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The city was busy as always. People were working, studying in summer school or maybe a little sick in their houses. Some people were angry, sad or simply feeling nothing special about that sunny day.

Dipper Pines , however, was smiling with happiness while looking at the little person in his arms while his wife, Pacifica, rested in a white bed in a hospital room.

He became a father that day.

To him, the little newborn boy was beautiful. The kid had little blond hair and his skin was just a little less pale than his and Pacifica's.

The baby was sleeping peacefully and Dipper gently took his little hand before looking with happiness how the little boy wrapped a small hand around his finger.

"Kid, can we come in?"

Dipper turned around to see his great uncle in the door frame. The man was now in his seventies and looked more tired than when Dipper had 12 years old, however, Stan was smiling brightly at his great nephew.

"Sure, just don't be loud. Pacifica and Alex are sleeping."

Stan entered the room, followed by Ford, who had changed as well, but still looked younger than his twin, why was that, Dipper would never know.

"That boy got your cuteness." commented Stan as a joke, but smiling at the little baby.

"Congratulations, Dipper." Ford was smiling too. "Now you are a father of a healthy little boy."

"Now Mabel and you have kids." Stan said with a smile and proud in his voice. However, after his words, the old man glanced around the room with confusion "Now that I think about it, where is your sister?"

"Oh, I called her to give her the news, she will be here in a few hours" Dipper chuckled as he remembered the call "Before I could tell her about my son being born, she yelled at me. Apparently, I woke up her twins."

"Well, maybe you will understand her anger now that you have your own kid." Ford commented with a little laugh, making Dipper shiver.

"I'm scared." the new father admitted before looking at his boy. Dipper smiled. "But I'm happy."

"Hey." Stan went closer to his nephew to see the baby "He has your mark." The man pointed to the baby's forehead, a small mark in the form of the little Dipper was adorning it.

"I know." Dipper said, his smile disappearing a little bit "I hope it doesn't bother him too much."

"He will be fine" Ford put his hand over Dipper's shoulder. "He has you to make everything okay."

"Yeah, and if someone bothers him, that person will have a small lesson coming from me ". Stan said, crossing his arms in a confident manner, making Dipper laugh.

There was a new member in the family.

A very special member.

But they didn't know that.

"They are cute"

Dipper and Pacifica smiled at their son's comment.

That day, Alex became an older brother, his golden eyes were watching with curiosity at the new members in his family.

His parents were holding in their arms two baby girls. Dipper was holding Lily, while Pacifica was holding Lizzie.

Both girls had brown hair, Lizzie's being curlier than Lily's. They looked a lot like Dipper, however, they still had some Pacifica's features.

"Can we come in?"

Dipper nodded with a smile at his sister, who was in the door frame. Mabel entered along with her husband Barry and her kids, James and Jane.

After them, Stan and Ford entered the room.

"They are beautiful." Mabel said smiling while walking closer to Dipper's side and watching her little niece.

"What are their names?" Ford asked, sitting in the small sofa of the room at his brother's side.

"The girl I'm holding is Lily." Dipper answered, letting her sister carry the baby girl.

"This little girl is called Lizzie." Pacifica answered while watching her daughter with a smile.

"Grunkle?" James watched at Stan with confusion in his little eyes "Are you crying?"

"Nonsense, kid." Stan answered, avoiding the adults amused glances "I caught something in my eye."

"Mom" Jane was at her aunt's side, watching curiously at Lizzie "Why she has six fingers?"

Ford's eyes widened at hearing this, while Stan glanced at the little baby, slightly curious.

"She has six fingers?" Mabel asked to Dipper, who just nodded, making her sister smile. The woman then turned to her daughter. "Your cousin's hands are a little different, like Grunkle Ford's, that's all."

Dipper smiled at his great uncle after his sister's answer. "Don't you want to hold her, Grunkle Ford?"

The man, nervously, walked to Pacifica's side, who gave him a reassuring smile before putting the baby in his arms.

The little girl was sleeping peacefully. Ford gently stroked her little curly hair with tenderness and he couldn't help but smile.

"They are really something else." Stan went by his twin's side, now holding Lily in his arms. "Wanna hold this little pumpkin?"

The two men exchanged babies, carefully.

Lily was sleeping as well, however she seemed to have more energy than her twin. She was constantly moving her little arms and legs.

"I bet she will be a joyful child." Ford smiled at the girl.

"I wanna hold them"

Ford looked at Alex. The three year old boy was frowning at the man, who chuckled at him

"You are still too young to hold them" Ford said with a smile.

"You will play with them when they are a little older." Dipper said to the slightly frustrated child. "Be patient."

"But I want to play with them now." Alex mumbled, a little annoyed.

"Me too." James went to his cousin's side, showing support. "When will we play with the babies?"

"In a few years." Pacifica answered, smiling at the two boys. "Don't worry, you still can make them company."

"Really?" Alex looked hopeful at this.

"Sure, they are your little sisters." Stan went closer to the boy and kneeled down, so the kid could see Lizzie's face. "As their older brother, you will take care of them."

The boy blinked at this, and then gently stroked his sister's hair with his little hands. The little girl moved a little and Alex was able to see her six-fingered small hand.

The adults keep talking with each other for a little while. James and Jane were sleping peacefully side by side in the white bed while Pacifica stroked their hair. Alex was sitting with Ford in the small sofa, the man now had Lizzie in his arms.

Ford smiled when he noticed how the boy was trying to see his sister. He put the baby closer to the three year old. "You already love them, huh?"

The little boy just nodded, barely paying attention to Ford, before talking to the small baby.

"I'm going to take care of you and Lily, and we will play a lot." The boy grabbed gently the girl's hands. "It's a deal!"

Ford's smile dropped when he heard those words, and this didn't go unnoticed by his brother, who was sitting by his side with Lily in his arms.

"You okay?" the man asked to his twin.

Ford only nodded, before give his twin a reassuring smile.

"Yes, everything is okay." Ford returned his gaze to the boy. "I'm just too paranoid."

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