The sun was barely over the horizon when a shout echoed down the hallway, "Muuuuuuuuuuuuum! Daaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" followed by the patter of little feet on a wooden floor.
Before Remus had a chance to think about anything, a mass hit the foot of their bed and continued calling, "Mum! Da! Wake up! It's kissmas! Wake up!"
Christmas was here.

This was the first year that Teddy had barreled into their room on Christmas morning, but something inside of his parents had just expected it. Perhaps it was just parental instincts.
"Ah, Ted, the sun's not even up yet," Dora mumbled, pushing her face down into her pillow.
Their son grabbed at the blankets of the bed and shook. "But presents," he moaned.
Remus turned to his wife and chucked, "The sun may not be up, but ours is."
She groaned, "He gets this from you, you know?"
"Ah, yes," he said, leaning over to kiss her cheek, "a bit more of your genes and we'd be celebrating Christmas morning sometime around 11."
Dora smiled, "What's wrong with that?"

"Muuuuuuuuum. Daaaaaaaaaaa," Teddy called again, sliding down the side of the bed and slumping onto the floor.
"Alright, alright, son, we're getting up," Remus said, throwing the blankets down and beginning to stand.
Teddy was by the Christmas tree before his mother and father had even made it out of their bedroom.
"Is this one mine?" he asked, pointing at a wrapped box under the tree.
"Wait for your mother," Remus said, crouching down to his son's level.
Teddy hopped up and ran to his mother, taking her hand and dragging her toward the tree, "C'mon, Mum."
Dora just laughed as she let the little boy lead her.
While he was pushing and pulling her toward a seat, his father checked a few gifts.
By the time the boy rejoined him in the floor, Remus had two of his gifts sitting and waiting for him.
"These are mine?" he asked, eyes wide.
Remus nodded, but before he could say anything, Teddy was tearing into the packages with an animal-like fervor.

After Teddy had unwrapped his fair share of toys, clothes, and books from his mother and father, he gasped and ran to the back of the tree.
When he returned, he had the two wrapped parcels from the tea shop.
"Da!" he chirped, handing Remus one of the boxes then one to Dora, "and Mum!"
Remus opened the box and pulled out a white mug with a red interior.
"Oh, Ted, it's fantastic!" he said, looking at the mug. It had a full-color Gryffindor crest on the front and the word "Dad" written in gold on the back.
Teddy beamed at his father, then turned toward his mother.
"Teddy! This is so cool!" she said wrapping her arms around him in a big hug, "Did you pick this out on your own?"
He nodded, "I pay for it, too!"
She looked genuinely surprised and looked at her husband for confirmation.
Remus nodded, "He did…well, all but a few sickles."
"Teddy!," she gasped with tears in her eyes (which would certainly have been blamed on pregnancy hormones, should someone have asked), "You're growing up so fast!"

The little boy looked prouder than ever.
Meanwhile, Remus took a look at the mug he had bought for his mother.
It was a solid light blue colour and said "Mum" on it in black.
The package said that it would change colour from blue to pink when exposed to warm drinks.
The boy certainly had outdone himself.

After they had finished our little Christmas morning celebration, the family flooed to Andromeda's for gifts before the four travelled to the Burrow for the Weasley family Christmas.

"Teddy!" Harry said, ambushing them the moment we stepped off the hearth.
"Harry!" the little boy returned, squirming in his mother's arms, holding his hands out to his godfather.
Harry plucked him from Dora's arms and began carrying him toward the Christmas tree, "You ready for your present, Ted?"
"Not yet!" Molly called from the kitchen, "Not yet, Harry!"
Even from across the room, Dora and Remus could see Harry rolling his eyes. "Fine then, since Auntie Molly won't let us open a gift yet, why don't we have a go at some crackers?"
Teddy cheered his approval and they headed to the couch where Ron was seated with a stack of wizard crackers.
A series of bangs later and Harry was wearing a shiny green top hat, Ron a gold-coloured crown, and Teddy a coonskin cap.
Remus couldn't hold back his laugh as the furry hat fell over his son's eyes and he had to adjust it on his small head.

"What prizes did you get?" Dora asked, sitting on a chair near the trio.
Harry showed a set of bright orange gobstones, Ron had a bag of never-fail firecrackers, and Teddy was admiring a toy hippogriff that was currently flittering above the table.
"Oh, wow," Tonks said, "they're putting better stuff in them than they did when I was a kid."
Remus left his wife with the boys and went to see if Molly needed any help in the kitchen.

After a massive dinner, everyone gathered in the lounge where the Christmas tree sparkled.
Teddy and Victoire sat very close to it, eyes sparkling as they looked at all the ornaments and tinsel shimmering.
"Mind if I give Teddy his gift now?" Harry asked, looking toward Molly.
She waved a hand, "Go ahead."
With a big smile, Harry got into the floor with the children and pulled a large package out from under the tree and handed it to Teddy. "And here's one for you, too, Victoire," he said, handing a second, smaller parcel to the little blond girl. She squealed with delight as her father moved beside her to help unwrap the gift.

While everyone was watching Victoire fawning over the toy unicorn Harry had given her, Remus heard the gifter telling his son, "Now, his name is Moony. Take very good care of him."
Remus whipped his head around to see his son, arms wrapped around a stuffed toy wolf that was larger than the little boy.
"You didn't," he said, glaring at Harry.
However, any anger Remus may have had dissolved when Harry said, "Of course I did" and gave a look that could have very well been James Potter, himself, reincarnated.

Over the next hour or so, everyone exchanged gifts, the children accumulating ever-growing piles of toys (well, other than the gifts from Hermione, Percy and Audrey, those were storybooks).
When Teddy opened the gift from George, he ran over to his mother. "Mum! Quiich!" he shouted, showing her a toy bat and bludger, both made from foam.
"Oh, yeah, Teddy. Quidditch," she said, taking it from him and looking it over
"Play now?" he asked.
Clearly she intended to tell him that he needed to wait until the rest of the gifts were opened, but he gave her an eager look and she couldn't help but surrender.
"Here! Let me!" George said, moving over to sit in the floor in front of Teddy.
He took the bat and showed Teddy how to hold it, "Like this, see?"
Teddy nodded and took the bat from the former beater.
"Right. Exactly," George said with a smile, "now, swing that and hit the ball, okay?"
Teddy nodded again. George pulled out his wand and charmed the foam bludger to rise from the floor. The little boy stared at it in awe.
"Ready?" George asked.
"Ready!" Teddy confirmed.
Slowly, George moved the ball toward the little boy. With an almighty swing, he made contact with the bludger and sent it halfway across the lounge.
George beamed, "You're a born beater, Teddy!"
Teddy laughed and smiled and ran across the room to fetch the ball, "Again! Again!"
"You've still other gifts to open, dear," Molly reminded Teddy, who immediately dropped the bat and ball onto his pile of gifts.

His final gift was from Ron, who had bought for him a foam quaffle.
The rest of Teddy's evening was spent tossing the quaffle with anyone who was willing to play with him.
"I can play on my broom?" Teddy asked, looking in awe at the gift from the youngest Weasley child (other than Victoire, of course).
Ginny had recently joined the practice squad of the Holyhead Harpies and had purchased a toy version of a top of the line racing broom for the young boy.
Remus shook his head, "Not tonight, son."
Teddy looked disappointed as he tossed the red ball into his father's waiting arms.
Remus lobbed it back to him and offered a compromise, "How about, if the weather is nice, tomorrow we can go out and play on your broom?"
As Teddy threw the quaffle back, he asked, "Play quiich?"
"Whatever you'd like," his father answered, which seemed to satisfy the boy as he was all smiles for the rest of the night.