Girl Advice 2

Wrong Guy

Yuli wrote Yuli of the Wind with a black marker on the bottom and he turned it over to paint white squiggly lines to represent waves of wind.  He painted his title within the waves.

"What do you think?" Yuli asked, holding it up.  "Pretty cool, huh?"

"Looks superb, Yuli," said Ryo said, giving him the thumbs up. "You should go get ready while it dries.  You want to look nice for Rini, don't' you?"

"Yeah, you've always got to look your best," Sage reminded.

"Okay," he got down from the table and went to take a bath.  He took like twenty minutes bathing and reciting the poem about the five elements over and over and adding a line about the wind.  After he was squeaky cleaned, he toweled dried his hair, pat dried the rest of his body and pulled on his robe to get something to wear.  The guys thought of everything. Lying on his bead was a black suit with shoes.  Yuli smiled.

"You guys are the best," he said and he tried on the clothes. He came back out to join the others.  "How do I look?"

"Sharp as a tack," Cye smiled. 

"We ought to some flowers too," said Rowen. "Girls love flowers."

"We'll get her some roses," Ryo said. "Deep red ones. They mean true love."

"Oh, no, Ryo, I don't think that's a good idea," Sage said.  "Too soon.  After all, they're just kids. He should pick something else out.  I wonder what kind of flowers you'd give a best friend…"

"Hmm, flowers! Yeah that's a good idea."  Yuli exclaimed.  "Maybe I'll get her some orchids, or some chrysanthemums. I wonder if she likes geraniums."

The guys looked at Yuli as if a botanist possessed him.

"What'd you just say?" Kento inquired.

Yuli laughed, "Oh, I was just naming some flowers my mother liked.  She had a room filled with flowers and plants for years. I remember what most of them were. You remember, don't you, Mia?  Ryo?"

"Oh, yeah," Ryo said, "that's right."

"Well, let's get to the flower shop," said Mia, "everyone is probably waiting for us."

"Everyone including Darien," Kento joked, trying to make Mia blush.  "Hey, it's okay, Mia. We're not jealous or anything."

Yuli went to his skateboard drying on the kitchen table and he dabbed the paint.  "Hey, the paint's dry."

"No, Yuli," said Cye, "you don't want to go to a fancy dinner on a skateboard, do you?"

"Exactly, dude." Kento agreed.  "What if you accidentally crash and burn?  Or you fall in a puddle of mud?  You need some real wheels!"

"Well, should I bring White Blaze?" Yuli asked.

"He might scare half the people there," Sage laughed.

"We can all go in my car," said Mia.

They stopped at the shop and Yuli picked out orchids to give to Rini and the other guys decided to get the scouts flowers as well while they were at it. They met up with the sailors at the restaurant. The guys were surprised to see that Darien was talking to Rini at a table by themselves.

"It's so nice of you to offer me dinner, Darien," Rini smiled.  "I bet this will cost you a fortune."

"It's my pleasure, Rini," Darien said. "Order anything you want.  You know, Rini.  If there's anyone in your life, I hope you'll introduce me to him."

"Oh, Darien, you know you're my number one guy!" Rini beamed.

"I hope so," he muttered under his breath.

"What was that, Darien?"

"Nothing," said Darien quickly and he cleared his throat.

"So you've got Darien to pry it out of Rini, huh?" Rowen asked.

"If anyone can get Rini to spill," said Mina, "it's her future daddy."

"You guys didn't have to go so far," said Yuli sheepishly, looking at the orchids he was planning to give to Rini.  "I think Rini knows what you're trying to do."

"I just thought of something, Rowen," said Kento, "if Darien's Rini's father—and you and Serena are an item—I think that makes you kind of like Rini's stepfather."

Kento's timing had been all wrong for Rowen was in mid drink and he sputtered his ice water all over the table and choked.  Serena patted Rowen's back.

"Did I say something wrong?" Kento asked.

"K-Kento!" Rowen gasped.  "Thanks a lot!"

"Hey, I wonder if Rini has a little half sister in the future," Kento added. 

"Kento, that's enough!" Rowen exclaimed.

"Well, if I've got another girl, I hope she's not as wild as Rini!" Serena said. "She'd better have your brains, Rowen!"


"I wonder if he's getting thing out of her," said Mina.

"Yeah, I can't hear a thing," Serena added. "Let's sneak closer.  Come with us, Yuli!"

"Oh, I don't think—ah!" Yuli gasped as Serena grabbed the boy by the hand and they hid behind a piano to sneak to their table.  The girls besides Amy joined her with a table and a piece of abstract art.

"Rini, you and Yuli," Darien said casually, "are you still friends?"

"Of course we are."  Rini replied.

"I mean," said Darien, "are you more than just friends?"

"Huh?" she inquired.

"It's not that I have nothing against Yuli," Darien insisted, "He's a fine young man—good boy and he reminds me of myself when I was younger."

"Really?" Rini asked, leaning forward.  "Have you told Serena that?"

"Er, yeah, listen, Rini.  It's good that you are friends and it is all right if you are best friends, but if he's your boyfriend then I think you're rushing things."

"What?" Rini demanded.  "Yuli's not my boyfriend!  Wherever did you get that—oh—Serena!"  She heard the noise of the piano and other items being used as hiding spots scraping against the floor.  "Serena! You big sneak! Did you have to bring Darien into it too?" She groaned as she came to her feet.  "I'm sorry, Daddykins, but I think I've lost my appetite!"

Rini walked out of the restaurant with everyone looking on.  Darien sighed and stood up.  "Nice going, Serena.  Did you have to try to sneak up on us?"

"I couldn't hear you guys," Serena said.

"Maybe getting Darien to coax Rini to say if she liked Yuli was not a very good idea," said Amy.  "Rini's probably very upset."

"Hey, you forgot to give her the flowers, Yuli," Cye noted.  "It might make her feel better."

"You sure we should follow her after what happened?" Yuli inquired. 

"Come on, Yuli," Kento urged.  "If she means so much to you then you've got to be willing to take risks!"

"But…" Yuli mumbled, glancing at the orchids.  "All right.  Let's go and follow her.  Serena ought to apologize for this anyway."

"What?!" Serena exclaimed and everyone laughed at her.

They found Rini at the docks staring at a man feeding fish.  He had pale skin, white hair, about a one weeks' worth of beard on his long face and he was dressed in white.  Amy gasped and pointed.  "White as snow…Look guys," she said.  "Notice anything about that man over there?"

"He's a fisherman," said Serena with a shrug.

"No, remember when we asked Rini to describe the new person in her life?" Raye demanded with a groan.


"Yeah, you're right, Amy!" Mina exclaimed.  "It's Donkey-Face!"

"Donkey-Face?" Kento demanded. "It's not very nice to call people names, Mina—whoa!" he gasped after getting a good look of him. "Yeah, you're right!"

"This must be their meeting place," said Lita.

"I had no idea she meant him!" Serena gasped. "Who would've thought?"

"Kind of old, isn't he?" Ryo asked, scratching his head.

"Well, girls are always interested in older men, Ryo," Rowen said softly, glancing from Serena to Darien.

"I want to talk to him," Darien muttered.  "Unless he's very tall for his age I want him to stay away from Rini! She shouldn't be dating at all anyway!"

"Oh, Darien, what makes you think they're a couple?" Mia asked. 

"Yeah, we don't know he's her new boyfriend," said Sage.

"Or best friend," Lita added.

"Maybe she just likes to watch him feed the fish," Cye suggested, "and he shows her how sometimes."

"Cye, you could show her how to do that!" Kento exclaimed. 

It seemed like everyone had an opinion, question, something to say about the matter except for Yuli.  All he could do was stare with near-wet eyes.  He fought hard not to cry in front of everybody but his heart was falling into pieces. Finally, his voice was able to work.

"Rini," he mumbled.

"Huh?" Everyone turned and looked at Yuli.

"Yuli, are you okay?" Ryo inquired.

"This whole time we thought this new person in her life was you!" Lita exclaimed.

"Wait, wait, maybe she made that story up," Amy suggested quickly.

"Yeah," Mina agreed, "why would Rini be interested in some Donkey-Faced man twice her age when she's got a cutie like you right under her nose?"

"That's got to be it," Raye said, smiling, "she made it up because she didn't want to admit she really liked you! Then she came over here to fool us!"

"Yeah, nice trick, Rini!" Lita yelled at Rini but Rini couldn't hear them.  "But we all know that Yuli's your best friend!"

"Stop it," snapped Yuli.  "Stop it! Stop trying to make me feel better.  It's not working.  This has been a total waste of time.  Rini doesn't like me. She likes someone else.  I knew it!  I knew it!"

"Yuli," Mia whispered, walking closer to him and he backed up.

"Leave me alone, Mia!" Yuli shouted.  "All of you!  Just leave me alone!"  He threw the orchids down, turned on his heel and ran off. 

Hearing Yuli shout, Rini looked over her shoulder and saw him run away.  "Yuli?"  She noticed everyone standing around watching him leave.  "Oh no, they followed me," she groaned as she stood up.  "Can't you all just leave me alone for one minute?"

"Rini, how could you hurt Yuli like that?" Serena demanded. 

"What are you talking about Serena?" Rini inquired with a look of anger mixed with confusion.

"Yuli is so crushing on you," said Raye, "we can all tell.  He loves you!"

"Practically your best friend, even!" Lita added. 

"Why didn't you break it to him gently before you decided to peruse other people?" Amy asked.

"Yeah, what does Donkey-Face here that Yuli doesn't?" Mina questioned insanely, pointing at the man feeding the fish.

"What?" Rini demanded. "Okay, could you all tell me what's going on?"


"I should've brought my skateboard," Yuli said through his tears when he was about half a block away from the docks. "That would make me feel better.  I know I'll still have skateboarding!"  Yuli stopped and wiped his eyes on his sleeve.  "Why didn't she just tell me she liked somebody else?"

"Oh, poor little guy," said a woman with pink hair with an outfit to match.

"Wow, she's got Rini's hair color but Rini has a way better hairstyle."

"How dare you insult me!" CereCere demanded.

"I know you," Yuli said, recognizing her instantly.  "You're one of the amazons from the Dead Moon Circus."

"That's right, kid," said CereCere.  "I'm after your dream mirror. Now be a good boy and stand still."

Usually when Yuli was cornered with a bad guy, he would shout for the Ronin warriors to help him but now he wasn't going to rely on them this time.  He was a big boy now and he was so angry and hurt to deal with anything.

"Oh get out of my way!" Yuli shouted.  "Listen, I'm not in the mood to play with you.  You should all give it up because the Ronin Warriors and Sailor Scouts are going to defeat you anyway!  It's just a matter of time.  They stopped Talpa and Beryl and every bad guy after them and they'll defeat you too!"

CereCere sneered.  "You little brat!  I'm going to teach you some manners after I get your mirror!"

 "Well good luck trying, lady," Yuli smirked, getting into a karate stance, "'cause the Ronin Warriors taught me everything they know!  I'm not like your other targets!  You made a bad mistake on making Yuli of the Wind your target!"

CereCere laughed.  "Ha!  Hit me with—,"

"HI YA!" Yuli punched her square in the stomach.  CereCere wheezed, fell to her knees and put her arms around her. 

"Why—you--," she gasped, glaring at Yuli.

"Hey, I warned ya, you pansy," Yuli said with a look of satisfaction.  "That was something I learned from Kento of Hardrock!  Everything has a center and yours—isn't very hard!"  Yuli chuckled and ran off.

"Oh, you insulted me once again!  You mean to call me fat, boy?" CereCere shouted with a groan, trying to get to her feet.  "You brat!  Augh!  You come back here!  Augh! My stomach!"

The rest of the quartette appeared next to her.  "CereCere, what's going on?" VesVes demanded. 

"That boy knocked the wind out of me!" CereCere winced.  "He hit me in the stomach when I was going to take the mirror! Oh, I'm going to get him for this.  He insulted me more than once!   He told me I was fat!"

"Well you could work out a bit more," JunJun boasted, puffing herself up and tapping her flat stomach.  "See? Extra few sit-ups a day and I'll get a six-pack!"

"Quit bragging, JunJun," said PallaPalla, "can't you see CereCere is hurt? Oh, you want a hug?"  She put her arms around CereCere and she pushed her away. 

"Get your hands off me!" CereCere snarled.

"I was only trying to cheer you up!" PallaPalla whined.

"Quit your bickering," JunJun snapped.  "We've got to go after him and get his dream mirror. He can't be too far off!"

"Oh, I'm going to get him back," said CereCere.  "But be careful, he's friends with the ronins warriors and oh—he'll knock the wind out of ya!"


"What is going on here?" Rini questioned, folding her arms.  "I don't understand what you're talking about!"

"You and your new guy," said Mina, pointing at the fisherman.  "We all thought you liked Yuli."

"Who is he, young lady?" Darien demanded.  "How old is this guy?"

"I never met him before in my life!" Rini exclaimed.  "I don't have a crush on him.  I don't even know who he is!   I wanted leave the restaurant so I went out here."

"He looks exactly how you explained to us," Amy said.  "White as snow, long face…where you joking with us Rini?"

"Yeah," Lita added. "You made the guy up because you didn't want to admit you liked Yuli, right?"

"Unless, you are really interested in someone with white hair," said Cye.  "Either way, Yuli's really upset."

"He thought I like that fisherman over there?" Rini inquired.

Everyone nodded.

"Oh, poor Yuli," she said. "Is that why he left? I thought it was something you said."

"So, you and that young man over there," Darien said hopefully, "you are not, he's not--"

"No, Darien," Rini said firmly.  "He is not my boyfriend.  I don't know where you got that idea."

"Oh thank goodness!" Darien exclaimed graciously, giving her a hug. "I knew you'd have more sense than that."

"Sorry to confuse you," Rini shrugged.

"So who is this guy really?" Raye inquired.  "Do you really like someone with a long and fuzzy soft face?"

"Umm," Rini mumbled.

"Or did you just make it all up?" Lita guessed.

"Wait, you don't really have a new person in your life, do you, Rini?" Serena asked.

Rini shook her head. "You wouldn't understand if I told you."

"Understand what?" Sage inquired.

"Just forget it, all right?" Rini sighed.  "I can't tell you."

"Rini, you can tell us," Mia said.

"Can't we talk about this later?" Rini asked.  "Yuli's probably hurt.  Let's go find him, all right?  I want to apologize."

"Yeah, that's a good idea," Lita nodded.  "What if he's the Dead Moon's next target?"

"Don't worry, Lita," said Kento, grinning and winking, "We taught Yuli everything we know!"

"Really?" asked Mina.

"That's right," Cye replied for him.  "He can hold his own if something happens but we should go after him anyway.  He might be a good fighter but he's still learning."


The Amazons caught up with Yuli in no time when he stopped for a breather in the park and they surrounded him with their cues.  "Where do you think you're going?" said VesVes. "You still have something we need. So give it up!"

"I don't want to play pool with you, all right?" Yuli groaned.  "I bet you cheat anyway!"

"Hey, no we don't!" shouted PallaPalla.

"PallaPalla, shut up!" hissed JunJun

"Now I got my friends to help me," CereCere said. "You can't take all four of us!"

"You wanna bet?" Yuli demanded with a grin, ripping CereCere's cue from her.  "Back off, you pansy!"

"Hey, give that back!"

"Well, since you've asked me so nicely, here!" Yuli shoved the larger end of the cue into the exact same spot on her stomach where he had punched her previously.

"Ow! Not again!" CereCere cried as she fell back.  "Ow! Ow! Ow!  Oh, you knocked the wind out of me!"

"Well now you know why I'm called Yuli of the Wind!  Who's next?" Yuli inquired, turning to VesVes.  He grabbed her pole, fell on his back, rolled backward and tossed her behind.

"Hey! You!" VesVes exclaimed as she hit the ground. "Give me back my cue!"

"Okay!" Yuli threw it into her stomach and VesVes shouted in pain.

Yuli  turned to PallaPalla and she screamed.

"No, please!" she said, hiding behind her cue. "Don't hit me! Don't! Don't! At least not in the face.  I'm too cute!"

Yuli ripped the pole from her hands and whacked her in the behind the knees, knocking her off balance and falling on her butt. 

"Ow!" said PallaPalla.  "Nice way to sweep me off my feet!"

Ignoring her, Yuli turned to JunJun.  "Just you and me, greenie!"

"Well, unlike the others I'm not a wimp!" JunJun grunted.

"JUNJUN!" the other amazons cried.

"Well, bring it on, lady!" Yuli exclaimed, twirling the cue over his head as if he were Kento.  They pushed their cues against each other trying to exchange blows.  Yuli was quick on his feet.  It was a pretty fun fight to say the least for Yuli and JunJun was surprised that a nine-year-kid could be so tough.  JunJun laughed and paused.

"Hey, kid you're pretty good!" she exclaimed.

"Well, thanks," puffed Yuli.  "You're not too bad yourself."

"Why thank you," said JunJun, she put her cue down  "but the Ronin Warriors aren't very good teachers. They must've forgot to tell you--,"

"Never insult the Ronin Warriors in front of me!" Yuli grunted, slamming the blue cue into her chin and knocking her down to her stomach with a quick hit to her back.  Grinning, he turned the pole around and held the pole behind his back.  "Ha-ha!  How does it feel to be beaten by a kid? You didn't know I was the same boy that was friends with the Ronin Warriors, did you?  You'll be better off targeting little babies! You should clear off now before I get the sailors and ronins to finish you!" 

"Oh, I'll get you yet," hissed JunJun, using her cue to get her to her feet.

"No, he's mine, JunJun!" cried CereCere, holding her stomach.  "Stand back! He's mine!  I want to be the one to get his mirror!"

"Then do it before he hits you again," said VesVes.

"Let's see what you got, pansy," Yuli taunted.

"You'll pay for calling me pansy, boy!" CereCere yelled.  "I'm not a pansy!"

"Could've fooled me," Yuli muttered.  "I know a pansy when I see one and you're definitely a pansy.  I should know.  My mother had a room filled with flowers and plants and most of them were pansies."

CereCere whirled her pole around and held it in front of her as if she were playing pool at an invisible pool table and a pink ball appeared in front of it. She hit it with the cue with all her might and it went flying to Yuli. 


Holding the blue cue he took from PallaPalla as he were playing baseball, Yuli grunted and smacked the ball away from him and back to CereCere. CereCere moved out of the way.

"Looks like a home run," said Yuli smugly, dropping the pole.  "I'd better go."  He turned to run but the ball bounded off the monkey bars and made its way back to Yuli.  Yuli felt it go through his back and force out his dream mirror he gasped then screamed in pain.


The Darien, Mia, the guys and the girls were not too far from the park when they heard Yuli's screams.

Rini gasped.  "Yuli!  He's in trouble!"

"Sounds like he's in the park," said Rowen.

"Let's transform, scouts!" Serena said.


"Ready, guys?" she asked, turning to Rowen and the other four ronins.

"Aren't we ever?" Kento said.

"Let's go!"













"Let's hurry," said Sailor Mini Moon, "if anything happens to Yuli, I'll never forgive myself!"

They ran to the park just in time to see Yuli fall unconscious to the ground.  Sailor Mini Moon gasped and covered her mouth. "Oh no, Yuli," she whispered.  She closed her eyes and thought about what had happened.  'How could I be so thoughtless?  I've been thinking about my own feelings for Pegasus, I didn't know how it would affect Yuli!  Everyone now thinks I don't like him anymore. I've been dreaming about Pegasus when Yuli has been here under my nose the whole time? Oh, Yuli, I'm so sorry!'

"Yuli!" Ryo shouted.  "We're here, Yuli!"

"Blast," CereCere hissed.  "It's not the one we need.  This boy is just as insignificant as I thought!"

"All that work for nothing!" VesVes growled.  "What a waste!"

"You are wrong!" Sailor Mini Moon yelled.  "It does not matter if he's got the golden mirror, Yuli is more significant than you realize!  You injured my best friend and for that you will pay big time!"

"Did you hear that?" Sailor Jupiter asked the others. "They are best friends!"

"Let's get out of here," PallaPalla whined, rubbing her sore bottom.  "That boy hits hard!  I need ice!"

"Me too," said VesVes with a wince.

Kento laughed.  "Looks to me Yuli gave you some trouble, huh?  That's what you get for picking on a friend of the Ronin Warriors!"

"We'd love to stay and play with you," said JunJun, "but we've got to get back to the balloon for some ice no thanks to your pathetic friend here!"

"Yuli is not pathetic!" Rini shouted. "How dare you!"

"But don't worry," CereCere said, "We'll give you someone to play with.  Come out, Caniboko!"

From CereCere's shadow, a lemeur with an outfit made out of cannabis appeared.  Sailor Mercury gasped.

"She's made from cannabis!" she cried.

"What?" Kento inquired.

"Cannabis—that's marijuana!  It's a drug!"

"You know your plants," CereCere said.  "Get them, Caniboko!"

"You got it, man," Caniboko said in the voice of a stoner.

The quartette took off, leaving Caniboko to deal with the Ronin Warriors and sailor scouts.  Caniboko took out a joint and asked for a light.

"Coming attcha!" said Mars, "MARS…"

"No, Mars!" Sailor Mercury cried.  "If you use your fire then you will intoxicate us with marijuana!"

"And if I want to get high on pot," said Sailor Moon, "I'd stand on the toilet!"

"There's got to be someway to stop him without getting stoned!" Kento grunted.

"Oh, never mind," said Caniboko, "I've got one!"  She pulled out a lighter, lit his joint and took a puff and coughed.  "Mmmm….wonderful….oh, what was it I had to do again?  Oh yeah…" she took out ten joints, pushed them together to form one large marijuana joint the size of a lamppost.  Then she took her lighter, made it bigger and held it with both hands to light the enlarged marijuana joint.

"Uh oh," said Ryo.


"Someone blow that light out, quick!" Kento shouted.

Once the joint was lit, dangerous fumes filled the air and everyone started coughing and some of them speaking like they were stoned. 

"Whoaaaaa," said Sailor Jupiter, "Heeheee! Sage, did I ever tell you what a great guy you are!"  She put her arm around his neck. 

Sage was not under the effect of the smoke and he tried to shake Sailor Jupiter. "Jupiter!  Don't breathe in the smoke!  It will affect your brain!"

"My what?"

Kento started turning around in circles.  "Whoa! Whoa!  Whoooaaa!  Ha! I fall down…"

The only ones not intoxicated where Sailor Mercury, Rowen, Cye and Sage.  Cye couldn't breath in the fumes with his faceplate protecting him from poison, Sailor Mercury had her visor and Sage could cut the smoke away with his sword and Rowen was too smart to breath it in.

"We've got to put this joint out!" Sailor Mercury yelled.  "Cye, let's do it together!"

"Good thinking, love!" he exclaimed.



Sailor Mercury's attack of water swirled around Cye's wave smash to soak the light joint.  Once it was wet, Sage took his sword and chopped into a bunch of wet pieces and Rowen used his shockwave to clear the air.

"Hey, that was my best joint!" Caniboko yelled and went into a fit of coughing.  "Ghuh!"  Nevertheless, she took in a deep suck on her joint and blew out smoke.

"Sailor Moon!" Rowen called. "Sailor Moon!  You've got to finish her off!" 

Sailor Mercury was still pretty stoned and dancing around.  "Lalalala!"

He tapped her in the forehead. "Sailor Moon, cut it out!"

"Sailor Mini Moon," said Sailor Mercury, "stop waving your arms like you're a bird and call Pegasus!"

"I can fly! I can fly!" Sailor Mini Moon yelled.  "I can—what?" She stopped and shook her head.  "Hey, what's going on?"

"Quick, you need to call Pegasus!"

"Oh, right, thanks, Mercury!" Sailor Mini Moon said.  "Hold on, Yuli."  She clasped her hands.  "Please, Pegasus, protect my friend's Yuli's dreams!  MOON TWINKLE BELL!"

Pegasus appeared and Sailor Moon stopped acting stone.  She took out her Moon Gorgeous sword. 

"I'm going to put you out, you pot head!  MOON GORGEOUS MEDITATION!"

Caniboko screamed.  "What a drag!"  She fell down into CereCere's vanishing shadow where a pot joint lay.

"And that, kids, is why you should never do drugs!" Sailor Jupiter muttered, squishing the joint with her boot.

Yuli's dream mirror went back in his body and he began to regain consciousness.  "Yuli's okay!" Cye cried.

"Too bad we missed all the action," Kento groaned.  "Wish I saw Yuli knock those witches one!"

"Oh, Yuli!" Sailor Mini Moon gasped, running to him as he sat up.

Yuli smiled, "Hi, Mini Moon!"

Sailor Mini Moon threw herself down at his side and put her arms around him.  "Yuli, oh, Yuli, I'm sorry!  This is my fault.  If I didn't give you the idea I liked someone else you wouldn't have gotten hurt!"

"Hey, don't worry about it," said Yuli.  "I'm all right.  I showed those girls what they'd get for messing with Yuli of the Wind!"

"Oh, Yuli," Sailor Mini Moon beamed.  "You're so brave!" she tightened her arms around him.

"Yeah well," Yuli grinned, "the Ronin Warriors taught me everything they know!"  He winked at Kento, who was giving him the thumbs up.

"Isn't that right," Ryo said.

"Maybe someday you'll get an armor of your own," Rowen added.

"I sure hope so!" Yuli exclaimed.  "It'll be a dream come true!"

Mini Moon felt in her heart that Pegasus may stay in her dreams but Yuli would remain in her reality.  Pegasus was a guardian for the dreams of all people.  She had to learn how to share him with the rest of the dreamers of the world.  She wished it didn't have to take Yuli getting hurt to make her realize her feelings for Yuli, however, but now she knew, how much she cared for him and that nothing or no one could come between them.

Sailor Mini Moon sighed. "You're my best friend, Yuli--my best friend in the whole world."

"See, see?" Sailor Jupiter said excitedly. "I told you!"

"Well, you're my best friend, too, Rini," said Yuli.

She kissed him repeatedly over his cheeks and forehead, making Yuli blush like mad.  "I love you, Yuli!"

Sailor Mars grinned and looked at Jupiter.  "What was that you were saying, Jupiter?"

"Hey, you can love your best friend!" Sailor Jupiter shouted.

Sage stifled a laugh.  Sailor Jupiter whipped around.

"What's so funny, Sage?" she demanded.

"Oh, uh, I love you?" he said.

"Aww, Sage, that's so sweet!" she hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.

"I love you too, Rini," Yuli said, clearing his throat.  He hugged and kissed her in return.  He got to his feet and took her hand.

"Ask her out, Yuli," Kento shouted in a whisper.  Sailor Venus giggled.

"Uh," Yuuli began, rubbing the back of his head, "Rini, you, uh, wanna go skateboarding tomorrow?"

"Skateboarding?" Sailor Moon demanded.

"Shh!" the scouts hissed.

"Sure!" Sailor Mini Moon exclaimed.  "Sounds like fun, Yuli!" She squeezed his hand.

"Well, let's go home," said Mia. 

Hand in hand, Sailor Mini Moon and Yuli followed the scouts and ronins back home.


The next morning for their skateboarding date, the sailor scouts went with Rini to help her pick out some skateboarding gear. 

"You like pink, right, Rini?" Serena asked, scratching her head.

"Duh, Serena!" Rini groaned, taking the pink skateboard off the wall.  "I think I'll decorate it with some hearts and put mine and Yuli's name on it!"

"Really?" Mina asked excitedly.

"Well, it sounds better than Sailor Mini Moon," she said with a shrug.  "I don't want the whole world to know."

"Here, Rini," said Ami with a book on skateboarding in hand.  "You and Yuli can go over this."

"I swear, Ami," Mina sighed, "you're never without a book!"

"Thanks, Ami," Rini said.  "Yuli likes to do stunts on his skateboard.

"And you would want some protection too," Serena added, putting some pads and a helmet down on the counter. "Darien will kill me if you got hurt!"

"But Yuli can always kiss her owies and make it better!" Lita said excitedly.

"Thanks guys," said Rini, "let's hurry and by this stuff.  Yuli's waiting for me at the park."

 After buying Rini's skateboarding equipment, they walked with her to the park where the guys were cheering Yuli on as he was boarding down the skateboarding ramp and doing tricks in the air.

"Go Yuli!" Kento exclaimed.

Yuli caught sight of Yuli and tripped off his board and landed on the ground.  Rini gasped and ran to him.

"Oh, Yuli!" she cried.  "Are you okay?"

Instead of taking off like he did yesterday, Yuli simply smiled.  "Oops.  I'm all right.  Good thing I was wearing a helmet, huh?"

Rini smiled and sighed in relief.  "Yeah."

" I need to work on getting the turn just right.  My wheel didn't pop off, did it?" He got to his feet and dusted himself off.

"No," said Sage, picking it up for him.  "It's fine."

"Thanks, Sage," Yuli said.  He turned to Rini.  "You ready, Rini?"

She nodded and strapped her helmet to her head.  She got on her pink board, kicked off and nearly fell had not Yuli steadied her.

"Careful, Rini," he said, standing on his own board.  "Let me help you keep your balance."


"We'll kick off together," he noted and he put his hands on her waist, trying very hard not to blush.

Kento grinned and Cye shook his head.


Yuli and Rini kicked off at the same time and they glided down the sidewalk away from the others.  Rini laughed and held her arms out to the sides as if she were flying.

"Whee!" she cried. "This is so much fun, Yuli!"

"It's even more fun with you, Rini," he mumbled.

Rini grinned.  "Yeah.  I like being with you."

They looked at each other, smiled and continued skateboarding down the road with Yuli giving her tips on how to turn and whatnot.

"Hey, where are they going?" Serena demanded.

"Oh, let them have some time alone," Rowen told her. 

"Yeah," Ryo agreed.

"I wonder what your kid would be like, Rowen" Kento said, scratching his head.

"Kento!" Serena and Rowen gasped, red in the face.

Just then, a girl with sky-blue hair in a style like Rini's holding a bow in her left hand and a jersey in her right ran through the park shouting, "I made it! I made it!"

She bumped into Rowen and Serena, nearly knocking them down.

"Why don't you watch where you're going?" Serena demanded and gasped when she saw her hair.  "Oh no…oh no…oh no!"

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bump into you!" said the blue haired girl.  "I'm just really excited!"

"Excited about what?" Rowen asked uneasily.

"I made the Archery Team!" she squealed, holding out her white jersey that said Girl's Archery Team on it in blue letters and the number 10 with her name, Rowena.  "Cool, huh?  It was something I wanted for a very long time!"

Serena, however, wasn't looking at the jersey; she was looking at the golden key around her neck!

"Oh, well, congratulations," said Rowen.

"Thanks!" she said. "Hey, I look like you!"  She pointed and Rowen and Serena then laughed.  "We must be related somehow!  See ya!"  She ran off, still screaming, "I made it!  I made it!'

Serena and Rowen exchanged glances.  Rowen looked as if he were about to pass out.

"Serena, did you notice anything about that girl?" he asked.

"Well," said Serena, "at least she didn't fall on my head and tell me to give her the silver crystal."

"Something tells me that we'll be seeing her again soon," Rowen mumbled.

Down the road, the blue haired girl passed Rini and Yuli on their skateboards.  It shocked Rini and she fell off her board.

"What's wrong, Rini?" Yuli asked as he helped her up.

"Did you see that girl, Yuli?" she inquired, her crimson eyes about as big as grapefruit and pointed to the blue haired girl with the bow in hand.  "She looked so much like me!"

Yuli looked at the girl, "Hmm, yeah, maybe she's related to you somehow. Like a half sister or something."

"What—what if she's Rowen and Serena's daughter from the future?" Rini demanded.  Then she laughed it off, "Naaah! Couldn't be!"

The End