It's official. I hate this place. It's super boring; all it does is rain. I blame my mom for sending me to live with my uncle. She left me for some play that is traveling around the world. She couldn't send me to live with my dad because she doesn't know where he is. It seems as though she can't keep a man either.

I have a few friends Shelby, Emma, Jonathan, and Eli. Although I only moved here a few weeks ago, they make me feel included and I couldn't ask for a better group to help my transition. Although, my own cousin won't even talk to me. But, I don't blame myself for that because she has some weird issue because her boyfriend left. I don't really know, but I mean it is just a boyfriend. You can't keep moping around forever. She is only 18…'s not like they were soul mates.

"Let's go Liz," Bella shouted at me.

Go? Go where? I ran down the stairs.

"Where are we going?" I questioned, grabbing my jacket.

"La Push. We're visiting my friend Jacob. I have a question to ask him."

"So why am I coming?"

She turned and glared at me. Okay so don't ask questions. Got it.

"Dad had a talk with me. Apparently I've been excluding you from my 'activities and friends'. Plus I don't see you doing anything else."

Ah. So she was being forced to take me with her. Makes sense.

"M'Kay. I'll go" If she was going to be an ass then I was going to take my chances of annoying her.

What was she thinking!? Motorcycles. Bella couldn't even walk in a straight line if you asked her to. Jacob had agreed to this? Who was this idi- Woah. Hot guy coming up on the left.

"Hey Jake," Bella said.


Thanks for saying hey to me too! Hot guy- I mean Jacob- needed to learn some manners. I was there; yet still excluded from everything. They went on and on about something or another. I was bored the entire time. We walked into his shop. Perfect. There was a couch in there. I could sit and maybe sleep while these two made googly eyes at each other. Then again I didn't know what these two did on that couch. I shivered at that thought. I'd be better standing up.

"Thanks again Jake. Maybe afterwards you could teach me to ride them."

Oh my lord. She was so fake. I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah. No Problem. That sounds like fun."

Oh my lord. He bought it. I rolled my eyes for what seemed like the 29th time today.

"Hey dud- woah," some guy and his friend wandered into the shop.

"Embry. Quil. Leave," Jake said.

"Woah woah. Who is this?'' said Quil(?) gesturing to Bella and me.

Jake grabbed them both and pulled them outside.

Oh dear lord help me through this week.

*Timeskip to after Jacob turns into a wolf*

"I can't believe him," Bella practically screamed as she was hanging up the phone," Come on."

I didn't ask questions as I got in her crap of a truck, I guess I learned from my mistakes. Who am I kidding? I didn't have questions, Jake had been ignoring Bella for weeks. Honestly, she didn't deserve it. I couldn't stand her, but she didn't do anything to Jake. I buckled up as Bella pulled out of the driveway.

As soon as we got there Bella jumped out of the truck. She went all over the place looking for Jacob. I got out of the truck to tell her to give up when she stormed over to Sam and his ``gang". What was she thinking?! I slammed the truck door and ran to her.

"Bella quit it," I told her as she was yelling at Sam and Paul. She kept shoving Paul's chest, although he didn't even budge. He began shaking like a madman. Then she slapped him. Is she actually stupid? Did she not see the size of this guy?! Jake ran out of the house and Bella ran towards him screaming to run. Run? He could handle Paul. I turned to face Paul again and I saw a giant wolf! What the heck? I began to run. Jacob turned into a wolf as well! Why didn't I get this memo!? Jacob and Paul began wrestling. Sam was shouting orders and Embry pulled on my arm.

Then it went black.