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It felt wrong to be sending his shadow back to Emma without him. As Killian fell to earth he tried not to see it as a sign that he himself might never return to his Swan. The impact with the ground winded him he lay too stunned to defend himself against the vindictive mass of lost boys who had cost him his chance to be reunited with Emma. He bit back a yell of pain as a savage kick caught him in the side; the crack of his breaking ribs must have been audible halfway across the clearing. Tiger Lily was shouting something indistinguishable, fighting, unwilling to give up if he knew her, but Killian couldn't summon the strength to join her in resisting. He had done what he could, who knew, perhaps Emma didn't even want to see him again. Perhaps this way was better, letting himself be slowly bludgeoned to death seemed a small price to pay for giving Emma a chance at defeating the Black Fairy.

"I'm sorry, Swan, I never should have left you." He wasn't even sure if he said the words aloud as his head smashed against the ground. His vision flashed dark and for a moment he could swear he saw Emma again, her face streaked with tears of betrayal as she returned his ring. "Swan." The darkness enveloped him like the jaws of a monster and he fell endlessly into it.

He woke to the vague sensation of being half carried, half dragged. His hands were bound and his whole body ached abominably. He groaned involuntarily, which earned him another blow across the back of the head.

"Hook!" Tiger Lily was close by hissing his name in his ear. "We have to get out of here. I need you to help me."

He couldn't. His whole purpose had been getting back to Emma and his last chance of succeeding had long since flown away. "Hook! Killian!" Tiger was desperate and part of him wanted to help her, but the exhaustion was overwhelming. For days he had been running on little sleep and no food, fighting for his life as often as not. Now it was over, and if the savage beating his body had just failed to endure was any indication fighting would be of little to no use anyway.

"Captain Hook, for your crimes against Neverland and against Pan you are sentenced to die." He lifted his head wearily to look the boy in the eyes. He looked very young, younger than Henry but Killian knew better than anyone that looks could be deceiving. This young boy was nothing like Henry; he was bloodthirsty and ancient, and reasoning with him was futile.

"Burn him! Burn him! Burn him!" The circle of mad children began to chant and cheer as Killian was roughly dragged to his feet and shoved against a wooden bit his lip so hard that he tasted blood as his arms were roughly tied behind the stake. He was stubbornly determined not to cry out again. Others began piling wood around him; dancing and leaping in impish glee. He shuddered, less from fear of the flames than the disturbing thought of these children darkening their hearts forever with this deed. He reflected ruefully that it was another useless sign of how he had changed; here he was, thinking of his soon to be murderers before himself. It still didn't matter. No matter how much he had changed he still knew that on some level he deserved had killed Emma's grandfather, lied and kept secrets from her. For countless years he had sailed the seas, leaving carnage in his wake. Whatever he had done to atone he was still the man who did all of those things.

The lighted torch hovered over the dry wood and reflected demonically in the eyes of the children. Captain Hook closed his eyes and thought of Emma. Silently praying to whatever deity would listen that she would be happy again with someone untainted by darkness. He heard the torch drop and the hungry crackle of the dry wood. In the next heartbeat he heard an all to familiar voice shout his name over the din.

"Killian!" His eyes flew open in horror. Emma. His Emma, somehow, inexplicably she was there; just in time to see him burn.

NO! He fought madly against the ropes binding him, his pain suddenly forgotten. Emma couldn't see this; strength he didn't know he possessed surged through him. The ropes snapped and he wasn't entirely sure whether his left shoulder had not suffered the same fate but now there was no time. "Tiger Lily! Run!" He didn't wait to see if she had. He rolled through the leaping flames knocking lost boys aside in his desperation to reach Emma. Emma, love please don't die for me.

She caught his hand as a deadly arrow whizzed past her face and dragged him through the whirling portal to home. Home. She didn't realize he had been home the moment she appeared. The moment she came to save him. As the fell through the magic towards Storybrooke Killian only knew one thing. He was never letting go again.

Okay, short, I know, but more to come soon. The next chapter will be skipping forward a bit to after the proposal but before the sleeping curse is broken. It's an episode tag from Emma's perspective. Hope you all enjoyed so far.