Sorry I haven't been updating this story like I'm suppose to. I'm still wondering if I should put in the chapters I've rewrote or keep the current ones. Plus I've been told by others on how I'm rushing it or making it too short. If you have something to say, go ahead and say it, I need all the criticism and feedback in order to figure out on how to fix this stuff.

Anyway, i'm also working on Neo's chapter. To be honest I can't think of what type of scenario I give her, I mean there are tons of ideas out there but I think it's how I want it to go, either way I'm still going.

If you have any questions or opinions to give, go right ahead. Like I said opinions and criticism are okay.

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Neo's Chapter

Trailer: Go ahead and share any ideas you have for her.

Theme: Any ideas because I can't find one that will fit her.