A/N: This includes the cast of the original Digimon series in their Tri incarnations with the story of the first Knights of the Old Republic. Enjoy!

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – The Destined Jedi

In the days of the Old Republic, the galaxy is in a state of war. Revan and Malak have launched a brutal campaign against the fledgling Jedi Order. The Destined Jedi: Tai, Matt, and Sora lead their Padawans: Mimi, Kari, and TK into battle trying to find the digital maps that lead to the Star Forge. Izzy usually comes along to be next to Mimi and to download the charts for these digital maps to plug into the ship's computer. The Jedi are en route to the Wookie homeworld of Kashyyyk, where they hope to find a valuable object that could turn the tide of the war…

Chapter One – Kashyyyk Landing

In the days of the Old Republic, the galaxy is in a state of war. Jedi Master Tai Kamiya has been tasked with finding the locations of each map that will lead his group to the Star Forge: a mysterious object that has led the Sith to obtain an infinite fleet. Tai wanders around the corridors of the Ebon Hawk, on their way to Kashyyyk, homeworld of the Wookiee species. He and his fellow Jedi, including his Padawan and younger sister, Kari, were the only ones on this ship.

"I can't believe we're having to find these star maps. They could be anywhere on this planet, especially since it has big trees." He said to himself, fidgeting nervously. His navy-blue Jedi robes and cloak kept him warm in the chill of space, his lightsaber hanging off his belt. He had just been given the rank of Jedi Master a short two weeks ago and was still getting used to being called one. His appointment generated much attention as he was known to be a hothead Jedi who routinely ignored the advice of the Council and answered to no one except himself.

Jedi Master Sora Takenouchi came around the main hold and into the crew quarters. Her auburn hair flowing to just the end of her neck, her light brown robes matched her brown boots, and her lightsaber hung off her belt. She was the wisest of the group when it came to the Force and would give advice when it was needed.

"Talking to yourself again, Master Kamiya?" She chuckled as she turned the corner and saw him standing at the window, staring out into the blackness of space. Tai being promoted to Master she felt was a bit of a comical joke, but he was still a courageous Jedi.

"You know, I don't need this abuse Sora," Tai shot back. "I've got enough on my plate without you or Matt still making fun of my becoming a Master. If Ulic Qel Droma were still here, he'd show you all how it was done." Tai tried to find the words to sound intimidating but just ended up making Sora laugh even harder. The two of them had known each other since their Youngling days and were the best of friends since but they could never resist teasing each other when the situation called for it. She had been named a master, along with Master Matt Ishida, another lifelong friend of his, before him and took great pride in joining them among the rank of Masters of the Jedi Order.

Matt announced on the PA system the Hawk had included, "We're landing on Kashyyyk. Everyone get the right amount of gear you need. Odds are we won't be leaving for a long while."

Outside of the cockpit, Padawan TK Takaishi went inside to see his brother and master. "TK, take a look at this planet. We're definitely gonna have a good time finding this star map." Matt said, sensing his Padawan's presence through the Force.

Matt was the best pilot in their group and while he had a hard exterior, he was very kind-hearted and cared for those closest to him, especially his Padawan. His dark brown robes and cloak matched his brown boots and his lightsaber hung off his belt. His shaggy blonde hair hung over his eyes, causing him to brush it back.

TK was bewildered with how big the trees were on the Wookiee homeworld. "I'll prep the medpacs. Oh, and make a call to Master Joe." TK ran out of the cockpit and into Tai's Padawan, Kari.

"Sorry Kari. I didn't see you there." He bowed apologetically.

"It's okay, TK. I think Tai will want us to go together as a test to see if we're ready for the rank of Jedi Knight. Wouldn't that be nice?" Kari implied with a wink at TK, who simply blushed and ran off to the med lab.

Another voice was heard over the intercom this time.

"Izzy, this is Mimi. Get the datapads ready. We should go explore this planet together." Mimi said over the intercom in the security lab. She saw Izzy over the cameras give thumbs up as he was collecting the pads for data collection.

Everyone gathered around the hold to hear the plan that Tai and Sora had come up with.

"Okay everyone, the Wookiees are not fond of outsiders," said Tai. "Tread lightly and stay out of trouble. I want TK and Kari to come with me and Matt. Sora, you, Izzy, and Mimi go and collect data samples from around here and try to make friends with the local populations. Get some supplies if you feel the need. Malak could be watching our every move."

Kari and TK looked at each other, and with grins on their faces, they high fived each other with such passion. Tai just sighed and motioned them to come with him and Matt.

Izzy looked down at his dark green robes to make sure that everything was in check with in gear as he descended the loading ramp down the planet. Mimi soon followed him, her pink robes and burgundy tabards contrasting her black pants and boots. The Padawans assembled their generic brown robes and put on their brown leather wrist bands that signified they were of Padawan status, following their masters.

As Tai and his group were leaving the Hawk, they were approached by an Ithorian.

"Welcome to Planet GS748. We at Czerka Corporation are here to assist you in any of your needs… pending some paperwork. First, your vessel is not on the schedule for landings at this port. This requires a fee of 500 credits." The Ithorian explained, outstretching his hand for the fee.

Tai looked at Matt. "Didn't you tell the dock authorities that we would be landing?" He asked. Matt just shrugged his shoulders.

"Maybe… I forgot to tell them." Matt said with his head turned low. Kari and TK snickered while Tai just sighed and let out a chuckle.

"You know, I don't need to pay the fee." Tai said with a wave of his hand. If he was successful, it could save them some credits for their journey. It took a minute but the ithorian finally relented.

"You know, why don't we forget the fee."

Kari whispered to her master. "Master, I thought the Jedi Council had said they were against manipulating the minds of others? The Force should not be used for such trivial matters."

Tai put a hand on her shoulder. "Just because we are Jedi and the Council has decreed what we shall do, does not mean we follow them to the letter or take alternative methods of achieving a solution to a problem." He explained. "You would do well to learn that we have more freedom to 'breathe,' per-say, rather than have the Jedi constantly breathing down our necks, young Padawan."

Kari looked down at her boots and shifted to a hurt position. Tai took a sympathetic tone.

"Don't worry, Padawan. It takes time to learn these lessons. I still learn more from you every day."

Kari then looked up with a grin on her face. "Thank you, my master." She bowed.

Her master smiled at her.

Matt then returned to the Ithorian, wanting clarification about the planet. "Can you give us some information on this planet? I thought it was called Kashyyyk."

"That is the name the Wookiees call this planet, but since Czerka has started an outpost here, we have chosen to rename this planet." The Ithorian explained.

"Are the Wookiees fond of this name change?" Matt asked, knowing how fierce Wookiees can be.

"That you would have to discuss with them," replied the Ithorian. "Now if you have any more questions, please find me in my office. Enjoy your stay here."

TK breaks his silence. "This planet is beautiful. Just look at the trees and how decorative the walkways are."

Matt gave him a stern look. "Don't be fooled by the exterior, Padawan. Beneath the trees and leaves hide many unimaginable horrors on the planet's surface. It is said that whoever steps down there shall never come out alive."

They walk and find a Czerka patrol officer. Looking at the officer sent an odd feeling through Tai. He turned to Matt, wondering if he felt it too.

"Do you feel it, Matt?" Tai said as his face took a very concerned look.

"I feel it," Matt nodded. "The Dark Side is strong here. Whatever it is, I have a feeling it is because of the map."

The four of them soon stopped to see the decaying remains of a Wookiee. It looked like it had just been killed. Tai did not want Kari to see this, fearing the affect it would have on her young mind.

"By the Force… Kari, turn your eyes." Tai commanded. His apprentice did as instructed and turned away as the officer approached them.

"What do you want, spacer? I'm Patrol Captain Dheno and you're interrupting Czerka Corporation business.

"I am Jedi Master Tai Kamiya," Tai introduced himself. "What happened here?"

"This Wookie slave got a little rebellious… we had to put it down."

Kari lost her temper. "Put it down? He's not some animal you can put down! You murdered him!" She roared.

Tai intervened. "Patience, my young Padawan. Mind your place."

The grunt was not bothered by her outburst and answered the question. "Yes, we murdered it and it shouldn't come out of our pay!"

"Just shut up, you trigger happy idiot!" Dheno glared at the grunt. He then turned back to the Jedi. "What do you plan to do about it?"

TK stepped up to answer. "Do your superiors approve of killing Wookiees?" He questioned.

Dheno shook his head. "No of course they don't. Why would you ask me that? You're trying to get me to admit to incompetence, aren't you? Well it is not going to happen. I stand by my patrol!"

TK took a lesson from Tai. "You want to move your patrol off world. Never harm anyone again." He said with a wave of his hand, hoping to influence Dheno.

It worked. Dheno did a 180 on his former position.

"I think I should put in some favors and get us moved off world." He said, repeating every word TK had said.

The grunt looked confused. What happened to the captain that could make him change his mind? "Um… are you alright, sir?" He asked.

Dheno nodded his head. "Of course I'm alright. Get moving!"

The grunt saluted quickly and ran off. "Yes captain!"

Dheno soon followed behind him. Matt stared at TK in amazement at the mind trick he used.

"Very good, my young Padawan." He smiled.

TK smiled back and pointed at Tai. "Well I did learn from the best."

Matt gave Tai a scornful look while Tai raised his hands up defensively and with an innocent smile on his face, one that suggested he did not do a thing.

"Well what can I say?" He said. "I am a very influential person."

"Oh of course, 'Master' Kamiya" Matt shot back, taking a page out of Sora's book and making fun of the fact Tai was a Jedi Master now, even though he probably shouldn't have been.

Tai frowned as TK and Kari giggled. "You know, I swear you and Sora are up to something and I'm gonna find out what it is." He stuck a finger in Matt's face.

Not too far away from Tai and his group, Sora led Mimi and Izzy through the forest. They were hoping to find a way to search for the Star Maps themselves so they all could get back to the Jedi Temple as soon as possible. Sora felt the Force flowing through the entire forest, which was strange considering that Kashyyyk was not a planet that was on their radar for Force-sensitive beings. She tried to connect with the Force to guide them to the nearest Wookie village so they could ask for directions.

Izzy looked up at all the trees that they passed in amazement. He stopped to inspect one, breaking off a bit of bark so he could check out the age.

"Look at this," he said to his companions. "The trees here are over 10,000 years old and they still look as healthy as ever."

"And why would that matter to us?" Mimi scoffed. "We are Jedi and we deserve more important information than the age of a bunch of trees."

Sora placed a hand on her former Padawan's shoulder. "Patience, young Jedi," she cautioned. "If you were to listen instead of jumping to conclusions, you would understand why that would affect our mission."

Mimi bowed apologetically. "Sorry, Izzy. Please continue."

Izzy accepted it with a nod and continued his analysis. "Anyways, as I was saying, the age of these trees is astounding because the Wookiees have only lived here for 5,000 years. That said, I have a feeling the map has something to do with the original species of this planet and as to why it is very dangerous here."

Mimi squealed in amazement. "Oh Izzy, you're so smart!" She said as she hugged him tight.

Izzy blushes as she hugs him. To hide it, he coughs loudly to get her to let go of him. "Thanks Mimi, but we should be careful. I have a feeling something dark is at work here."

Sora stepped between the two Jedi Knights. "Well, we could always ask the Wookiees for information on the forest floor," she suggested. "They're bound to have something that could help us."

"Do you know anyone that is on good relations with the Wookiees?" asked Izzy. "Last I checked they don't like outsiders."

"Well, look at how the Wookiees treat Czerka." Sora retorted. "It does not look like they're happy with them either."

They noticed a Wookiee rebel break free of a Czerka slaver cage and was quickly gunned down by two armed guards. Mimi gasped in horror while Izzy and Sora let quiet sighs escape their forms.

"Well we could always ask Janos," suggested Mimi. "That Ithorian may have something for us to know. Besides, it's better than being out here where everything wants to kill you and eat your corpse for lunch."

Sora nodded in recognition of Mimi's suggestion. "That could be a possibility," she said. "But first we must report this to the Council."

"Wait," Izzy stopped her. "Before we do anything, look at what I'm reading over my datapad. Look at who Czerka signed on with."

Both female Jedi moved in closer to see what Izzy wanted to show them. They gasped in disbelief at what they saw.

"Why would they want to align with the Sith Empire?" Mimi demanded. "I guess Revan has his dirty hands everywhere and all we can do is just sit and watch."

"Easy, Mimi," Sora tried to settle her down. "We have Aratech at least and Crattis would love to set up shop here I imagine."

Izzy nodded in agreement. "But first, we need to get Czerka out of here." He said. "Unless you two have any ideas, I'm stumped."

Mimi giggled. "There's a first. Jedi Knight Izzy Izumi, the brains of the outfit, does not have any ideas."

Sora stepped in with a suggestion as Izzy blushed in embarrassment. "Let's contact the Council. Get a transmission to Master Kido right away, Izzy."

Izzy bowed in affirmation. He pulled out the transmitter and tried to turn it on but he was greeted with nothing but static. He tried again but the same results happened.

"What's wrong?" Sora asked. "Why won't it work?"

"I'm only getting short signal range bursts," responded Izzy. "I think our communications have just been jammed. Czerka must be behind it. They must not want us to communicate outside the planet. Blast it."

"Well, let's contact the others first to tell them of our discovery," Mimi suggested. "Just to make sure that they know what's going on."

"That is a terrific idea, if it works, Mimi." Izzy smiled before pulling his communicator off his belt. He punched in Matt's number.

"This is Matt, go ahead." Matt's voice came over the communicator.

"Matt, we found that the trees here are 10,000 years old," Izzy responded. "Czerka has a slaving operation, and whatever happened here has something to do with the original species of this planet."

"I'm aware of the slaving operation," said Matt. "But I figured there had to be something to explain the dark presence on this planet."

Matt went silent for a few seconds before he responded once again. "We'll just have to be careful. Make a report to the Council of what you've discovered."

"I've tried, but Czerka has jammed our communications."

"Damn," Matt cursed. "They must have found out we're Jedi. Just stay out of sight and make sure that no one can find you."

Mimi took the communicator from Izzy. "Don't worry, Master Ishida. We've got it covered."

"Very good," Matt responded. "We're on our way to talk to the Wookiees. Tai is going to be our main negotiator."

Sora groaned, knowing exactly what that would mean. "So…we're all doomed."

"You could say that," Matt agreed with her. "We will let you know if anything goes awry."

"Copy," Sora then turned off the communicator and handed it back to Izzy.

"What do we do now, Master Sora?" Mimi asked.

Sora looked past the trees, sensing a tidal wave of Force energy down that way. She was in tune with the Force, so much that she did not hear Mimi's question.

"Master Sora?" She felt her shoulder being shaken. She snapped out of her Force-induced trance to look Mimi square in the eyes.

"What is it, Mimi?" She asked.

"What do we do now?" Mimi repeated her question.

"We make our way to the nearest Wookiee village to wait for the others," responded Sora. "Once we are there, we find a way to communicate with Master Kido. We must be very careful not to be separated. Kashyyyk is a dangerous planet…and I sense a disturbance in the Force. Tread lightly, young ones."

Izzy and Mimi nodded in understanding and followed the auburn-haired Master through the forest.

Tai, Matt, and their Padawans continued trekking through the forest. Above them were the walkways of the local population. To avoid any confrontation, they walked through quietly. Soon they were confronted with an unpleasant sight: two Sith, with red lightsabers activated, stood in their way. Now Tai knew what that disturbance he felt was.

"Well what do we have here?" Tai spoke. "A group of Sith."

"Lords Malak and Revan were most displeased when they learned you escaped Taris unscathed, Master Kamiya," One of the Sith said. "They have promised a great reward to whoever destroys you and your friends."

"It just so happens that our Padawans are more than a match for you," Tai smiled, seeing this as a perfect opportunity to show how much Kari and TK had learned. "Are you ready, Kari?"

Kari stepped up and activated her blue lightsaber. "Damn right I am." She charged the Sith as she began to pelt him with a series of blows that kept him on the defensive. It was clear to Tai that his Padawan's style was based off his own, but instead of staying true to Shien like he had, Kari had given practice and effort to Djem So. Kari's blue lightsaber crossed the Sith's red blade as the two engaged in a saber lock. They slowly tried to move and break it off, but not before she dealt him a devastating kick. She then pressed her attack.

Kari noticed that no matter how many strikes she tried to land, the Sith kept up his defensive stance and would not budge. "The best defense is a good offense, but right now it seems that not even Djem So can break his." She thought to herself as she parried one of his lightsaber strikes to her stomach. This parry was enough to knock him off balance. Kari noticed this and jumped after him to land a devastating blow.

Unfortunately, the Sith had planned on this and with a powerful wave of the Force, Kari was sent back into a tree. Due to Kari's hotheaded attitude on dueling, she never matured her Force wall to keep her safe from even the most basic Force attacks, and now she paid the price for it.

TK activated one side of his double-bladed lightsaber and walked around in a circle as his Sith opponent did the same. The two were at a standoff, and neither one was going to budge. Suddenly, a leaf from the overhanging branch fell off and slowly made its way to the ground. As soon as it hit, the Sith charged TK with a fierce Makashi form. Fencing was something TK had been used to, but instead of using his own Makashi, he decided to utilize the ferocity of Juyo combined with the acrobatics of Ataru. TK leapt in the air and parried the strike aimed for his chest as he landed. The two danced gracefully around the open area of the walk way as neither one made head way with their attacks.

Matt finally sensed what TK was planning and through the Force communicated "TK, here!" as he threw his green lightsaber to his apprentice. He was proud of his pupil, for utilizing Form VII, however, not the degree that he himself had used. Matt believed Vapaad was too much for TK to learn, as the style required the user to enjoy the fight. He felt that his Padawan was not yet ready to learn of what happens to a Jedi should they lose themselves in combat.

TK caught the saber and ignited it, utilizing Juyo to its fullest potential of dual wielding. Sparks and light flashed on as each attack was blocked. The Sith tried to use the Force to send lightning to his opponent, but TK blocked it with both sabers and sent it flying to the other Sith. TK saw his opening and first launched an upward strike with his own double saber, slowly turning around after another strike with Matt's, and finally completing his 180 ignited the other side of his lightsaber and impaled the Sith. The critical attack wasn't fatal, but it would leave him immobile until he was given medical treatment.

Kari finally recovered and leapt up into the air with great ferocity. Using the Force, she augmented her abilities to increase her speed and valor. Her attacks became more rapid in succession as the Force granted her more protection. Utilizing hand to hand combat as well as lightsabers, Kari was becoming more and more involved with the fight. Feeling her opponent's movements, she quickly adapted a Shien style defense with her Djem So offense to parry strikes while launching counter attacks to the unprepared Sith.

Tai was greatly impressed at how quickly his pupil had recovered from a Force wave. However, he began to sense something off in his Padawan. She was beginning to enjoy herself a little too much. "If she doesn't end this now, the Dark Side will have its claim on her." He thought to himself as he looked on at the duel.

The Sith knew he had no energy left after being hit with the lighting that TK had deflected back at him. His Soresu style had given way to Shii-cho, the most basic form of combat, and he knew that he would be defeated.

Kari kept up her assault, sweat forming off her brow as she blocked each one of the Sith's attempts to deliver a fatal blow. "I'm gonna teach you a lesson in lightsaber combat you scum. The lesson is: Never let your guard down in front of me." She yelled as she tripped him and used her opening to cut off his arm. The Sith dropped on the ground of the walkway, spitting blood out of his mouth and rolling over on his back.

"Uh…. Go ahead, finish me. Finish me and add another Sith to the grave." The Sith taunted her, hoping she would make the move that would start her down the dark path. He saw her raise her saber, knowing that he had succeeded.

Kari looked at him with disgust. With a hiss from her lips, she seethed, "It's only fitting for one of your kind." She raised her saber and began to give the killing blow.

Tai quickly activated his own lightsaber and blocked his Padawan's. "No Padawan. The Jedi do not execute their prisoners."

"But he's a Sith and he could bring about a greater horror on the galaxy." Kari protested as she tried to finish her attack.

"If we kill them, we are no better than they are. Would you sacrifice everything you believe in just to win a battle? Would you risk everything you choose just to ensure victory? If you do, you become what you despise." Tai warned her as he Force pulled her saber to him. Deactivating it, he pulled the Sith up from his downed state.

Kari looked with anger. "Yes, Master…".

Matt stepped up with his Padawan. "TK, you know what to do."

"Yes, Master." TK used Force Stasis to freeze the Sith in a comatose state, unable to be awoken. Their fate was left to the Wookiees.

Tai took his Padawan aside next to the big tree that supported the walkway.

"Maybe I was wrong in my assumption," He said. "If you can't control your emotions in the time of need, maybe you need to go back to Dantooine." He gave her a stern look as Kari looked in horror. She looked like she was about to cry a thousand tears.

"No, Master. I will do better. I promise." She cried as she waved her hands. Trying to cover her tears, she slumped down and sobbed. How could she not see her mistake? Then it hit her: 'The fight. I lost myself in that fight. I let my emotions run through me. I wanted to punish that Sith. See him answer for what he had done to the galaxy. But in the end, if I had done such a terrible act, I would have destroyed everything I have fought to protect. My master is right. Maybe I'm not cut out for this mission.'

Tai approached her, sat down next to her and hugged her.

"I may be hard on you but I only want you to understand that while we don't follow to the letter, we must always be wary of the Dark Side," he rubbed her back in comfort. "Its lure is always present. It is insidious, and it can make you turn against everything you believe in. You need to see what the Dark Side represents, how it can twist your ideals from protecting those who cannot protect themselves to despising their weakness and exploiting them for your own advantage." He wiped her tears and brushed her hair back. "I love you, Kari. You're my sister and I would never let anything bad happen to you. I promise."

Kari looked up at her brother. "Yes Master, I will do better. I promise."

He nodded. "I know you will."

Tai gathered his sister as the group approached a Wookie guard.

"Greetings my friend," he waved in a friendly tone. "I seek to establish a relationship between our two groups. I am in search of a mysterious artifact and was wondering if your chieftain has any knowledge of its whereabouts."

Tai and Matt could easily understand what the Wookie was saying while Kari and TK had to pull out their datapads to translate the roars into intelligible words. "You have trespassed on our land, outsider. You will be brought before Chundaar and he shall determine what shall be done with you and your three other friends." From his tone, the Wookie clearly despised the four of them.

Matt chimed in when he heard mention of their friends. "Three others? You mean you have Sora, Mimi, and Izzy?" He quickly approached the guard only to be met face to face with the ground. The Wookie would tolerate no threats on his village, even from a Jedi.

"Our spies watch everything. There is nothing you can hide from us, not even your feeble attempts to understand the shadowlands."

Tai knew that his talk with the guard would end in violence if things kept going the way they were. "Fine, take us to your leader."

The Wookiee nodded and proceeded to walk into the village. Tai pulled Matt from the ground and quietly whispered, "I have a feeling these negotiations will be short."

Matt wiped the wood off his face and robes. "Maybe if we're lucky. These aren't the Wookiees I've heard of on Coruscant. There has to be something going on with them."

TK chimed in as they were being led through the village, getting looks from the native people that suggested their presence was a nuisance and would not be tolerated for long. "Maybe the Star Map has something to do with it. I sense a very powerful dark presence within this hall."

Kari began to shiver. "Master, I feel cold."

"It's the Dark Side, Kari," Tai replied, sensing it as well. "It's normal to feel cold when you are in its presence. Stay close to me and don't make any sudden moves."

They finally arrived in the hall of the chieftains. Three Wookiees stood guard while one stood at the center. His fur had grown grey with age and from what Matt could tell of his height, he was very foreboding.

Tai looked around and noticed Czerka guards at the entrance of the compound. "Clearly, Czerka does have a stake in this and some of the Wookiees are actually contributing. This whole situation stinks."

Kari noticed the other three restrained with Force binders, unable to use their energy to break free. She felt a sense of guilt for not being able to protect them as a Jedi should.

Sora looked up from her chair and saw Tai walking in. "You see, Tai? This is what happens when we let you be our peace negotiator!" She yelled from across the room.

"I haven't even talked to them yet! Don't yell at me right now, Sora." He yelled back as they stepped forward to the chieftain.

The chieftain began to roar in a subtle tone than the guard had used outside. "I see you have come to our planet in search of something. Perhaps we can reach an agreement and help each other. I am Chundaar, and I am chieftain of this village. You will address me as such."

Tai began to question him on the presence of Czerka in the village. "I would like to know how you allow slavers on your planet to take members of your species off world to work at labor camps."

"Czerka and I have a necessary arrangement. I get paid and I sell my people as labor."

Kari translated what Chundaar had just said and almost fell ill. "People like you make me sick. How could you do this to your own people!" She pointed an accusatory finger at him before Tai could stop her.

"Enough!" The Wookiee roared. "We shall dispense with formalities. You are to track a rebel Wookiee in the shadowlands and bring him before me."

Matt stepped forth to protest. "How can we do this without a guide? Surely among your 'slaves' you must have a guide in there!"

Chundaar thought about this for a moment, then answered Matt's question. "There is one person down on the surface who may be able to help you… if you can find her that is."

Tai nodded and bowed in respect before giving his answer. "Then I suppose we have little choice in the matter." He tried to hide his annoyance.

"Then it is decided. You shall bring me the Wookiee's head." Chundaar said before heeding the deal. "Remember: no Wookiee rebel, no friends."

Sora's voice reached Tai's ears, but not out loud.

"Tai… be careful" She said.

Tai heard her and then assured her nothing bad would happen. "Don't worry Sora, nothing will happen that requires the attention of a more 'experienced' master like yourself." He chuckled as he left the compound.

Sora chuckled with him. "Just promise me. I don't know what we'd do without you."

Tai knew what she meant. She was an open book to him and he could read her for miles. The best part was he never grew tired of reading her. Finding out new things about the person who was supposed to be among the most spiritual masters of the Order was a challenge he enjoyed. He didn't know if this was because of the bond created by the Force or if it was genuine.

He and Matt with their Padawans began preparations to leave as soon as possible so they could find this guide and take out the Wookiee rebel so they could save their friends from a terrible fate.

"Well you were right about one thing, Tai." Matt said to him as they walked out of the hut.

"What's that, Matt?" Tai responded.

"The negotiations were short."

They both chuckled as their Padawans looked on in bewilderment, unable to comprehend what their masters and brothers were chuckling about.