Breaking The Stone

Written By: Nox2 (



"Ginny? Hey, Ginny are you listening?"

"Hmm?" The youngest Weasley sibling brushed a tendril of bright, red hair from the way of her eyes and turned to see Neville Longbottom giving her a searching look. "Oh, sorry Neville. What were you saying?"

It was the first day back from vacation. The House tables were full of chattering teenagers, all anxious and horrified at the prospect of classes beginning again. At the Ravenclaw table sat Harvey Williams, deeply engrossed in the process of stuffing his face. He gave a nervous glance in the direction of the Famous Trio before sticking a bit of toast into his mouth. Just a few days before both he and Ginny had decided on being "just friends". However, personally, the redhead would've liked to have stayed with Harvey longer, if only in order to find out just what he was hiding about Ron and Draco. And Ginny was positive he was hiding something.

Nodding absently, just so Neville would think she was still listening to his rants (something about making a mess of midterm projects) the fourth year shifted her gaze just in time to catch site of Harry's trio passing by Draco and the Slytherin gang's table. The members of the rival Houses seemed to hold their breath for a moment. But nothing happened. Except, maybe, for a brief game of "stare down" between Draco and Ron. But not even that was very intense, and the moment soon passed.

/I wonder.../ Ginny tapped her fingernails on the surface of the table as she thought. /They're acting really odd./

Oh well. Maybe it wasn't _so_ odd. After all, they'd been stalked by a killer all winter break, and now that John was missing Dumbledore had asked all who were involved with the Macnair situation to keep quiet about it. Ginny guessed they deserved to act a little off.

"....About you? Did you have a boring time around Hogwarts all break?" She blinked, catching the tail end of Neville's question. "Too bad. Nothing exciting went on, eh?"

"No," said Ginny, staring wonderingly towards the Slytherin table. Had Draco just flashed a genuine _smile_ at the vanishing figure of Ron?

"Nothing at all."