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Snow Child

"So Elsa excited for your first day at a new school!?" A tall man with short blonde hair, a thin mustache and gray eyes asked his 9 year old daughter in the back seat of their car. He wore a white dress shirt with black pants and drove a gray honda van. His name was Henry Snow, and he loved his daughter Elsa very much. Despite her "abnormality." Not that he called it that.

Elsa had hair as white as snow with light skin to match. Not sickly like a vampire, or really white like an albino, but a nice wintery pale. She had icy blue eyes that were just gorgeous and she was wearing a dark blue overshirt with a white shirt underneath and a dark blue skirt with black slippers. In addition she had a pair of teal gloves she wore at all times. She was nervously fidgeting with her dress and biting her lip in discomfort. This was her second school this year, after a little "incident" at her last one.

"Umm. I don't know papa. I mean what happened at the last school..." Elsa said but she was cut off.

"That was NOT your fault Elsa do you hear me." Mr. Snow said sternly. "That teacher shouldn't have provoked you like that. I mean what kind of teacher gives you detention for asking too many questions?" Mr. Snow ranted in disbelief.

"But I still shouldn't. You know." Elsa said looking at her hands briefly then tilting her head and eyes to the floor of the car regretfully.

"I promise things will be different Elsa. Weston is a very nice school, I hear that even the mayor's daughter goes here. They say that she's the sweetest girl in the city you two will be friends in no time." Mr. Snow said with reassurement on his face.

It was true, Weselton was one of the best schools in the county. But it was also really expensive, normally only the rich families sent their children there. Now Elsa and her father weren't "rich" so to say but Mr. Snow had a nice paycheck every month teaching mythology at Southwood University. Elsa really didn't need to ask for much, her father always provided her with whatever she asked. But there is one thing she couldn't get, what she wanted most. A friend. She was just too shy, especially with this...

"Here we are!"

Mr. Snow said as he drove up to the front of the school. It was nice and gated with long black bars. The building was three stories high, with three entrance doors. There were many students there around her age, give or take a few years. They were all wearing the same things as Elsa, the boys were wearing blue pants however. Elsa looekd nervously at all these kids, she had never been good around people, she just gets anxious. And you do NOT want to be around Elsa when she is too anxious. Elsa took a deep breath, grabbed her books and jumped out of the car.

"But dad. What if people find out about my...problem."

Just then Mr. Snow unbuckled his seat belt, turned to his daughter and put both hands on her shoulders.

"Oh Elsa. What you have is a gift. No one else can do the things you can do. Anyone would be lucky to have a friend like you." Her father said smiling.

"But the last kid who saw it called me a monster." Elsa pouted, Mr. Snow then lifted his daughter's head up with his thumb.

"Elsa. Monster is just a word that people give things they don't understand. That kid obviously wasn't a good friend for you anyways. He couldn't understand what makes you special so it was easier to be scared. But I promise one day you will meet someone who appreciates every part of you. And even if you don't, you will always have me."

Elsa smiled and lifted herself from her seat to hug her father, wrapping her arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around her.

"By sweety I love you! And remember it is ok to feel scared for your first day. If you have problems just..."

"Call you for comfort."

"That's my girl."

Walking down the halls was a little girl, about two years younger than Elsa herself. She had copper hair and tons of freckles scattered across her face. She skipped joyfully down the halls and gave causal recognition to those who waved and said "hi" to her as she went by them. She was pretty popular even among a few of the older kids, why wouldn't she be?

Her name was Anna Summers and her father was Mayor.

Since she first started school she was instantly popular and well liked by everyone. Everyone would immediately want to just jump into a conversation with her and the only thing that little Anna could think of is that she was just a very likeable person. Of course the gifts that she gives to her friends on their birthdays doesn't hurt either.

"Hey Annie!" A slightly older girl called out to her.

Anna looked over to her left and there was her best friend Marcy Hanson leaning against the lockers crossing her arms giving her a single-eyebrow-raised smirk. Next to her was her twin brother Kevin. They both had light brown hair and green eyes. Kevin was just a few inches taller than his sister with short spiked up hair. Marcy had her hair short and bob-cut, falling behind her ears.

Kevin and Marcy had always been good friends to Anna, even though they were four years older. They were the first to talk to her on her first day of school and gave her a private tour of the halls.

In addition to hanging out with Anna they were pretty popular in their own right as well. Their father John Hanson owns a local real estate agency, actually almost everybody in town got their homes from "Hanson's Real Estate."

"Hey Kev. Hey Marcy!" Anna said waving as she approached them.

"So Anna, we hear there is this new girl on the block." Marcy said coldly while Kevin had the eyes of an excited five year old waiting to cause trouble.

"We got word from our dads friend..."

"Principal Willis?" Anna asked Kevin.

"Whatever. Her name is Elsa Snow and she's a total freak. She got kicked out of her last school for freaking out at a teacher. Weirdo." Kevin snickered.

"Heres her picture." Marcy said handing Anna her phone, which had a picture that is probably taken on picture day at her last school and put on file. "Do you see her skin? White as a vampire's tush."

"I don't know about you guys but that white skin kind-of grosses me out." Kevin said making gagging noises, he was still in the "girls have cooties" phase.

"Anyways..." Marcy led on in a dour tone.

"Oh right. We have an idea for a really funny prank and we think you can play a part." Kevin said.

"But, I don't wanna prank anyone on their first day. That wouldnt be nice." Anna said dropping her face to a pout. Then Marcy pinched the area in the middle of her squinted eyes, composed herself and spoke again.

"Anna this girl is a freak and a loser, and if you "be nice" to her then you are too. So Anna, do you wanna be a loser?"

"Well, no... but..."

"Oh wait here she comes!"

Marcy said as she pointed to Elsa who was walking down the halls. Trying her best to avoid bumping her arms with someone. She definitely looked nervous.

"Look at her Anna! Walking around like she's scared of everything. She's practically begging for it!" Kevin said eagerly, noticing how scared and fragile Elsa looked. Kevin was smirking at the thought of him using his slingshot on her, imagining her crying like a baby. Then Marcy passed Anna a bottle of apple juice from her lunch bag.

"Here. Splash this at her skirt and say she peed herself. Just do this once and i'll never ask you again." Marcy said simply. Anna pondered in her mind as Elsa walked closer to her. Just one time then never again? She's always been the good girl she was allowed to be bad this one time right?

Just when Elsa was a good yard away Anna quickly untightened the cap to the bottle, jumped out of the lockers in front of Elsa and sprayed the apple juice onto her skirt. Elsa squealed and immediately tried to cover herself. Everybody turned and looked at the two girls. They didn't completely see what had happened, they just saw the new girl with liquid dripping down her crotch area.

Just then everybody burst out laughing, pointing at Elsa calling her a dork saying she pissed herself. Kevin and Marcy were laughing the hardest, their faces were turning red and their eyes were tearing up.

Elsa looked at the girl who splashed her. She recognised her as the mayor's daughter, just staring at her, though Elsa could tell she was trying to hold back laughter herself. But after the girl with eyeshadow playfully smacked her in the shoulder, signaling it was a good job, looking around and seeing everybody else laughing. Anna let out her laughter like everybody else.

Elsa then became very sad, she could barely see as her eyes teared up and she was able to feel her hands getting colder. Elsa immediately rushed over to the bathroom and called her father. When she finally left the bathroom after talking to her dad about what happened, he always said keeping emotions bottled up was never a good thing.

"Elsa baby do you want me to come and pick you up?" Henry asked his daughter on the other end.

"No. No dad. This is my first day and it isn't even half over yet. Just, just drop off another skirt ok?" Elsa said as she cried.

"I'll be right there sweetie!"

About half an hour later Mr. Snow drove back to the school, ran into the girl's bathroom and handed his daughter a dry skirt. Elsa wiped the tears from her face and began heading to her first period class. She approached Science room 105. But before she could enter the room, she was immediately pulled to the side and pinned against the wall by a familiar face, it was the boy who was next to Anna earlier. He looked at her with contempt, his eyes looking like he was about to kill her. He leaned in to Elsa's face and said in the most ominous voice he could muster..

"Tell anyone about what happened and your dead! Got it?" Kevin asked

Elsa just nodded, she decided it was unwise to mention the fact that she told her father a minute ago. Kevin just pushed her away and walked off. Elsa nervously entered the classroom, they were right in the middle of a lecture when a tall blonde woman with glasses stopped talking when she saw her.

"May I help you little girl?" The teacher asked.

"Uh. Im Elsa Snow."

"Ah yes. You're late. Take a seat then you can head over to the principal's office when the lecture is over." The teacher said bitterly.

Elsa walked over to the students, her head slumped down in shame. Everyone there had seen her outburst and they were all giggling at her. She tried to take a seat next to a red haired girl but she quickly placed her backpack there. Elsa then tried to take an empty seat next to a asian boy but he did the same thing with his binder. Finally Elsa just took the empty seat at the far back row. Had her head down and did her best to hear the lecture despite all the snickers she heard.

One year later

It was Friday, Elsa was sitting by herself at a table, eating her tray of mashed potatoes and peas, listening to Marcy, Kevin and Anna talk about the upcoming mother-daughter dance. Anna was going on about how her mom was the sweetest person on earth, Kevin and Marcy were complaining about their mom since all she does is drink. Then they looked over and saw Elsa, their eyes turned angry and she immediately put her head down but the next thing she knew Kevin, Marcy and Anna were now on both sides of her.

"What do you want?" Elsa asked half irritated half scared.

Kevin lifted Elsa out of her chair and held her by her shirt up to his terrifying angry face, with eyes like he wanted to kill somebody while Elsa looked at him with a scared one.

"Were here about the homework you owed us." Kevin fumed.

"When I turned in the paper you did for me my teacher gave me an "F" for plagiarism! Im serving detention after school now!" Marcy shouted.

"Yeah me too!. I got an "F" on my math homework. My dad grounded me for 'being to lazy'." Anna exclaimed with a pouty face.

"Umm you guys told me to do your homework. So I did it." Elsa said nervously.

Just then Elsa was pushed onto the floor by Kevin. There was a loud smack as her body came into contact with the ground. Elsa groaned in pain.

"And yet the little brainiac got all "A's today. Again." Marcy said bitterly.

"Marcy told me that nobody likes you because your a know-it-all." Anna stated. She didn't really acknowledge Elsa's pain, Kevin and Marcy had taught her to ignore that.

"Just leave me alone." Elsa said wiping away her tears and trying to stand up. She was resting her hand on the lunch table. She began slowly moving away. Not wanting to be anywhere near these three. Ever. But the three bullies just ran up in front of her.

"So Elsa we were talking about the mother-daughter dance tomorrow. We were wondering if we could meet her." Anna Exclaimed

"I wanted to ask your mom how she gave birth to a freak like you." Marcy snickered.

"I'm not going to the dance tomorrow." Elsa said with no emotion.

"It's mandatory idiot, I HAVE to bring my mom." Marcy said irritated.

"I don't have one to bring." Elsa said simply.

Anna, Marcy and Kevin all stared at her waiting for Elsa to laugh or say she was joking, but instead she just stared at them with a blank expression.

"Oh my god you really don't have a mom Elsa?" Anna asked sympathetically.

"Yeah it's really just been me and my dad for as long as I could remember." Elsa said wondering if it was a good idea to tell her tormentor that.

But as soon as she started talking about her mom her palms started frosting over a little bit.

Anna looked at her sad, she couldn't imagine a life without her own mom. But before she could say anything she is interrupted by Kevin and Marcy's laughter.

"Oh my god! I can't believe I was worried about OUR mom." Marcy said turning to Kevin.

"Yeah our mom's a drunk but atleast we HAVE one!" Kevin shouted. His grin got wider as tears went down her face. Ignoring the fact that the air seemed to be getting colder.

"So what are you saying she left after you were born?" Marcy said leaning into Elsa's hurt face talking in a mocking tone. "Oh let me guess! She knew what a freakish loser you would turn out to be, so she left so she wouldn't have to deal with the same of having YOU for a daughter." Marcy said slowly to Elsa's pouting face.

Marcy and Kevin were bursting out over their sick joke, and as they did Elsa's face turned from one of sadness to anger. Anna couldn't decide what to do. Should she join her friends as she always had? But this was such a sad topic. But before Anna could decide to do something, Marcy received a angry slap to the face by a pissed but teary eyed Elsa.


Kevin said as he grabbed Elsa by the hair and threw her back onto the ground. Elsa squealed in pain as she felt some of her hair get ripped out, it was like a thousand needles on her scalp. He pinned her down with his legs, his body sitting on her and began whaling on her. Elsa was holding her arms to her face to block his raging fists of fury. She had already just received a bloody nose and a bruised eye from the first few hits and now she was begging Kevin to stop but Kevin just seemed to be smiling. Anna just looked at them dumbfounded.

"What is going on here!" The lunch attendant shouted as he looked at Kevin on top of Elsa with distaste. Kevin immediately got off Elsa and put his arms up in a defensive manner as Elsa got on her own two feet, herself wiping the blood off her nose.

"I was just defending my sister Mr. Nicholson. The weird girl slapped Marcy in the face." Kevin tried defending himself.

"WHAT!? Ok yes I did that but they were making fun of me for not having a mom! It was the heat of the moment! I-im sorry." Elsa said worried.

"Both of you! PRINCIPALS OFFICE! NOW!" Mr. Nicholson said jabbing his finger at the exit. He grabbed both Kevin and Elsa by the wrists and dragged them out of the mess hall. Kevin was giving Elsa a death stare, but Elsa had her head turned looking at her two other tormentors with an angry but sad face, still bleeding from the nose and tearing in the eyes. Anna was looking at her with the same sympathetic dumbfoundment as before but Marcy was giving Elsa a mocking smile proud that she "won."

Later that day

"But why is my daughter in trouble!" Mr. Snow said screaming at Principal Willis as his daughter sunk into the seat next to him.

"Sir your daughter physically harmed two of my students." Principal Willis said calm and cold voice.

"Those two have been picking on my daughter for almost a year! And the second my daughter defends herself you want to expel her!? " Mr. Snow raged.

Elsa smiled at that, despite her initial fear she was glad that she had her father on her side.

"Oh and trust me, if she wanted too, Elsa could do MUCH worse than slap someone."

"If the Hanson twins HAVE been bullying your daughter for a year then how come none of the staff has witnessed this until today?"

"Well on her first day Elsa called and told me that Anna Summers sprayed apple juice on her."

"Yes and you called me and I contacted her parents about it. But I haven't heard any other claims since then. So tell me, if the Hanson's have been giving your daughter a hard time why haven't I heard about it?"

"This is the first I have heard about it as well. Elsa?" Mr. Snow turned to his daughter.

Elsa looked at them in worry, then she took a deep breath. The look on her face changed from fear to a stern look.

"Well, they normally they only do it when there aren't any teachers around. And I was too scared to tell on them. I'm sorry I never told you about this before dad."

"Well i'm afraid that since Elsa has never reported any of these claims we have no REAL evidence to hold against the Hansons. But we have many witnesses of Elsa attacking one of them earlier today that I can hold her against." Principal Willis said.

"Ok fine. My daughter DID get into a fight and so maybe some punishment is necessary. But why isn't the boy being punished as well?"

"I know Kevin and Marcy personally. Kevin and Marcy have always been adorable angels in my presence so I can only assume that your daughter is exaggerating. That and their father provided a very generous donation to the schools gym room."

"They bribed you didnt they?" Mr. Snow said seeing right through him.

Principal Willis looked taken back and guilty by Mr. Snows accusation, but then he recomposed himself.

"Ahem..Mr. Snow, as for what happened in the cafeteria accounts say that Miss Snow provoked the twins to become physical."

"Elsa?" Mr. Snow asked turning to his daughter.

"Well...ok I did hit first but..."

"Then we agree, you can either tell your daughter to behave, or she isn't welcome back here." Principal Willis finished.

That night, Anna was lying in her bed. Thinking about the actions that had happened in the mess hall. She looked back at her pain, her sadness and felt terrible.

"I'VE GOT IT!" Anna said sitting up with enthusiasm.

Anna then rushed over to her closet and pulled out some of the accessories that she brought to school with her. Among them was a pair of snowflake earrings her father bought her for christmas one year. He mother insisted that she was too young for earrings but she immediately fell in-love with them. Well at least for the first month, Anna hadn't touched them since.

"Elsa is going to love these! She likes winter stuff! I'll give these to her before the dance, well laugh and then the four of us can be best friends."

One day later

Anna had looked top to bottom for Elsa. She didn't see her at breakfast. She didn't see her at lunch. Neither Kevin or Marcy had run into her at their usual times. Then finally she went to the principal's office.

"Miss Summers what brings you here?" Principal Willis asked.

"Yeah, umm. Hi. Have you seen Elsa Snow I wanted to give her something." Anna asked.

His expression turned blank "Oh. Miss Snow is no longer attending Weston academy."


"I talked to her father and the choice was to either leave or stop getting into trouble with your friends. Chose the first choice."

Anna's expression then turned sad, now she could never apologize. She turned around and slumped as she left the principal's office as she muttered


Meanwhile Elsa sat in her father's car as he drove her to her NEXT school. As she waited she was reading the book her father got her on norse mythology. Turning to the page she had dogeared to read all-over again. Skadi: The Snow Shoed Goddess.

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