Hey everybody, its HellLaser rising from hell for a short announcement. Sorry I haven't been updating this story like I should've been but I think its because I've been stuck on this for a while now. I been thinking about doing an entire rewrite for this story or just get off my lazy butt and finish the prologues.

I've put in a poll at my page to let you guys decide if you want me to continue the prologues or just do a complete rewritten version of Team CMSN.

Rewrite or Continue your choice. I will hold this poll up for a week. A week at most and let you guys decide.

Again sorry for the delays and I will see you in the prologues or rewrite.

Okay scratch that I have another poll recently going on right now so just put it in the review box. I can only have one poll shown on my profile page so that sucks. Again sorry for the delay.

HellLaser descending back to Hell