Hey guys. I know that I have been away for a while. This was due to some real-life issues that have left me with a lack of time to continue my epic storytelling. Anyway, just to keep apetite for more Harry Potter: Mechwarrior, here is a little teaser that I have wrote. Enjoy!

Harry opened the door and aimed his las-rifle inside. He needed to check that the room was clear before moving on to the Prisoner. As soon as he was satisfied that there were no Steiners in sight, he made his way further in. In the centre of the room, his eyes became firmly fixed on the metal masked figure that was chained to the floor. He stepped slowly over toward… her, unsure of whether or not she was an enemy. It was only when he was about two feet away that he noticed the pile of black rags lying next to her. On one of them, he noticed what looked like a shield. Harry knelt down and picked it up and he couldn't believe his eyes. It was not just a shield, it was a Gryffindor emblem from Hogwarts!

For him, this only increased the urgency of the situation. He placed the emblem and began frantically pulling at the latches on the side of the mask. After much effort, he pulled them open one by one and he pulled the mask off to reveal a mess of fuzzy brown hair. Unable to see who it was, Harry reached a hand forward and pulled a few strands away from her face. It was only then that he reeled back in shock at who it was.


The girl looked up and a set of brown eyes became firmly fixed with his. Harry still could not believe it. It was Hermione Granger, one of his best friends and closest confidantes. What the hell was she doing here? Why wasn't she at Hogwarts where she was safe? Before he could even try to find an answer to these questions, his eye caught a figure standing outside the cell door.

Harry raised his weapon, only to find that it was Jim. He had obviously come to see what was going on, and had not expected to find a gun pointed in his face.

"Sorry." Harry quickly apologised as he lowered his aim.

"No, my bad." Jim replied.

It didn't take long for him to notice Hermione, who was still slowly recovering from her ordeal. He then glanced over to Harry, who, in turn gave him an expression that told him that he knew her.

"Is she alright?"

Harry turned round and headed back over to her. He knelt down by her side and took her by the hand.

"Jim, this is Hermione Granger, she's one of my best friends from school."

Jim could not contain his surprise as he looked at her. The same questions that Harry had asked himself began to run away in his mind.

"How did she get here?"

"I don't know." Harry shook his head. "Maybe…"


Both Jim and Harry looked at her. It was the first time she had spoken since her mask had been removed. Harry placed a hand over her shoulder and gave her a gentle smile.

"Harry, is that you?"

"Yes," he answered. "Yes, it's me."