Dad -

I can't believe it's been almost a year since the Hyperion dropped out of FTL. It flew by, yet I feel like I've lived ten years since then, or twenty, or a lifetime. Of course, I haven't lived a lifetime - yet - so I guess I have no way to know what that's like. I'm looking forward to finding out. How long did you and mom have together? Almost twenty-five years, right? I'm sure you didn't feel like it was enough. I wonder how much would be.

Nettie just came in and she wants to add something.

- Yeah. I don't forgive you. But there may be the slightest, vaguest possibility that coming to Heleus was not a completely terrible idea. There. Take it or leave it. -

She's talking to you again. I can't believe it. This is an age of miracles.

Thanks for everything, dad. Say "hi" to mom for us, will you?

- Knight and Gryffon