A/N: How's it going? Been a while since the last DFK movie. And guess what? This will be the last DFK movie fic. After that, all energy will be focused on my remaining fics (Cross Generations, Valkyrie Advent and future YYGDM endeavors). Furthermore, I'm in process of starting my first novel.

To help with my increasing workload, I'm once again collaborating with fellow fanfic writer and friend, Chaosblazer. We discussed and agreed to work on this in the vein of our last collab works: Across Dimensions and Siege of GranDracmon. And we've had various collab projects, but those two spring to mind.

This fic represents the bookend of several events: the Triad Movie Quadrilogy (Across Dimensions, Siege of GranDracmon, Resurrection B and this) and the post-DReaper Fury movie trilogy (Battle of Digital Gods, Resurrection B and this). It also marks the first that our heroes don't fight a standard movie villain. It's also the first movie fic featuring a tournament, which adapts the Universe 6 arc of Dragon Ball Super.

Ok, with that out of the way. Let's get on with the movie fic, but first things first, here's the newest Cornerverse entry that ties in with this story.

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(Dragon Ball Z OST - 6 - Cha-La Head-Cha-La (Variations) (0:00 to 0:42))

Beerusmon (snores and awakens): Huh? Wha-what? Oh, is it disclaimer time, Whismon?

Whismon: Indeed.

Beerusmon (grumbles): All right, all right. The following is a non-profit fanfic based parody. Digimon is owned by Bandai, Akiyoshi Hongo, and Toei Animation. Yu Yu Hakusho is owned by Yoshihiro Togashi and Studio Pierrot. Sailor Moon is owned by Naoko Takeuchi, Kodansha and Toei Animation. Yugioh is owned by Kazuki Takahashi and Konami. YuYuGiDigiMoon and Digimon Fusion Kai are owned by Kanius. Please support the official release. (grumbles) I don't know why I should do this. Deities are above the law of copyright!


Title: Fun Time at San Japan


(Cue Hunter x Hunter (2011) OST - G.I Theme)

Summer 2017. It's the tenth annual San Japan convention event from San Antonio, Texas. The venue is the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. This is the current Earth home of the fic author writing this, not counting his Across Conventions residency.

Tens of thousands have jampacked the convention for what's supposed to be another eventful weekend. However, this year a slew of new guests are expected to captivate and entertain the fans, who've arrived from all over the state and country cosplaying their favorite characters.

Cosplayers and fans alike gather to meet two specific groups: the teams that participated in the recent Champamon/Universe Tournament.

Team Beerusmon walked out of a long stretch limo. The team consisted of Beerusmon (cosplaying as the Nostalgia Critic), Whismon, Omega X (dressed as Captain America), Metalla X (dressed as the Winter Soldier), Celesta X (dressed as Scarlet Witch), Max Kamiya (dressed as Hawkeye), and Monakamon (dressed as Falcon).

Team Champamon came out of another long stretch limo. This team consisted of Champamon (cosplaying as the Angry Video Game Nerd), Vadosmon, Hit the Hitmon (dressed as Iron Man), Xander (dressed as Vision), Furizlor (dressed as Black Widow), Botamomon (dressed as Black Panther), and Magettamon (dressed as War Machine).

The fans were in awe of the Universe Tournament opponents' Captain America: Civil War cosplay theme.

The groups arrive not only to mingle and host a panel but to see the premiere of Universe DF-616's newest movie, Battle Supremacy.

Omega X (waves to fans and poses for pictures): Wow, this is already better than the Fiends' movie premiere last year! They're digging our Civil War costumes!

Metalla X: I knew I had fangirls, but this is ridiculous.

Celesta X (giggles): Another quality you and Vegeta have in common.

Max (poses with fans): My creator, Max Acorn, said he'd be here too since he lives in Texas.

Whismon: That's nice to hear. Whatever for?

Max: To help promote his new book, New World. He's been hard at work over it. Let's send our support to him.

Whismon: Well, whenever his book official comes out, I'll be sure to get my copy.

Beerusmon and Monakamon take a picture together.

Beerusmon: See that, Monakamon? These humans love you because they recognize your strength!

Monakamon: ….yeah?

Beerusmon: Yes! So, give them your most awesome poses! Let them glamor at your greatness!

Monakamon (nods): Um ok.

Monakamon poses and takes group ops with several fans.

Champamon: Hey, Beerusmon! I bet my team can gather a bigger crowd than you!

Beerusmon: Is that a challenge?

Champamon: Yeah! C'mon, you jerks get over here and pose with these humans!

Hit, Xander, Furizlor, Botamamon, and Magettamon take a group shot with fans.

Xander (nervously mutters): Look all these people. These convention ceremonies get awfully packed.

Beerusmon: Taichi, get your friends over here!

Omega X: Why? What's up?

Beerusmon: Just get over here!

Omega X, Metalla X, Celesta X, Max, and Monakamon amass with Beerusmon for a group op with over a hundred cosplayers and fans. Their group op barely outnumbers Champamon's group op.

Beerusmon (snickers at Champamon): Looks like we drew a bigger crowd than you.

Champamon (fumes): Only by three people!

Beerusmon: The numbers don't lie. I win.

Vadosmon (sighs): Lord Champamon, shouldn't we get inside for the movie premiere?

Champamon: Yes, but let's get something to eat first!

Whismon: I saw some concession areas and there's some nice restaurants around the Riverwalk, which cuts through this city.

Beerusmon: We should raid every restaurant there is!

Max: Why don't we save that 'til after the movie premiere? There's still plenty of food in the convention.

Omega X: Make sure and get all of you before they run out.

Celesta X: Between Lords Beerusmon, Champamon, and you Tai, I think the convention will be out of everything.

Metalla X: I am most curious how similar and different the other universe's take on the Universe Tournament will be.

Max: Guess we're about to find out. Hey, look over there!

(End theme)

The two groups see the Kai Digi-Destined and the allies in the main lobby. Sora & Biyomon, Mimi & Palmon, Izzy & Tentomon, Joe & Gomamon, WarAngemon (TK/Patamon), Ultima X (Davis/Veemon), Zordiark X (Ken/Wormmon), Yolei & Hawkmon, Cody & Armadillomon, Gojiramon, Keke & Mosuramon, Tike & Radonmon, David & Angirasumon, Sam & Baranmon, Kara & Caesarmon, Athena & PinkPatamon, Angemon X (Dimitri/Faith), Sailor Sedna, Dramon X (Kensuke/Veemon), and Sailor Orcus.

Dramon X and Orcus are the only ones seen cosplaying. Dramon X is dressed as Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes. Orcus cosplays as Sylvia Christel from No More Heroes.

Omega X: We're here, everyone!

Sora: Tai! Max!

Mimi and Keke: Matt!

Izzy: So how was the limo ride?

Metalla X: Crowded.

Athena: Uncle Tai! Grandpa Matt! (runs over to hug them)

Omega X: Hey, kiddo.

Athena: We've been waiting for ya! The movie is gonna start soon!

Sedna: We already have seats reserved for us.

WarAngemon (sees Xander and turns to Celesta X): Kari, that's Xander, isn't it?

Celesta X (nods): Yeah, he's pretty camera shy. Isn't he cute?

Xander (greets the Kai Digi-Destined): Hello, everyone.

Max (to Dramon X and Orcus): You two are the only ones cosplaying here?

Dramon X: Yeah, but wait until you see what Sora and the others have in store for you.

Omega X (becomes curious): What would that be?

Sora (puts finger to Omega X's lips): It wouldn't be a surprise if we showed it now.

Omega X: Would it be your cosplays?

Yolei: Y-Yeah, something like that.

Sora, Mimi, Izzy, Joe, Yolei, and Cody are all mum about their 'secret cosplays'.

Metalla X: Care to explain this, TK?

WarAngemon: Sorry, big bro, but lips are sealed here.

Ultima X (shrugs): And our hands are tied, too.

Angemon X: Mom insists we don't give away spoilers.

Omega X: Oh fair enough, I guess.

Mimi: You'll find out sooner or later.

Gojiramon: Max! I saw a really cool Godzilla cosplay! I even pretended to be Baby Godzilla!

Max (pats Gojiramon): That's really cool, my friend.

Keke: Our Kaijuu Digimon drew a lot of attention.

Tike: Yep, they were very popular!

Whismon clears his throat as everyone turned and faced him.

Whismon: I don't mean to interrupt, but let's go and get our seats.

Beerusmon: But first, some food!

Champamon: All the food for me!

Vadosmon (sighs): Did you forget the diet program I put you on, Lord Champamon?

Omega X: So, where's the movie being played in?

Sora: The Lila Cockrell Theater. If we hurry, we'll get there before the movie starts.

Angemon X: By the way, Tai, your tri/canon-self is here with his friends.

Omega X: Really?!

Dramon X: Yep, they're in the theater waiting for the movie.

Omega X: Man, I can't wait to meet him again!

Sora (giggles): Even though you're meeting yourself again.

Max: Supposedly, Takato and his friends will show up soon. I hear their group cosplay will be interesting.

Celesta X: But, how will theirs compare to our Civil War group theme?

Max: Guess we'll know when we see them.

Dramon X: There's also some other notable guests. I think I saw Saitama the One-Punch Man.

Athena: Yeah, and I think that boy from My Hero Academia.

Omega X: Well now, we got superhero guests. We should meet them if we get a chance.

Max: Not just superheroes, but a few supervillains are here, too. Did you know Virus brought his #WarGamesII here?

Metalla X (grumbles): You're not serious?

Angemon: No, sad to say, Virus sent an invite to any heroes and warriors who can beat him.

Metalla X: Well, I should go and show him up!

Mimi (grabs Metalla X's arm): No, you don't. We're going to spend some family time with Dimitri, Keke, and Athena.

Omega X: Guess there's a no for me either?

Max: Let's try and control our Ascendant warrior urges, Tai.

Sora (smirks): Don't worry, Tai. That surprise I hinted at shouldn't disappoint you.

Omega X: It better not be a troll.

(Cue Epic Battle Fantasy 3.3: Bullet Heaven Music: The Stage Is Set)

The group enters the Lila Cockrell Theater and take their seats. The crowd cheers for them.

Omega X: Wow, there's a ton of people here!

Metalla X (scoffs): This theater is no bigger than the one the Fiends hosted.

Max: Remember this is a convention theater, but I'd say it's big enough to hold over 2,000 people.

Whismon: Yes, this is plenty big and we got the top seats.

Beerusmon: This movie better be worth it. Let's see how their tournament presentation tops ours.

Omega X: I'm sure there'll be a few surprises that set ours apart from theirs.

Max: Also, if any of you should feel the need to explore the convention, you can.

Tike: Good, cause I kinda wanna see more of the convention.

David: Me, too!

Kara: Me, three!

Athena: Me, four!

PinkPatamon (sighs): What are y'all, parrots?

Sedna (chuckles): No, PinkPatamon, parrots mimic a person says word per word.

Orcus (stares in awe at the stage): If I could sing and give a performance on that stage, I could kill someone.

Dramon X: Hey, don't kill me.

Suddenly, the lights dim in the theater.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, we thank you for coming to tonight's special presentation of Battle Supremacy, an event now taking place simultaneously in a different universe. Our Nexus projector will be showing the events as if it were playing out like a movie, so expect no edits for time and censorship. Also, for anyone who has crying children, please take them out of the theater. Moreover and most importantly, no recording during this movie will be permitted. Thank you and enjoy your time.

Beerusmon: Eh? Why should a deity such as I abide by Earthling rules?

Whismon: It's called etiquette, Lord Beerusmon.

Vadosmon: Did you hear that, Champamon? That means no crying.

Champamon: But I'm not a child.

Vadosmon: Exactly. Just reminding you.

Omega X: The theater screen is coming down, guys. It's about to start.

Sitting on a lower level, the tri./canon Digi-Destined anticipates the movie.

Tai (tri.): Here it comes, guys.

Agumon (tri.): Hey, who were those noisy people up there?

Matt (tri.): Looks like our DBZ-esque counterparts are here.

TK (tri.): Really?!

Kari (tri.): You're right! I see them!

Sora (tri.): I see me with Tai and that Max guy.

Mimi (tri.): And me with Matt.

Joe (tri.): There's that Dimitri and Keke girl with them, too.

Meiko: But I don't see my counterpart with them.

Izzy (tri.): That's because you're a relatively minor character in their world. At least a cameo character.

Meiko: Oh, I see.

Gomamon (tri.): Movie's about to start!

Tai (tri.): This should be good.

Omega X (pumps his fists up): Let's get the movie rolling!

Everyone around tell him to 'shush'. Omega X quickly sits back down as Sora and Max sigh together.

Omega X: Sorry. I'm just a teensy excited.

Max: We get that.

Beerusmon: Hey, quiet all of you!

Whismon: And our movie feature is a-go!

(End theme)


"Hello, my friends. This is Max Kamiya, also known as X the Watcher.

It's been a crazy series of events this past month and a half! My friends and I have helped our other dimension allies deal with recent anomalies disrupting other worlds. Having beaten Shendumon, we helped stop the dimensional nuisance, Sailor Specter, who sealed numerous heroes and turned them Hero Keys. She did it in some attempt to assemble a corrupted hero army.

Fortunately, thanks to help from Sailor Spirit, Tai and I stopped Specter. However, Specter's giant fortress transformed into a giant robot who… for some reason took on Bender the robot's likeness and crude behavior. Guess Specter's a big Futurama fan. Anyway, Tai and I sent the giant robot sailing away from YYGDM-01 Earth.

Then, shortly after that, the Three Fiends attacked our world and our Triad allies with a vengeance. Using the Crimson Digicores to revive Burizalor, the Warlord and Cyrus Fujita completed their evil alliance to exact their revenge on Tai, myself, and our friends. However, there was more to their overall revenge. Their master plan: purge the existence of every Taichi Yagami/Tai Kamiya from the Nexus. They gunned for Taichi Yagami of the V-Tamer universe. Thankfully, Omega X, Metalla X, and I reached Super Ascendant God status. With our new powers, we permanently halted the Fiends' revenge and sent them back to Digital Limbo for good.

With those threats passed us, we can look forward to some peace and quiet for once. However, there were still more anomalies to vanquish and we still haven't located the main source for these aberrations.

Sadly, we'll have to put our endeavors on hold as two beings from Digiverse 6 decide to pay us a visit."


Other World/X's Planet/Dimension: DF-616

"Max," the flamboyant voice interrupted the watcher's train of thoughts.

X opened his eyes and turned facing Whismon, who appeared to pick him and Gojiramon up. Beerusmon's attendant turned his back to X, who approached and put a hand on his back. Gojiramon also put his hand on Whismon.

"Mind if I come, Max?" Keke asked as she put her hand on Whismon's back. Joining her was Mosuramon, who landed on Whismon's left shoulder.

"Whoa, hey, I thought we agreed it'd just be Gojiramon and I?"

"I know, but I'm not missing out on my dad's training," Keke insisted.

X sighed as he heard Whismon chuckle.

"I have no objections. I mean, they are your fathers and you want to see how well they've progressed," Whismon smirked coyly. "And I do want to return a favor to Mimi's daughter for all the delicious Earth delicacies." He winked to Keke, who blushed.

"Fine, I suppose that's fair," X shook his head.

"Look at it like this, X. Once we see how hard Tai and Matt are training, we'll train just as hard."

"Hey, I'm down for that," X nodded, taking his mask off. "We're ready, Whismon. Let's get going."

"Hang on tight, my friends," Whismon said, tapping his staff as they teleported off the planet.

"Max, Keke, hold on a minute!" Simms called out as he stormed out of X's mansion. He barely watched them vanished instantaneously. "Darn it, Whismon. Next time let me know when you're going to show up." He shrugged. "Things can't be any worse after all the trouble the fiends put us through."


(Cue Dragon Ball Super Opening – Chouzetsu Dynamic!)


Battle Supremacy


Act I: Tournament Proposal


Unknown Sector of the Digiverse/Beerusmon's Domain/Dimension: DF-616

Shortly after thwarting the Three Fiends, Tai & VictoryGreymon and Matt & ZeedGarurumon resumed their training on Beerusmon's world. As Yamato resurfaced as a result of the Fiend fallout, Matt regained that edge he has sorely been lacking. Thanks to Yamato's presence rekindled his fighting spirit, Matt was able to get on pace with Tai.

Upon arriving with Whismon, Max, Gojiramon, Keke, and Mosuramon keenly observed their fathers' intense training. By watching their fathers' training, they hoped to find inspiration and incorporate new ideas into their training regimens.

(Cue One Punch Man OST - Strongest Man)

"Just look at them go, Max!" Gojiramon cried out excitedly. "They've been cutting loose!"

Keke watched her father in awe. "Our dad's have been at it for over 5 hours."

Max smirked. "Our last fights with Burizalor, the Warlord, and Cyrus lit a fire under our butts. I think we've learned a hard lesson not to turn our backs on our enemies, especially when it seems we've backed them into a corner."

Whismon added. "I'm glad you're learning your lesson well, Max Kamiya. Tai has taken heed of my lecture."

"That's good," Max said.

Tai and Matt flew around one another. They unloaded and evaded each other's flurry of punches and kicks. Tai flew straight into Matt and went for an elbow, but Matt phased and slipped behind Tai. Matt tried a full nelson, but Tai jumped up and kneed Matt's face. As he dazed Matt, Tai kicked Matt back and sent him sailing back. Matt stopped himself from flying smack into a rock face. He watched Tai swiftly fly around.

"C'mon," Matt muttered, clenching both fists. He shot toward and punched Tai.

"Yikes, go easy on me, Matt!" Tai teased him.

"Don't dick around with me, fool!" Matt yelled out as at that instant 'Yamato' resurfaced and took control of Matt. "I'm ramming my fist down your throat!" He punched Tai's face, sending him crashing to the ground.

As he fell hard on the ground, Tai rubbed his face. "Ow, that one hurt." He covered his face and concealed a devious smirk.

Once Yamato dove toward Tai, the Bearer of Courage forged a Ki ball in his right hand and tossed it at Yamato. Yamato instinctively caught and discarded the Ki ball. At that moment, Tai used Instant Movement and appeared over on Yamato's left. The Bearer of Courage went for a kick, but Yamato grabbed Tai's foot and tossed him to the side.

VictoryGreymon grabbed ZeedGarurumon's face, but the latter expelled his Blowback Breath. In response to this, VictoryGreymon hefted his Dramon Breaker sword and guarded himself against ZeedGarurumon's blast. ZeedGarurumon quickly headbutted VictoryGreymon and shoved him into a stone monument. When ZeedGarurumon fired another Blowback, VictoryGreymon struck him hard with a Victory Charge.

"C'mon, ZeedGarurumon! We're not letting these two get the best of us!" Yamato encouraged his partner.

"Right!" ZeedGarurumon snarled as he bit and latched onto VictoryGreymon's wrist.

"Ugh!" VictoryGreymon grunted while trying to shake off ZeedGarurumon.

"VictoryGreymon!" Tai called out to his partner.

"Heads up!" Yamato readily charged up a Big Bang Attack.

"Damn!" Tai cursed, cupping his hands together and gathering a ball of energy for his Tsunami Wave.

Max and Keke watched their fathers fire off their signature attacks. The blasts collided head-on, causing the entire area to shake from the beam clash.

"Oh crap, we know how this is going to end up, Max!" Keke cried out.

"Take cover!" Max yelled as he grabbed Keke and fell down with her.

Whismon merely put on shades and smirked. "Just another usual day for me."


(End theme)


Meanwhile from afar the ongoing spar match, two unforeseen newcomers arrived without a hitch. The two individuals looked nearly identical to Beerusmon and Whismon, but with some differences.

The Beerusmon lookalike is a fatter version of the purple cat humanoid. Unlike Beerusmon, he has a short tail. He wore clothing resembling that of an ancient Egyptian royalty like Beerusmon. He wore a red and pink collar with white linings on both edges. He also had on golden bangles. Adorning his arms are golden rings.

The Whismon lookalike appeared female. She is still a humanoid with teal skin and long white hair, which she wore in a high ponytail. She carried with her a long scepter with a gem floating above it. Around her neck is a light blue ring. Her wardrobe consisted of green robes, a black cuirass with the same white and orange circular symbol embellishments that Champamon had, and a red sash. Completing her outfit are high-heeled shoes with black soles.

(Cue Dragon Ball Super OST - Champa's Theme)

The duo watched the two Ascendants tear it up in the distance. From their vantage point, all that could be seen were a bombardment of energy blasts and explosions.

"You do realize we could've landed closer to the vicinity and very quietly rather than crashing here, Lord Champamon," the female Whismon advised the fat one.

"Heh, it's always important for the main star of a story to make a flashy entrance," Champamon grinned mischievously. He briefly raised a thumb up and immediately gave a thumb down. "Had we came here too hastily, our entrance wouldn't have been nearly as cool! Now Beerusmon, tremble and wait for me! Champamon has entered your domain!"

And with that, the duo made their way toward Beerusmon's domain.

However, not even half a mile, and Champamon was already wheezing. He panted and sweated, demanding to make a few stops to catch his winded breath.

"...hang on, I've gotta catch my breath," Champamon panted hard, drinking a bottle of water provided by his assistant.

"I told you to lose those extra pounds, Lord Champamon."

"I don't need to nag me about my weight loss plans, Vadosmon!" He snapped at her.

Unfazed by his harsh tone, Vadosmon added. "Then, remind me to cut all those fatty and greasy meats you love so much. And let's not forget the sweets."

"OK! I get it! I'll get on a diet!" The fat cat whined, finishing his water break. "Now, where were we?"

"To your brother's domain."

"Oh yeah! Onward to Beerusmon's!"

(End theme)


After a few kilometers through a forest, Champamon and Vadosmon stood in front of a set of fortified gates. They felt the immense shockwaves, which were the result of Tai and Yamato's heated sparring match. Champamon knocked on the gates.

"Hey, open up! I know you're there, Beerusmon!" Champamon called out. "It's our brother, Champamon! We've got some business!"

No response, which irked the fat one.

"What?! Are you gonna keep me waiting?! OPEN UP!" Champamon loudly demanded.

"Perhaps you need to knock louder?" Vadosmon suggested.

"That was my loudest knock."

"Why don't I do it?"

"No, you don't need…"

However, Vadosmon knocked even louder as she smacked the gates with her staff. Champamon winced and covered his ears.


"Why? They're not going to hear us if your knocks are quiet as a mouse."

"You really think they'll hear that?" Champamon wondered.

"I'd hope so. The noise behind the gates seemed to have ceased."


(Cue One Punch Man OST - Smash An Enemy)

"What's all this ruckus?" Beerusmon groaned as he walked out of his palace quarters. He was still in his PJs and sleepy-eyed. He pivoted toward Tai & Yamato and VictoryGreymon & ZeedGarurumon's sparring matches. "HEY! I SAID, WHAT'S ALL THIS RUCKUS?!"

Tai and Yamato both gaped in aghast. "CRAP! IT'S LORD BEERUSMON!"

VictoryGreymon gulped. "And looks like he woke up on the wrong side of the bed."

"Whismon, tell them to pipe down with all this noise!" The God of Destruction demanded as he flew across, firing blasts at Tai, Yamato, and their Digimon partners.

"HE'S LOST IT!" Tai yelped loudly.

"Move your asses now!" Yamato shouted to Tai and the Digimon.


Growing impatient, Champamon dropped into a stance and reared his right hand back.

"Fine, guess I'll have to go with a flashy-styled knock!" Champamon openly declared. He gathered and amassed purple energy in his palm. He condensed said energy into a Ki ball and prepared to shove through the gates. "Knock, kn-!"

Before he could finish…


...a large beam of golden light tore through the gates and knocked the gates over. Vadosmon quickly raised a barrier, protecting her from the collapsing gates. Champamon was forced to arch backward, nearly straining and breaking his back as a result. The gates barely flew over him.

Champamon looked on in aghast. His face was covered in dust. "Wh-What the heck happened?!"

Suddenly, Beerusmon came gliding through the veil of smoke and flew past Champamon. Champamon barely sidestepped Beerusmon, who flew up and stopped in mid-air. Champamon noticed Beerusmon looking for someone, but seemingly ignoring him.

"Hey! Taichi! Yamato! Come out wherever you're hiding!" Beerusmon bellowed.

"Hey, Beerusmon!" Champamon called to him.

"You're hiding over there!" Beerusmon fired a beam toward Champamon.

Champamon quickly sidestepped Beerusmon's blast. However, more blasts headed Champamon's way. The fat cat dodged every single beam like his life depended on it.

"What the hell is wrong with you?! It's me, you lamebrain!" Champamon gathered air in his breath. "Hey… STOP THIS NOW!" He screamed so loud he sent an ear-piercing scream that shook the entire vicinity and stopped Beerusmon.

Tai, Yamato, and their Digimon took cover behind the debris. They avoided getting caught by Champamon's scream. Once Champamon's scream ceased, they poked their heads out of hiding.

(End theme)

"Hey, Lord Beerusmon! What the hell is going on?!" Yamato yelled out.

"Don't tell me that's another move Lord Beerusmon neglected to us beforehand," Tai wondered, having felt how intense Champamon's scream was.

Max and Gojiramon helped Keke and Mosuramon up.

"Geez, that was loud," Keke winced, feeling a ringing in her left ear.

"Well, we're ok at least," Max said. "Whismon, what's this about?"

Whismon vaguely smiled and phased out. He reappeared next to Beerusmon as they landed near Champamon and Vadosmon.

"That was quite a welcome greeting, Beerusmon," Champamon grunted, glaring angrily.

"Huh? Oh, you…" Beerusmon blinked thrice as his eyes fell on Champamon briefly. "Um, who are you?"

Champamon sweatdropped. "Erm?"

"Lord Champamon, wipe your face," Vadosmon produced a towel and handed it to the fat cat.

After wiping his face, Champamon looked up at Beerusmon again.

"It's me Champamon!"

"Oh, it's just you, Champamon. Eh, so what do you want?" Beerusmon asked glumly.

"Don't give me that 'what do you want'! What you did could've killed me!" Champamon chastised Beerusmon, who floated down to meet him. "You have the nerve to attack me out of nowhere?!"

Beerusmon scoffed. "It'd be a good thing if you died."

"What was that, you walking skin and bones?! I'll kick your scrawny butt!"

Vadosmon chortled as she stared in Whismon's direction. Whismon let out an exasperated sigh at the lady counterpart.

"You're always this rude to guests, Beerusmon!" Champamon hounded him.

"You guys aren't guests," Beerusmon rebuked.

"What?! Oh, the nerve of you to say that!"

"How was I supposed to know you'd be dropping by?"

(Cue One Punch Man OST - Comical Dance)

Tai, Max, Yamato, and company approached the deities as they eavesdropped on their conversation.

"Tell me, Max. Do you know these two?" VictoryGreymon inquired to the watcher.

Max nodded. "They're Champamon and Vadosmon."

"They look almost identical to Lord Beerusmon and Whismon!" Tai pointed out. "Well, except one's a fatso and the other's a cutie."

Yamato scoffed. "You just noticed, genius?"

"Is Champamon some kind of Digital God of Destruction?" Keke asked Max.

"Something like that, but this is the first I've seen of him and Vadosmon."

"This is just your first time?!" Tai gaped in shock.

"What a rare experience this is for us to witness two Digital Gods of Destruction sharing air and ground space," Max muttered as he led the group over to meet them. "Lord Whismon, I hope we aren't interrupting anything?"

"None at all, we have unexpected guests," Whismon said as Vadosmon and Champamon eyed Tai and the group.

"Who are these guys?" Champamon gawked at the group.

"These guys here are some of my prized fighters! They're among the strongest in Digiverse 7!" Beerusmon pointed to Tai and the others. "You wanna see how strong they are? I doubt any of your lame warriors are anywhere near as awesome as yours!"

Champamon pridefully retorted. "You mean these humans? Them and their pet Digimon? When did Digimon become slaves to humans anyway? Beerusmon, you're ok with Digimon enslavement?!"

"We have Chosen Children in our universe, too, Lord Champamon," Vadosmon reminded him.

"Oh, right. Ok, so my universe ain't perfect either, but these humans and their pets don't look so tough!"

Beerusmon interjected. "Would you be interested to know that one of them achieved a power that almost rivaled my own?"

Upon hearing this, Champamon grew intrigued.

"Really? Tell me more about these 'specialized' humans?"

(End theme)


Beerusmon's Dinner Quarters/Dimension: DF-616

(Cue Dragon Ball Super OST - The Fatso Waltz)

Later, everyone entered Beerusmon's palace. Before any discussion could be made, Champamon was prepared a large glass of fruit juice by Vadosmon.

"Finished?" Beerusmon asked impatiently.

Champamon finished slurping his produce drink. "Ah! That hit the spot!"

"Seriously, this guy is a Destruction God?" Gojiramon whispered to Max. "He looks like a fat-!" Before he could finish, Champamon's ear twitched.

Max quickly grabbed Gojiramon and cupped his mouth shut. "You really know your way with words, huh, Gojiramon?!"

Mosuramon sighed. "He likes putting his foot in his own mouth."

"Let's all be nice here, ok?" Keke nervously suggested.

Champamon examined Tai and the others. "So, these humans possess some kind of awesome powers? Are they your disciples?" He turned to and asked Beerusmon.

"Yes, that's technically correct," Whismon answered. "Although they are just amateurs since they gave up after just 50,000 pushups."

"Excuse me, so you're Lord Champamon?" Tai asked the obese deity.

"Allow me to make the proper introductions," Vadosmon replied. "This is Lord Champamon. He is Lord Beerusmon's twin brother."

"Well, I kinda figured he was some kind of twin brother," Agumon said. "I mean, they do look alike, Tai."

"They sure do."

"And don't you forget this. He, too, is a Digital God of Destruction," Vadosmon informed them.

"Whoa, another God of Destruction," Matt muttered. "I didn't know there could be two of them."

(End theme)

Just then, Yamato mentally interjected in Matt's mind. "Just how many of these Gods of Destruction are there?! There's two in the same room! Matty, we best not cross them."

"He is the God of Destruction of Digiverse 6, not this one," Vadosmon confirmed everyone's concerns.

"Digiverse 6?" Keke muttered.

"So, can you tell us who's stronger between you two?" Tai asked the twin brothers.

"That's a silly question," Vadosmon added. "Can't you tell by looking at their physiques?"

Champamon balked. "Hey! That was a rude thing to say, Vadosmon!"

"Ok, what about this whole Digiverse 6 talk?" Matt wondered.

"Don't you know?" Whismon asked. "There are about 12 Digiverses in total. We just happen to be in Digiverse 7."

"This is Digiverse 7?" Keke was taken aback. "Max, did you know this?"

"Yeah, I knew there were other Digiverses and one parallel to this one," Max answered.

"This is the first I've ever heard of this," Tai shrugged.

"As we stand here in Digiverse 7, Lord Champamon and Vadosmon come from Digiverse 6. These two universes are nearly identical, and as Max said they are parallel to one another," Whismon explained. "To simply put, they are like twins. A universe is usually made in pairs: a front and a back. For example, Digiverse 1 and Digiverse 12. Then there's Digiverse 2 and Digiverse 11. Each Digiverse comes together to make the number 13."

"This is all surreal," Matt tried to take it all in.

"Man, this is nuts," Tai concurred.

"Can someone run this down with me again?" Agumon asked in confusion.

"Yeah, I'm just as lost!" Gojiramon whined.

Gabumon and Mosuramon both sighed. "We'll explain it later."

"So, does each Digiverse have their own connection to Earth?" Tai asked.

"Why yes, Digiverse 6 is connected to an Earth," Vadosmon tapped the orb mounted on her staff. She eyed the orb, which displayed a view of Earth.

(Cue Dragon Ball Super OST - Freeza's Scheme)

"Oh, wait, that's not your Earth. That's ours," Whismon said as he corrected Vadosmon. "Here, let me help you with that. Ok, right over past the dividing line between yours and our universes. No, just a bit lower of that place, big sis. Oh yes, right there at the bottom of the galaxy. Right around the corner. Yes, right there! That's the third planet of the solar system."

Tai whispered to Matt. "Did you hear that? He just called her 'big sis'. They're twin siblings, too!"

"Maybe she's as strong as Whismon," Matt deduced.

"Doesn't this astound you? There's even more individuals stronger than any of us," Max simply put.

"That sounds enticing to me," Tai smirked.

"Don't get too excited, Tai," Max advised him. "We always have to be prepared for the unknown."

"I found it!" Vadosmon announced as her staff produced a projection of a lifeless Earth that lacked the beautiful blue exterior. It was red and resembled the moon.

"Wait, that's not Earth!" Tai eyed the dull planet.

"Well, this is disturbing," Whismon analyzed Digiverse 6's Earth. "Please try and run through the planet's history."

Vadosmon rewinded Digiverse 6's Earth's entire history and fast forwarded up to a 'certain point. "Oh, so that's what happened."

"Apparently, Digiverse 6's Earth had some frivolous war that drove humanity to extinction, and thus all connections to the Digital World ceased."

(End theme)

"What?!" Champamon spat out and whined. "So, there's no way for me to try out Earth's food in my neck of the universe?!"

Beerusmon scoffed. "You have hundreds of other worlds you can raid like your own refrigerator."

"Maybe if we somehow switch our Earths?" Champamon suggested.

"That's a stupid idea! Why would... " Beerusmon stopped. "Wait, switch our Earths? You're up to something." He glared suspiciously at Champamon.

"Guess I couldn't hide anything from you, brother," Champamon mischievously grinned. He got up from his chair and waltzed over to Beerusmon's side of the table. "I propose a challenge to you."

"You wanna fight me again? I kicked your lard butt last time."

"I didn't mean a fight between us. What I propose is a match between individuals from our respective universes."

(Cue Hunter x Hunter (2011) OST - G.I Theme)

As they heard this, Tai and the others knew where this was leading. A big smile spread over Tai's face. Max and Matt were mostly curious.

"How's this? A five-member team match sounds good," Champamon proposed. "First, we choose a fighter each and let them fight! Once a fighter is defeated, the next one takes his place! Once all the fighters are down for the count, we'll have our winning team!"

"Quite frankly, I find that a stupid proposition, but this is coming from you so I'm not surprised," Beerusmon declined. "What do I have to gain from this? And how are we gonna switch Earths in the first place? I don't see how it can be done!"

"But, it can be done," the fat cat deity plainly said, catching Beerusmon's attention. "There's these wish orbs that I collected over a long period of time."

"Lord Champamon!" Vadosmon chided him from revealing their goal.

"Be quiet, Vadosmon!" Champamon veered and faced Beerusmon again. "The one who has these orbs can wish for anything. Of course, that includes the wish to switch Earths. As we speak, I already have six of them. All I need is just one more! If your Digiverse 7 team wins this fight, I'll gladly hand over the six wish orbs I have with me."

"Wish orbs? Sounds like he's referring to the Digicores," Tai whispered to Max.

"Pretty much. They must be their universe's version of them."

"Hah, the joke's on you, Champamon!" Beerusmon replied. "We already have those in our own universe!"

"Digicores?" Champamon said dumbfounded. "Could you be specifically be referring to the ones forged by the Spirians?"

"Is this true?" Beerusmon asked Tai.

"That's right."

"I figured as much," Champamon said. "Eons ago, the Spirians from Digiverse 6 created their own version from the pieces of the big wish orbs. Their wishing power is greatly limited. The real ones are of a completely exaggerated scale and are planet-sized! They can make any wish come true! In the language of your universe, you can call them Super Digicores! How is that?! Aren't I awesome?! Or maybe super-awesome! Don't you super want them?!"

"Humph, they're worthless unless you have all seven of them," Beerusmon grunted. "You just have six. You don't even know where the last one is hidden. Do you even know where to look for it? Who knows how long it'll take to find it."

"Maybe our friends can find it!" Tai interjected. "I mean besides Izzy, Ken, and Yolei with their tech to find it, Max, Simms, and their friends are a valuable source!"

"That's not a bad idea," Max nodded. "Simms could lend us some help. He may even know of places where we could locate its whereabouts."

"I'm sure Izzy and our brainiac friends can concoct some kind of tracer to find the final Super Digicore," Matt stated.

"Lord Beerusmon, I ask with your permission if we can gather a team to challenge Champamon's team?" Tai pleaded to Beerusmon.

"You want to join the team and fight for me?"

"Well, isn't it obvious? I'd like to meet the other Digiverse's best."

"And count me in, too!" Agumon chimed in.

Max sighed, chuckling. "Guess there's no arguing with y'all. Heck, I'll join in, too!"

"Yeah! Max's gonna fight!" Gojiramon cheered.

Beerusmon pivoted to Matt. "And will you fight, too?"

"Remember Matt, while training is important to get stronger, real fights are equally if not more important to refine our skills." Yamato mentally conversed with Matt.

"Yes, by all means, I'm fighting, too!" Matt answered without question.

"Very well! Let's make it happen!" Beerusmon officially declared, which tickled Champamon's fancy.

"Excellent! It's settled then!" Champamon announced.

Both Whismon and Vadosmon sighed over this announcement.

"I do suggest we apply tournament rules into this match," Max suggested.

"Tournament rules, you say? Yes, yes, that should spice things up," Champamon nodded.

"We'll let you decide the location," Beerusmon passed the right over to Champamon.

"Now, this is getting very interesting!" Tai grinned as the mood in the room changed from what it was not even an hour ago. "And I know just which guys to recruit for our team!"

(End theme)


Karin and Dimitri's Condo/Dimension: YYGDM-01

Karin had awoken in the middle of the night to get some get water. However as she returned to her room, she felt unease coming from her brother Ken's room. She walked by and prepared to open the door only for it to open as it wasn't closed. Inside she saw Ken on his bed in a huddled position.

"Brother, have you been to bed?" she asked concerned.

He looked up. "I was, but then these guys woke me up." He nodded over to his desk. Upon it sat three Duel Monster cards: Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon, and Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. All three cards were glowing.

"What could it mean?" Karin wondered.

Ken sighed. "First it was just Clear Wing and Dark Rebellion, but after getting those pendulum monsters when I dueled that Psyren lady a while back, things have gotten worse."

"Perhaps we should lock them away..."

"I don't think that's going to work. It seems to me they won't be satisfied until they get their brethren back."

Karin was confused. "What do you mean?"

"That Psyren lady has the other one. Starve Venom Fusion Dragon. Granted, I'm worried about other stuff at the moment."

"Like what?"

"All of this stuff about us going to other worlds and dealing with an unknown force, and then there was that other version of you, the Divine Enforcer. Made me think of what could happen if we got separated again, I couldn't take it."

Karin walked up and hugged him. "Whatever happened in the other world is not our problem anymore, and you know I would never do what she did. I couldn't."

Ken nodded. "I know. Finding out we were siblings gave me a reason to go on living for the future, and I don't want to lose that or you."

As Karin released her hug, Tai and Max teleported into the room, not realizing how late it was.

"What?! Tai? Max?" Karin was taken back by their unexpected arrival.

"Hey! Sorry for dropping in on y'all like this!" Tai waved to them.

"Do you have any idea how late it is?" She asked sternly, sounding mother-like to the two.

"Yeah, and we're sorry," Max apologized.

"How did you get here from your world? You'd need a dimension traveler to do that," Ken inquired to them.

"We asked Whismon to bring us here," Tai answered. "He can cross dimensions, too. He's waiting for us on top of this place so we can't stay long."

"So, what's going on?" Ken asked them.

"Boy, you wouldn't believe it if we told you," Max then explained about the proposed tournament for Digiverses 6 and 7.

(Cue One Punch Man OST - Hero Society)

"Let me get this straight, there's other parallel universes in your dimension?" Karin inquired, setting down water glasses for them to drink. "This is news to me, and I've crossed over the Nexus many times."

"Right, and this Digiverse 6 is apparently one almost identical to our universe," Tai said. "And all these different Digiverses are connected to an Earth of some kind."

"I wonder if this Earth is connected to one of these 12 Digiverses," Ken speculated.

"It's not. This dimension is part of its own multiverse," Max confirmed. "Our universe and these other 12 make up their own multiverse."

Karin became intrigued. "This is most interesting. So, our worlds are just part of a bigger cluster of multiverses. Lady Cosmos neglected to tell me this, but I guess she wanted me to discover that on my own. I wonder if that Divine Enforcer dimension is part of our multiverse?"

"It could be since it would run parallel to this world," Max said. "But, apparently there's no Tai and Digi-Destined in Digiverse 6. Either they don't exist there or are completely different people than we know them in Digiverse 7."

"Yeah, for all I know I may not have a counterpart in this world," the Bearer of Courage stated. "Or, I could be a Digimon of some kind. Or something else."

Max sighed. "Try not to think too hard, Tai. We've got more important issues to worry about here."

"Right, like this tournament!" Ken said.

"So, what do you say? Maybe you'd like to fight with us? If you join us, we just need two more fighters," Tai offered to him.

"Well, I…" Before Ken could finish, Karin cut him off.

"That'll be up to Ken, but I'd hope he doesn't need to fight."


"He doesn't fight for personal gain or for thrills. He has to have a reason," Karin said in Ken's own words. "It's not as if there's anything on the line here."

"Well, about that," Tai sighed. "If we lose this tournament, our Earth gets switched thanks to these Super Digicores."

"Super Digicores?" Ken asked.

"Yeah, they're like the Digicores, but supposedly the size of planets."

"Whoa?! Say what?!" He was flabbergasted. "Man, I can't even imagine the size of the dragon that'll come out of those things!"

"Yeah, tell me about it," Karin nodded, her eyes almost widened. "Just when I have your world figured out, Tai and Max."

"Believe us. Finding out there are 12 other universes parallel to our own was just scratching the surface. Now there's other Digital Gods of Destruction," Max stated. "Of course, I've known about these other destruction gods, but seeing another one in person was an eye-opener for me."

"So, what do you say, Ken?" Tai offered once again. "You can take it or leave it."

"Well, Karin's right. I only fight if it's necessary and I don't fight for fame," Ken replied. Then, a smile adorned his features. "But since there is something important at stake here, I'll help."

"That's great."

"I haven't really decided if I want to fight for your five-guy team. What I make my final decision, I can at least help you recruit fighters out of your circle."

"That's great! So far it's Matt, Max, and I. So if you join, that makes it four and we'll only be one less a fighter," the Bearer of Courage reviewed.

"Then, if you need help scouting for fighters, then let's do it," Ken accepted, sealing the deal with Tai and Max. "But, just so we're clear. If I'm gonna fight, I'm not doing it for Beebus-mon, Beerusmon, or whatever. I'm doing this for us."

Tai nodded. "Sure thing."

Just then, Athena came running into the room with PinkPatamon, Dimitri, and Faith tagging along.

"I knew I heard great uncle Tai! And Max is here, too!" Athena hugged them both.

"Whoa, kiddo! Good to see you again," Tai patted Athena's back and head.

"So, a tournament to determine the fate of your Earth?" Dimitri asked Tai.

"Seems you've heard it all. It's true," Tai answered. "Maybe you'd like to join us?"

"If father's fighting in it, then there's no need for me. I will help with finding fighters for you."

"That'll work out great. Thanks, Dimitri," Max said.

"If Dimitri is not going to fight, that's ok! Uncle Ken could fight with uncle Tai and grandpa Matt!" Athena chirped happily. "Karin, can we watch them fight?"

"Well…" Karin paused as Dimitri put an arm over her. "Sure, why not, honey?"

"The event takes place in a week. So, we need to buckle down and find fighters fast," Max informed them. "On top of that, there's training that needs to be done."

"We'll leave in an hour, guys. But we'll make a trip back here after a day or so," Tai stated. "Let's start recruiting!"

(End theme)


Shinjuku District/Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building/Dimension: DF-616/2:00 PM

The news spread fast as the D3s delivered the tournament announcement to the Digi-Destined. Keke delved into the details while the others listened closely.

"A tournament?" Izzy asked.

"Tai's looking for other fighters to join him?" Sora asked.

Keke nodded. "Yeah, so far Matt and Max have joined. Tai and Max just left to see if Kensuke wants to join."

"So, if he says yes, we'll have four and need one more fighter to fight for us," Sam stated.

"Have any of you decided if you want to fight for Tai's team?" Yolei inquired to the D3s.

"Not yet, but we're also looking to BanchoLeomon, Pikkan, and BW as possibilities. If Kensuke declines, that leaves two spots open," Keke explained. "So, there's a good chance I could fight."

"Hey, what about us?!" Tike and Kara shouted.

David added. "Um, you do know Max might fight with us, right, Tike?"

Upon hearing this, Tike shut his mouth. He was reminded of his fear for Kensuke Rainer.

"You best watch your mouth, boy," BanchoLeomon chided Tike, who covered his mouth.

Kara snickered at Tike. "Dumbass."

"I can't believe there's another God of Destruction," Mimi said. "I mean, how many of them are there?"

"Yes, this is even news to me," Pikkan added.

"I'm most curious about these Super Digicores," Izzy's curiosity piqued about this newest discovery.

"We're talking Digicores the size of planets here?" Ken was equally intrigued.

"Part of me wants to say how farfetched that sounds, but after all we've seen, I'm willing to believe!" Yolei cried out.

"Hmm, I wonder if he'd know about them," Mimi deduced.

"Who would know, Mimi?" Palmon asked her.

As she took out her cell, Mimi dialed a number. "I'm going to call Jacomon."

"Jacomon, but I think he'd be far away and I don't think your cell phone can reach him!"

"Maybe, but thanks to Izzy and Sam Jr. they modified my phone so I'm able to call Jacomon from long distances. Even in space!" The Bearer of Sincerity finished dialing and managed to put Jacomon through.

"'Ello? Jacomon of the Galactic Council's Patrol Force, what is your emergency?"

"Jacomon, it's Mimi. Mimi Tachikawa."

"Mimi?! How the heck did you manage to reach me? We're two worlds apart and light years away!"

"You can thank my tech friends for that. It was your idea I needed to update my phone so I can reach you in case I need you?"

Jacomon sighed. "I see. Yes, I did suggest that, didn't I?"

"You don't even remember?"

"Not until you reminded me. Sorry, I've been sidetracked with work lately."

"I just need a quick favor from you."


"What do you know about Super Digicores?"

There was a brief silence from the other line. Jacomon was left speechless hearing this from a human.

"So that silent treatment means you know about them?"

"Where did you of all people get that kind of information?"

"Would you believe me if I told you from a god?" Mimi explained all she's heard about Champamon and the tournament.

"Oh dear, so some deity's collected six of these Super Digicores? And you'd like me to take you and your friends to someone with extra information about them?"

"Yes, please."

"Wish I could, but sorry I don't wanna get caught in another conflict beyond council busin-"

"Pretty please?" Mimi giggled coyly and playfully. "I think you still owe me."

"What are you talking about? I've already repaid you enough. How about calling me back for anything impo-"

"Listen, you bug-eyed, pencil-necked twerp! Our Earth's at stake here! If we lose, our Earth's getting switched with another Earth that has no shopping malls, exotic beaches, and delicious foods I can sample! That's not the world I want to live in!" Mimi screamed into the phone as everyone cringed and backed away in fear of Mimi's wrath. "Oh, sorry, everyone."


"I'd keep that tone down unless you'd like my Ascendant guy and kids to deal with you?"

(Cue Dragon Ball Super OST - Here's Jaco!)

Once again, there was an awkward silence on Jacomon's line minus some nervous muttering.

"Well, do we have a deal? You take me and my friends to see an expert on these Super Digicores, and I'll let you play with Izzy's newest toys."

"Mimi! I haven't finished building those devices…!" Izzy shouted but Mimi ignored him.

"Sounds like a deal, Mimi. My partner and I will come by soon. Don't bring too many 'cause our ship barely has room."

"Great! How does tomorrow sound?"

"I'll be seeing you then, Mimi! Izzy, I'll be giving coordinates of my landing."

"Sure, we'll keep an eye out for your arrival, Jacomon," he acknowledged.

Keke chuckled. "Mom, you always find ways to get what you want."

"By any means necessary and for the good of the team!" Mimi winked as she turned off her cell.

"Well, since that business with Jacomon has been settled, can we get back on who's interested in fighting for Beerusmon's team?" Pikkan inquired. "Seems not a whole lot want to fight."

"Yeah, I mean what the heck, guys? Our Earth's going to get switched with a dead planet if we don't act fast," Yolei reminded them.

"Maybe it's because we're still a little worn out from Burizalor and the Warlord's invasion," Sam stated. "Besides, we still have a week."

"Which is still not a whole lot of time, but I trust Tai and Max will persuade someone to fight for our team," Keke reassured everyone.

(End theme)


Digital World/Dimension: DF-616

After a whole day of recruiting, the group came up short with only a few interested prospects. Among those interested are BanchoLeomon, BW, Pikkan, Keke, and TK.

"Well, that was a disappointment," Max sighed. "Not too many interested parties. And those who are interested are kinda on the fence."

"Don't they know Earth's fate is at stake here?!" Gojiramon said.

"Well, maybe not everyone's up to fight, especially after Burizalor and his cronies attacked us," Matt added. "But, my brother and Keke said they're interested."

"Let's not get too pushy everyone. We still have time," Tai said optimistically.

"Have you asked Sora, Tai?" Agumon inquired. "I mean, she recently tapped into that new power during our last fight with Burizalor."

"I didn't want to coerce into something she's not entirely up for. And don't forget she only just tapped into those powers," Tai reminded him.

Max concurred. "Correct, and she hasn't been able to control her new abilities. And I wouldn't suggest the Room of Time now until she's got firm control over her powers."

"Are they Ascendant powers?" Ken asked Max.

"More or less, but the nature of this power is unique to her," Max answered.

"So, scratch Sora out, too," Dimitri said.

"We're not having any luck so far finding recruits," Ken muttered, sitting down as Veemon (XLR-8) gave him water. "Thanks, buddy." He sipped his drink.

"You know we could've gotten Tike, but he was intimidated by you," Matt responded.

Ken wanted to respond to this but Kari landed with Gatomon.

"Kari? What are you doing here?" Tai asked his sister.

The Bearer of Light bowed. "Could I join in? I feel like I've fallen behind and would like to keep up."

Tai put his hand to his chin but then nodded. "Alright sis, you're in, but we still need some more fighters."


Unknown Sector of the Digiverse/Nameless Planet

Meanwhile, Vadosmon and Champamon traversed out of Digiverse 7 and entered a neutral space between it and Digiverse 6.

Vadosmon sighed with exasperation. "Oh dear, moving the Super Digicores was such a chore." As she carried a sleeping Champamon on his back, she towed along six planet-sized pristine violet orbs with stars on them.

Upon arriving at their destination, the duo floated over a crater-filled moon rock of a planet.

"We're here, Lord Champamon."

Wiping his eyes, Champamon barely awoke. "That was sure quick."

The six Super Digicores materialized and amassed around the barren planet. The Super Digicores were identical in size to the barren planet.

(Cue Dragon Ball Super OST - The Fatso Waltz)

Champamon landed and surveyed the surface. "This is the Nameless Planet, huh? Fine, I'll come up with a name for this lifeless rock! It shall be called the 'Empty Planet'!"

"You know for a God of Destruction, the one quality you lack other than your manners is giving proper names to things and places."

"Were you just throwing some shade at me? Or was that a compliment? If the latter, you flatter me, Vadosmon."

"When you think things too hard, your brain ends up burning a ton of calories. It's good for your weight loss, Lord Champamon."

"Oh, talking about my weight loss program again, huh?" Champamon scoffed as Vadosmon produced an energy drink for him. He made a disgusted face and spat out his drink. "Yuck! This one's freaking bitter!"

(End theme)

"Now then, let's reconstruct the Empty Planet into a planet fit for a fighting tournament. First things first!" Vadosmon waved her staff, producing a ring of light that widened over the planet's surface. "This size should do." With that, she conjured an energy dome, which formed over them.

Champamon watched the energy dome encapsulate them inside.

"Ooo, now let's see. How about this?" Champamon fired multiple finger beams, which impacted and exploded against the wall construct. "Wow, that's some durability! No damage to the wall. Nice work, Vadosmon."

"Thank you." Vadosmon created air inside the dome space.

"Ah, what lovely air!" Champamon floated up, breathing in the fresh air.

"I tried replicating the refreshing air on Planet Sorbet's beautiful highlands."

"Ok now, what's next?"

"Well, for one thing, the arena. The size of it should be…" Vadosmon conjured and carved out a square shape out of the planet's surface.

"All four sides should be about 50 meters. That should do it, right? If it's too big, it'll be hard to see the matches clearly."

"Next up…"

"Some concession stands!" Champamon jovially chimed in. "No show is complete without a food stand!"

"Yes, of course," Vadosmon conjured four food stands on the four corners. "I made sure to create four food stands to accommodate our guests."

"Now that's what I'm talking about!" Champamon hungrily eyed the four stands.

"Those are for the guests."

"Screw the guests! They're all for me!"

"Good grief," Vadosmon sighed as she conjured two large banners. One with Champamon's face and the other with Beerusmon.

Finally, Vadosmon produced the audience stands and a tournament bracket sign. After grabbing a handful of snacks, Champamon examined the tournament stage. He nodded in approval of Vadosmon's work.

(Cue Dragon Ball Super OST - The Gods of Destruction Selection Tournament)

"How is it, Lord Champamon?"

"I love it! Nice work, Vadosmon."

"I do what I do best. Are you sure a week will be enough?"

"Yeah, besides we need to find our five best warriors," Champamon said, gobbling up a bag of chips.

"I've had my eye on a few candidates you might like, Lord Champamon."

"Do tell."

Vadosmon winked coyly at him. "Now, now, spoilers. You'll see when I bring them to you."

"Hopefully they're worth their hype, Vadosmon. Because I can't wait to wipe that smug grin off that jerk's face!" Champamon veered, sneering at the Beerusmon banner. "You hear that, bro?! My team's gonna wipe the floor with your band of losers!"

Vadosmon sighed. "Perhaps you should wait to make remarks until I've shown you the fighters?"

"Well, let's not wait any longer! Let's see who they are!"

"I'll fill you in on one of these fighters. He's similar to those humans that Lord Beerusmon has taken as his disciples."

"You mean those guys?" Champamon referred to Tai, Matt, Max, and Keke. 'What about them?"

"They're called Ascendants."

"That's a funny name for warriors."

"Well, one of our prospects just happens to be one."

Upon hearing this, Champamon smiled a Cheshire cat's grin. "You don't say? Tell me more."

(End theme)


(Cue Dragon Ball Super Ending 1 - Hello Hello Hello)


Next act: Who are the Last Two Fighters?


A/N: First chapter kicks off with the tournament challenge. Now, bear in mind: the initial Digiverse 7 fighter line-up is not final and is subject to change. Moreover, this story's Universe Tournament will be compared to the Cornerverse's version, which will have its similarities and differences.

First deviation between the two: Omega X, Metalla X, Max, Celesta X, and Monakamon won't be the line-up for this story.

For this Cornerverse story arc, the events take place in my real life current home in San Antonio, Texas. The Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center has been the venue for the San Japan and Alamo City Comic-Con events every year. I've been to every San Japan since 2012 and started attending AC Comic-Con since 2014. In fact, I'll be attending AC Comic-Con this Saturday, marking it my fourth attendance.

Don't worry, the Cornerverse cast will get to explore the convention center and remain confined in the theater. The movie will play on screens throughout the venue.

Max Kamiya makes mention of his creator, Max Acorn, about this forthcoming novel, New World, in the works. Thanks to Ford1114, I've been able to subscribe to my old friend's channel and have watched some of his content (he does mostly wrestling, manga, and some other interesting topics). But, his New World audiobook for the first chapter caught my attention. Because of this and other factors, my passion to write my first novel has been reinvigorated. I've been in discussions with online folks and other aspiring novel writers to give me advice. I've managed to put together ideas and outlined my plans. So, very soon I'll attempt to start writing. It may or may not affect my fanfic writing much now, but we'll see how far I go with this endeavor. Wish me luck.

Could we see a Max Acorn cameo in this? Maybe. Same goes for my avatar character, Takeru Cage. He may appear.

In-story tidbits: I've started using One Punch Man OST pieces. I think the score will mesh great with the tournament fights.

Timeline-wise, this is tied to Cross Generations. It is set after Cross Generations Chapters 11-13 and immediately following the last DF movie fic Resurrection B. This is kinda a breather story before Cross Generations next and final arcs.

The 12 Digiverses are exclusive to the DF-616 multiverse. The Digimon Adventure tri. and Digimon V-Tamers universes, despite appearing as guests and playing crucial roles in Resurrection B, have no ties Digimon Fusion Kai and its related worlds.

Chaosblazer wrote the scenes with Kensuke talking with Karin (before Tai and Max teleported in) and the brief talk Kensuke has with Tai about the recruitment failures so far. Chaos is once again helping me with my workload and we're surely anticipating the rest of this fic together.

Until the next chapter, send a review and see you soon!