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Chapter 10 - Stand By Me

Prompto was lying on his bed, relaxing after another hard day. The cleaning up of Insomnia would most likely take years, but in the last six months they had managed to rehabilitate a few buildings so that people could move back in. He was now living in the King's personal guards' quarters, along with Gladio, Ignis, and the other former Crownsguard members.

Regis' old room had been cleaned up for Noctis, but Prompto knew he barely slept there, and when he did it was always with Prompto by his side. Noctis already didn't like the idea of using his father's old room, so he couldn't imagine being in there alone. Prompto didn't mind, obviously, although he rather preferred when Noctis would join him in his room - sneaking into the King's room made him feel too awkward.

They weren't exactly officially dating - if it could even be called dating anyway. It's not like they were going out to eat at restaurants, or to the movies - or whatever couples had done back when things were normal - not with the city still mostly in ruins and so many things to take care of. In a lot of ways, they were just like how they used to be, best friends who played games and hung out together. Except that now, hanging out usually implied heavy make-out sessions - among other things.

Prompto wasn't complaining about the change.

Still, as far as the public was concerned, Ignis thought it was better to keep it quiet a little while longer. Prompto didn't mind; he completely understood where this was coming from anyway. Noctis, however, wasn't too thrilled, and would regularly ask Ignis when they could stop acting like teenagers who were sneaking around behind their parents' backs. Prompto would usually laugh, and find a way to remind Noctis how exhilarating secrecy could be later that day.

In any case, Prompto was happy, and while he could never totally get rid of his insecurities and his memories from the dark years, being with Noctis was damn well helping him forget them from time to time.

A knock on the door made him look up from the game he was playing on his phone, and he smiled as Noctis stepped inside the room, never bothering to wait for Prompto to answer.

"Hey, how was it?" Prompto asked, expecting Noctis to groan and complain just like every time Ignis asked him to stay longer at night.

This time though, Noctis said nothing and sat on the edge of the bed, something obviously on his mind.

"Noct?" Prompto asked, getting a little worried.

"So, um, I need to talk to you about something", Noctis started, doing nothing to ease Prompto's worries. "You know how I always ask Specs about when we can finally go public, right?"

"Yeah…" Prompto managed, his throat suddenly very dry.

"Well, apparently he heard people talking these past few weeks, and…"

"About us?" Prompto interrupted, wondering when they could have been seen.

"No- about me, mostly. About how it would have been nice if I had married Luna, and how I should probably find someone to get married to, and have an heir, stuff like that…"

"Oh…" Prompto said, his voice stuck in his throat. This was it. This was the reason why he had never tried anything when they were younger, because Noctis was supposed to be King, and Kings had duties. He mentally chastised himself for thinking that things could be different in this new world.

"But I told him that I didn't care about that - like, maybe it was important before because of the magic in my bloodline, but there's no magic anymore, so any of the royal houses still present could take over after me, I wouldn't care. Besides I was pretty much supposed to die, so the family line would have ended with me anyway…"

Prompto just stared stupidly at Noctis because he suddenly had no idea what his boyfriend was getting at. He had initially thought they were about to break up, but now… He just didn't know. Also Noctis was blabbering in a way that didn't sound like him - usually Prompto was the one who couldn't stop the words from leaving his mouth, so really, this whole conversation was confusing.

"So, anyway, I told Specs that, and he actually agrees that it would be fine if I just made a decree about who should succeed me, but that I should probably start thinking about it soon so that people stop gossiping about it. And then, um, he said that I should probably get married anyway, like, people love royal weddings and stuff so it would be nice to take their minds off of the rebuilding for a moment…"

Prompto thought his brain needed rebooting or something because this could definitely not be going where he thought this was going.

"Anyway, I… I don't know, I thought... Do you want to?" Noctis asked, finally looking at Prompto, his face bright red.

Prompto's mouth hung open for a while as he stared at Noctis in utter disbelief, his brain definitely not catching up with the situation. He scanned Noctis' face, looking for a hint of a smirk, anything that would indicate that it was a joke, but Noctis just kept looking at him, his face flushed and his eyes growing more and more worried with every second that Prompto spent saying nothing.

"Forget it, that was stupid," Noctis eventually muttered, looking down.

This snapped Prompto out of his stupor and he rushed to grab Noctis' hand.

"Wait, no, wait-" he stammered. "Dude, what the hell was- are you, like, proposing to me?"

"Well, I was, but-" Noctis tried to say, his eyes meeting Prompto's again.

"Bro… Bro, what- seriously, who the hell proposes like that?" Prompto's voice was getting way too high-pitched for his liking.

"'Dude', 'bro', such cute pet names you've got for me," Noctis teased.

"Don't try to change the subject or I'll start calling you sweetie-pie in front of everyone."

"That's a useless threat because I know there's no way you'll ever say that, ever."

"Seriously man, you cannot do this to me, do you realize that I thought you were going to break up with me?" Prompto asked, unable to get his breathing under control.

"Well, at least it was a surprise," Noctis said nonchalantly.

Prompto smacked his shoulder. "I fucking hate you, Noct."

"Right," Noctis replied, unfazed. "So, you didn't answer?"

Prompto stared at Noctis, still unable to process what was going on. Then he just tackled him onto the bed, kissing Noctis with force as he collapsed on top of him.

"You fucking brat," Prompto muttered between kisses. "Yes," he finally breathed out once, then a second time, and a third, and again, and again, until they were both laughing against each other's mouths.

"Alright, then, I guess everything is settled for the ceremony tomorrow," Ignis said, after having asked Gladio to inspect the decorated throne room for the 36th time that day, or at least that's what it seemed like to Prompto.

"Great, we'll see each other tomorrow then," Noctis said, exhaling in relief.

"Yeah, we still need to help you get ready. Iggy would freak out if he ever heard word that one of you didn't manage to tie your tie properly or something like that," Gladio said with a smirk.

"Why am I always the only one to care about protocol?" Ignis sighed.

"Come on Iggy, you know we enjoy driving you insane," Prompto said, playfully bumping Ignis' shoulder.

"I appreciate the attention," Ignis replied sarcastically. "I just hope everything will be fine," he sighed again.

"Right, Specs here is getting all emotional at the idea of our bratty former-Prince marrying his little nerd friend," Gladio said, raising an arm in fake defense as his three friends smacked him in reply.

Laughing, the four men started walking towards the door, but Noctis stopped before stepping out of the throne room.

"Wait, Prompto, can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Uh, sure," Prompto replied.

"Guys, thanks. We'll see you tomorrow," Noctis said, and Gladio and Ignis waved at them before walking away.

"What is it?" Prompto asked as Noctis closed the door of the throne room so that the two of them were alone in it.

"Come with me," Noctis simply said, his expression unreadable, as he took Prompto's hand and started leading him slowly towards the throne.

"Noct?" Prompto asked again as Noctis remained silent.

"As my husband, you will be expected to take over if I'm sick or away," Noctis said very matter-of-factly.

"Yeah, dude, I already know that, Ignis went on and on about it."

"Meaning you'll have to sit here," Noctis continued, having led Prompto in front of the throne.

"...Alright? Noct what do you- ugh!" Prompto gasped as Noctis pushed on his shoulders to sit him down on the throne. That's when he noticed the dark glint in Noctis' eyes, the one that always made him weak in the knees as it usually announced that Noctis had come up with some new idea to try on him.

"I just want to make sure you're comfortable up here," Noctis said, his breath warm against the skin of Prompto's neck as he let his lips wander there for a moment.

"Noct, what- does the door even lock?"

"No one's supposed to come here tonight," Noctis simply replied, his hands moving to unfasten Prompto's belt.

"That's not an answer," Prompto faintly tried, but then his mind went blank and he didn't really have the heart to protest when Noctis kneeled in front of him.

Noctis' reply never came, and Prompto wasn't sure he'd ever be able to look at the throne again without blushing furiously - but he sure wasn't about to complain.

"Looking good, Princess!" Cindy said as she stepped into the room where Prompto was waiting. He had finished getting ready a while earlier, and Gladio and Ignis had already left to check on Noctis.

"Right back at you, Cin. Never thought I'd see you in a dress."

"Well it's not everyday you get to be a member of a royal wedding party, I'm making an exception."

Iris suddenly stormed in, wearing the same dress as Cindy, and looking as if she had been running. "Noct says hi," she said. "Oh and also Ignis said that it will start in ten minutes."

"Is that why you were running?" Prompto asked, laughing.

"He is very stressed," Iris replied, letting herself fall back into a chair. "You'd think he's the one getting married."

"Say, won't that happen soon anyway?" Cindy asked.

"It should, with Noctis appointing his house as successors to the throne, I believe he must have discussed the implications with Aranea," Prompto replied.

"Yeah, well, I'm not going near him when that happens," Iris said, making Prompto and Cindy laugh.

"So, how is Noct?" Prompto asked.

"Extremely handsome. But you should know that already," Iris replied with a wink.

"Iris…" Prompto said with fake annoyance.

"Yeah, yeah. He's not really nervous. He still tried to convince Ignis to cancel the first dance thing, but then Ignis looked like he was about to rip his head off so I think he gave up."

"Too bad, I wasn't exactly looking forward to it either."

"I'll make sure to take plenty of pictures, Princess!" Cindy said, elbowing him.

"Me too. Besides, a fairytale wedding wouldn't be complete without a dance," Iris laughed.

"Remind me again why you are both here?" Prompto whined, hiding his face in his hands.

"Because Noctis has to enter with his Shield and Advisor," Iris simply answered.

"So you're stuck with us," Cindy continued.

"Awesome," Prompto said sarcastically, but he was smiling at them.

"Alright, time to move," Iris said. "I won't be responsible for Ignis' wrath if we're late."

Prompto felt his heart beat faster as they approached the throne room. It was not so much the idea of marrying Noctis that made him nervous - thinking about spending the rest of his life with Noctis by his side was actually rather soothing - but all the protocol that surrounded the ceremony, and the fact that they were going to be the center of attention of a lot of people that day.

He wasn't exactly the nobody he had thought he was when he was younger anymore. All of the hunters knew his name from back during the dark years, and he had gone on that tour of Lucis with Noctis as his Glaive. Still, while the news of their engagement had been welcomed by all, Prompto never really thought of himself as Prince Consort material.

Then again, none of this really mattered anymore when he stepped inside the throne room and noticed the beaming smile appearing on Noctis' face as their eyes met.

Really, as long as he could make Noctis smile like that, nothing else mattered.

The sun was rising slowly over the city of Insomnia, and Prompto took a deep breath as his arms settled onto the balcony railing. Whenever he managed to wake up early enough Prompto liked watching the sky light up in the morning, reflecting on everything that had happened since Noctis came back. Even after almost ten years, he still had a hard time believing his luck sometimes.

Old habits died hard, it seemed.

A small smile appeared on his lips as he heard footsteps behind him and felt Noctis' arms close around him.

"You're thinking too much," Noctis whispered sleepily, nuzzling Prompto's neck.

"Always," Prompto chuckled.

"Come back to bed," Noctis said, yawning. "It's way too early."

"Alright," Prompto said softly, turning around in Noctis' embrace to kiss his husband's sleepy face.

Noctis smiled at him and took one of Prompto's hands, leading him back inside. They snuggled into bed, Noctis almost immediately falling back asleep, while Prompto softly stroked his back, his face half-buried in Noctis' hair as he kept watching the sun rise through the curtains.

Noctis made a content sound against Prompto's chest, and Prompto held him tighter as he silently sent Luna and the Astrals the same message he always did.

"Thank you."


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