of us have to take it!"

"Yea we TAKE it, but did you forget who we ARE?! We SAVED THE WORLD, it would be a PR nightmare if any of us became Dropouts." Ron argued "Heck, if Harry became a dropout the entire country would riot. We're fine. You're overreacting."

"I'M overreacting?!" Hermione snapped

"GUYS!" Harry yelled out.

Ron just huffed and stormed out, rubbing his eyes tiredly

'God...Damn it...' Harry thought sadly. "I'm screwed..." He frowned

"Huh?" Hermione blinked

"I...This...This law...I'm screwed 'Mione...I've been trying but...I'm not gonna pass." Harry frowned

"Harry. I won't let that happen to you." Hermione frowned, taking his hands in hers

"How long till the exams?" Harry asked, feeling better at Hermione's hand holding his. Reassuring him like a big sister.

"A few weeks. A month, to the day, before we go back." Hermione nodded

"Is there enough time to cram enough of everything so I'm a tenth of your smarts?" Harry asked

"Oh Harry." Hermione blushed

*Time Skip*

It had been a few weeks, the exams were on the next day. Harry and Hermione were working like bees collecting honey to get all they could to pass.

The two were at Harry house, Grimmald place. They were sitting in front of the fire, leaning against each other as they read

"Hmm...I'm gonna make a drink." Harry sighed as he rubbed his eyes

"Okay." She nodded

As Harry went to the kitchen, Hermione looked over his notes. And actually he was doing okay, he managed to get things he got wrong before, right.

She knew he would pass the test

She just wished that Ron would've come and study with them...But he made his bed, he was going to coast on his "we saved the world" idea. She felt no love-loss for him.

"Here we are." Harry spoke, bringing in two hot chocolates with marshmallow.

"Oh thank you." Hermione took the drink. "Hmm..." She smiled as she tasted the sweet and creamy drink warm her body.

She shuddered a bit, leaning against Harry as he sat back down

"Hey." Harry smiled a little as he and Hermione drunk their hot chocolate. "So...Review notes? Or...half hour break?"

"This IS the break; isn't it?" She chuckled lightly

"Besides, we finished studying. We're good for the tests." She promised

"I hope so..." Harry sighed and relaxed, gently pondering if he'd do alright.

Hermione smiled, relaxing against him

"Hermione...I know I've been saying this for the past month but...Thank you. Thanks for putting up with me." Harry heartfully spoke

"Anything for you Harry." She chuckled with a smile

"Hogwarts is gonna be a little different from now on isn't it?" Harry asked sounding sad.

"VERY different... It is barbaric." Hermione sighed

"Well...Maybe it'll get better...Maybe there'll be a day when this law is abolished and thing's will get back to normal." Harry spoke hopefully

"Doesn't mean it isn't barbaric." She grumbled, sighing lightly

*Time skip*

It was the day of the tests...The school was in a split between: high strung and worried, to not really giving a toss.

Harry looked around the place nervously, seeing friends and other people he knew walking around

He saw his fellow Gryffindors in worry at their results, Hufflepuffs were worried as well as they were given their results back.

Ravenclaw looked more relaxed since they were the house of "wisdom" they had study periods together to make sure they would pass.

Slytherin on the other hand...Looked smug as hell and nervous. Though most probably thinking "we're pure-bloods" or "we've got old-money"...Yeah, they were thinking of THAT.

He saw Draco sitting there, looking nervous

He honestly looked like he was going to pass out for real if he was going to be a Dropout. Guess his daddy being a Death Eater made him paranoid of him being selected for harsher treatment.

He sat down, on looking at the test nervously

And so...They began. Each of the students examined the questions of this written portion of their exams, some students took to it like a merperson to water, others were taking their time due to either worry or careful examination. And then there were those who were sweating in panic and fear, blanking at each question thinking that this would be their end.

Harry did his best, focusing as he worked

He continued onto the first five questions, things he and Hermione had studied upon; he breezed through those, making sure he was clear in his writing as well. But then it got to the questions that REALLY got his mind grinding...This was some level of stuff he hadn't worked on before. It threw him for a loop, but he continued on, doing the best he could, like all the students around him...he was determined.

In an hour everyone was finished with the written tests

Now came to the hands-on portion of the tests, something that the majority of students could get behind. But still there were those like Neville, who were worried about this part. True when Harry taught Dumbledor's Army about Defence Against the Dark Arts he was quite good...but this part was a mixture of ALL classes.

This was his specialty.

Soon everyone was preparing to get home, knowing they would get a letter with their results within a week.

If you where a Dropout you would be going to the Ministry, leaving home. You would essentially be the Ministry's property.

Everyone else would have to wait till Hogwarts began

Harry had invited Hermione around to his house, he needed the company. And Kreacher...he wasn't the best at it, though he was getting better.

The two smiled, arriving at the house. Harry cooked dinner and set it before them, the two eating. But Hermione... She looked awkward, nervous

"What's wrong Hermione?" Harry asked

"Harry... Are you a virgin?" She asked, nearly making Harry choke on his water

"W... What?" He asked in shock

"It's just that... I am." She sighed "Ron and I... We... We kissed in the chamber of secrets but nothing came of it. We didn't... Work as a couple. He was too laid back and unmotivated while I'm..."

"Hermione." Harry nodded

"Exactly." She nodded "I... Harry... Before this 'Dropout' stuff happens, no matter the result... I don't want to be a virgin when we have the results."

"So...We...Spend the night together." Harry answered seriously, but gently.

Hermione nodded.

Harry didn't answer back with words...So...He kissed Hermione; gently, passionately...He wanted to do this right. But like Hermione, he too was a virgin.

He wanted to fulfil her wish.

The two had been clumsy, awkward, unsure of what they were doing.

"I. Umm...Is this...right?" Harry asked as he tried to enter Hermione

"Yes." Hermione nodded, crying in slight pain

There were no sensual movements. No real love making. It was two teenagers fumbling around, trying to see what felt good. It was over almost as soon as it had started. But... It was satisfying

"So..." Harry blushed lightly

"Yeah...We're no longer virgins." Hermione nodded "Thank you Harry." She smiled, kissing his forehead lightly

Harry gave a small "heh" and smiled back, holding Hermione close.

The two smiled, falling asleep

*Time skip*

Harry and Hermione where at the Weasley house hold, visiting their friends the day the letters of Dropout results would be sent

"Ah, here we are. Butterbeer and biscuits." Molly spoke as she brought out a tray

"Thanks Molly." They smiled

"I hope the post won't be long...This waiting is getting me anxious." Molly fidgeted

"Same." Ginny nodded

It wasn't long until Pigwidgeon and Errol came flying through the windows, each carrying letters for the students.

The letter where passed around, the group nervous. Even Ron

"So...All at once or one at a time?" Ginny asked

"Let's just get this over with." Ron sighed, ripping open his letter.

Hermione, Harry and Ginny doing the same.

The four of them looked at their letters...And the looks of their faces were mixed.

"I passed!" Harry smiled gently

"So did I." Hermione smiled as well.

Unfortunately...The same couldn't be said for Ron and Ginny.

"F-Failed..." The two Weasely children gasped in horror, feeling their entire emotional stability crumble

"Huh?!" Everyone gasped

"We...We fai..." Ginny's mouth ran dry at that word

"No...No this...This is a mistake...It HAS to be!" Ron went into denial "I... I COULDN'T have failed!"

"Didn't you study at all?" Molly snapped at her son.

"I saved the world! Of course I didn't!" He snapped

"Ron..." Harry whispered, covering his face in sadness.

"I... Can't believe I failed." Ginny cried gently "I... Have to go to the Ministry tomorrow."

"Oh, Ginny..." Molly snapped to sympathy for her daughter

"Hey... What's this extra line?" Harry frowned as he reread his "Honour student? What's that?"

*Time skip*

The students were now at Hogwarts, with about 60% of them as Dropouts and the remaining 40% as passable students.

The students who passed were entering the school for the first time since the test

Each of them seemed relieved since they got their test results back, but also liked the familiarity of Hogwarts.

But as they passed the gate... They were shocked at what they saw

They saw the various girls who had failed the exams, dressed in leather corsets, leather choker with a rune-piece as a lock and looking almost pathetic.

But they also didn't seem to care, happy with their existence as they stood around the place

The students who looked on at them were amazed...and also a bit concerned. These were their classmates and friends and now...they're nothing more than objects for their self-gratification.

Harry and Hermione walked on, Hermione feeling ashamed and angered about this, but she bottled it up...This was the law, she was going to have to accept it.

The students soon arrived at the great hall

There, stood Professor McGonagall, the transfigurations professor and successor to Albus Dumbledor and Severus Snape. She stood tall among her school as to show her strength among her fellow teachers and amicable respect among the students.

"Welcome to the first year of the new Hogwarts." She greeted with a slightly strained voice

'Sounds like she's forcing the words out...' Hermione thought sadly

"As you know, there is a new law for all fifth years and up. And the...Students who passed their exams during the fifth and upwards years are granted special privileges." Minerva spoke

"The highest grade students are given a Dropout as their personal 'partner'." She explained with a sigh

The students talked among themselves in wonder who were the highest grade students in Hogwarts. "Now...I shall...I shall call out the names of those students who ranked highest." Minerva spoke, unrolling a piece of parchment.

The students stood to attention, awaiting the answers.

"In order of results, Highest to Lowest. Hermione Granger ." Minerva spoke clearly.

The students surrounding Hermione let her pass, allowing her both to go up to the podium.

"Luna Lovegood." Minerva continued

Luna walked up, as the lake of students parted for her, letting her go to the front of the hall.

"Padma Patil." Minerva continued, speaking off another name from Ravenclaw

Said Indian-British girl walked up to the podium, she seemed upset for some reason...which was only known to her.

"Astoria Greengrass." Minerva spoke

The Slytherin girl walked up to the podium, proud as she could be, considering that she was the only Slytherin up there.

"And lastly: Harry Potter." Minerva answered, somewhat sadly.

Harry gulped as he saw the four girls standing there, though he HAD to walk up. 'I...I'm the lowest rank "Highest Grade"?' He thought, though he tried to not let his face give anything away

"These students are the Honour Students." McGonagall explained, sounding like she wanted to strangle someone "And they shall get their pick of Dropout in the morning, a specific selection having been prepared for them to choose from already prepared."

"But most of them are girls!" A random student called "And straight! Dropouts are pointless for them!"

"That is beside the point!" Minerva snapped at that student, looking into a general direction.

The hall went silent, Minerva sighing "However. There is something else we need to explain. At the end of this school year there will be a second test to assure no one has been lazy and their grades have fallen to Dropout level. However, this is also the ONLY chance for a Dropout to leave the programme."

Harry and the remaining students gulped at this. They had already passed ONE test...Now they had to pass another to make sure they didn't fall behind? This was stressful enough!

It did make sense, but still!

"Now...For those of you who have passed, you can still..."Use"...the "public dropouts" around the school, in the designated areas." Minerva swallowed her anger and continued forward with this speech.

She also felt disappointment as the school cheered a bit

"Now, teachers...Please escort the students to their respective dorms." Minerva ordered.

The teachers there nodded and helped escort the students away, since this was usually the prefects job, it was a bit difficult with some of them being dropouts.

She turned to the Highest Grade students. "Follow me, please." She asked in a strain.

The five of them answered respectfully as they followed their headmistress.

"Where are we going?" Astoria asked, Harry realising a slight sadness in her eyes

"To my office. This, I figured, wanted to be a more private affair." Minerva answered "To discuss your "personal dropouts"."

"I thought that was the morning?" Hermione blinked

"That was a lie to the rest of the student body." Minerva explained

The five of them nodded slightly at that as they followed her to her office. Inside there were chairs prepared for them and a parchment on the desk as if it were a list.

As the students sat down... Several girls walked in dressed... Differently

Each girl was wearing a leather bikini-like garment, the neck-chokers were almost the same but they had a name-plate.

The first was a girl identical to Padma, it was her sister Pavarti

The next one was a brown haired girl, which caught both Harry's and Astoria's eyes. This was Astoria's sister, Daphne.

The next girl was a Chinese-British girl with black hair, Cho Chang.

Then there was the blonde haired best friend of Pavarti and Hermione's former roommate, Lavender Brown

The next girl was Romilda Vane, another Gryffindor that Hermione knew but didn't know all to well. Except the fact that she once tried to slip Harry a love potion.

Following her were Pansy Parkinson, a black haired Slytherin girl that was known as the "anti-Hermione".

Next to her was another Slytherin, Tracey Davis, she was a silvery haired girl with green eyes, not one of the more "big named" Slytherins but she was one nonetheless.

The next four girls were: Lisa Turpin, a brown-haired girl with blue eyes and a mole on her left cheek. Mandy Brocklehurst, a blonde haired girl with chestnut eyes. Isobel MacDougal, a strawberry blonde with hazel eyes and a small birthmark on her right arm. And Sue Li, a Japanese-British girl with black hair and eyes.

Each of these girls was from Ravenclaw, which is unfortunate for the House of Wisdom.

Next was Patricia Stimpson, a dark-skinned girl with black hair and soft eyes.

The next girls were all from Hufflepuff, starting with the two blonde haired girls: Susan Bones and Hannah Abbot. Following them next were: Leanne, Katie Bell's friend, a plain girl with black hair. Next was a dark-skinned girl with green eyes, Rose Zeller; Harry vaguely remembered her from the first year and she was last to be sorted. And lastly from Hufflepuff was Laura Medley, a light red haired girl with freckles.

And the last girl to come out, the one that seemed to shock Harry and Hermione the most: Ginny. She was here.

Well they knew what failed but it was still shocking to see her like this

"Now...You get...You get to choose, who is to be your "Personal Dropout"." Minerva asked. "Miss Granger...you first."

Hermione blinked, looking at the girls in shock and confusion.

She wasn't expecting this or the fact these girls seemed so... Content and happy

She looked at each of the girls, who looked like hopeful puppies ready to be adopted. But Hermione had to choose...So, she spoke the first name she decided to have as a Personal Dropout. "P-Pansy Parkinson." She gulped lightly

Pansy smiled and bowed lightly, running to her side

"Miss Lovegood. Your turn." Minerva nodded as she asked Luna

"Hmm...Cho Chang." Luna spoke after taking less time than Hermione, like she had already planned whom she would have.

Cho smiled, doing the same as Pansy, bowing to Luna and went to her side.

"Miss-" Minerva asked

"Pavarti Patil." Padma immediately spoke, cutting off Professor McGonagall.

That made everyone blink in shock

Padma gulped heavily, she spoke out of turn...When she was JUST named "Honour Student".

Minerva examined Padma with her steely gaze...But she could understand WHY she said it. This was her sister...they were always together. And this must be difficult for her.

"Of course." She nodded

Pavarti smiled and headed to her sister, after giving her a bow, she seemed to be happier than the other two at being chosen so quickly.

"Mister Potter." Minerva spoke, going to Harry.

'M-Me?' Harry gulped lightly as he looked at each of the girls...And admittedly found them VERY enticing...But who attracted him more was, "Daphne Greengrass." Harry spoke, which warranted a glare from Astoria.

But he couldn't help it, he found her VERY attractive and beautiful

"Thank you Mr Potter." Daphne smiled as she ran to his side

'Damn you...God...DAMN you!' Astoria thought in rage.

"And finally Miss Greengrass. Your choice please." Minerva asked

Astoria glared at Harry for another couple of seconds, before she looked at the group of girls. She finally landed on: "Hannah Abbot." She spoke, choosing the Hufflepuff girl

Hannah smiled and went over to Astoria with a smile

"Well... I have more to inform." Minerva said sadly

"What is it Professor?" Hermione asked as the Honour Students looked at her.

"If you all stay honour students during the next test, you can permanently keep the Dropout you have chosen... And gain a second one." She sighed

"We...We could gain a second Dropout?" Padma asked in shock

"If you maintain your grades, study hard and pass your next test." Minerva answered. "Then yes; that could happen."

"... You also get private rooms. Here." She sighed, passing each of them a map to their personal room

"We...Get our own rooms?" Harry asked as he received his map

"Well, it's for privacy reasons." She answered

Harry nodded, looking at his map

He noticed that it was in a new section of the castle that was added on after they fixed it up. Which made sense with regards to the new law, they had to accommodate it.

But he was worried what the school would be like tomorrow

"I shall see you in the Great Hall tomorrow." Minerva nodded

"Thank you, professor." They each spoke and left alongside the other Honour Students.

Harry sighed, looking nervous

"It looks like we're in different locations." Luna spoke, looking at her map and comparing it to the others.

"Like the dorms...Well...We'll see you later." Hermione spoke, waving goodbye to the others while she and Harry followed their maps.

With their Dropouts following them

Then Harry and Hermione came to a split, they were going to their own rooms. "So...See you later, Hermione." Harry spoke awkwardly

"Yea." Hermione nodded

"See you tomorrow." She added as she went to her room while Harry went to his.

He opened his door to find that his entire room looked like the Gryffindor Common Room with his own four-poster bed ready. There was a medium window with his luggage box underneath.

Harry sighed, falling onto his bed

"Master...?" Daphne asked as she waited by his side, standing to attention to make sure she wasn't out of turn.

"Gah!" Harry gasped and jumped up, forgetting she was there... And got hard as he looked at her

She had beautiful brown hair, given a wavy style to them, her eyes were a grey colour; she was a C-Cup chest, held back by her black leather bikini-corset dress, around her neck was that nameplate choker, which once was blank now bore Harry's name signifying she belonged to him. She also had elbow length gloves and black fishnet stockings to help complete the ensemble...All around; this girl was very beautiful and alluring.

And that was without the outfit, she looked like a living sex dream now

"Master, do you want me?" Daphne asked almost seductively. "I will do what you ask."

As she said that she crawled onto the bed, undoing his belt

"D-Daphne!" Harry gulped, wanting to pull his belt back on.

"I'm sorry master." She asked, feeling as if she had done something wrong "Am I to kiss you before proceeding with a blowjob?"

'Kiss? Blowjob?' Harry blushed, knowing this was the job of a Dropout...but still...this was just a bit fast for him. But...He did want to try this at least once. "Y-Yes...Yes you are." Harry nodded

She nodded and kissed him

Harry felt Daphne's soft luscious lips on his, her scent and soft hair in his hands, the feeling of her tender skin...The fact that she was his...And he was holding such a soft and beautiful woman in his grasp...He couldn't believe this...His cock grew under his trousers as he held and kissed her gently while holding her there.

He held her close, kissing her deeply and wrapping an arm around her waist gently

Daphne moaned happily as she felt her master's lips and arms wrap around her. She wanted to please him more but wanted to also obey him. She let him break the kiss and she smiled, crawling down to his waist, removing his belt and trousers to reveal his cock and she smiled. "Master...You're so big." She smiled, praising him

"I...I guess." Harry responded, thinking he wasn't big compared to some others.

"Yes, it is..." Daphne answered while reassuring him, taking all of his cock in one single motion, making Harry feel the back of her throat

"Ah! Oh...Oh god!" Harry moaned, feeling her warm mouth envelop his member. Her moist mouth-pussy was going to make him cum right there. "It...It's so good!"

Daphne smiled, making small gagging noises as she had Harry's cock in the back of her throat.

"I-I'm cumming!" Harry moaned, shooting his cum into her mouth

Daphne swallowed it all, not caring

"Oh...My gosh..." Harry panted at that, his first blowjob.

"That...was delicious, Master." Daphne smiled, slowly rubbing his cock.

"...Thank you." Harry answered, panting still.

"Would you like more of your dropout?" Daphne offered.

"More?" Harry asked

"Yes. More..." She answered, moving her panties to show her vagina.

"... How are you so good?" He asked suddenly

"I was trained to be so." Daphne answered, lowering herself onto him, letting him feel her warm slutty pussy.

"Ah!" Harry moaned

"Yes, master. You're in me." Daphne moaned as she gently as she bounced on his cock

Harry couldn't believe this, he was having sex with a Dropout...As troubling he thought of this...He didn't deny that this felt amazing. He slowly crawled his hands up to her waist and held her there, keeping him inside her as he upped his thrusting speed making her and him feel good.

"Ah! Yes, yes, master! That's it, that's it!" Daphne moaned as she was blushing, feeling her pussy stirred up from this stimulation. "Master...Deserves...on top..." She panted

"Huh?" Harry asked as Daphne tilted onto the bed so that she was under him

He blinked, seeing the beauty under him... And began to fuck faster

Daphne moaned lustfully as she felt her pussy being ploughed by Harry, her breasts bouncing with each thrust until they were freed from their bra, exposing her full bosom and her pink nipples. "Yes, yes, Master!" Daphne panted happily

"G... Gonna cum!" He grunted

"In me, in me master!" Daphne moaned as she climaxed from his cock as he squirted into her pussy.

Harry moaned, cumming

Daphne smiled happily as she let Harry fall on her in exhaustion.

Daphne smiled, seeing him fall asleep

"Goodnight, my master." Daphne smiled, holding him close.

*With Hermione*

Hermione was in her room with her new Dropout, Pansy Parkinson...Who was waiting to be of some use.

As in she was laying on the bed, rubbing her vagina while looking at Hermione with lust and hope

'This...This is barbaric...But...Having Pansy here...It...It...' Hermione was thinking to herself

"Mistress..." Pansy looked at Hermione almost hypnotically. She was dressed in a bikini-like corset, like all the other girls but hers was green and silver. She had the choker around her neck with Hermione's name on it. Pansy's cheeks were flushed in a small amount of ecstasy...She wanted her mistress to have her.

"You... Slut." Hermione whispered lightly

Pansy's eyes widened at her calling her that. Smiling she looked at her mistress with a lustful gaze. "Yes, yes mistress. I am." Pansy panted, almost begging for more.

Hermione was so gobsmacked by that, dropping her bag

"I am your dropout slut." Pansy begged.

Hermione gazed at Pansy, looking at this girl with shaky hands...wanting to touch and taste her. To punish her for all the things that she put her through...

She frowned, a determined lust filling her eyes

She went down on top of the former Slytherin student and looked into her eyes. "You...Absolute...Slut..." She whispered at her.


"You're...playing with your naughty vagina..." Hermione looked at her, stopping Pansy's hand, while sliding her own fingers there.

Pansy gasped and moaned, smiling

"You...Are my...dropout...My "toy"...Understand?" Hermione ordered lightly, slowly getting into this mentality.


"And...You..." Hermione blushed as she was a bit embarrassed at this whole thing, trying to think of the right thing to say.


"You deserve to be punished, if you disobey me." Hermione answered, pushing her fingers into Pansy's pussy making the dropout moan heavily.

Pansy nodded in excitement, moaning

'Oh my goodness. I can't believe this is happening...I...I might get used to this if I'm not careful.' She thought 'But... It feels... So fun!'

"Mistress...I...I'm cumming!" Pansy moaned as she came over Hermione's fingers.

Hermione panted in lust, pulling her fingers out of Panty

"M-Mistress..." Panty moaned as she looked up at Hermione.

'If...this...keeps up...I may want...to use something more...' She thought. "That's enough for tonight...We'll...do some more tomorrow."

Pansy nodded at that, even if sadly

"Let's get to sleep...We've got long days for the foreseeable future." Hermione yawned tiredly

To be continued

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