Authors Note: Hey, long time reader first time author here. This will be a story about what I imagine Marco was doing while searching for Hekapoo those 16 long years. This will be a Markapoo story with lemons and violence, so there is your warning, read if you like and if you don't then you probably should'nt.

Chapter 1: The Journey Begins

"I don't care whose name is on the scissors, I borrowed them from Star and I'm going to return them", Marco says with conviction in his voice.

"Oh Yea?", Hekapoo teases, "And how do you propose you'll get them back, huh?"

"Well I'll just earn them back..", Marco begins seriously before Hekapoo cuts him off by falling to the ground while laughing hysterically.

"That's rich", she says with a laugh, then stands and regains her composure. "Okay this should be amusing", she says with a sly smirk, "All you gotta do is blow out this flame. Simple right?" Hekapoo shrinks the burning flame on her head down to the size of a bright candle's flame.

'Easy peezy', Marco thinks as he tries to blow out the flame, only to be one upped by a speeding Hekapoo who runs the whole plane round twice, leaving him with a burning pain in the back of the head where she has smacked him. He turns around and sprints in the direction she will be coming from, only for her to cut a portal right in front of him before he gets close enough.

"Whoaaa!", Marco let's out a shout as he tumbles to the portal and off the side of what looks to be a steep cliff. With a smug grin, Hekapoo steps through the portal and looks off the cliff to inspect her handiwork, only to realize too late that she had been fooled! For there he was, hanging onto the roots growing out of the cliff, waiting for her to check on his fall, only for him to blow the flickering flame from above her head.

Hekapoo dissipates, and Marco realized he had been tricked. He looks down a ways and notices hundreds of Hekapoos, all teasing him about missing the mark.

One Hekapoo opens several portals, and enters into one of them, with her clones scattering into the various dimensions.

"It could take days, months, years, or even lifetimes to find me Fleshwad" Hekapoo's voices echo out teasingly. A final portal opens near the center of the circle where Marco is standing. "Go back to your stinky dirt rock, little boy", she says with an impish laugh, then silence fills the dimension once more.

Marco sighs, exasperated, then examines the various portals surrounding him. "I don't care how long it takes!", he says as he gets his spirits up once more, "I'm getting those scissors back."

'I think I'll go through this one first', Marco thinks to himself as he steps through a strange purple portal with a light mauve swirl in its center.

He finds himself surrounded by dense woodlands as far as the eye can see, if one could even call these a woods. The plants look all too familiar to something one would know on earth, but slightly distorted from what they should be. Trees with bark like birch, but orange with brown markings as opposed to white with black are dispersed amongst tall pine trees: whose branches are long and spindley, and end in large black leaves as opposed to the needles that should be present.

Ridiculously dense foliage sprouts from the dark, rust-red earth, though one can only wonder how it grows with such little gaps of light peeking through; not to mention the fact that the ground itself takes on only a semi-solid consistency. It squelches and gives underfoot, making the hike through the strange forest more like trudging through marshland. It would be hours before Marco finds that the journey was taking a lot more out of him than he initially noticed.

Spurred onward by the rapidly decreasing amount of daylight, coupled with the sounds of who knows what kinds of animals, Marco decides he needs to find somewhere safe to sleep before passing out from exhaustion. Using the remaining strength he has left, he climbs as far into a nearby tree as he can. "My legs are killing me. I haven't been in this much pain since that time I sparred with Jeremy when he was still using brass knuckles", he quietly laments to himself.

He takes off his hoodie and uses the sleeves to tie himself securely to the tree. His body riddled with exhaustion from wandering for hours without any apperently safe forms of food or water, Marco hopes that this little trick he's seen multiple times in pop culture can actually keep him from falling to the ground, though he doesn't dwell on it for long before succumbing to the stress of the day, and falling into a less than ideal sleep.

Hopefully you all don't mind that I reestablished the scenes leading up to the journey from the show: I just figured having the context fresh in mind would do good service to the fic. Either way, hope you all enjoyed the setup. The next chapter will be alot more original and juicier than this one, so stay tuned! XP