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Chapter 15: New little mistake

Stanford Pines couldn't stop staring at his cellphone screen.

"Device not found"

The scientist crossed his arms, knowing well that the words his eyes were reading made no sense, if Alex had really just lost his bracelet, the connection he had with his phone to Dipper's would be enough to track.

Of course, there was always the possibility that the device had been damaged wherever it was.

Stanford decided to change the bracelet to be tracked.

"Device found."

Immediately, a bright spot appeared on a map of the town, indicating that Alex's new bracelet was in the Shack.

Stanford sighed wearily and rubbed his eyes, he would spend a lot of time looking at that little screen. He knew he had said to himself that he would only track the boy if he lose control, but…

Trust no one

… in the end, old habits are difficult to get rid of.

Alex woke earlier than usual, it was difficult for him to fall asleep, and if he did, there were not pleasant dreams for him to have.

The boy went to the kitchen, looking for something to eat for breakfast, suddenly he felt a small electric shock on his neck.

" What the hell?" he exclaimed angrily, but before he could question the sudden and unpleasant sensation, there was a knock on the door.

Suspiciously, Alex approached the entrance to the Shack, before opening the door just a little and peeking out.

No one was there, just a small package, with a note:

"Alex Pines:

As soon as you turn this on, you will receive your next task.

P.N "

Alex held his breath for a second, before quickly taking the little box with him and closing the door behind his back.

The blonde teen stood still, not knowing where to go, the boy couldn't just go to the attic, where his sisters stayed along with him, and open the box. The teenager decided to lock himself in the bathroom, where he could at least have a little privacy.

Alex, after closing and locking the door, opened the package. He was now surprised and confused, it was a new cell phone.

"Huh?" The boy couldn't help but also feel scared, how did he know that he didn't have a cellphone anymore?

The blonde teen shook his head to clear his mind, obviously the man would take into account every detail of what could go wrong and inspected the whole area after the fire.

The boy bit his lip nervously before deciding once and for all to turn on the device; As expected, a message with a photo attached immediately arrived.

Your next goal, give him a good lesson. You have a week.

Beneath that message was the image of the current mayor of Gravity Falls: Tyler Cutebiker

Alex froze, his heart started beating way to fast, the mayor? really? why? and how was he supposed to do it?

The guy honestly didn't know what to do, his mind was blank, he just didn't want any more problems, he wanted to forget the whole thing once and for all.

Taking a deep breath, the boy made his way to the attic to change his outfit and get out of the Shack as quickly as possible.

Before he even thought about fulfilling his "next mission" he had something to do.

Alex Pines walked, saddened and in deep thought, through the streets of the town, if he had any luck, his family wouldn't notice his absence, he only had to calm his mind and heart to return home.

However, seeing his soon-to-be-target entering the place where he wanted to go, made him stop dead in his tracks, what was Tyler doing in the hospital?

The boy swallowed nervously, it had already been very difficult for him to get there! Knowing that the next person he had to hurt was so close to the person he already caused pain made everything even worse.

The mayor entered the hospital...

The boy raised an eyebrow, with curiosity evident in his gaze, could it be that the mayor wanted to say a few words to McGucket? It made sense, the fire in the mansion had been big news in the small town.

The blonde sighed as he felt knot in his throat starting to form. He didn't want to be like this anymore, he didn't want to hurt…he didn't even have a special interest in the people he had to attack!

The boy cursed the little self-control he had in the meeting with his grandparents; it he had been just a little more patient, he wouldn't be there, standing still in front of a hospital while being a pathetic mannequin of someone with only madness in his heart.

He felt as if his hear had felt, bothered by his last thought. It seemed that karma always ended up appearing, even after being born again.

The boy came out of his thoughts when he saw the mayor leave the hospital. Perfect, now he could achieve his own goal for the day.

The teenager quickly entered the hospital, although no one paid attention to him, and no one would have to. He was just Alex Pines, a good young man who, sometimes got into trouble along with his sisters, he couldn't do anything wrong.

The blonde asked about McGucket's room at the reception

"404" the brunette receptionist answered while looking at him with a warm smile.

"Thanks," Alex said in a low voice, feeling a little uncomfortable, before heading to the elevator. The boy felt exposed, watched, and the fact that he wore that bow tie around his neck only made him feel paranoid.

Preston didn't need detectives to monitor him, did he? The microphone he already had was enough. If the man had thought that speaking with McGucket was a bad idea, he would have shocked him already.

In fact, Alex thought, it was convenient for the Northwest if he pay a little visit to an old family friend.

If the visit was strange or tense, then there could be a problem, so he forced himself to just relax.

The teenager arrived at his floor and went directly to the old man's room, the boy knocked on the door, and a moment later someone said "Come in"

Alex slowly entered, wishing with all his might that none of the old man's relatives were present.

Thanks heavens the old man was alone.

"Oh, hello! You are Stanford's nephew, aren't you?" Before the boy could even reply, the old man spoke again, "This bed is quite uncomfortable! Honestly, the home I had before the mansion was much more comfortable than this!"

"Uh ... how are you, McGucket?" asked the boy, realizing that he had no idea how to chat with the man who, even when he had recovered his memory long ago, was still a crackpot "I heard about the fire"

"Hey, I've had worse days" the man replied as if fire couldn't kill anyone "At least I won't have to try to climb those horrible stairs anymore!"

Alex's lips curved into a slight smile as he saw the usual attitude in old man McGucket, his shoulders, which he hadn't noticed that were tense until that moment, relaxed considerably.

"I see ... well, still ... I'm sorry that happened" the boy mumbled before allowing himself to give a little sigh of relief.

There, he apologized, he would feel better now.

"Ah, stop saying that boy, I should actually be thanking you."

Alex could swear that his heart stopped for a moment.

"Huh? Why?"

"What do you mean" why"? You took me out of the fire boy!"

Before Alex could reply, the boy felt electricity going through all his body, the message was clear.

Fix this.

"I-I think you are wrong!" the blond stammered "I wasn't in the fire."

"Huh?, but I saw your hair, boy!"

Another shock.

"Well, you must have imagined that," replied the teenager, saying the first thing that came to his mind.

"Oh, well ..." the old man's gze changed, his strange and funny smile disappeared and now he had a grimace of sadness on his face "I suppose I probably allucinated it."

Alex had no time to curse himself or feel guilty.

"Yeah, well ... I just wanted to come and see how you were feeling," he said quickly, with a fake smile "My parents probably wonder why I had been out so long, so ... I should go"

McGucket couldn't answer the boy's words, because the blonde quickly left the room.

"Everything is fine, everything is fine..." the image of McGucket's grimace made him feel nauseous.

"Nothing is fine"

The boy arrived at the reception and, immediately, he could notice that the brunette receptionist was no longer there.

"Please tell me your names," said the blonde woman to the strangers. "Only relatives and enlisted contacts can pass."

Alex held his breath for a moment.

"That doesn't mean anything, calm down ..."

He took quick steps towards the hospital's exit, where the young lady who had received him entered again, but this time, she stared at him until he left.

He did watch him.

The boy cursed under his breath. Sure, the man didn't need a camera because he could get people to be his eyes, he only used the microphone to give him the false feeling of having privacy.

It was over, the boy was going to end this facade once and for all. Sure, to avoid being electrocuted, he would have to confess everything in a letter, note, or something like that… and out of the public eye.

The boy's heart skipped a beat when his parents' faces appeared in their minds. Scared, distressed, disappointed.

His heart was beating too fast, he had to calm down, luckily, he was almost at the Shack.

When he was only a few meters from the Shack, a hand abruptly tugged at his arm, knocking him out of his thoughts,

" What the…?"

The boy looked up, Stanford Pines was staring at him, furious, while Dipper watched him from the Shack's door, with an unreadable expression for Alex.

"Oh, no"

That was all he could think.