Tenshi and Akuma

Chapter 13


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Bulma's mother stood outside of her house, the morning sunrays just beginning to peak over the horizon. She was shivering uncontrollably for she knew she had lost her one and only daughter. She knew that her beautiful angel was dead, no longer to walk to path of the Prodigal One.

"BULMA!" she screamed at the world and held her eternally youthful face in her hands. She cried quietly and didn't even notice her husband wrap his arms around her waist. He had known this day would come, but had expected other reasons for it -- not Bulma's suicide. He had cursed the Prodigal One legend day after day throughout Bulma's life. He knew she would have to suffer the ultimate price for it, as well as the Chosen One though, of course, he didn't care about that.

He knew now though that he felt immense grief for both of the legendary apparitions. They had both suffered a great loss -- one in the same -- and it was due to the fact that they were born with a power they hadn't even asked for. No one asked them if they wanted to live a short life only to save their people and then have to die. No one asked them if they wanted to be cursed to doom from the day they were born.

Bulma's mother looked up suddenly. "I have to go to her." Her husband hadn't even the time to object for the blonde angel had disappeared right from her place in his arms.


"Radditz, what do we do? I mean... she's..." Kakkarot trailed off uncertainly. Radditz threw him a quick glance before focusing once more on the two lifeless bodies before him. He had expected, in the tiniest bit, that she might do something like this... that she might end her own life in her grief. He just hadn't taken the time to think about the consequences. Vegeta's father would surely flip if he saw her here, laying lifelessly on top of his son. On the other hand, Radditz didn't want to just disentigrate her body into nothingness. That would be a waste. He silently contemplated bringing her body to angel headquarters, but grudgingly admitted that he probably wouldn't stand a chance against their wrath. He'd be outnumbered one-thousand to one.

"I don't know, Kakkarot," he trailed off quietly without looking at his brother. He studied Bulma and Vegeta silently for a few more minutes.

"Surely we can't just leave them both here... together," Turles said uncomfortably. Radditz shook his head to confirm that notion. No, that would be bad indeed when Vegeta's father found out that the tomb was being 'disgraced by such filth.' Radditz snorted derisively. They couldn't even be together in death.

His best friend had never spoken it, but thinking back upon comments Vegeta had made and longing looks he had thrown at Bulma, Radditz knew that the attraction ran much deeper than the physical form. They were mated together by their souls.

"Of course not," Radditz replied in a 'duh' tone.

"I will take her for you."

All three demons present whipped their heads around to examine the intruder. Turles and Kakkarot's eyes widened slightly, but Radditz found himself less surprised. The blonde-haired angel entered the tomb, her footsteps as quiet as could be. She appeared as if she was gliding.

Bulma's mother approached the stone tablet where her daughter lay across Vegeta's chest, her arm hanging over the side of which she had dropped the blade which delivered hers and Vegeta's fatal blows.

"I..." Radditz started uncertainly. The angel eyed him dangerously.

"I know what is best for my daughter... and for the boy," she said quietly, her tone underlying deep sadness. Turles raised his eyebrows at this.

"And what do you mean by that, woman?" he questioned suspiciously. She glowered at him.

"Watch your tone, young man!" she scolded him, adjusting her daughter's weight in her arms. Turles made a choking noise and quickly closed his gaping mouth. Bulma's mother smirked triumphantly before her face quickly retained its solemn state. She eyed Radditz as she exited the tomb, her daughter resting gently in her arms.

"Do not remove his body," she said. He looked at her confusedly, but nodded. Seemingly satisfied with his mute answer, she walked completely out of the tomb and took to the air.


Bulma's mother landed softly on a patch of grass, atop a mountain which overlooked the ocean. She gently laid her daughter's body on the ground before standing back up. She gazed lovingly at her deceased daughter before staring off into the distance. She thought about her husband and silently willed him to understand.

"My beautiful daughter, my love for you knows no boundaries," the older angel murmured softly. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes. Her body began to glow faintly and she slowly lifted off of the ground a few inches. Her body continued to grow brighter and brighter until finally her form was a brilliant beam of white light. Her eyes flew open and she lifted her arms into the air. She smiled down at her daughter as her body faded and she became a part of the wind.

Miles away, her husband cried for the loss of his wife.


Bulma turned over onto her side and groggily rubbed her eyes. She slowly opened them and glanced around her. She was in the forest where she had first met... him. Then her eyes widened fully. She gasped and looked at her body. She examined each of her body parts and stood up, jumping on each foot as if trying to ensure that she was really alive again. She tapped at her legs anxiously.

"I believe your legs are still there," came a sarcastic voice from behind her. Her head flew up and she whirled around. Tears brimmed in her eyes, then fell. She was astonished to find that they did not turn into diamonds.

"V...V...Vegeta..." She could hardly believe her eyes, but there he was. He was standing before her, completely alive. She ran up to him and jumped into his arms. He accepted her readily and they embraced for what seemed an eternity.

"You're alive," she whispered happily. She ran her forefinger over his cheeks and lips, tears still falling freely down her cheeks. He nodded and wiped away her tears.

"You have no wings," he pointed out quietly. She turned around completely, looking over her shoulder. Her mouth hung open.

"And you! You don't have any wings either!" she exclaimed. Then she pointed at his forehead. "And you don't have any horns!" He grumbled at this.

"And I thought my horns made me look ruggedly handsome, too," he muttered irritably. She laughed and wove her arms around his neck once again, snuggling her face into his chest. He breathed in her scent.

She pulled away from him. "But this can only mean..."

"We are humans," he finished for her. She made a shocked sound.

"But how...?" she trailed off curiously. Then realization struck her and her heart hammered in her chest. "Mother..." She sank to the ground, wrapping her arms around herself in comfort. He knelt down beside her and wrapped his own arms around her in a comforting manner. He seemed to be contemplating something.

"I...I am sorry," he stuttered embarrassingly. Bulma smiled. He may have been human now, but he still had a hard time saying even the simplest of consolements. She frowned sadly.

"Mother," she started, looking up into the sky, "I'll never forget what you did. Thank you," she finished in a whisper. Vegeta lifted her from her place on the ground and into his arms. He leaned back against the tree he had been leaning against when he first met her. He sighed and she laid back against him. They looked into the sky to see five figures staring down at them, each wearing a smile.

Juunanagou and her father both waved at Bulma. Radditz, Turles and Kakkarot grinned at Vegeta and Radditz gave him the thumbs up. Vegeta and Bulma faced each other and each found the other smiling.

"Nothing will separate us in this life," Bulma whispered as she leaned in.

"Never," Vegeta replied as his lips enclosed around hers. He rubbed his thumb softly against her cheek in a lovingly manner. They both knew that no legends would get in between them, no rivalries would make them side against each. Nothing could separate their love.

Not in this lifetime and they would do everything they could to protect the next.



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