Harry Potter Dropout

Chapter 8

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It was a couple of days since the exams, the male students were worried and using the dropout girls as much as possible if they were doomed

Right now we are following Neville, who is like the rest of the male population

"Well...Here I go." Neville gulped as he went into the public toilets.

He saw guys fucking away at the different Dropouts

"If...If I'm going to be a dropout...I better live it up just once." He spoke to himself as he looked for an empty stall.

He soon found one, entering it carefully and shyly

"I...I REALLY hope this is worth it." He whispered to himself, seeing a girl's waist with her twitching cum filled pussy begging for more.

He pulled his cock out, rubbing it against her pussy

"AH! Another! Another master!" The girl moaned happily, begging for his cock.

"Hello." He whispered, pushing inside her

"AH! Yes! Cock, cock! Yes!" The girl moaned

Neville moaned, thrusting his hips as he felt the tightness around him

"Oh! Oh my god! It...It's so good!" Neville panted as he thrust quickly and hard into the girls pussy

"Cock! Cock! Fuck me!" The dropout moaned happily

"Oh god...I...I'm cumming!" Neville moaned as he came inside of the dropout girl.

The dropout girl moaned, rocking against him

Neville gripped the girl's waist so that he could remain inside her, getting his anxiety out of him, trying to calm down and this really helped.

The girl just moaned and was lightly rocking her hips against his

Neville moaned and came a second time, panting heavily as his last climax shot out from his cock.

He pulled out quickly, not wanting to get caught in lust

"Than...Thank you." Neville panted, cleaned himself up and left. He almost felt ashamed at this but...He actually felt some relief.

And almost proud of himself.

*Time skip*

The students had been given their envelopes, hoping for the results they desired.

Some Dropouts were freed from their position, other non-drop outs where put into their 'place'

Draco Malfoy was in shock at his score

"A...Z-Zero? Damn it...DAMN IT!" He scrunched his paper up

But that was when several Auror's surrounded him

"I...No...No please. Don't. Don't take me back!" Malfoy pleaded

"Oh. We aren't taking you to do manual labour." One Auror smirked evilly

"Wait...What...What're you talking about?" Malfoy asked

"You got a 0%. You cheated." Another agent said, putting a hand on his shoulder

"Meaning you will share the fate of female Dropouts." Another one smirked, putting his hand on Draco's other shoulder so he couldn't get away

"N-No...You-You can't be serious! I-I can't!" Draco begged

"Shouldn't have cheated to pass. Or try to make another student fail." The first one said with a grin "And luckily there are spells to make you as 'useful' as the female Dropouts in increasing the population."

"Wh-What do you...? No...No...You-You can't be serious!" Draco's eyes sunk back into his head in fear.

"Hope you're ready to be a Mummy!" The aura's laughed as they all apparated away with Draco in tow

*With the Honour Students*

"Well...Let's see the damage." Padma spoke.

"On three?" Astoria asked

"Okay." Luna nodded

"One. Two." Harry spoke

"Three." Hermione finished as they opened their results envelopes

They had all gotten 90% or higher!

"Oh! Oh, thank wizard god!" Harry sighed in relief

"Those extra study sessions helped out no end." Astoria smiled

"Well, I'm glad that it was a group effort." Hermione smiled, having the highest score out of all of them. A near 100

"So...What happens now? I mean...We've gotten great scores." Padma asked

"Aren't we supposed to talk to McGonagall?" Harry shrugged

"That is true." Luna nodded

"Well, we should go." Hermione answered as they got up and left for the headmistress' office.

They all nodded, their dropouts following

The five headed upwards to Professor McGonagall's office where they saw her smiling lightly. "Hello all, I assume congratulations are in order?"

"So you know?" Astoria asked

"I thought that you might've been." Minerva answered as she saw the letters. "And as promised, you are all entitled to another dropout."

Once again, out came girls selected/who volunteered to be personal dropouts

"Now, you may choose one other girl to be your second dropout." Minerva offered.

The honour students blinked, looking at the selectees dropouts

The remaining girls were: Tracey Davis, a Slytherin; Lisa Turpin, Mandy Brocklehurst, Isobel MacDougal and Sue Li who were all from Ravenclaw; Leanne, Susan Bones, Laura Madley and Rose Zeller from Hufflepuff; And lastly from Gryffindor were: Romilda Vane, Patricia Stimpson and Lavender Brown.

"Um...Professor...Correct me if I'm wrong...But wasn't Ginny here as well?" Hermione asked

"Ms Weasley was in the original line up, but she has been procured by someone, Ms Granger." Minerva answered

"Wow." Harry nodded, looking at the girls

"So...Whom will you choose?" Minerva asked "Ms Granger?"

Hermione looked at the girls and pondered...and honestly, she wanted to have a girl from her house. "Lavender Brown."

Lavender smiled and walked over "Thank you Mistress." She nodded

"Now, Ms Lovegood." Minerva asked

Luna smiled and looked over the other girls. Thinking about who might be a good girl for her. "Hmm...Oh, how about...YOU Romilda."

Romilda smiled and walked to Luna's side. "Thank you, Mistress."

"Ms Patil?" Professor McGonagall continued

Padma looked at the girls, thinking on who would be a good girl for her and her sister. "I...I think Rose Zeller might be a good dropout for me."

Rose smiled and almost skipped to Padma's side. "Thank you, Mistress."

"Mr Potter." Minerva added

Harry nodded and sighed lightly since Romilda almost slipped him a love potion mickey back in the fifth year. He looked over the girls...And he felt a small connection with the silver-haired and green eyed, Tracey Davis. "Tracey Davis." Harry spoke confidently.

Tracey beamed as she went to Harry's side. Being the second Slytherin girl to be chosen by the Chosen One, the Boy Who Lived. "Thank you, Master."

"And finally, Ms Greengrass." Minvera answered

"Hmm..." Astoria pondered as she looked at the remaining girls. She looked at them and wondered who would be a good girl for her and Hannah. "I choose...Sue Li." She answered

The last Dropout was chosen and she walked to her new mistress. "Thank you, Mistress." Sue responded

Daphne smiled and hugged Tracey

"Now...with this...You girls can leave." Professor McGonagall told the remaining dropouts, who left with a nod "And now... You keep your Dropouts for life."

"Thank you professor." Each of the honour students responded, holding their dropouts close.

"Oh, professor...may I ask a question?" Hermione asked

"Of course, Ms Granger." Professor McGonagall answered

"What is the student to dropout ratio now? As the start of the year, about 40% of people were actually students." Hermione commented

"45%." Professor McGonagall nodded

"Not as bad." Hermione answered

"Of course...But it's an improvement. Now, I doubt you want to stay here. You may all leave." Minerva spoke kindly

They all nodded and left

"So...With all this...The year's over." Padma spoke.

"Yeah...I guess it is." Astoria agreed.

"Yeah." Harry nodded

"Graduation...No more Hogwarts for us." Hermione added

"Yeah...But...We've got a new chance." Padma commented

"As long as we get a job within a year." Harry reminded

"That's what I meant." Padma answered.

"Well...Maybe...Can we meet up every now and again? Just as friends?" Astoria asked

"As brother and sister in law." Harry smiled

Astoria nodded. "That as well." Astoria nodded

They all nodded and hugged each other

"We better get going...We've got a couple of things left to do in our rooms." Padma smiled as she slid her arm around Sue's waist.

"True." Hermione nodded

"We'll see you later. Okay?" Luna smiled as she groped Romilda's breasts

"Of course." Harry nodded

The group separated and went to their rooms, where they were going to "break in" their new Dropouts.

*With Astoria*

Astoria headed back to her room with Hannah and Sue, the three of them were happy to begin pleasuring each other. Closing the door behind them, Astoria began to strip off revealing her bare body. "Now, strip." She smiled, giving the lustful order

"Yes, Mistress." Sue and Hannah responded, revealing their bare breasts and pussy to their mistress.

"Phallus Maxima." Astoria cast the spell on herself "AH! ...Okay...Now...Hannah...I think we should break our new lover in."

"Yes, Miss Astoria." Hannah answered, groping Sue's breasts as Astoria was teasing her new dropout's cunt.

Sue moaned, relaxing on Hannah's arms

"Wow...You've got a nice pink pussy." Astoria smiled, using her fingers to rub Sue's clit

"Fuck... Fuck me Mistress." She begged happily

Astoria giggled lightly as she pressed her cock against Sue's pussy and pushed in, feeling her new Dropout's warm pussy. "AH Yes...! So fucking good." Astoria smiled

"Fuck me!" She moaned

"Mistress." Hannah smiled as she groped Sue's body while Astoria fucked Sue's pussy, the slick wet pussy sliding on her cock.

"Hannah." Astoria panted

"Cum...Cum inside your new dropout." Hannah smiled as she felt her own pussy twitching from seeing her mistress fuck another.

Astoria kissed her, grunting as she came

Sue moaned loudly as her cunt was filled with Astoria's cum, happy that she was being used by her mistress.

*With Draco*

Draco grumbled, with all the women who failed. They were waiting outside the room

"What...? No...I...I shouldn't be here...I shouldn't." Draco muttered to himself


The other girls frowned as they didn't want Draco here as well. They felt vulnerable enough without a man being there.

Soon the voice spoke. "Please remove your clothes."

"What?!" they all snapped, in the washing room

"Please remove your clothes. If not, you will be punished." The voice answered

Everyone reluctantly did so, except Draco

The voice spoke again. "You there. Remove your clothes" Insinuating Draco.

"No!" Draco growled

"Very well. You shall be punished for not complying." The voice answered and a spell being shot at Draco.

"Gah!" Draco yelled and jumped from the stinging hex

"Remove your clothes, otherwise you will be hexed again." The voice ordered

Draco grumbled but obeyed

Soon he was naked along with the girls. Though he hated being naked and exposed...He DID like the sight of the naked girls. "Please move along." The voice ordered

They walked onto the drains... And water began to wash over them

"GAH!" Draco shivered as he felt the water wash over him, killing his boner. "D-d-damn it."

Soon magic blew through the room, drying them

"Al...alright...What's next?" Draco shivered and asked...noticing that his clothes and wand were gone. "Wait...What the hell?"

And the girls screamed

Each of them were screaming for their wands, wondering where they were and where their clothes were.

"Please enter the next room to get changed." The voice spoke

"What about our wands? Our clothes!" The girls and Draco snapped

"You'll be provided with new clothes." The voice answered

""New clothes"? Are you serious?" Draco asked

But he was ignored, the group walking through in annoyance

*With Luna*

Luna was currently, pinning down Romilda Vane on her bed, Cho was rubbing her pussy in excitement.

"This... Will be so good!" Luna giggled, her magical cock bobbing in excitement

"Yes, yes mistress." Romilda panted happily, feeling her mistress' cock bobbing on her pussy

Luna pulled her hips back before thrusting

"AH! Yes! Yes, mistress!" Romilda moaned as she bounced on Luna's cock.

"Nice and tight!" She moaned

"Mistress! Mistress!" Romilda moaned happily as she was giving small climaxes over Luna's cock

Cho smiled, happily masturbating herself

"Oh...Mistress...Keep it up." Cho panted as she saw her mistress fuck her second dropout.

"I... Cumming!" She moaned

"Oh YES!" Luna moaned happily as she came into Romilda's pussy

Cho moaned as she came over her fingers

"OH, Mistress!" Romilda exclaimed as she clamped down on Luna's pussy

"That was so good." Luna whispered

"Yes...Thank you, mistress..." Romilda panted

*With Draco*

Draco grumbled, adjusting his new 'uniform'

He was wearing a black corset, black opera gloves, black stockings and a single choker with a lock on the front like the girls, although his cloths also seemed to have green accents on them for some reason

"Are all of your dressed now?" The voice spoke

The voice didn't wait for an answer, another large set of doors opening

Soon the girls and Draco walked through the room where there were the chairs with dildos attached to them

"What the fuck?!" Draco gasped, which is also where it was revealed he now had longer hair and makeup... Somehow, as he did not have that before he passed through the door

"Sit upon the stools." The voice ordered

"What? No, no way!" Draco snapped

And cue another hex

"AH! Okay! Ah...Alright...Damn you..." He frowned

He grumbled as he and the girls walked to the stools

"Hmm..." The girls frowned as they slowly sat on the stools, except for Draco...Cause obviously.

He was just glaring at the chair and dildo in hate

"Will all dropouts sit on the stool?" The voice spoke

Draco flinched, not wanting to be hurt again, so he obeyed. He turned around and reached behind him, nervously spreading his ass-cheeks before nervously lowering himself. He whimpered, feeling the need of the dildo pushing against his asshole as he lowered himself

"HNN!" He breathed sharply as he felt his ass being filled by the dildo.

"Are... You hard?" One of the girls asked suddenly, moaning at the dildo inside her pussy

"Sh-Shut up." Draco answered, looking down at his exposed cock.

And yes, his cock was hard... And he only had half the dildo in his ass

'O-Oh my god! I...I'm hard!' He thought in shock

He didn't notice his body was changing as well, becoming more feminine and hairless

"Will all dropouts sit on the stool?" The voice repeated, urging Draco to take more

"I...AH!" Draco moaned, his voice becoming more feminine as he lowered him...HERself onto the dildo.

"Now..." The voice smiled "Enter, trainers."

"T-Trainers?" Draco moaned as she felt her body tingle as the trainers came through the door

The wizards walked in, pulling their cocks out

"N-No...No, no...Don't...I...I'm not a homosexual." Draco moaned, feeling her chest grow out.

"You belong to the government. It doesn't matter." The wizard scoffed, rubbing his cock against Draco's face

"N-No..." She whispered, smelling the wizard's musty cock by her face...the scent was making her drowzy...and horny.

*With Padma*

"Mistress, Mistress! Yes, yes, mistress! Fuck me!" Rose moaned happily, being fucked in her pussy by Padma

Pavarti smiled, fucking her Mistress-sisters ass while she fucked Rose

"Ah, ah, oh fuck yes! Yes, Pavarti! Fuck my ass!" Padma moaned happily as she was cumming into Rose's pussy, filling her with her cum.

"Mistress." She whimpered in love and lust, cumming

"Oh...Oh my god...I...AH!" Padma moaned as she felt Pavarti filling her ass with her cum.

Rose moaned as she came again, smiling happily

"Oh...Oh my god..." Pavarti panted. "That...was...amazing."

"Yes it was." Padama whispered

"Mistress, was I good?" Rose asked lovingly

"Amazing." Padama nodded

*With Draco*

"Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm!" Draco moaned as she felt a wizard's cock down her throat.

He didn't know what was going on now, or care, she just wanted to suck this tasty treat and swallow the seed it will give

"Ah...I'm cumming!" The wizard moaned as he came into the now fem-Draco's mouth.

Draco swallowed the cum, panting and sucking

"God...Whoever's getting you is gonna be a fucking happy." The Wizard panted.

Draco moaned, his cock cumming as he rocked in the dildo, the testers leaving

"M...M..." Draco moaned, almost asking for more.

The girls, like Draco, were all getting cum-drunk; they were just happy at this point to be used by anyone.

Suddenly a door asked, the voice calling "Please go through."

Now all the girls almost hobbled through where they saw beds ready for them.

They were confused but at on the beds, where they were then quickly tied down by magic cloth

"Wh... What's going on?" Draco whispered, his mind coming back... And seeing what had happened to him

"What...What did I...G-God...This...I...!" Draco panted as she felt the magic cloth pin her down and caress his body

He had C-Cup breasts and an hourglass figure!

"What...AH!" Draco moaned as she felt her body wrapped up by the magic cloth

Soon more, new, wizards entered

The girls moaned as they saw the new wizards coming with naked waists and hard cocks.

All holding wands, performing spells on the girls

Soon one was in front of Draco

"Wh-What're you going to do?" Draco gulped in worry.

"We are simply casting spells. Removing your intestines, converting them into second wombs. While at the same time making it so you can only live off of semen." the wizard explained, running his wand over Draco's stomach

"A...A second womb? No...No please...AH!" Draco moaned as she felt her insides twist and turn, morph and transform into the said "second womb".

Well, 'her' ONLY womb, but still

"HMM!" Draco moaned as she now became a woman, with her cock still remaining.

And then... The man pushed his cock into Draco's ass

Draco's eyes widened in shock, feeling her ass tightened around the man's cock and felt her cocklet harden.

So she moaned happily

*With Hermione*

Hermione was currently having Lavender in the doggy position while said Dropout was being throat-fucked by Pansy.

"Ah, ah...I...I'm cumming!" Hermione moaned as she came into Lavender's pussy

Pansy moaned, kissing her Mistress as she came down Lavender's throat

"HMM!" Lavender moaned happily, feeling the cum down her throat.

"Hmm...Ah...Pansy..." Hermione moaned

"Love you... Mistress." Pansy smiled "Pansy good girl."

"Yes...yes you are." Hermione agreed, pulling out of Lavender

She held Pansy close and kissed her lovingly

"Miss...Mistress..." Lavender panted lovingly as she felt Pansy's and Hermione's warm bodies on her.

"Yes?" Hermione asked

"Did...Did Lav-Lav...Do good?" Said girl panted

"Yes, you did great." Hermione smiled

Lavender panted and fell into the quilt, feeling well used and useful.

Pansy smiled, curving into Hermione's side

"Mistress...Shall I please you?" Pansy asked

"I just want to snuggle." Hermione shook her head

"Then I will snuggle." Pansy smiled, doing so, gently spooning Hermione.

*With Draco*

"Ah, ah, ah I-I'm cumming!" Draco moaned as she came from her ass and her cock.

She was being ass-fucked but she was also jacking off two wizards with a third near her face. She was taking to this like a fish to water

"Suck my cock, bitch." The remaining wizard ordered as he neared his cock to Draco's face

Draco eagerly did as she was told, her head going back as far as it could go while opening her mouth. The Wizard smirked and easily throat fucked her, Draco taking it without any problems

"Oh, fucking hell!" The wizards moaned and came onto and into her.

The wizards all came, Draco happily swallowing as the girls in the room began to follow suit

"Well done everyone. You've all done well." The voice spoke

They all smiled happily at that

The wizards pulled back and left the girls enjoying the feeling of cum inside them.

'Ah...Ah...So...fucking...good...' Draco and the girls thought collectively.

*With Harry*

"Master..." Tracey moaned lightly as Harry was just kissing her, while Daphne was kissing her pussy

"You happy to have your friend here, Daph?" Harry smiled at his first dropout. He was not ordering either to do anything, he was just kissing Tracy while Daphne had fun

"Yes, Master. It's great." Daphne smiled as she held her belly and rubbed her pussy. "I am so happy you chose my best friend!"

"As...As am I master." Tracey moaned lightly, wanting Harry.

"Please take her master." Daphne encouraged

"I will." Harry smiled, kissing Tracey's neck, rubbing his cock on Tracey's entrance and then plunging into her.

"AH! Master!" Tracey moaned happily, feeling her pussy spread out

Daphne smiled, kissing where the two connected

The three of them moaned passionately, Harry pulsing in Tracey's pussy, she wanted to please her new master by being as slutty as she could be, while Harry was trying to make her feel as good as he could naturally; even wanting to get her pregnant.

So... Yeah, it was being very passionate

Daphne moaned happily, feeling her master's cock pulsing and thrusting in Tracey's pussy, tasting her pussy juice as they fucked.

'So good.' she thought

"Tracey...I-I'm cumming!" Harry panted. "I-I'm going to knock you up!"

"Yes!" She moaned happily

Harry moaned as he got faster until he climaxed into Tracey's pussy, filling her to the brim and panted happily.

Tracey moaned as she came

"Ah...Ah...M-Master..." She moaned happily. "I-I'll give you...Many children..."

"Same." Daphne smiled

*Years later*

12 Grimmauld Place. Home to the Potter family. Inside the home, the family was readying for breakfast.

Sitting at the table was Harry, Daphne, Tracey and their children

There were two boys and two girls; with, by the looks of it, two more on the way.

The oldest boy seemed to be about eleven, he looked almost like Harry but with Daphne's eyes.

The second boy seemed to be about ten, short silver hair and green eyes, indicating it was Tracey's son.

The girls were about four and three years old, both with black and silver hair, green eyes and cute as buttons.

Harry had gotten older, cutting back his hair so it wasn't as long when he was younger and he had a five o'clock shadow. He was wearing a shirt and tie with black jacket and trousers, he had become an Auror at the Ministry of Magic.

Daphne and Tracey were wearing dressing gowns that were covering their maid uniforms but also showed their pregnant bellies. Harry rubbed their bellies gently to show how much he cared and how much he still loved them

A knock came from the front door, getting their attention "That must be Hermione. Looks like it's time to head to the station." Harry smiled

"Yay! Aunt Hermione!" The girls cheered

"And we haven't changed." Daphne felt ashamed.

Harry smiled and kissed them, casting a small spell to shift their gowns and make uniforms into dresses

"Thank you." Daphne and Tracey smiled

"I've got the door." the oldest son spoke, getting down from his seat and headed to the door

"No fair, James. I want to help." The second son responded and followed

"Kids." Harry laughed, going to grab his sons trunks

"Oh..." James and his brother frowned

Harry chuckled lightly as he opened the door for Hermione. "Hi there." He smiled, looking up to Hermione

Harry's long time friend and godmother to one of his children smiled back. "Hello, Harry. Hi, James; hi, Remus." Hermione had her hair tied back, wearing a grey jacket and skirt, a white shirt and small heeled shoes.

"Your girls all at the station already?" He asked

"Yes, they are. They're eager to see their cousins." Hermione chuckled

"Well, we're ready to go." Harry nodded

"Then let's go." Hermione smiled.

"We'll be right there." Daphne and Tracey answered as they got their daughters

"Alright, looks like we're ready." Harry chuckled as he and his family were ready to head to Platform 9 3/4

Hermione nodded and stepped off the threshold and walked to the bottom of the stairs.

With the son's holding onto Harry and Hermione's shoulders while the mother's held their daughters and together they apparated away

The family were now at Kings Cross, with their things all there for the train.

"Here we are." Harry smiled

"Hello, Mister Potter." Lavender waved as they saw Hermione's friend

"Hey Lav, hey Pansy." Harry nodded

"Hi, Grace. Hi, Phoebe." James and Remus blushed as they saw Hermione's daughters

"Hi." The two eleven year olds smiled

"Ready to head to Hogwarts?" Phoebe asked kindly

"Y... Yeah." Remus nodded, the two brothers taking in the appearances of the girls

Grace had a mix of Lavender's and Hermione's brown hair, with Hermione's brown eyes.

Phoebe had wavy black hair and grey eyes, looking a bit more like Hermione than Pansy.

"You all ready to go to Hogwarts?" Daphne smiled at the four

The kids nodded and answered respectfully. "Yes mum/Aunty Daphne."

"Daphne!" Astoria called with a wave, walking over

Walking with her were two children, side by side with Sue and Hannah. One being a boy with dark blonde hair and one with black hair.

The boy was 9 and the girl was 5

"Hi, Cal. Hey Misty." Remus waved, seeing their cousins.

"Hi guys." Cal answered, waving.

"Hi!" The now named Misty smiled

"We weren't going to miss you leaving for your first year at Hogwarts." Astoria smiled at James, Remus, Grace and Phoebe

"Thank you, Aunt Astoria." James smiled

"Where's Luna and Padma?" Harry asked

"Waiting for you." Padama called, standing next to Luna with their families behind them

Luna had two children with blonde hair who seemed to be 10 and 8.

Meanwhile Padama had one that was 9 and another that was 8

"Hi everyone." Harry smiled

That was when the train's whistle sounded.

"We've got to go!" James spoke in shock

The kids quickly hugged their parents before they ran into the train

"Bye kids, look after each other." their parents waved to them

They all smiled, seeing the train depart

The Dropout Law was never revoked, but Harry and his friends and family were happy

They had a future together and were going to enjoy having it.

The End