The ninja Trailer.

"Brave souls can come from anywhere. From the depths of the slums to the height of mountains. But not all souls are alike. Some have the souls of a beast: The soul of a Dragon".

In a old building some members of the infamous organization The White Fang where unloading some boxes from a truck. They've been at it all night and it was getting more risky so they needed to move quickly while several armed guards where paroling the area. Unaware of the figure watching them.

"All my life I've lived in something most would call... a fantasy world. But my world is more than a simple fairy tail".

One guard suddenly vanished without a sound.

"I have seen the cruelty of the world. I know it to well".

Another guard is grabbed by armored hands and pulled in to the shadows.

"I've spent years following my brother's example. I struck from the shadows, like my culture has done for decades".

A guard is grabbed from above, but unlike the rest he cried out in terror, alerting the others.

"But sometimes..."

They heard footsteps and got their weapons out, failing to notice an armored boy with a couple of swords was behind them.

"You need to step out of the shadows!".

He then attacks the soldiers. He quickly disarms one of them and hits him away before throwing the gun in to another White Fang's face. Then with blinding speed he punches one in the gut before delivering a strong kick, sending him in to one of his fellow members.

The rest finally get the chance to fire their weapons, but the armored young man runs around to avoid the bullets. He runs up a wall and pushed of sending him flying over the trigger happy thugs. He spins around in the air for a bit before spreading out his arms, sending throwing stars in to the weapons, disabling them.

He lands in the middle of them, he grabs one in to an arm lock before kicking someone who tried to attack from behind. He then throws the one he had been holding in to the one in front of them, then spreads his arms and hits two in the face.

One came at him with a sword, but he caught the blade between his hands before throwing it away and elbowed his foe in the ribs, making him fall down to the ground in pain.

Then 3 more attacked, some who were rather decent fighters. The boy held them of rather well, he hit one in the throat, making him back of clutching it. Then the he was kicked in the face, knocking him out. The boy fought the other 2 forcing one back, making the other one take out a knife and tired to slash him, but He just blocked the attacks with his armored arms before he grabbed the arm that was holding the arm twisting it and making him drop the knife.

He then threw the White Fang member to the ground and with a swift movement, he snapped his arm. The evil faunus cried out in pain, clutching his arm. The last one roared in rage and attacked in full force. But the armored boy blocked all his attacks and then hit him in the gut, making him hunch over.

The boy then raised his leg in to the air and delivered and ax kick to The White Fang's head, sending his face in to the floor which cracked from the impact.


The boy was suddenly grabbed and thrown across the room.

"Every fight is a struggle. And nothing is ever easy".

The boy looked up and saw a much taller White Fang glaring at him "You will suffer for this!".

He take out a large chain that is covered with small saws and he turns them on. The boy slowly got up and took out his sword.

"But I would not be here if I was not up for it!".

The boy skipped from side to side, avoiding the attacks and those he could not dodge the simply deflected with his sword. He threw some more throwing stars, that were easily deflected by the saw chain. The boy closed the distance and threw a kick, but The Fang stopped in with his arm and forced him back. The fang then snared his chain around the boy's sword, who quickly rammed it in to the ground, pinning the chain before rushing up and delivered an barrage of punches up the Fang's chest.

The tall faunus growled and back handed the boy in the face, making him roll across the floor. He tore his chain free, ripping the sword out of the ground in the process which flew in to the air. The boy jumped and caught it, only to have to block an attack from the large chain. But the force of the impact was enough to send him flying in to some heavy boxes which crumbled on top of him.

The Fang walked up to the rubble, wanting to make sure the rat was dead her swung around his chain alot before bringing it down, smashing the rubble and creating a large dust cloud. He stood still for several seconds, waiting to see if something was about to happen. But nothing moved so he assumed it was over and began to walk away... until he heard something.

"Ryƫjin no ken wo kurae!" The Fang turned and saw his the armored foe come towards him, his sword now glowing green.

The Fang tired to block but the glowing blade cut clean through his chain and he was sent sliding across the ground. The boy stood over him until he was sure he was down for the count and then slowly put away his blade.

"My brother used to call me a fool for believing that the world was the same like our father used to tell us when we were kids. I did not want to hear it, I saw the beauty and refused to believe the world was anything but a paradise... but he was right about me, I was a fool and I lost him because it... now I can see the truth. He was right, the world was not like that. The only way to make the world better, is to strike out at the very evil itself".

The boy began to walk away, in the distance a certain building could be seen.

"My name... is Genji Shimada... And I will punish the wicked!"

As he walks the broken moon was over him. His destiny would soon put him on path he will always walk not matter what comes his way.


Well that was the first trailer of the 4 members. Do not worry the chapters will be longer when the real story begins.

I want to let you all know while I will be drawing a lot from the game and the Overwatch lore in to this story, the characters will not be 100% the same as their video game counter parts they will be RWBY versions of them.

Meaning their will be a lot of notable changes to make the characters fit in better in the RWBY world. And yes there will be pairings so sorry for those who don't want it but that is simply how I've chosen to write my stories.

Well I hope you liked this first taste and I hope you stick around for the rest of the trailers and then finally the true story.