Fortunately, not a second passed before she felt his fingers leave and instantly become replaced with something else. A flash of fear quickly sprinted across her eyes until she felt the throbbing head of Saber push past her folds.

"Ah!" she moaned in surprise. Saber's strong hands kept her nightgown bundled up above her belly, fingers wrapped around her waist to keep her steady.

Saber's grip around the girl almost made his knuckles white. He was afraid if he clung too tightly to her she would break. Gods, she was tight. He still couldn't believe this was happening. That innocent yet confident priestess that had approached her in the tavern mere weeks ago, and here he was, his throbbing cock about to taint her forever.

His breath shuddered in absolute bliss as he slowly eased himself inside. Every inch that entered, Saber was afraid would be the last; she seemed too small to even accommodate him. But he kept going. Deeper and deeper, Celica's heat embraced him. Saber had to bite down on his lip to keep from groaning in pathetic shudders. His head throbbed inside of her moist heat; he was positive that if he didn't make a conscious effort to restrain himself, he would have reached his climax then and there.

They kept their gazes locked. Their labored breaths seemed to synchronize as their hearts hammered.

Finally, with one more last forceful push, Saber hilted himself.

Celica let out a loud gasp, shuddering. A few tears fell from her eyes. Her shivers echoed through her body, shimmering around Saber's hardness as she let out a succession of breaths. It felt so utterly full in a way she had never felt before. There was pain that flared, a sensation that felt like she was tearing at the seams. Instinctively her body kept shivering, trying to adjust itself to Saber's throbbing arousal pulsing and stretching her inner folds.

Saber was in no better state. He took a moment, looking at his crotch and felt another throb pulse through his hardness; the sight of her bare snatch wrapped around him snugly, all the way to the base of his cock was like something from a dream. Her clit was so pink and conspicuous, begging for stimulation.

He had to tear his gaze away lest the sight finished him then and there.

Returning it to Celica's face, he was surprised at how one thrust almost completely changed her demeanor. She was panting, blush heavy on her cheeks that obviously wasn't a product from the alcohol. Her eyes looked lost, hazy. The candlelight glinted off small trails of tears on her cheeks. But what took him aback was that there was something else roiling in her eyes. Something he never would have expected from a virgin, much less Celica.

He had taken the virginities of too many girls, more than he could count, so he recognized the mix of emotions on Celica's face. Fear, anxiousness, pain. But in all of those escapades, he never saw this much pleasure before, never saw this much bliss. The way she looked at him evoked a sense of hunger inside Saber, and his worry of blowing it all too early returned almost immediately.

After a few seconds of letting their collective breaths mark the passing of time, Saber clutched her tightly again, and extracted himself before pushing back inside. He watched her face closely as he did it again, and again, always pushing his hardness back inside once it was halfway out. He gritted his teeth at how she seemed to grip him every time he withdrew, how she seemed to suck him in every time he pushed in again.

Incredibly, at this point all he could read on Celica's face was that bliss. That carnal pleasure that wouldn't usually be present in girls her age. He looked down again and noticed that there was no blood either; she was too wet and ready for him for there to be any.

Before he knew it, he had a slow steady rhythm. Celica would whimper in tandem, goading his small thrusts, slowly mounting its progressive speed. He didn't want to go faster than he did now. He savored the feeling of her body so close against his, he savored every single inch of her suffocating snatch. As he had guessed when his tongue was inside of her, this was by far the tightest pussy he had ever encountered.

Pair that with how eager she was and again, Saber had half a mind to pinch himself awake.

"More," Celica said in a whisper.

Saber barely heard it over his own grunts, but the word seemed to have an instant effect on him regardless. He obliged, repositioning himself slightly, making his thrusts go faster. He let out a loud grunt again at how Celica squeezed him, like a pulsing hot glove.

Celica herself was still lost in a daze of irrevocable lust.

This was what she had wanted. A sensation strong enough to make her forget who she was, what she needed to do. All of her life she didn't think anything could make her forget but here she was, telling herself that her kingdom could wait.

She moaned without restraint as that fire in her belly became stoked. The pleasure of her previous climaxes was returning again in precious ingots, ingots given to her with every thrust of Saber's hips. At first she couldn't believe that he could even fit inside of her, but now, she wanted him deeper.

She was panting now as Saber's hips began to thrust in earnest. She could hear their skin begin to kiss in loud smacks, hear her pink moistness churned by his cock. Her entire body began to help him. She clung to him now, pushing her breasts still covered by the thin silk of her nightgown into his chest. She buried her face into his neck, kissing frantically, groaning loudly every time Saber would strike a spot that she didn't know existed.

She was his. Melting and hot and desperate, Celica gyrated against his hard body, nostrils gripped by his strong musk. The woman back at the port she hired him said he smelled like a tavern floor. But now, all she smelled was strength. Strength that could tear her apart in all the right ways. Strength that could make her forget about all the pain and all the responsibility.

"More," she said again, feeling his fingers react by gripping her tighter.

She breathlessly let out another moan as she thrust against him, her body writhing, undulating against him. She could feel his cock pulse harder, feel the head of it throb. She never felt so full in her life, so utterly stuffed.

A bead of sweat slipped beneath Saber's eyepatch. It went unnoticed as his thrusts turned into drives. He could swear that Celica was drawing blood with how hard her nails dug into him now, but he didn't care. At this point, as the orchestrated rhythm of his hips eventually buckled and began losing its structure, all he wanted was to give the teenage priestess what she wanted.

"Harder, please," she begged, her hot breaths crawling into his ear.

Saber growled, feeling her pebbly nipples dig through her nightgown into his chest. And he abided by her, going harder still. He could go harder and harder, but he still held most of that back. He could drive her into the table until it broke, but he needed to hold it back. Not because he could break her.

But because her damn body was too tight.

His palms firmly grasped her rear now. In and in and in he thrust, feeling the veins of his manhood begin to strain. He could feel something building in his loins, feeling his lust spread like wildfire throughout his body.

Celica suddenly rose up from his neck, looking at him deep in the eye. She let out a moan that turned into a whimper.

Without another word the hands behind his neck pulled him down, down, down. He was kissing her now, but his chest followed hers as she lay back on the table.

He didn't stop thrusting.

The table moved, scraped against the floor of the room as the thrusts moved it. Saber moved his hands to shoulders, feeling her soft legs raise into the air, ankles locking behind his back. She was a natural at this. The position was slightly awkward but he didn't care. He could feel the fire in his loins rage, the pressure at the root of his crotch begin to intensify. His tongue carelessly lashed about with Celica's as the sex began to grow less methodical. His drives turned into sloppy heaves, slapping his skin into hers, not caring about how she felt.

He felt her snatch begin to pulse around him, and before he knew it she came again, her thin frame undulating in waves. He didn't stop thrusting. He separated from her mouth. He wanted to hear her girlish moans, wanted to see that tongue of hers helplessly look for his.

"F-Fuck," Celica said, cursing for the second time that night as another climax ripped through her.

Saber could feel her squirt between them as he sunk his throbbing cock into her again for one of the last times. The tankards and the wine began to dance and pirouette precariously on the table as Saber's peak neared. Neither party cared as they fell to the ground. First one tankard. Then the other. But before the Ram Wine could teeter and shatter, Saber grabbed it.

He raised himself off of Celica, taking long, deep draughts as the girl below him mewled and gasped, calling his name.

He silenced her with his mouth again after emptying the bottle, throwing it across the room. The shatter of glass against the wall went unnoticed as his mouth, still half-filled with wine, captured hers. Purple sweetness of the alcohol trailed down Celica's face as their lips' sloppy embrace muffled their loud groans.

In and in and in and in, Saber wanted all of her. He didn't want it to end, he wanted that hot soft untouched skin around him, her rippling pink pussy to clench and squeeze, sucking on her tongue until he couldn't breathe. He separated from Celica's mouth, several strands of soppy saliva following it. He realized that she was tightening around him again, feeling wet heat squirt onto his stomach as another orgasm shredded her nerves.

He stopped his thrusting, letting his lungs breathe in deep intakes of missing air as he began to stand upright above her, swatting aside Celica's hands that tried to remain locked in his neck. He felt utterly naked now without the heat of the girl radiating onto his chest. But at this point, as he heaved with an almost animalistic hunger for release, that need for intimacy was forwent in favor of pure lust.

He took one last look at Celica as his hands firmly grabbed her waist. She was a piping hot mess.

Celica's hair served as a pillow as her head lolled about in a violent daze, moaning and yelping his name. The straps to her nightgown wilted down past her shoulders, revealing the topmost curve of her developing breasts. Her arms lazily thrashed as she rode out her climax, searching for a nonexistent hold on reality. All of her skin, from the the flat softness of her belly beneath her scrunched-up nightgown, to the paleness of her thighs, to the curve of her neck glowed with a thin sheen of her sweat. Celica was at her most vulnerable, at the mercy of Saber's muscle and experience.

Galvanized by the sight, his grip on her waist tightened, and without a second to spare he began to thrust, simultaneously shoving Celica's small frame into his crotch with his strong arms. The action made Celica shriek, her breath violently ripped from her lungs as Saber continued. This was the full manifestation of her voluntary vulnerability. The ceiling of the tavern room turned into a faint blur as Saber fucked her in earnest, using her body like a toy, causing her to helplessly go along for the ride like a ragdoll.

She felt the wood of the table scrape against her bare back as her nightgown slowly began to crawl upwards, her breasts rocking in tandem with the tremors. Celica could barely breathe, much less talk, but between her shrieks and moans, with her hands turning into fists, nails digging painfully into her skin, she could only utter two words, a plead:

"Fuck me, augh, fuck me."

Over and over as Saber roughly began slamming her into his engorged cock, Celica began to plead intermittently with her careless groans. Her words were barely heard over the sloppy kisses of their skin, the wooden creak of the table, and over Saber's growling pants and his own pleasurable groans.

The fire that had be roiling in his loins was beginning to mount. Celica was impossibly tight. It was as if with every thrust, the girl would clench, suffocating his veiny lust until he would burst. His thrusts continued to grow more violent, every single heave of his hips reverberating through her body. The way Celica reacted and how her body fit was addicting; Saber knew he wouldn't be able to return to his tavern wenches after tonight. Never again would he find anything as perfect as the mewling teenage priestess below him, begging for his cock, begging for his lust.

Then, in the middle of a thrust that made Celica's back arch in carnal bliss, Saber let out a shudder, and came.

"L-Lass I-" Saber said before completely giving up on trying to say anything at all as his climax tore through his nerves, the pleasure making his vision blurry.

Saber pathetically thrust into her in lazy rolls of his hips, hilting himself and feeling multiple spurts of his seed begin to fire from his throbbing erection. His breaths left in a shuddering torrent of incoherent groans. He couldn't stand anymore, practically collapsing onto the table on top of Celica, the hands at her waist quickly seizing her wrists.

He held onto Celica with his entire being, burying his face into her neck before burying his teeth into her skin. She couldn't feel the pain, yelping only at how good it felt as the white ropes of cum began to fill her unsullied womb. It felt so hot inside her, pooling itself in that one area that had never in her life been full of anything.

Saber's vision seemed to fade and melt as his climax kept going. One spurt gave way to two and that gave way to three. He let out lustful exclamations muffled in her skin, every rope of cum bursting from him more mind-numbing than the rope before it. He felt like he was emptying himself for good until finally, one last rope of semen shot into the teenager, leaving him throbbing and throbbing, breathless and exhausted.

Both parties let a minute pass in each other's arms, chests heaving, muscles slackening. Their skin was hot, pressed together in an increasingly-comforting embrace.

A million things collectively ran through their heads. But the most common thread between them was disbelief. With Saber above Celica, his head in her shoulder and hers in his, they had a moment's respite from each other's gazes. Their eyes were wide open now as the reality of the situation began to finally, truly sink in. Did they really just do this?

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