You're Upset

Chat Noir's heart felt heavy as he made his way towards her home over the rooftops. He knew logically that he shouldn't feel guilty for simply telling the truth this afternoon, but he really hated the idea of hurting anyone as unintentional as it was. As he finally reached towards the edge of the rooftop which looked directly onto Marinette's balcony he could hear the telltale sniffles betraying to him that she'd been crying recently. He glanced over the wall separating the roof from her part of the building and spied her sitting on her lounge chair, knees tucked up to her chest and face buried in her knees. He dropped down onto her railing, startling the poor girl so badly she came extremely close to unseating herself entirely and falling to the concrete ground below her.

"Oh, I'm sorry Princess. Didn't mean to frighten you," he said, "but I was passing and you sounded sort of upset. there anything I can do?"

"Chat Noir?" she asked, confused. She sniffed loudly and wiped quickly at her eyes before continuing. "Anything you can...? No, there's nothing you can do. But thanks. I'm just...being silly," she told him before glancing away at where her feet were propped up and trying in vain not to sniff again.

He could tell from her body language that she didn't want him to pry any further and in this case he didn't need to, not really. Not when he'd been the reason behind her misery after all. Once again he cast about in the back of his mind for any other way he could've reacted when the girl in front of him had approached him at school today.

He'd had no idea Marinette liked him as anything more than a friend. So when she'd nervously admitted to him that she's had a crush on him for some time now and that she was hoping they could be more than what they currently were, he'd been completely unsure how to react.

He'd had to turn her down, obviously. He loved his Lady and he was still holding out hope that she'd love him back someday. Considering the fact that she flirted back with him, there was a very good chance of that if he just held out for it.

But the way Marinette had physically drooped when he'd told her that he was flattered, but liked someone else had been distressing to watch. He'd apologised too, although he knew he couldn't control how he felt about her and then she'd gone and been so nice about it despite how he could tell he was breaking her heart. That's why he'd decided he had to check on her once he was sure no one was going to bother him in his room at home.

"You're upset," he said to her, "And it doesn't look like you think you're really being silly about it...Need a hug?"

She glanced up at him, her eyes watering and teeth worrying her bottom lip as she weighed up her options.

"Yes please," she finally whispered, tears starting to fall again instantly.

Chat spent the next several hours laying on the lounger with her as she cried into his chest. He patted and rubbed her back soothingly and made comforting shushing noises as every sob she made tore into his chest and made him ache with the guilt of what he'd done to her.

Eventually her sobs died down to agitated sniffles again and he continued to hold her and rub her back until she moved to look at him.

"Thanks Chat," she said clearly, as even her breathing had returned to a normal pace, "I think I needed that."

"Anytime Princess," he told her as she sat up and moved away from him. He gave her a pained smile as he stood and backed away from her slowly, towards the edge of her balcony.

"Until next time," he told her before disappearing into the steadily darkening evening.

This came from the prompt for Day 18: Rejection