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Chapter 1 - Summer's Here


"Corrine Lola Redbird! Wake UP!"

"Ugh…hmmmmm..noooooo." I groaned, rolling over and wrapping my pillow around my head. I didn't want to wake up, as usual. I mean, it's literally the first Saturday of summer, so why should I be up early? Especially since I was out all night with the boys racing. I deserved at least another four hours.

"Come on Corrie, get out of bed," my mother Julia nudged my foot after rudely intruding. I listened to her rummaging around, no doubt inspecting my dirty jeans and shoes on the carpet. "You've gotta clean this room up, today. And these dirty jeans and shoes? Today, I'm not kidding missy! Now GET UP!" She left the room muttering about my unlady-like behavior. You'd think that after seventeen years she'd be used to it by now.

I groaned again and rolled over, inwardly cursing chores and mornings and all things that deprive me of my precious sleep. Ten minutes later I was up in the shower, dressed and picking up the dirty clothes and shoes, shoving them into an empty laundry basket so I could take them down to the washroom. After putting a load to wash and dumping my trainers into a bucket of water I shuffled into the kitchen for coffee.

"Finally! I've got this bake sale later, and I know you forgot honey, but I really need your help with these cupcakes. I've still got fifty more to go." Mom was busy stirring batter, greasing mini cupcake pans and checking the cupcakes that were in the oven; all at once. She had flour all over her fair skin and in her wavy chocolate brown hair which was in a messy bun at the top of her head. Her apron was smeared with frosting and I quickly stuffed a cold pancake from the table in my mouth to keep from laughing. She hated to be teased and I wanted to be on her good side today if I was to go hang out later.

I drained my coffee mug and set it on the table. "Sure Mom, whatever you need, I got this," I said with a smile, earning a relieved sigh as she put me to task.

This happened every few months, the crazed soccer mom madness. My nine year old twin brothers Luke and Toby were little soccer pros, and Mom did any and everything to make them happy. But it was really the other soccer moms that she wanted to impress that caused her to go crazy like this. We weren't rich like a handful of the other families that had their kids in the Forks Soccer Club, so whenever bake sales and the like came around, Mom needed everything to be perfect.

My Mom is a housewife and mother to five kids – my older brother Joey is twenty-two. Like me he dirt-bike races, he also dates a ton of girls and works at the local music store. He loves anything loud, dangerous and female basically. My other younger brother Connor is fifteen and he loves basketball, comic books and video games, he's a bit of a geek but his b-ball skills make him a popular one. Then there're the twins who only care about soccer, video games and cartoons; and me, Corrie, the volley ball captain and motorcross speed demon. I'm the only girl, and that means I'm not much of one, much to my mother's chagrin.

Dad manages the local Mega-Mart grocery store which is just off the highway that leads into Forks from Port Angeles. He's big on sports hence why all of his kids are good athletes. Dad made it to varsity b-ball back in his day, and to this day he's still an avid fan. Weekends in my house are dedicated to sports. There's always some game on tv or we're out watching it together. We're our own team of sorts. We're close and we're happy, I wouldn't change it for the world.

While Mom went to shower and get ready to take the twins to their game, I put my clothes to dry and scrubbed my shoes. I'd need to get some new ones again. I bit my lip, wondering how I'd broach that subject with my parents. I hated asking for anything, knowing that they already had their hands full with the house and my brothers' athletic needs. Maybe Joey would spot me. But really, I knew that I needed to get a job. I'm seventeen so why not? In fact, I was pretty sure Dad could get me one at the Mega-Mart bagging groceries or something lame like that. But that would take up too much of my days, and I needed to train if I was competing this summer.

I decided then and there that it was time to draw up a flier and hand it out around the neighborhood, offering my babysitting services. I usually sat every now and again for the Levingston's and the Jones' down the street, but I needed more jobs to make good money out of it.

"Corrie, I can't find my shin guards," Toby said miserably, breaking my thoughts as I hung my shoes up on the line that ran across the washroom.

"Okay squirt, I'll find 'em," I playfully ruffled my little brother's brown hair and started the search around the garage. I ended up finding some socks and a hair brush I'd been looking for before I found his shin guards and packed them away in his bag. Then I went upstairs and changed my clothes so that I could go to the game with the family. I decided on a clean pair of blue jeans, my pink converse and a pink hoodie with a white sweater underneath. Being a tomboy didn't mean that I hated pink, it was a cool color and I liked the irony of it all. I shoved my brown hair up into a low pony tail and stuck a navy blue cap on it that said "BABE," it was a gift from Joey last year. But I am pretty sure he stole it from one of his many conquests.

Dad was at the table reading the paper when I got back downstairs. "What's up kiddo?" he said over the top of his glasses as I kissed his cheek. He looked nice in his blue polo shirt and faded blue jeans. It went nice against his black and silver streaked hair. Dad is of Quileute descent so his skin is a couple shades darker than us kids and he has the warmest brown eyes. Joey, Connor and Luke are the only ones who came out looking more like him, while Toby and I favor Mom's brown hair and green eyes.

"Nothing much. I decided to make a flier for babysitting. I could really use the cash to get some new gear and fix my bike."

"What wrong with it?"

"Um, nothing major but I wanna carry it to get tuned and whatnot."

"But you can tune it yourself princess."

"I know, but I just want a professional opinion, there's this clicking noise I don't like."

"Did you ask Joey?"

"He's been too busy to take a look at it." I shrugged my shoulders. I just wanted an excuse to go see my friend over in La Push. I hadn't seen Jacob Black since last summer and he was a better mechanic than anyone I knew. I'd prefer to pay him than some other dude that might rip me off. Between him and my cousin Leanne, I was due a visit to the Quileute Reservation a half-hour away. Plus it was summer, and summer meant beach days, a tan would be nice. I'd always wished I could look more like my Native side.

"Okay, well, I know races will soon start for you, so if you do need any extra cash, don't hesitate to ask, maybe you can work part time at the Mega-Mart."

"Thanks Dad!" I bounced over and gave him another peck before raiding the fridge. We would be leaving soon and I wanted a full stomach.

We piled into Mom's minivan, Dad at the wheel. Joey was the only one missing as he had to work. Two hours later Dad and I were shouting our heads off at the field while Connor sat there reading a book. He was into fantasy novels like me, he liked anything dark and mysterious. Mom was over at the bake sale table dealing with the crowd of parents, children and passers-by in the area.

The twins' team won so we headed over to the local pizzeria with the other families to celebrate. My best friend Valerie called me while we were drinking milkshakes and listening to the twins talk about their favorite moments of the game.

"Hey whatcha doing?" Val chirped.

"I'm at Dinsley's with my fam, soccer game celebrations."

"Oh cool! I'm coming to get you, I'm not far away!"

"Cool, see ya."

"Who's that?" Mom asked.

"Just Val, she's coming to get me. Is it okay if I go hang with her? I'll finish cleaning up my room later, I promise."

"Of course you can go, it's summer! Just be home at a decent hour." Dad answered. I was a bit of a Daddy's Girl so I wasn't surprised that he ushered me off. Mom tended to be a little more strict, always the one to say no.

"I will," I beamed, glad for an escape.

"So Corrie's decided to make some fliers and expand her babysitting services this summer," Dad told Mom, making it seem like a much bigger deal than it really was. I fought the urge to roll my eyes.

"Oh really? That's nice honey," Mom gave me a squeeze and a warm smile.

"Thanks, maybe you can put in a good word with your peeps, I could really use the cash for clothes and the bike and stuff." I looked around at all my little brothers' teammates and saw a gold mine. I wish I'd done the fliers to hand them out now.

"Responsibility, that's what I like to hear." Dad smiled.

"We can go to Port Angeles for a day when you've saved enough to go shopping," Mom suggested.

"Yeap, that's what I was thinking too." I wanted to get new clothes for school. Even though I am a tom boy that doesn't mean I don't care about my looks. Guys notice me and Val a lot, and I intended to go to a few parties and whatnot this summer, plus, who doesn't want new clothes for school in September?

Valerie arrived in her white Toyota Camry and beeped the horn outside, waving to my family though the window. I jumped up and said my goodbyes and pushed out into the street. I almost knocked into a girl that was coming in, recognizing her as Bella Swan, the Chief of Police's daughter.

"Sorry Bella," I said awkwardly.

"Oh hey uh… Corrine, it's okay, my fault for not watching where I was going," she grinned sheepishly, turning bright red. I was surprised she knew my name, but I guess she would because I was popular for sports.

"See ya around," I waved, noticing that she wasn't with her ultra-hot, ultra-weird boyfriend Edward Cullen. They just graduated from our school. They're so lucky to be done with that ball and chain.

I jumped into the passenger seat of Val's ride.

"Did you see your friend?" I asked mischievously.

"NO, I didn't see Edward."

I giggled and rolled my eyes. "You need to get over it, he's with her now and they seem pretty serious, it's been a whole year or is it two?"

"Oh whatever!" she ignored me as she always did whenever I poked fun at her Cullen infatuation.

Val reversed out of the lot, music blasting in our ears as she sang along and popped her gum. Valerie is a dark beauty. She has inky black hair, piercing blue eyes and creamy skin. My complexion is a little more tanned than hers; I'm not exactly pale, more like beige, thanks to the Quileute genes. She's sexy and dresses well, and the object of most guy's obsession at school – well before Bella came and caused an uproar in the senior class for reasons Val has never understood. She's really girly and not into sports, but we've been friends since kindergarten so none of that really matters. We're like sisters more than best friends.

"Our brothers' team won by the way," I told her with a wry smile.

"Wonderful," she grinned with a roll of her eyes which made me laugh. "So guess what!" she shrieked.

"What?" I asked, as I stuffed a piece of her gum into my mouth.

"There's a bonfire tonight at First Beach, everyone's gonna be there! You game?"

"Sure! Of course! God I'm so fudgin' happy it's summer, Val. I'm gonna make some babysitting fliers and Dad said I could work part-time at the Mega-Mart if I want to."

"What? That's great Corr! Although it'll mean less time for us to chill, I'm happy for you." Val's dad is the local dentist and he has a practice in Port Angeles on the weekends; so she's lucky to be a spoiled princess like that. Mr. Davis buys her and her mom anything they want. Mrs. Davis is on the soccer committee and is one of the moms that makes mine so crazy with being perfect – even though Mom and Mrs. D have known each other forever, there's a hint of rivalry. Personally I think my mom's the best, but whatever, I don't really give it much thought. Neither does Val. We ignore them most times. Val doesn't even bother to come to her brother's games like I do, she really hates sports - weird I know.

Valerie pulled up to the gate of her mansion and keyed in the code. She lives on the secluded rich side of town, which is only a handful of houses. We went inside and she dragged me up to her room to discuss outfits.

"So, tonight I wanna look smoking hott, but not too over the top. I need your advice on my choices."

I nodded and spread myself out on her bed while I watched her try on various pants, tops and sweaters. Since we were going to the beach at night, dresses and skirts were out of the question. Bad weather was the norm in Forks and at any moment it could get too cold or rainy.

I finally convinced her to wear her black skinny jeans and a black cardigan with a nice blue long sleeved top than made her eyes and boobs pop. She ended up throwing an olive green sweater at my face telling me to keep it because she didn't think it suited her. She always did things like that, giving me clothes or shoes with excuses that it didn't fit or she didn't like it or whatever. Only because she was my best friend, I didn't take offence. I was no one's pity party. She made me try it on and it actually did look nice on me. It hugged my boobs and my waist perfectly, making my curves stand out more than usual. We spent the next half hour talking about how I should do my hair and what shoes and pants I should wear with it before Val decided to get the housekeeper to make us a pizza. I had some already but Val was in the mood for it.

"So who do you think you'll hook up with this summer?" she asked, looking down on me as I was sitting on the carpet Indian style.

I raised my eyebrows. "I hadn't thought of it Val, I mean, there's no one."

"What about Marlon?"

"What about him?"

"Don't you wanna try him again?"

"Try him?" I laughed with a mouth full of pizza. "I don't really care, honestly. He's cute and all, but we both know I'd have to compete with his friends."

Marlon was this guy I'd made out with a couple of times this year. He was hot, captain of the Forks High basketball team, but I wasn't really into him that much anymore. He was cool, and we both loved sports, but his ego was a little too inflated for my liking. I still didn't know how I ended up kissing him in the first place.

"Well, if he comes to you later will you say no?"

"Ummmmm, maybe not. I guess it depends on how I feel in the moment."

Val rolled her eyes at me from where she sat her bed. "You're nuts. He's the hottest guy at school apart from Edward and you couldn't care less! You could be prom queen next year!"

I snorted. "Yeah, cause I want to be Prom Queen!" I said sarcastically. "I am more than okay with you being prom queen, Val."

"Well, fingers are always crossed!" she beamed.

I knew that she would be though. Val was beautiful and graceful. She carried herself with such confidence and the whole school loved her. Those things never appealed to me. I certainly didn't need to be the girlfriend of the most popular and richest boy in our school.

"What about you?" I asked her.

"Umm, who knows? There's always Mike Newton. I don't mind fooling around with him. Now that he's over Bella he's much more fun to be around."

"And Jessica?"

"What about her? You snooze you lose."

I giggled. Val could be quite competitive when she wanted to be. I knew that her response to guys was usually just out of boredom anyway. Maybe this summer she'd meet someone new. Hell, maybe I would too. Actually, that would be nice. Life did feel a bit stagnant, I would welcome a change, a new adventure.