Girl Advice

Falling For You

Disclaimer: I do not own Ronin Warriors or Sailor Moon and if I did, I'd so make a crossover show possible!

Note: This takes place while the sailors are fighting the Dead Moon Circus.  The Ronins are helping them in their battles.

The Ronin Warriors and Sailor Soldiers were battling against the Dead Moon Circus—a group of evil beings after the dreams of people.  After defeating the Amazon trio, the Amazone quartette took over and they were just as bad if not worse.  The quartette were not just not targeting people, but little kids.  During this situation, Rini found herself drawing closer to Pegausus.  As she was was becoming closer to Pegasus, she had no idea that Yuli was liking her more and more, even more than skateboarding and kendo.  Because he was growing older and he wanted to fight like the Ronin Warriors, they decided to give him kendo lessons.

Confused about her feelings toward Pegasus, the scout-in-training sat on the porch outside Serena's house to think.  Yuli just happened to be "passing through" on his skateboard thinking about his own feelings for Rini. 

'I never liked girls before but Rini is so different,' he thought.  'I'm too young for this.  Oh my gosh, there she is!'

He nearly fell off his skateboard when he spotted her and he stopped, got back on and skated past her twice, thinking whether he should approach her or not.  Hiis heart was beating hard within his chest.

'Come on Yuli,' he told himself.  'Go talk to her!'  Yuli took a deep breath, spun around on his skateboard and glided up the sidewalk.  Hands behind his head, doing his best to look cool and professional, he grinned as he came closer to Rini.

"Hey, Rini!  How's it going?" he said.  "Say, did I ever tell you the time I met the Ronin War—whoa!"

The one thing that could've gone wrong happened.  Yuli made a mistake in judgement and he didn't see the crack within the sidewalk.  The wheel hit it, he lost his balance and his skaetboard flew out from underneath him.  Yuli fell flat on his backside.  His skateboard hit Rini in the shin, taking her out of her moment of deep thought.  The front left wheel—that same stupid wheel that broke when Sage saved him in the subway during an outbreak of Dynasty Soldiers—had come apart.

"Huh?" she blinked and saw Yuli lying down on the sidewalk.  Diana hopped to him and started to lick his face.  "Yuli!  Oh, Yuli, are you all right?"

Yuli opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out.  A wave of embarrassment swept over him and he could almost see and hear what all the ronin warriors would say and do if they were hear.  Kento would be laughing his head off, Cye would tell Kento it wasn't funny, Sage would wince, Rowen would start talking about what might have went wrong and how Yuli ought to handle it and Ryo would just apologize and tell him to take White Blaze next time.

'I should've taken White Blaze,' Yuli thought, biting his lip.  'Oh man, she's never going to talk to me again!'

Rini got up and went over to him. "Yuli, are you hurt?"

'Just my pride,' Yuli answered silently as he pushed himself up.  "I uh, gotta go, Rini."  He turned around and ran off the front lawn like a bat out of hades.

"Yuli, wait a second!" she looked down at the light blue skateboard he left behind.  She picked it up.  "Wait! You forgot your skateboard!"

Serena stepped out of the house. "Hey, Rini, what's that?"

"It's Yuli's skateboard," she answered.  "He broke it."

"Yuli? Were the other gusy with him?" she inquired. 

"No.  He broke his skateboard and ran off.  I hope he didn't hurt himself."

"Oh," Serena said.  "Oh.  Oh!" Her imagination went ahead of her.  "I think he likes you, Rini!"

"What?" Rini gasped.  "No way!  Yuli and I are just friends, that's all."

"Oh, sure," Serena grinned.  "Wait until the others hear aobut this!" She grabbed her hand.

"Serena, let me go!"


Yuli ran as fast as his little legs could carry him to Mia's house.  He slammed the door behind him and went up the stairs, ignoring Kento's "Hey, little buddy," welcome. The guys and Mia looked after him in surprise.

"What's the matter with Yuli?" Cye inquired.

"He didn't have his skateboard with him," said Sage.  "I bet it broke again."

They walked up to Yuli's room, decorated with posters of professional skaters, kendo fighters and found him whatcking himself with his kendo stick.

"Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" he said over and over.

"Whoa, Yuli," Kento took the kendo stick away.  "if you wanted someone to train with you, why didn't you say so?"

"That's not how you play kendo," Rowen said.

"I don't care," Yuli threw himself over his bed and punched his pillow. 

"What's the matter, Yuli?" Mia inquired.

"Yeah, you're not acting yourself," Ryo added.

"I don't' want to talk aobu tit," Yuli muttered.  "You'll laugh at me."

"No we won't," Kento said quickly.

"Come on," Cye sat next to him.  "It will help if you get it off your chest."

"oh, okay," Yuli groaned, pushin ghimself up.  "You'll find out by the scouts anyway."

"What happened?" Sage asked.

"Well," Yuli mumbled, blushing, "I broke my skateboard again."

"That's what I thought," Sage said.  "Don't worry.  WE'll get you another one."

"Yeah." Kento added.  "You're getting too big for that old one anyway.  We'll get you a new and better skateboard, buddy!"

"It's nothing to be upset about," Ryo coaxed.

"It's not about my skateboard!" Yuli shouted.  "I don't care about that.  I'm mad because I—I broke my skateboard in front of Rini!"

"Huh?" said Kento.

"I was riding my skateboard by Serena's place and I saw Rini there," he explained, "I went to say hi to her and my skateboard broke.  The wheel popped off and I fell down.  Oh, I feel so stupid!"

The five guys did just what Yuli expected.  Kento started to laugh so hard he almost fell to the floor grabbing his ribs.  Cye was telling him off.

"Kento, that's not funny!" Cye barked.

Sage winced and shook his head. "You ought to be more careful, Yuli."

"You should check the warranty on those things," said Rowen.  "Maybe you hit a crack or something.  It wasn't your fault. All you had to do was pick yourself up and dust yourself off."

"Wow, I'm sorry, Yuli," Ryo suggested, "maybe you should take White Blaze with you next time."

"Yeah, I know his paw won't just pop off," Yuli groaned.  "I hope the Serena and the others didn't see me fall!"

"What does it matter, Yuli?" Kento asked after laughing his head off.  "We all do stupid things."

"Speaking from experience, eh, Kento?" Cye joked.


"Wait a minute here," Mia said quickly, "I understand why you're upset, Yuli."

"You do?" Yuli asked.

"Yeah, you like Rini," she said.  "Isn't that right?"

The boys turned their attention on Yuli and he blushed even more. 

"You like Rini?" Kento gasped. 

"No," Yuli lied. 

"Then why you by Serena's house?" Kento inquired with a grin.

"I was just out for a ride," Yuli insisted.  "I just happened to be in the neighborhood and I saw Rini there and I was just going to say hi.  I don't' like Rini.   I don't like girls, girls have coodies!"

"Oh yeah, he likes her."  Kento grinned more broadly.

Yuli frowned.  "Don't you think I'm too young to be liking girls?"

"Yuli, when I was your age," Kento began, "I started to like girls."

"Yeah, next to food," Cye said.

Kento rolled his eyes and Sage chuckled.

"Listen, Yuli," he said, sitting down next to him, "I don't think it bothered Rini much.  She probably likes you too."

"You think so, Sage?" Yuli asked hopefully and he gasped, "I mean—I don't know what you'r talking about."

"We can help you, Yuli," Rowen said.  "It's natural that you're taking an interest in girls.  You're what—nine?"

Yuli nodded.  "Well yeah, but don't guys start to like girls when they're fifteen or something?"

"Mia, could you leave us alone with Yuli so we could do some male bonding?" Ryo asked.

"Well, okay," she said.  "I'll be downstairs.  If you need a woman's opinion, Yuli, you'll know where I am."

"Thanks," Yuli said softly.

"Let's see, Yuli," Kento began, "where to start—oh yeah—when a guy and a girl, really, really, really, I mean, really love each other and--,"

"Kento!" the other four shouted.

"What?" Kento demanded.

"You want to make his ears bleed?" Sage inquired.  "We're not going to give him that talk. You'll scare him!"

"Hey, who else should tell him?" Kento inquired.  "Should he find out in Sex Ed?  He's got to find out someday!"

"What's that?" Yuli asked innocently.

Cye slapped his hand over Kento's mouth.  "Cut it out!"

"Okay, Yuli, listen," said Rowen.  "You like Rini.  That's good.  There's nothing wrong with girls."

"You mean there's no such thing as coodies?" Yuli inquired.

"No, that's a lie," Ryo said.  "They're okay."

"Girls are one of the things guys start to be interested in," Sage explained, "next to skateboarding and all that other guy stuff."

Yuli nodded.  "Okay…"

"How do you feel about Rini?" Cye inquired.

"I like her," Yuli said quickly, "not a lot at first but after I got to know her, I can think of her as a friend.  I think she's really cool.  But I don't know if I can talk to her after looking so stupid in front of her now."

"I'm sure if she likes you back she won't let that ruin things for you," said Ryo.

"But I'm scared I"ll do something else stupid,"  Yuli said.  "I'm too scared to even talk to her now."

"Scared?" Kento inquired with a grin.  "Wait a second here, Yuli.  You've been with us for a long time and saw us fight with Talpa's goons.  You went to the Netherrealm with us and you weren't scared at all.  Now you're telling us that you scared of a little girl?"

"Yeah, Yuli," said Ryo, "Kento's right.  After everything that's been scary so far, why should this bother you?  Remember when you saw White Blaze for the first time?"

"How can I forget?" Yuli asked with a smile.

"Well, you weren't scared of him, were you?"

"No way!" he exclaime.d  "Whie Blaze is cool."

"And all the grown ups were," Ryo added.  "You were just a little kid and you were the only one there who wasn't afraid of him.  I  think that's saying something, don't you think?"
"Well, I guess so," Yuli said, rubbing the back of his head.

"You're a brave kid, Yuli," said Rowen.  "I bet if you were a Ronin Warrior just like us, your attribute would be bravery!"

"Really, Rowen?" Yuli inquired.


Yuli laughed.  "Wow."

"So you've got nothing to be scared of, Yuli," said Sage.  "I know it's different and may be uneasy at first, but it will turn out all right."

"Thanks," said Yuli. 

"Don't mention it."

"Yeah," Kento rustled his hair. "Let's give you a few pointers on girls.  You've got to know how to be smooth and funny. Girls like boys with a sense of humor. You know how to approach them.  Let me show you how.  They like macho guys."

Kento cleared his throat, turned around to fix his hair and puffed out his chest.  "Hey, Mina," he said huskily, "You look hot today." He quickly switched places and batted his eyes and put on a girl's voice.  "Oh, Kento!  Kiss me!"

"Kento, I don't think that's an appropiate pickup line for Yuli to say to Rini," Cye said, fighting a mad desire to laugh.  Yuli was already cracking up.

"Well, what do you suggest, Cye?" Kento demanded after kissing the air.  "What do you know about girls?"

"I know that most of them would slap you in the face for saying something like that," said Cye.

"So Yuli should make a sandwich for Rini?" Kento inquired and Yuli laughed.  Cye blushed and turned to Yuli.

"Yuli, you don't really have to do much," Cye said.  "Keep it simple.  Tell her hi.  Smile at her and once she's got your trust she'll open up to you."

"Trust?" Kento exclaimed. "That's your symbol, Cye, not Yuli's!"

"Well, trust is still important, Kento," said Rowen.  "Yuli, you know how to make a conversation.  Complement her on something.  Make her feel special."

"Okay, okay," said Kento. "I was just joshing.  Go up to her and say, 'hey, Rini—have I told you about the time I met the Ronin Warriors?"
Yuli grinned, "I was about to tell her about that before I fell."

"You were?" Kento asked, impressed. "All right!"

"Remember to keep your cool," Ryo told him.

"Another thing, Yuli," said Sage. "You've got to look your best at all times."  He took out a comb and tried to comb Yuli's dark brown hair in like his own.

"Ow! Sage!" Yuli gasped.  "That hurts!"  He fended Sage off and went downstairs.  "I think I'll ask Mia!"

The other guys followed him.

"Hey, Mia," Yuli cried.  "What should I do?"

"Well, Yuli," she said.  "Just be yourself."

"Yeah, that's what we were trying to tell you," Ryo insisted.

"And girls don't like it when boys cry," said Kento.  "Never cry in front of a girl. You've got to keep tough."

"Kento, not all girls like macho guys." Sage muttered.  "Some girls like sensitive guys."

"I know, Sage." Kento insisted. "But there's a difference between being sensitive and being a wimp!  How is a guy supposed to protect his girl when he's a wimp?"

"Some girls can handle themselves," Sage said.

"Yeah.  Some."

"Hey," said Yuli, "can we go get a new skateboard?  I don't want to talk about girls anymore."

"You sure, Yuli?" Ryo asked.

"Yeah," Yuli nodded. 

"Ok," said Kento.  "To the skateboard store!"


As the guys were leaving, the girls were at Cherry Hill Temple talking about Yuli's skateboard.

"Yuli broke his skateboard?" Lita inquired, looking it over. 

"Yeah," said Rini. "I hope he didn't hrut himself."

"He's a tough guy," said Raye, "I'm sure he is if he's been with the ronins all this time."

"The wheel popped off," said Amy, "Maybe I can fix it."

"I think Yuli likes Rini," Serena grinned.

"Serena, knock it off!" Rini groaned. "he does not."

"Well, what was he doing at the house anyway?" she asked.

"Maybe he was just in the neighborhood and he wanted to say hi," Rini said.

"Really? Well, then, why did he run off so quickly after he broke his skateboard?" Serena inquired.

Rini opened her mouth but she couldn't respond.  "Because—he—because--,"

Serena laughed.  "What's the matter, cat got your tongue?"

"oh, I don't know!" Rini muttered, folding his arms.

"Yuli took off so quickly because he was embarrassed," said Serena.  "He's got a crush on you!"

"No he doesn't!"

"Well, Rini, I think he does," said Raye, "and you probably like him too, right?"

"I'm too young to be liking boys!" Rini said, putting her hands over her ears.  "I'm not listening! La-la-la-la!"

"This stupid wheel won't come back on!" Lita hissed after Amy was having difficulty putting it back together.  "It's a wonder Yuli never broke his neck on this thing!"

"Why don't we go and get him a new one?" Mina suggested.

"Yeah," Serena said with a grin.

"What are you smiling about?" Rini inquired.

"We're going to get him a new skateboard," Serena replied.  "We're going to prove you two love each other if we need to get one with your name on it!"

"That's a perfect idea!" Mina exclaimed.  "You two look just cute together, Rini! I know you love Yuli."

"I do not!" Rini exclaimed.  "He's just my friend."

"Yeah, your new best friend, right?" Lita asked.  "These things take time you know.  Start a bet secreet. Why "put true love forever" on it?  Maybe you should put "Rini and Yuli—Best Friends" or something like that instead.  Hey—maybe Sage and I should get matching shirts!  He started out as my best friend!"

"I thought he started out as just another guy who looked like your old boyfriend," Amy said.

"Just like every boy you see," Mina muttered with a laugh.

"But if they belong to it they should shout it fromt eh rooftops!" Raye exclaimed.

"We're just kids!" Rini exclaimed, her face almost as pink as her hair.  "I don't love him and he doesn't love me!"

"Yeah, you guys, quit making what it's not," said Lita.  "But getting a new skateboard does sound cool.  That's what best friends do for you.   I'm sure Yuli will take you out on a picnic for it!"

"To the skateboarding store!" Serena esclaimed.


Yuli was having trouble making his mind picking out a new skateboard. "I like this green one—oh—no—this red one—maybe this purple one?  I don't know!"

"It's all right, Yuli," said Ryo.  "We've got plenty of time."

"Be sure to get a helmet and pads with whatever one you get," Rowen instructed.  "That way you won't hurt yourself incase you fall."

"You're right, Rowen," Yuli said, scratching his head.  "But I can't make up my mind on a skateboard first!  Oooh, this was harder when my parents were with me.  No wonder my mother was so mad at me! I must've taken an hour trying to decide the last tiem I got a skateboard!"

"Hey, look at me guys!" Kento exclaimed, walking out of the dressing room wearing skater-punk style clothes.  "How do I look?"

"Pretty good, Kento," Rowen said, nodding his head.

"Oh, Kento!  You look so cool!" Mina exclaimed.

"Mina?" Kento turned around and flexed. "Hey!"

"You look so awesome in skater clothes!" she hurried up to him and looked him over. 

"Thanks," Kento grinned.  "What are you doing here?  Thinking of becoming a skater girl?"

"No, we're here to get Yuli a skateboard," she replied. "Rini told us about Yuli breaking his old one."

"That's why we're here," said Ryo.  "Except he cant' make up his mind."

"Hey, Mina," said Kento, whispering in his girlfriend's ear, "do you know that Yuli likes Rini?"

"We figured it out," she whispered back.  "Serena and I think we should get one and have his and Rini's name on it with true love written on it!"

"For the last time, Mina, they're not in love," Lita groaned, "they're best friends, right Sage?"  She looked at him as if she'd pummel him to the ground if he disagreed with her.

"Yeah," Sage nodded.  "Rini and Yuli are best friends.  I was just saying that's what they were becoming…best friends…"

 "Hi Rini," said Kento as Serena pulled her into the store.

"Oh, hi, Kento," she said.

"Rini?" Yuli gasped, turning red and looking around. "Rini's here?"

"Wow, what a surprise!" Serena cried.  "Hi guys.  Hey, Yuli. I heard about your skateboard.  We were going to get a new one for you."

"T-thanks, Serena," he said, turning back to the skateboards. 

Rini also blushed and walked off to look at roller skates.

"Serena," Rowen pulled her to him, "did Rini tell you anthing about liking Yuli?"

"No, but I know she's denying it."  Serena replied.  "It's funny we're bumping into you guys here.  We wanted to get him a new skateboard to replace the one he broke."

"Can I help you?" asked one of the workers, a boy about sixteen wearing skater clothes.  He looked at Kento as if he was a coworker.  "Hey, buddy, we've got a new shipment of beanies in the stocktroom."

"I don't work here," Kento chuckled.  "I'm just trying this stuff on."

"We're looking for a new skateboard for our young friend here," said Ryo nodding to Yuli.  "Any suggestions?"

"Wow, how old are you?" the worker asked, looking at Yuli with a grin.

"Nine," he answered.

"Awesome!" he exclaimed. "First time picking out a skateboard?"

He shook his head. "I got my first skateboard when I was seven.  It broke earlier today."

"You had it all this time?"

"Yeah.  I need a new one."

"I'm surprised it lasted that long," said the worker.  "Are you any good?"

"You kidding?" Kento put his arm around Yuli and laughed, nearly crushing the kid.  "This kid rides like the wind!"

"That true?"

Yuli nodded.  "I practice all the time."

"Kid's dream to become a great skateboarder," Rowen said. 

"I was about yoru age when I started skating," the worker said with a wink.  "Good thing to start young.  With the right skateboard and enough practice, you can be the best!"

"I'm having trouble picking one out though," Yuli confessed.  "A wheel just popped off, like the tenth time it happened too."

"You need a sturdier one," the worker suggested, looking over the rack.  "Let's see here now, something sturdy yet fast, easy to manage.  Hah! Here's one!"

He pulled off a dark gray one a little larger than Yuli's old blue one.  "Go ahead, stand on it."

"Okay," Yuli stepped on the skateboard and Rini peaked at him.  She smiled.  'Yuli is such a natural skateboarder.'

Yuli stepped on the skateboard and skated up and down the aisle, did a couple of turns and kicked it back up. 

"What do you think?" the worker asked.

"Lot easier for me to use than my old one," Yuli smiled.  "I'll take it."

"Yeha, we've got a winner!" Kento exclaimed. 

"Great, anything else?" the worker asked.

"A helmet with knee and elbow pads," Yuli said, grabing equipment that matched the color of his skateboard and I like this shirt too!" He grabbed a black T-shirt with the word ZOOM written on it in letters of fire.

"Good choice, Yuli," said Ryo. 

"Hey, do you guys do engravings here?" Mina asked quickly.

"Engravings?" the guy looked confused.

"Can you engrave something into his skateboard? Like his name?"

"I can do that with paint once I come home," Yuli said. 

After getting his new skateboard, Yuli had more confidence and he showed it to Rini.  "What do you think about my skateboard, Rini?"

"Looks nice, Yuli," she replied.

"Come on outside with me," he said.  "Let's see how it works."

"Um," Rini mumbled and Serena nudged her. 

"Go on, Rini," she said.

"Okay," Rini said and she followed him outside.  She watched him skate around in a circle and kip it up but she didn't look so interested. Her mind was still on Pegasus.

"What's with Rini?" Rowen asked. 

"I know she likes Yuli," Serena insisted. "She just won't admit it."

"Maybe she doesn't like his new skateboard," Ryo suggested.

"I wouldn't' say that," said Raye.  "I'ms ure she likes Yuli too but doesn't know how to react."

"I've got an idea," said Mina, snapping her fingers. "Why don't we meet for dinner tonight?"

"Sounds like a good idea," said Kento.  "I'm starving!"

Yuli was zooming up and down the road and trying out his new wheels.  Mina whooped.

"Hey, Yuli of the Wind," Sage called, "let's go!"

Yuli laughed and skated toward him.  "Did you just call me Yuli of the Wind?"


He laughed again.

"What's so funny?" Sage inquired.

"Well, back when we were fighting Talpa," Yuli replied, kicking the skateboard up to hold it.  "I was riding White Blaze once and I pretended to find the Armor of the Wind and then I called myself Yuli of the Wind.  I think I still have the helmet I made out of paper."  He sckratched his nose. "Kind of funny, huh?"

"Well, Yuli of the Wind," Ryo grinned, "let's go home.  We're meeting with the girls over dinner tonight."

"All right," Yuli said, "I'll race ya!"  He turned around on his skateboard and zoomed off.

"Hey, wait for us!" Kento shouted and the five ran after him. 

"You like Yuli's new skateboard, Rini?" Lita asked.

"Huh?" Rini mumbled. "Uh, yeah. Sure."

"Rini, what's the matter?" Mina asked.  "It's okay if you like Yuli.  We wont' laugh."

Rini shook his head.

"I'm sure you like someone," Serena coaxed.

"If there's someone new in your life," Raye began, "you can tell us."

"Like a new best friend!" Lita said quickly.

"Lita!" Raye groaned.

"They're too young to know what love is," Lita said.  "Give them a couple years to grow up first, Raye and then they'll be as tight as Sage and me!"

"Well, there is someone," Rini said softly.

"Ha! It's Yuli, right?" she said. 


"You sure?  It's not a boy that likes to skateboard that happens to know five guys with magical armor, is it?"

"Yuli and I are just friends." Rini said firmly.

"Best friends," Lita insisted.

"No, I don't know about that," said Rini.

"Who then?" Raye asked.

"I can't tell you who he is," she said. "He's not like other people."

"Well, maybe if you can describe him to us?" Amy suggested.

"Describe him?" Rini said. "Yeah—okay. He's as white as the snow."

"White as the snow?" Mina inquired.  "Like snow white?"

"But his hair is white too," Rini replied.

"Okay, white as snow," Serena said, "what else?"

"His face is very long and fuzzy, but it's way soft."  Rini replied.

The five girls sweatdropped and looked at each other.

"Long and fuzzy face?" Serena demanded. 

"That doesn't sound like Yuli," Lita scratched her head.

"This guy is either old enough to shave or she's he's totally donkey faced," Mina whispered.

"I think," Amy said, "I think the correct term is horse."

"Go on."

"No!" Amy whispered. "It's not nice to call people names!"

"Yeah, he's her new best friend, Mina," Lita muttered, "lay off!  He's probably really nice, like Sage!"

"What's his name, Rini?" Serena inquired.

"I'm not saying any more!" Rini shouted, folding her arms.

Serena pressed her lips together and sighed.  She stepped back, motioning the other girls to come with her.  "Maybe I should tell Darien to meet with us." She whispered so Rini could not hear them. "He can always coax things out of her."

"You sure you're not trying to make Rowen jealous, Serena?" Raye asked with a chuckle.

"Oh, be quiet, Raye!" Serena cried.

"Maybe we should call the guys and ask Mia to join us," Mina suggested.  "We don't want to make her jealous!"


Zirconia was losing patience with the Amazon Quartette.  They were so lazy! More so than Zirconia, the Queen was growing even more restless.  Zirconia was beginning to think that the golden mirror would be easier to find if they used metal detectors.

"Wake up, you lazy fools!" he shouted at the quartette.

Instead of stirring, all four lazy amazons stayed dead to the world and mumbled in their sleep.  He growled and roused them roughly, taking CereCere by her hair.  "Queen Neherenia is growing impatient!  We need that goldon mirror to be found! NOW!"

"Ahh! Let go of my hair!" CereCere cried. "Leggo!"

"Time for you to wake up and smell your own stinky flowers!" Zirconia snarled.  "This is your target for the day. Do not fail!" He shoved a photo of a boy with dark brown hair, a cute face, deep blue eyes riding a skateboard.

"Agh, can someone else do it?" CereCere whined.  "I don't like little boys with skateboards."

"Do it!" Zirconia snapped.

"Oh, all right, fine!" CereCere yawned.  "But this kid had better have the mirror and I don't want him giving me any trouble!"



Oh no! Yuli's a target. Will Rini be able to save him in time?